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    Versatile College Logos and What Make Them Truly Great

    Many colleges in the US have dedicated teams for different sports, such as football and basketball. These teams often sport a custom team logo featuring their mascot alongside their collegiate logos on their jerseys, as a way of getting recognized quicker. That is because many logos for colleges are too intricate to identify at a distance, unlike a mascot logo which is easier to make out.

    When you look at these symbols designed by professional logo design services with a keen eye for detail, you might believe them to be great pieces of art. However, these logos also act as an effective marketing tool to promote the institution it represents.

    A college can employ various versions of the same logo that promotes the academy’s attitude, academic rigor, and team spirit.

    Let’s take a look at the best college logos and the elements that make them recognizable.

    1. Inspiring College Baseball logos

    Many colleges have baseball teams that take part in various championships and demonstrate their talent. They also opt for logos to make their respective teams stand out.

    College sports logos are fun and showcase the strength, enthusiasm, and courage of a sports team. We have compiled a list of baseball teams with attention-grabbing logo designs.

    1.1- Berry College

    Berry College Vikings baseball Team Logo

    Did you know Berry College is widely known as the Southern Athletic Association’s founding member, Division III of the NCAA? You can find the home of the Berry College Vikings baseball team in Northwest Georgia.

    It’s one of the best logos with a stunning color scheme. The use of blue and silver colors conveys that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” It is also a great logo design that also features the team name.

    1.2- University of San Diego

    San Diego Toreros Baseball Team Logo
    The university has a baseball team, San Diego Toreros. The Toreros isn’t your average baseball team, as it has won several championships.
    When it comes to the team’s logo design, it features stunning shades of blue. It makes the best of college logos that feature a delicately made image. The overall design is subtle and recognizable.

    1.3- California State University, Fullerton

    California State University, Fullerton Baseball Team Logo

    The university’s baseball team has participated in various national championships programs and has won most of them. Its logo is colorful and features hues such as white, navy, and orange.

    On the other hand, the elements such as the side profile of an elephant’s head, the sun in the background, and the stunning baseball font make it one of the most appealing college logos.

    1.4- Wichita State University

    Wichita State University Baseball Team Logo

    Are you afraid to choose unique color combinations for your logo? Take Wichita Shocker’s Baseball team logo, for example. Its logo features an eye-pleasing mix of black and gold. These colors stand out and grab the attention instantly.

    The aggressive mascot is another element that draws attention to the logo. If you look closely, you will see the letter “W” written in the mascot’s cap representing Wichita State University.

    1.5- University at Albany

    University at Albany Baseball Team Logo

    The baseball team of the University at Albany has an attractive logo design. The university uses it for every sports program.

    To develop a unique logo, they opted for school colors for the color scheme of this college logo. The colors purple and gold with a simplistic design make the logo recognizable.

    1.6- Lindsey Wilson College

    Blue Raiders, Lindsey Wilson Sports Team Logo

    Lindsey Wilson College has a baseball team, Blue Raiders, a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The team has attended Mid-South Conference.

    Blue Raiders symbol is one of the college logos that use a subtle combination of blue and white colors. The color scheme was selected to convey the message of elegance and aggression.

    1.7- Georgetown University

    Georgetown Hoyas Baseball Team Logo

    The university has a baseball team, Georgetown Hoyas Baseball. It is a part of the Big East Conference associated with NCAA’s Division I level of college-level baseball.

    It was the first sport introduced to Georgetown, with the first game played in 1866. The team decided to personify the bulldog and use it as its mascot, which is unique and easy to recognize.

    1.8- Scottsdale Community College

    Artie the Fighting Artichoke logo, Scottsdale Community College

    The logo of Scottsdale has an exciting story associated with it. In the 1970s, the school administration accused bribing athletes to visit the college using scholarship money.

    They organized a school-wide protest and voted to change the mascot to something different. As a result, the school got the “Artie The Fighting Artichoke” logo, making it one of the cool college logos


    1.9- The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    University of North Carolina Baseball Team Logo

    The University of North Carolina baseball team has an interesting logo. The color scheme of blue and white is simplistic and complements the overall design.

