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    Adidas Logo: The Evolution of the Famous Sportswear Emblem

    logopoppin Published: June 2, 2023 13 min read

    Understanding the Complete History of Adidas Logo in Detail

    The industry of sportswear is growing rapidly in the world. Many brands are active in this market, but one name that always stands out among them is undoubtedly the name of Adidas. It is a highly famous brand specialized in manufacturing top quality sportswear products. From shoes to jerseys, the brand offers perfection in every product, which is what gives the Adidas logo a leading edge over others. The company has been operational in the world from many decades, hence its dominance in the market is simply unmatchable to anyone.

    Over the years, Adidas has built a reputation for itself in the highly competitive industry of sportswear. It is also considered one of the pioneers in the industry that introduced the specific line of sports apparel in the world. Earlier, there was no concept of having any specialized shoes or jerseys for any sport, because no one knew about it. At that time, there were no sports brands in the world barring some clubs or franchises of basketball and football in some regions. This was the time when the sports industry was in a development stage, so as the brands related to it.

    Adidas was also one of them that started the journey with the evolution of the sports circuit. This is the major reason why people know about Adidas logo from the very beginning. They know how the brand evolved and change the sports world with its high quality products. In this blog, we will also look into the history of Adidas logo, as how it came and conquered the market with its unique line of sports products. This logo is also an inspiration for many sports brands, as they regularly look to take logo design services from those companies that can help them create quality logos similar to that of Adidas.

    Let us first start from the basics below understanding how popular Adidas is in the world today. It will let us know about the dominance of the brand and why people from around the globe simply love it.

    A Quick Look at the Popularity of Adidas

    Adidas logo

    When it comes to talk about the sports apparel market, Adidas always looks prominent as the flag bearer of the industry. This dominance has not been achieved by simply offering normal products. Instead, it is a result of resilience, smartness and proactiveness that Adidas has shown over the years. It is a brand that has always offered products by understanding the requirements of sports industry. It knows what an athlete wants and how it should be manufactured by keeping quality at the forefront. This aesthetic is also expressed in other avenues of the company branding too, with its site being one of the best sports website examples in the sports apparel industry.

    Besides Adidas, there are many other brands operational in this industry, but only few of them have achieved the success that Adidas has got over the years. This precisely demonstrates how powerful the brand is and why it is loved by people around the world. From adults to youngsters, everyone prefers the sports apparel of Adidas due to its high quality manufacturing. Though they are bit costly from the other brands, but that looks affordable when the comparison of endurance is defined in the picture.

    Talking about the branding strategy, Adidas has also worked smartly in all the key areas of marketing. They know how important it is to get reach and attract customers from diverse regions. Their marketing campaigns are certainly exemplary as they always focus on telling stories that can attract potential customers. All of these things have played a huge role in enhancing the popularity of Adidas in the world. It is a globally recognized brand that is loved by millions, especially those who precisely know about the significance of having quality sportswear.

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    History of Adidas Logo

    When it comes to talk about Adidas logo, everyone has got a good knowledge about it. This logo is recognized by everyone due to its great dominance in the market. However, it is also a fact that very few people know about the actual history of this logo. The iconic emblem that we see today is certainly not the original logo Adidas came up with in the market. It is quite different from the first logo which is something many people do not know about.

    If you are also one of them that do not have much knowledge about Adidas logo, take a look at the complete history given below. It will let you know how this unique emblem logo evolved and what type of changes it saw over the years.

    The Early Era – 1924 to 1947

    Dassler logo

    Speaking about how Adidas came into the market, very few people know that the company was not started with the actual name of Adidas. It is a story that goes back to 1920s when two brothers, Adolf and Rudolf were used to work in their fathers shoe factory. Together, they took this company to new heights and it became quite popular in the local German industry. Seeing this fame, they decided to give the factory a proper name, hence it was relaunched with the professional name of Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik aka ‘Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory’.

    For the next 20 years, this company did wonders. It became highly popular in the German market, as people shows immense interest in their new line of sports shoes. However, in 1949, the famous split between the founding brother happened. This story is still widely known in Germany as how Dassler brothers split in 1949 due to rising differences. Both of them decided to part ways and start their own company to get a complete ownership. Adolf went with the launching of ‘Adidas’, whereas Rudolf also started his own company ‘Puma’ that is also a huge name in the world today.

    The Dassler logo that was associated with the company from quite a time was dropped, as it didn’t had any meaning after the split up. However, this logo is still remembered as the first sign of Adidas as well as Puma. Both of these companies came from its roots, hence this logo still has a great importance in the origins of Adidas and Puma logo.

