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    Top 8 Famous Bank Logos and the Elements Behind Their Design

    Hailey Savona Published: May 1, 2024 13 min read

    Discover the Top Bank Logos with Names Today that Showcase a Creative Flair

    Every financial institution needs a creative logo to represent itself in the market, whether it’s a consulting firm, or even a bank. They need a symbol that not only showcases their identity but also the values behind it. That is why financial institutions like banks always pay heavy attention towards logos. They know how important these bank logos are in terms of attracting consumers. Therefore, they are always designed with high creativity, so that they can create maximum impact in the market.

    If you look at the top banking institutions in the world, you will always find some sort of uniqueness in their logos. Yet you can still tell that they all belong to the same industry. It is one of the core aspects of these banking logos, allowing them to get more attention from the audience.

    Now, a logo project for a bank is a big deal, and often requires a lot of research and forethought from the design agency hired. But if your bank is looking to revamp its logo, or wants  a new logo designed, then the tips here will help you follow and understand the process easily.

    To do that, we will explore some of the best bank logos from around the world, allowing you to understand their theme and idea behind designing. We will also take a look at elements that help a professional logo design agency create such expressive and lasting logos. Let’s take a look at them in detail below.

    Design Elements of Bank Logos

    For each industry, a specific aesthetic or vibe dictates the style of its design elements. In the banking industry, the business style is often corporate, with brand visuals highlighting the company’s brand and market expertise.

    Now, the design elements affected by industries and niches include:

    • Typography
    • Color palettes
    • Symbolic representation

    With these three elements, you can change the entire visual messaging and outlook of your business’s brand. This means that whenever you are looking to design a logo for your bank, you should be very careful making your choice for these three.

    Let’s take a look at these elements in greater detail.

    Colors of Bank Logos

    With your color combinations being some of the most prominent brand elements that consumers see, its important for bank logos to be very careful when it comes to choosing their logo colors.

    A strong primary shade can serve as the perfect focal point for the entire palette, which is why banks often go for a strong, visually striking yet professional central color. The most common shades seen here include blues, greens, and reds. And if you take a look at logos for banks across the world, the color you will find most common there will be blue.

    And that is because blues, especially dark shades of the blue family, often portray a professional, sophisticated image. It sets your mind at ease, and helps you trust the brand better. Therefore, incorporating a darker shade of blue into your color palette is a great choice.

    Fonts for Bank Logos

    When it comes to logo fonts, the typography you choose for your logo can also help portray the right image.

    As a bank, your logo typography is very important, as it humanizes your brand and boosts approachability from consumers. Therefore, simpler, easy to read fonts are the way to go. That means that modern sans serif fonts are the best choice, as highlighted in the logos for Citibank and Bank of America.

    Symbolism of Bank Logos

    Your logo symbols are another important element. These symbols can be used to signify your company’s niche, business style, and more. And most importantly, it serves to add a symbol to your brand identity that people will use to recall your brand.

    Geometrical shapes likes circles, squares, and rectangles are often used to give your logos a sense of order. That is specifically true of squares and rectangle, which give your design a sense of stability, solidity, and strength.

    Top 8 Bank Logos with Names from Around the World That Inspire

    Even when you hire a branding consultant or firm to head your logo redesign project, it’s a good idea to understand what the process entails. The first step to do that is to have an idea of the style of logo you desire for your bank brand. And to do that, you need to look at different types of logos within your immediate competition. This way, you will be able to see what works in your industry, as well as highlight any points of commonality that ties all of those logos together.

    Now, this process can be long and tedious. But we are here to help. Here are some of the top bank logos that will give you an understanding of latest market trends and designing aesthetics.

    Bank of America

    Bank of America doesn’t need any kind of introduction. It is a top multinational investment bank that is renowned all over the world. The logo of the Bank of America is quite attractive because it shows true colors of patriotism. The flag based shape of this bank logo is a strong sign of its relevance with America. It symbolizes the American flag in a creative manner, allowing people to know more about the roots of the bank.

    The first logo of Bank of America was introduced in 1968. Back then, the color of the logo was total black and didn’t have any relevance with the American flag’s national colors. In 2001, the new Bank of America logo was introduced in the market, showcasing the much needed American colors. Since then, the logo has slight changes to date, minor enough to just keep the logo up with the times. It still looks very vibrant and catchy, allowing the bank to show its true American identity.

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    Deutsche Bank

    Deutsche Bank is a German investment bank headquartered in the suburbs of Frankfurt, Germany. A highly reputed bank, it was established back in 1870. Today, it has more than 58 branches all over the world. Apart from Europe, the footprint of Deutsche Bank can be found in Central America and Asia as well. It demonstrates the reputation of the bank in the world, and its power in the global financial sector. And that is what makes its symbol one of the most well-known bank logos in the world.