    The color combination with elements such as typography makes it an eye-pleasing logo and unique from the rest of the institute logos. You’ll find the letters “N” and “C” in the background by looking closely.

    1.10- The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

    University of California Baseball Team Logo

    The simplistic logo of UCLA Bruins, the University of California’s baseball team, features a pleasant blue shade and gold colors. The group is known for its colors, making its logo one of the perfect college logos.

    The UCLA Bruins logo also makes the best example of a simplistic logo. And it shows that you don’t need a complex design with details to design a memorable college logo.

    2. College Basketball Team Logos

    When finding inspiration for your next logo, it’s best to conduct extensive research on these symbols. In the research phase, you can also consider college team logos.

    Following logos belong to various colleges’ basketball teams that you can consider incorporating unique elements to your logo design.

    2.1- Huntington University

    Foresters Lumberjack Logo

    The Foresters of Huntington University has a fantastic lumberjack logo. It is a stunning combination of various elements.

    For example, you can see the school’s fantastic color palette, such as forest green and black, uncommon in other college logos. It also features a chopping ax that incorporates additional uniqueness to the logo.

    2.2- Rutgers University

    New Jersey's Rutgers Scarlet Knight Logo

    Another great logo on the list is New Jersey’s Rutgers Scarlet Knight; it belongs to Rutgers University. The logo makes the best use of the bold scarlet color. It also features a knight mascot aligning with the name of the sports team.

    On the other hand, this logo also perfectly exemplifies using a mascot with unusual colors and developing one of the best college logos for a sports team.

    2.3- University of Florida

    Florida Gators Logo

    The Florida Gators logo features the fierce alligator, which is also the state’s official reptile. You can think and incorporate exciting elements into your logo and make it a unique and memorable design.

    Apart from the elements, the color scheme of this college logo is also pleasant. The color combo of orange and green on the alligator’s face and blue outline make it stand out.

    2.4- Saint Mary’s College

    Saint Mary's Basketball Team Logo

    Saint Mary’s College is a private Catholic liberal arts college founded by the Holy Cross’s Sisters in 1844. The college participated in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III and the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

    The college’s basketball team was nicknamed “The Belles.” The logo of “The Belles” is one of the clever but straightforward college logos at the same time. If you look closely, it features a bell shape and basketball’s surface outline.

    2.5- Temple University

    Temple University Men's Basketball Team

    Temple University has a men’s basketball team. The team won National Invitation Tournament (NIT). You can also see the strength of the victories in its logo.

    The fierce owl grabs the attention successfully, whereas the color-scheme cherry, black, and white complete the overall design.

    2.6- Cazenovia College

    Cazenovia Wildcats Basketball Logo

    When you look for college basketball logos, consider the logo design of the Cazenovia Wildcats. The college has sports teams for men and women. The college is also a member of the North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC).

    Its logo is creative and appealing. The designer chose the colors blue and gold to develop a 3D-style wildcat. It also goes well with the name of the college and is recognizable.

    2.7- Union College

    Union College basketball team logo

    The students of the Union College voted Bulldog as the college’s official nickname. A bulldog was also purchased to support the team’s official nickname.

    The basketball teams were also called the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs. The dog became their mascot, was named Mack and used their logo with eye-pleasing black and orange colors.

    2.8- Drury University

    Drury Panthers Logo

    Drury University is home to Drury Panthers. The logo features a fierce image of a panther, with a grey and scarlet color combination.

    Moreover, the color palette and logo fonts used make it one of the coolest college logos for a sports team.

    2.9-Drexel University

    Drexel University Basketball Logo

    The university has a basketball team with the name Drexel Dragons. Its logo features a realistic image of a dragon with stunning details.

    The sharp edges of the dragon showcase the time, thought and effort invested while designing it. The blue and gold colors and unique font complete the fantastic design.

    2.10-University of Maryland

    University of Maryland Basketball Team Logo

    The basketball team of the University of Maryland is known as Maryland Terrapins. Its logo also consists of interesting elements that boost its uniqueness. You can see their Chesapeake Bay turtle logo boasting a proud smile.

    The color scheme is an excellent combination of red, black, gold, and white. If you think incorporating several colors in one logo is a risk, take a look at the Terrapins logo and decide for yourself!