    Adidas Logo – 1949

    Adidas logo 1949

    Adhering to the vibe of fresh start, Adolf decided to give his company a new logo. This was done to keep the identity of the new brand separate from the old one. A lot of times, misunderstanding happens due to this very reason, which is why Adolf smartly thought to clear the air with a new logo. This emblem was designed specifically keeping the new identity of Adidas in mind. It briefly illustrated the name of Adolf Dassler in the upper part of the logo, so that people can precisely know about his new venture.

    It should be also noted that Adidas first got fame due to offering high quality sports shoes. It became the main selling product of the company, so Adolf decided to specifically display it on the front of the logo. It was designed carefully to illustrate a proper image, as a large section of customers loved the company due to this specific product. Though this logo was quite big, but it was used to demonstrate a strong identity of a newly founded company. It was changed just after one year, but is still remembered as the first official logo of Adidas.

    Adidas Logo – 1950

    Adidas logo 1950

    In 1950, the company decided to change the logo to make it look more simpler. This was the time when no one had the idea of just using wordmark as a logo. But, Adidas, due to its proactive approach, decided to go with a simple wordmark logo. The inspiration behind selecting this style was quite clear i.e. to exhibit a decent brand identity. Having this approach in mind, Adidas designed a logo that can offer a subtle identity. This was indeed a masterstroke, because the logo introduced in 1950 is still a main benchmark of Adidas logo branding.

    The color combination chosen for this wordmark was black and white. This was picked adhering to the main branding theme of the company that was based on black color. The font style was also quite simple, in fact the same typography is still used in all the variations of Adidas logo. This logo remained with the brand for the next 20 years, as it became a popular identity of quality sports shoes in the industry. 

    Adidas Logo – 1971

    Adidas logo 1971)

    Coming to the 1970s, the trends of graphic designing started to change. It was the time when the design industry was rapidly evolving, forcing outdated companies to think seriously about the change. Though Adidas logo was still very much modern, but still it needed a little bit of change. Keeping this in mind, the company introduced a new trefoil logo in 1971 that instantly grab the market attention. It was quite unique which is what made it once again popular in the market.

    In 1971, the company also started to make sports clothing. Due to this fact, they decided to showcase that category by bringing a change in the logo. It was indeed a smart move, as the new logo also became a talk of the town as soon as it was released in the market.

    Adidas Logo – 1991

    Adidas logo 1991

    By the start of 90’s, many new trends were already rolling high in the design industry. Different brands were also active in the industry offering variety of sports stuff to the customers. Therefore, Adidas once again came up with a new logo to take the market lead. It had the conventional three stripes, but they were crafted very smartly on the logo that their styling precisely looked like a high mountain. This logo certainly had a different looking shape, but it looked very good with the overall style of the emblem.

    This iconic logo remained with the brand for the next 15 years, as it gave a perfect illustration of a forward-looking company approach. Still, this logo is used by the brand at many places because it is one of those emblems that is recognized by everyone.

    Adidas Logo – 2005

    Adidas logo 2005

    Entering into the new decade of advancement, Adidas once again came up with a new logo that instantly got the market attention. This emblem was quite different and unique from every other logo that came before. The reason is that it just included three horizontal stripes and a wordmark in the logo. This practice looks very straightforward, but when it comes to think from the perspective of Adidas, it makes a lot of sense.

    It is said that this logo is purely made to represent the aesthetic identity of the brand. It does not uses any flashy or unorthodox stuff, because that is not the requirement of Adidas branding. This logo perfectly exhibits the classy identity of the brand, which is certainly enough to grab customers’ attention.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Why is Adidas logo famous?
    Adidas logo is famous because it represents the identity of a quality sportswear brand. This logo has built a strong reputation in the world, and people simply trust on the quality of its products.
    When did Adidas change their logo?
    Over the years, Adidas has changed its logo from time to time. After the foundation, the brand first changed its logo in 1971. Then afterwards, the company kept on introducing new logos from time to time to keep its identity updated.
    What is the meaning of three stripes present in the Adidas logo?
    The three stripes in the Adidas logo are not created randomly. They define a specific meaning, and the founder of the company, Adolf Dassler termed it as a representation of “The Three Stripe Company”.
    Why does Adidas have different logos?
    The purpose of having different logos is that Adidas classifies them as primary and secondary logo. They are used at particular places which allows the company to showcase its branding with a bit of diversity.
    What is the color combination used in Adidas logo?
    The color combination used in Adidas logo is white and black. This combination has been used in all the versions of the logo, as the represent the core branding theme of the company.

    Final Words

    That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed about the history of Adidas logo in detail. It is certainly an important topic to discuss, because many people do not know about the origins of this great brand. This article has covered the evolution of Adidas logo from the very beginning, so that you can understand its overall journey.

    Meanwhile, if you are looking for a company that can help you to design quality brand logos, get in touch with us today. We have got plenty of experience in the branding industry, and our experts can help you to design any type of logo as per the given requirements.

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