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    Airline Logo Design: 6 Top Companies with Best Logos

    logopoppin Published: April 4, 2022 12 min read

    Know Some Interesting Facts About the Best Airline Logos in the World

    Aviation industry is rapidly booming in major parts of the world. Airline companies that are connected from it are renowned by the virtue of their logos. People generally trust those companies that have a good past record in the aviation field. They look up for the famous airline logo design whenever they want to travel to their preferred destinations. This emblem has certainly become a source of great reputation for them, allowing the company to showcase a professional image in the world.

    But, creating an airline logo that can gain market attention often becomes a difficult task. It mostly happens when the designers are not well versed with the trends, or aren’t much experienced with the design related stuff. They do not know about the core practices to design a logo, which eventually results in a failure for them.

    The best way to get a good knowledge about it is by looking at the airline logo examples of top companies. This will let you know their intrinsic practices for designing a logo. Furthermore, it will also define the latest trends that are being used by different logo design services to create a logo.

    Making this stuff easier for you, we have listed the airline logo examples of world’s most popular companies in this blog. This will allow you to not only look at them, but also understand their true essence in branding.

    Let’s first start from the basics knowing about the importance of these logos for any airline company.

    Importance of an Airline Logo Design

    Importance of airline logos

    Every airline company needs a logo design to demonstrate its professional identity. It is the major emblem that enables them to market their services in the industry. Without having a logo, an airline company would never be able to remain in the marketing race. They precisely need it to enhance their footprint and get a stronger reputation in the industry filled with dozens of competitors.

    Today, the branding of an airline company looks certainly incomplete without having a powerful logo. It is the core ingredient of their marketing that allows them to get attention from the customers. It is therefore always advised to craft them smartly, so that they can present a stunning professional image of the company.

    The airline logos are also a bit different from the other brand emblems. They are not just designed with a straightforward approach. This means that you can design them with different types of logo variations that suit best with your branding. You can understand more about this fact by looking at the logo design of some popular airline companies. They have not made their logos using the conventional airplane shape. Instead, they have used unique figures to bring a flare of creativity in the design, so that it can grab people’s attention.

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    Popular airline logos

    There is nothing better to learn from the best in the industry. This is a phrase that fits perfect for those individuals who want to know how to design a logo just like the top professionals. They can certainly do that by looking at the design practices of popular aviation companies. It will give them tons of ideas about designing, easing up their hassle to create a masterpiece efficiently.

    Here are the logo examples of some of the renowned airline organizations working in the world. Take a look at them and understand their whole concept behind designing.

    Hawaiian Airlines

    Hawaiian airlines logo

    Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. People from different regions regularly visit Hawaii to spend their vacations and holidays. This has given Hawaiian Airlines a great opportunity to establish its footprint in the aviation industry. It is termed one of the most profitable airlines in the world right now, rightly because of offering continuous passenger flights.

    By looking at the company’s airline logo, you could feel the sense of vibrant Hawaiian culture. It is designed particularly in a manner that can portray the right lively image of Hawaii to the people. The logo is beautifully designed with a depiction of women blended with catchy color combinations. The flower is also smartly merged in the logo to offer a great representation, allowing people to fully feel the great Hawaiian vibes.

    Qatar Airways

    Qatar airways logo

    Qatar Airways is yet another a reputed name in the global industry of aviation. The company operates in almost every part of the world; hence it has strong connections with other renowned airlines as well. Besides offering quality services, the company has also emphasized heavily on its branding elements to establish a solid footprint in the market. This has given their airline logo design a top recognition in the industry, outclassing several others in the competition.

    Speaking more about logo branding, the company has paid a huge attention towards the designing of its airline emblem. It is a bit unique from the other logos, as it doesn’t focus on showcasing anything related to the airplanes. Instead, it has displayed a graphical image of an Oryx, which is basically said to be the national animal of the State of Qatar. This is indeed a very great representation, giving the national airline logo design a very holistic look.


    Emirates logo

    Speaking about the Airlines coming from Arab heritage, one cannot rule out the dominance of Emirates in the world. It is also one of the most successful airlines in the world offering flights for almost every country. Over the years, they have solidified their branding by indulging into various sponsorships. That has given the Emirates logo a huge prominence in the world, especially in the Middle Eastern and European circuit.