    The bank logo is also designed in a creative manner. It looks very neat and simple to the eye, showcasing the true class of elegance. The upward diagonal line inside the box shows the trajectory of the bank’s profit. This is indeed a very unique concept that showcases the true values of a bank. Besides that, the square box of the logo represents stability and consistency, with its simplicity a hallmark of German no-nonsense attitude. It shows a value of trust, making the whole logo highly professional.

    ING Bank

    ING bank logo

    Headquartered in Amsterdam, the ING Group is one of the biggest multinational banking corporations in the Netherlands. The bank logo is smartly designed according to the aesthetics of the Dutch country. The inclusion of a lion in the bank logo design demonstrates courage and braveness, and is a symbol often associated with the Dutch. Meanwhile, the orange color chosen for that lion shows energy and strength, another nod to Dutch heritage with the classic orange of their national colors.

    The orange color and its relationship with the Dutch people and country makes the logo highly relatable with the national sentiment, highlighting the true cultural theme.

    TD Bank

    TD bank logo

    Toronto-Dominion Bank is a highly reputed Canadian bank founded in 1855. It has strong roots in Canada as well as in the United States. The bank logo design is created in a quite decent manner. If you’ll look at it closely, you will find coherence and connection in the logo.

    The square box symbolizes solidity and firmness, whereas its green color denotes money. This logo can be termed as a highly disciplined demonstration of a reputed national bank. You can also take good inspiration from it to design a variety of bank logos. Just make sure to use the right fonts and color, as it defines the true meaning of your brand.

    Chase Bank

    Chase bank logo

    Chase Bank is also a renowned American bank having branches in all the major cities. It has a strong market reputation as one of the leading banking institutions in the financial circuit of America. The logo of Chase bank is therefore created to resonate the same values. It looks very decent yet attractive to the eye, making it one of the top bank logos of all time.

    The masculine font of the logo is pretty simple, but the symbol beside it is very creative. The blue color in the logo showcases the money flow, whereas the inside square box represents stability. That is what makes it a highly decent logo representing great banking values.

    Societe Generale

    Societe generale logo

    Societe General is a renowned French multinational bank located in Paris, France. It is the sixth largest bank in Europe and one of the most profitable in the whole world. The bank logo of the organization looks quite simple. It includes a typeface and a two tone color box designed at the left.

    The red color in the design stands for passion, whereas the black shows a bit of elegance. You will also notice a little white line placed at the center of the box. It stands for the openness in the culture, defining the true values of the company. If you are looking to design any banking logos showcasing simplicity, take a look at this logo. It is a perfect example of bank logos that show how to make a logo having simple yet attractive features.

    UBS Bank

    UBS Bank is a highly reputed Swiss Bank headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It was founded long ago in 1862 as the Bank of Winterthur. Due to various circumstances, the bank name was changed and finalized as the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). The bank logo has also been designed using the acronyms and a unique symbol.

    The meaning of that symbol is very clear. The three keys designed in it showcase discretion and security. It is indeed a very unique concept that looks highly great, providing the bank logo design a stunning touch.

    Getin Bank

    Getin bank

    Getin Bank is a Polish bank headquartered in Katowice, Poland. Although the bank was founded in 1990, but still it emerged as one of the most successful banks in Europe. The bank logo is designed quite creatively according to the latest trends. It is not conventional like many bank logos with a symbol, but it is a complete representation of the company’s creative marketing approach.

    The arrow in the logo is designed smartly to attract customers. Meanwhile, the green and white combination of the whole logo is precisely chosen to show neatness. Overall, it is a great example of brand identity illustration that defines how to design a logo having the modern attributes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why are bank logos termed important for business representation?
    Bank logos are termed important because they showcase a strong financial business identity in the market. These logos let the people know about the values of a bank and how their identity is different from others.
    2. Why is the Bank of America logo famous?
    The logo of Bank of America is quite famous because it represents a clear sense of American nationalism. The color of the logo is red and blue, which precisely makes its identity resemble the American flag.
    3. What are the main characteristics of the Deutsche bank logo?
    The Deutsche bank logo looks quite simple and decent. The short curved line in the logo represents the upward growth, while the square box defines stability of the bank.
    4. What are the best tips to design an investment bank logo?
    Many beginners who are new in the field often ask about tips to design an investment bank logo. The most important thing to consider while designing investment bank logos is the background of the organization. It not only helps to pick the theme, but also the style and structure of the logo in a perfect manner.
    5. Name some of the best bank logos that are popular in the world?
    To create an engaging logo, you need to take a look at the best bank logos in the world. Nowadays, you can find many of them, but some of the famous among them include Bank of America, ING Bank, Swiss Bank and more others.

    Final Words

    To sum it up, we have studied the various design elements and different types of bank logos that are popular in the world. These famous bank logos are designed very smartly, precisely after considering all the company values. And these would be the perfect examples to help you out in your journey.

    Meanwhile, if you want to design your logo from the top branding experts in the market, contact us today. We will help you to design a creative logo that will not only showcase your identity, but will also attract eyeballs towards it.

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