10+ Inspiring Cleaning Logos to Help You Design Your Own

Cleaning logos that Inspire

Find the Best Cleaning Logos to Discover What Makes Their Businesses Successful

Cleaning and sanitation is a popular business nowadays, especially since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic around the globe. And since then, we have seen a variety of cleaning logos around us, from homes to commercial businesses.

For the most part, cleaning businesses seem to look quite similar in terms of branding and logo design, as the majority of them use similar iconography. However, a few of these cleaning business names and logos have managed to set themselves apart without straying away from the essence of the industry.

Let’s take a look at how these brands have managed to achieve this feat successfully.

1- Characteristics of a Great Cleaning Logo

Every great logo in the industry, despite its industry, has a few characteristics common with other successful brand symbols in the market. These characteristics are what define a logo’s true worth, and decide if it is a great logo, or a subpar symbol.

There are a few tenets to solid logo design often touted by professional logo design services, which according to them ensure that a brand’s logo will be successful. Let’s take a look at the most critical of these factors.



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1.1- Simplicity

Simplicity in design is something that has become quite popular in recent years. A decade or so ago, logos was far more intricate and detailed than they are today. But research has shown that people tend to remember logos better and quicker when there are fewer visual details to memorize.

1.2- Distinctive and memorable

Logically, it is obvious that the more distinct your brand logo, the better its chances of people recognizing it quicker. Moreover, distinct styles tend to stick out in the viewer’s mind, meaning they require less mental effort to recognize the symbol, thus increasing your brand awareness.

1.3- Uniqueness

Carrying over the topic from the previous point, distinctiveness automatically leads to uniqueness. If your logo is considered distinctive, that means there are no others like it to make viewers confused. Uniqueness is necessary to build a brand identity, and grow your brand loyalty.

1.4- Consistent, yet, flexible

Your design should be consistent across all of your mediums, that is true. However, flexibility in the minor design details that enhance the overall look is what you should aim to do. That could include a simple icon in place of a full logo for smaller mediums, or a combination mark for when your name is needed with your cleaning logo.

1.5- Incorporate personality

Finally, as the logo represents your brand, it should also embody the desired brand personality. For example, a toy manufacturer’s logo might be considered odd if the design of their brand symbol is serious and austere, considering that the ideal brand personality is supposed to be fun.

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2- General Cleaning Logos

Some cleaning businesses do it – cleaning the venue, to washing and sprucing the carpets and the upholstery. Let’s take a look at some of the best general cleaning logos.

2.1- 4M Cleaning

4m cleaning

This brand logo for the 4M cleaning business is quite unique. The design accompanying the wordmark is a somewhat abstract illustration, which when looked at sideways seems to be a slanted 4M. The color palette used is quite simple, that is white over blue, and the font used for the wordmark is a simple, sans serif font in a blocky style.

2.2- Braga Cleaning

braga cleaning

Braga Cleaning logo is not exactly unique. However, their combination of a blocky and feminine logo fonts makes the design stand out effectively. The imagery accompanying the brand name is an outline of a broom, with sparkles flowing off the handle. The first word of the name is written in a font similar to the one used for the Barbie logo. the word Cleaning however, is written in a simple sans serif typeface.

2.3- Genies in a Bucket

genies in a bucket cleaning logo

This brand symbol is one of the most iconic types of logos on our list. In this design, the icon and the wordmark both play an equal role in enhancing the impact of the logo. as per their brand name, the wordmark seems to be emerging out of a cloud of suds, with the bucket playing the part of the magic lamp. All in all, a genius design to stand out in the market.

3- Carpet Cleaning Logo Ideas

Rug and Carpet cleaning is a thriving business, as these expensive pieces of your furniture require a huge amount of care and effort to clean. Usually, these businesses aren’t hired to simply vacuum the carpets, but are contracted to provide a deep cleaning treatment for those hard to reach issues.

Let’s discuss some of the popular carpet cleaning brand symbols.

3.1- Freaky Clean

Freaky Clean Sanitation logo

The logo’s use of an illustrated vacuum cleaner to portray their primary rug cleaning service is a great idea to help consumers know their business. The accompanying wordmark is also in a whimsical font, making the overall design of the logo one of fun and upbeat energy. The bright red and white color palette adds even more energy to the logo.

3.2- Pristine Cleaning

Pristine cleaning logo

Pristine Cleaning logo is an interesting study in minimalism at its best. The simple iconography accompanying the wordmark is instinctively understood as belonging to a cleaning business, especially when elevated by the blue and black color combinations.

3.3- Hound House Cleaning

Hound house cleaning logo

Hound House cleaning logo has an interesting design. The image used is a that of a dog wearing a classic French maid cap, which helps make the logo unique and highly memorable. The accompanying wordmark uses a combination of straight sans serif characters, as well as slightly curved and artistic blocky font.

4- Best Cleaning Company Logos

Some cleaning business logos are, to put it simply, the best. Their designs, as well as the manner in which they portray their brand makes them the best brand identifiers in the industry. Let’s take a look at a few of the best cleaning logos.

4.1- Water Paper Cleaning

water paper cleaning logo

Water paper cleaning is a unique business with a unique design. They are a window cleaning business, and use special kinds of cleaning equipment for a streak-free finish. The design of their logo is quite unique, and follows the concept of the golden ratio. The shape is that of a water droplet, but the seamless curve of lines into a folded paper gives it a unique visual perspective.

4.2- Dr Clean

Dr Clean logo

Dr Clean found a unique way to make their logo stand out, and that was the inclusion of an elephant’s outline. The small and simple illustration adds an innovative touch to the design, which draws a viewers’ eyes to it. However, the addition of unrelated imagery to a cleaning logo can also backfire quite spectacularly if not used properly.

5- Window Cleaning Logo Ideas

Window cleaning businesses are quite a common suite, especially in large cities with tall buildings. These service providers are experts in cleaning huge glass facades, while suspended hundreds of feet above the ground onto a simple platform. Let’s take a look at some of these cleaning logos.

5.1- Man Maid

Man maid cleaning logo

Main Maid Cleaning sounds more like a cleaning slogan than a cleaning business. However, the company offers a variety of sanitation services including window cleaning. The design is a simple black, blue, and white colored wordmark, with a small wiper wiping up the blue from the wordmark. This design serves the dual purpose of telling the viewers their primary service, as well as making their logo unique.

5.2- eFrank Cleaning Service

efrank cleaning logo

EFrank Cleaning service uses a simple wordmark logo using an orange and blue color palette. The name is surrounded by streaks of the same colors, with the top right having an image of a blue wiper blade cleaning it all up. The design is simple, memorable, and quite effective in communicating its purpose.

5.3- Aftermath Sanitation

aftermath cleaning logo

Aftermath’s logo simply portrays its primary purpose, which is to perform a deep cleaning and biohazard sanitation service on infected surfaces, including glass surfaces and windows. The symbol has small illustrations of bacteria and other microorganisms, and the shield-like design makes it look like a source of protection against those harmful microbes. Overall, a good representation of their business.

6- How to Create a Unique and Innovative Cleaning Logo?

Creating a unique and attractive cleaning logo is not so easy. However, a little effort and brainstorming can help you come up with innovative ideas like the ones we have seen above.

To create a logo for your company, you have the option of either going for an online logo maker tool like Canva or Wix, but the drawback would be that the design won’t be truly unique.

The best option however, is to hire a professional graphic design agency to create your brand symbol. This would ensure that your cleaning company would have a truly iconic and one of a kind logo to stand out in the market.