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    3. College Football Logos

    Colleges also have football teams that compete with rival college teams. These teams also have stunning college logos.

    From the color palette to unique design elements, college football team logos can also become your source of inspiration to design a cutting-edge logo.

    3.1-University of Texas

    University of Texas Football Team Logo

    Taxes Longhorns is the official football team of the University of Texas. The team has won many games and is widely known among football fans. And its logo reflects the team’s football success.

    If you look at the Longhorns logo, it’s simple but grabs attention instantly. The use of burnt orange color is eye-pleasing and sets the logo apart from other symbols.

    3.2-Rice University

    Rice University Football Team Logo

    Rice university’s football team logo includes an owl mascot and a union blue and Confederate gray color palette.

    The owl mascot features the letter “R,” representing the university. The owl was designed with precision, and the way the owl looks directly in the eyes is fascinating.

    3.3-Boise State University

    Boise State University Football Team Logo

    It’s no secret that the Boise State Broncos, the football team of Boise State University, is well-known for blue field turf. The idea was unique and matched the team’s orange and blue logo and mascot.

    The orange and blue colors make the logo appealing and recognizable. If you observe, the horse’s mascot has an aggressive expression, representing the aggression you need to claim the win.

    Coincidentally, the logo gives the same kind of aggressive and powerful vibes as the Denver Broncos logo of the NFL. That means that the team managed to create one of the few truly expressive college logos for their team.

    3.4-Ohio State

    Ohio State Football Team Logo

    The football team of Ohio State, Ohio State Buckeyes, has a simplistic but memorable logo design. The color combination of scarlet and grey is unique but looks fascinating.

    The font used in the design elevates the aesthetics of the logo as well. You can also spot the letter “O” in the background.

    3.5-University of Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh Panthers Football Team Logo

    Pittsburgh Panthers football team belongs to the University of Pittsburgh. Its logo features a panther. However, they decided to modify the torch-cut panther head with something sleek and polished.

    The current logo has refined and contemporary vibes to it, which is also easy to recognize. The blue and gold colors are eye-pleasing and help in drawing attention to the logo.

    3.6-Oklahoma State University

    Oklahoma State University Football Team Logo

    The university’s football team, Oklahoma State Cowboys, took a traditional route while designing its logo. The letter-style logo stands out in all college logos with the colors such as black and orange.

    The selected logo fonts are simple yet easy to read. The letter “O” in the background represents Oklahoma State University and puts together the design nicely.

    3.7-Florida International University

    Florida International Panthers Logo

    The Florida International Panthers belong to the Florida International University. The logo features a stunning image of a fierce panther. In its previous design, the panther was creeping from the grass.

    The newer version is simple and has more visual appeal to it. The designer opted for blue and gold that complements the overall design for the color scheme.

    3.8-University of Arkansas

    Arkansas Razorbacks Football Team Logo

    The football team, Arkansas Razorbacks, has the fascinating cardinal and white color to its logo. The mascot has an intense look, but it goes well with the football team’s name.

    The students voted for the name “Arkansas Razorbacks” in 1910. And it has proven to be one of the most well-fitting college logos and names combo in the American college athletics history.

    3.9-Ohio University

    Ohio Bobcats Football Team Logo

    Ohio Bobcats logo features a stunning mascot of a fierce cat. The Ohio green and white color also boost the visual appeal of the logo.

    The football team developed its logo in 1999. There’s no denying that if college logos are relevant and attractive, you don’t need to modify them.

    3.10-University of Missouri

    University of Missouri Football Team Logo

    The University of Missouri’s football team, Missouri Tigers logo, features a mascot of an aggressive tiger with black and gold colors.

    The team’s name was inspired by armed guards that protected the Columbia from Confederate guerrillas during the civil war in 1864. The logo features a mascot of an aggressive tiger with black and gold colors.

    4. Top US University and College Logos The Inspire Creativity

    Like college logos, many universities also have memorable and meaningful symbols.

    4.1-University of North Carolina

    The interlocking letters “N” and “C” complete the timeless logo design. The choice of color is attention-grabbing as well.