    The logo of Emirates is also designed very creatively keeping few things in mind. First of all, it didn’t use any conventional design. Instead, it opted for a very unique typography written in Arabic language. This has given the logo a very fine look as well as sophisticated identity.

    The color combination chosen for the logo looks very accurate. The red color suits perfectly with the emblem, giving it a stunning eye-catching look. Considering this, all the other branding materials are also designed using the red color. This showcases a great relevance in the overall branding, illustrating a complete professional look.

    Thai Airways

    Thai airways logo

    Just like Hawaii and other popular tourist destinations, Thailand is also a top spot that stays on the checklist of enthusiastic travelers. Thai Airways is therefore considered to be the most successful airline operating from that country. It also offers flights to every part of the world, making its repute strong at the main international level. People generally trust Thai Airways whenever they are traveling to Thailand, as it precisely offers great flight services to them.

    The logo of the company is artistically designed keeping the country’s main cultural theme in mind. It is designed with a beautiful ornament in which the pink part represents the iconic magnolia blossom. It is basically part of Thai culture; hence it has been integrated very smartly in the airline’s logo.

    The overall look of the logo seems to be very subtle. Though it is very colorful, but it doesn’t offer any feeling of being extra voguish. Instead, it looks neat to the eye, encouraging people to quickly show interest in the design at the first glance.

    Swiss Airlines

    Swiss logo

    We all know how popular Switzerland is among the tourists. It is one of the coolest destinations in the world to spend your quality holidays. People choose Swiss Airlines to travel to this beautiful nation. They trust on the services of this company; hence they always prefer them whenever they are traveling with their families or friends. This has made Swiss Airlines quite famous in the world, all for very good reasons.

    The official logo of the Swiss Airline is very catchy and aesthetic in looks. It is designed carefully keeping the national colors theme in mind. The combination of red and white is very amazing, giving the whole emblem a stunning appearance. It should also be noted that this logo has seen several modifications in the last few decades, but their overall color theme always remained the same.

    The current logo can non-arguably be termed as the best of all. It looks simple yet very solid to the eye. The overall design doesn’t use any kind of glitzy stuff. Instead, it focuses on being classy by picking the right color blended with a catchy negative space design.

    Air Canada

    Air canada logo

    Air Canada is considered one of the top airline companies operating from Canada. They started their operations back in 1937 when there were only a few airline companies working in the world. At that time, the company had a different logo comprising only of a maple leaf. Over the years, their logo changed constantly to keep up with the latest trends. Their color theme however remained the same, consisting of an iconic red and white combination.

    The current logo of the company was introduced in 1994. It was precisely designed with a wordmark, showcasing the whole company name. This was done to give the logo an inclusive look, demonstrating both symbol and name of the airline organization. It is undoubtedly very good, having all the qualities to be called as one of the best airline logo designs in the world.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why do airline companies use logos?
    Airline companies need to define their identity strongly in the market. To do that, they use a stunning airline logo design that can offer them the required branding advantage in the market.
    2. What is the importance of a logo in branding?
    Logo design helps to market the services of a company. Whether it is an airline or construction company, every organization needs a logo to promote its services strongly in the market.
    3. Why do people always trust popular airline logos while choosing flights for traveling?
    People around the world regularly prefer companies that offer great flight services for traveling. They usually look up for those companies that are trusted in the world, and offer inexpensive flight rates as well.
    4. What are the best tips to create a quality airline logo design?
    To create a quality airline logo design, you need to first focus on the main branding theme of the company. This will let you know which type of colors should be used and how you can come up with a creative design using them.
    5. Where are the airline logos used for branding?
    Airline logos are used at multiple places for branding. From websites to business cards, banners to product brochures, they are used at different places where the services of the organization are defined.


    That concludes our entire article in which we have discussed the most famous aviation companies and their airline logo designs. These organizations have become a symbol of trust for the people around the world. They rely on their services due to the offering of top class flight features. It is the core reason why their airline logo design is always looked upon as an emblem of quality and reliability in the international aviation market.

    This article has listed down some of the top airline companies reputed highly in the market. Their logos precisely demonstrate the strong identity of their operations in the aviation industry. All of them are quite different from others, defining their organization’s theme with perfection.

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