    It’s the official color of the school that was selected in the late 18th century. The interlocking letters and color make it one of the memorable university logos.

    4.2-University of Notre Dame

    Notre Dame’s monogram is perfect; the university uses it for athletics and academics simultaneously. According to the university’s official brand standards, the logo represents the university accurately.

    It is old-school and appealing. The university’s trademarked “Fighting Irish” logo has an excellent design for such a complicated mascot. The surly Irishman has vintage and cool vibes.

    4.3-Clemson University

    The logo contains a tiger’s paw print. A real tiger was chosen to develop the logo. The impression of the paw came from the cast that was used to make the design. That’s why you see a slight indentation at the bottom of the paw print.

    Clemson’s official website revealed that the tiger received the scar before it was chosen as the subject for the university’s logo. The logo has a 30-degree angle representing 1:00 p.m. which is the typical time for football games.

    4.4-University of Miami

    A simplistic logo can be brilliant. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the University of Miami’s logo. It features the letter “U.”

    Moreover, the elements such as the split “U” and color combo of orange and green make the logo memorable. The logo is ideal for those who are looking for inspiration for minimalistic logo design.

    4.5-Hofstra University

    A pair of lions was decided and designed for the university’s athletic department. You can see that the male and female lions are heading in the same direction. Their furrowed brows, windswept manes give the vibes of determination and strength.

    According to Hofstra Athletics Visual Identity, “The pride conveys both the teamwork and togetherness that are traits of lions living in a pride, that have a close bond and work together for the good of the entire group.”

    4.6-Princeton University

    The use of black and orange colors is a wise idea in Princeton’s logo. The university promotes its message through the logo smartly.

    If you observe, the logo features a phrase. It’s written in Latin and translates to “under God’s power she flourishes.”

    5. Do Mascots in College Logos Make a Smart Design Choice?

    Mascots are a great way to create a brand out of your college’s sports team. Adding a mascot to your college logos and names does a lot to create a sense of relatability for the audience, making it easier to create a loyal fan following.

    Let’s say there’s a college called Berkovitz Community College, which has a football team. Now, they need to come up with a name and logo for that team. Which one would you think would be a better choice, in terms of marketing?

    • The Berkovitz Bisons
    • The Berkovitz Community College Football Team

    Of course, the first one is the more attractive option. It’s easy to remember, and if marketed the right way, the logo and related merchandise could be used to create a sense of community behind the team, as well as the college.

    Horned and shaggy headdresses, a charging bison’s image printed on t-shirts and hoodies, and the snort of a bull as a rallying call, all of this can be used to build your team a powerful and successful brand. And it would all be possible by adding a mascot to your college logo’s design.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A logo may appear as a stunning piece of art. But, a logo serves as the marketing tool to promote any college or university. The authority also uses the symbol to showcase the institute’s spirit, message, and academic capability.

    The top three college logos for sports team include:

    • Arkansas Razorbacks
    • Boise State Broncos
    • Texas Longhorns

    In some cases, every university or college has the trademarked and copyrighted logo, name, or even color scheme. Using the material without written permission or license can move the owner to legal action against you.

    Colleges and universities sell licenses to anyone who wishes to sell products or goods containing the institute’s mascot, slogan, or logo. You need to work with an intellectual property attorney to purchase the logo or other college or school material.

    Some of best NCAA college logos include, but are not limited to:

    • Belmont Bruins
    • Binghamton Bearcats
    • Boise State Broncos
    • Central Connecticut Blue Devils
    • Creighton Bluejays

    No. Ivy League colleges do not have mascots within their designs. However, the logos for their sports teams often sport their mascot, such as the Princeton Tiger for Princeton University.


    College logos can become a great source of inspiration when developing a unique yet functional logo. You can also learn a lot from famous university or college symbols.

    If you look at each logo design element, you might find something that resonates with your audience. From colors to mascots, these logos make the perfect example of memorable and recognizable symbols.

    However, when we talk about custom designs, especially for items like logos, there’s always a chance that someone might try to use it to their advantage. Logo owners can take legal action if someone tries to use their design without permission. However, businesses need to learn how to copyright a logo to prevent it from getting pirated.

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