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    55 Best Procreate Brushes Every Designer Should Know About

    logopoppin Published: July 27, 2021 21 min read

    Know About the Best Procreate Brushes to Create Engaging Artwork

    Procreative is one of those tools that allows you to convert your ideas into digital realities. It is a complete platform where you can design and sketch anything using free procreate brushes. This will help you to turn your aspirations into beautiful graphical artworks, with ease

    If your graphic design agency has a flair for producing vibrant designs, procreate is your platform to play on. It can be termed as a digital drawing board where you can create almost everything. It can range from sceneries to abstract designs, full-width pictures to banner art and more others.

    Let’s first look into the initials of this iPad-specific platform. Then we’ll dive deep into the most popular designing brushes you should use in procreate.

    What is Procreate?

    Procreate is a powerful application that allows you to create extraordinary designs using the ease of handmade brushes. It offers tons of features allowing you to design a range of artwork on your fingertips.

    Just like the artists use a physical drawing board, tech-savvy people like us can use a procreate app as an alternative digital platform to create spectacular designs. It is only available for the iPad devices which means only Apple users can take advantage of it.

    Using the advanced textured brush system, procreate simplifies your job to create a range of incredible artworks. All of these features come inbuilt in the platform, allowing you to create a masterpiece easily.

    What are Basic Brushes in Procreate?

    Procreate offers a basic set of brushes to design and sketch different types of artwork. It makes designing of everything quite easy to procreate, just like how artists use drawing boards to create alluring designs.

    The platform has got a wide store where you can find tons of free procreate brushes stocked directly by the platform. Besides this collection, you can also find a wide range of paid procreate brushes on different online marketplaces such Envato, Designcuts, Pixelbuddha and more others.

    Let’s take a look at some of the most popular procreate drawing brushes you should use in your designs. They are simply perfect to make your designs look stunning, just like what the pros do.

    Top 55 Procreate Brushes You Could Use in Your Designs

    Here are some of our best picks with which you can make your procreate illustrations highly outstanding.

    Free Procreate Brushes for Lettering

    Procreate Lettering Brush Pack

    Procreate offers tons of exceptional lettering brush packs, just like this one. Its masculine font style is italic which is why it looks very elegant. This pack comes with a combination of 4 brushes, giving you ease to choose your desired lettering style easily.

    Hello procreate lettering
    Source: Pixel Surplus

    Free Procreate Lettering Brush Duo

    Designed in a lovely italic style, these free procreate brushes allow you to write attention-grabbing titles, slogans etc. It simply imitates a royal look, which is why it can be used to design any type of artwork.

    Lettering brush duo
    Source: Pixel Surplus

    Procreate Lettering Brush Bundle

    Want to add some creative calligraphy in your designs? Look no further than this exciting lettering brush bundle. It has got a plethora of letter styling options, giving you a flawless feature to make your artwork fonts look ingenious.

    Lettering brush bundle
    Source: Design Bundles

    Free Procreate Typography Brushes

    It is yet another typography brush pack that offers varieties of styles. It will help you to transform your simple lines into a creative typography, grabbing the attention of the onlookers. You can enhance its visual impact more by adding custom colors combinations of your own choice that suits well with the overall artwork.

    Sea blue procreate brush
    Source: Missy Meyer

    Procreate Brush: Sophie

    Give your lettering style an elegant look in the procreate. This specific brush allows you to write titles, slogans and other sentences in an exquisite unique manner. It is indeed one of the finest brush sets with which you can make your procreate calligraphy highly sophisticated

    Sophie lettering brush
    Source: Ink Methis

    Calligraphy Crayon Brush

    If you are fond of using crayon styled calligraphy, you would simply love this brush set. It offers highly sophisticated calligraphy blended with the artistry of beautiful texturing. The hand drawn style of this procreate calligraphy brush looks incredibly stylish, giving your artwork a fresh look.

    Calligraphy crayon procreate brush
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Free Procreate Pencil Brush

    Many people like to design sketches on procreate apps. But, to do that, they need a fine pencil brush that could create perfection in every texture. This particular pencil brush allows you to create engaging sketches quickly. It is totally free and can be customized as per your given needs.

    Pencil procreate brush
    Source: Gumroad

    Freebie Friday

    This brush set gives you a great option to write with stunning italic typography on your images. It is very easy to use and can be installed in procreate within minutes. For those who are fond of using vintage fonts, this is the brush set made precisely for them.

    Freebie friday brush
    Source: Gumroad

    Streakes Brushes

    It is highly recommended to add streaks if you want to add a bit of vogue in your designs. Using this specific brush, you can do that easily and with perfection as well. It allows you to create different types of logos and streaks quickly, giving your procreate pictures a stylish outlook.

    streaker procreate brush
    Source: Gumroad

    Free Procreate Brushes for Stamps

    Free Pattern Brushes and Mandala stamps

    Mandala procreate stamp
    Source: Procreate Folio

    Procreate offers brushing tools for all types of artwork, including interior design. This brush back has got all the types with which you can create different designs. It is absolutely free to use, calling all home decorators to take designing advantage of it

    Stamp Brushes

    If you are designing a picture that requires a bit of fun element, use this specifically crafted procreate stamp brush. It is different from the other free procreate brushes as it allows you to use some cool images across your design. It comes with 60 free stamps, giving you a plethora of options to choose from.

    Animated procreate brushes
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Free Sparkle Procreate Stamps

    These free procreate brushes come with a variety of stamps. They are crafted uniquely to give your designs a complete perfection. The good thing about this brush pack is that it is absolutely free and offers various kinds of stamps in just one place.

    Sparkle procreate brushes
    Source: Pineapple Paper Co

    Stamp PS and Procreate Brushes

    Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to work with watercolor stamp brushes, but not with this one. It is specially made to give you ease while playing with watercolor effects in procreate. It brings a wide collection of 57 brushes that allows you to add meticulous effects in all types of artwork.

    Artistic stamp brush
    Source: PixelBuddha

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    Free Procreate Brushes for Texture & Sketching

    Linear Brushes – Free Procreate Brushes for Sketching

    This brush pack is made while keeping the idea of sketching in mind. If you look closely at its variations, you will notice that all of them are a bit linear in shape. Generally, it will look good with the combination of black and white. But depending on the design, you can always change it from the settings given in procreate.

    Linear free procreate brushes
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Markers Procreate Brushes

    This typeface brush is quite different from others. It will give your artwork a unique distinguished design. This will allow you to grab the attention of the viewers easily and quickly. It offers varieties of color options as well including golden, purple, navy blue, sea green and more others.

    Marker procreate brush
    Source: PixelBuddha

    Wella Sketch Brush

    If you have got the passion to sketch with procreate, you must try this brush pack at least once. It is highly innovative and will be perfect for all your sketching designs. Just pick the right color and contrast, this brush will give your artwork a stunning personified look.

    Wella sketch procreate brushes
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Procreate Texture Brushes

    It is quite a handy brush pack that allows you to create wonderful textures on the go. It consists of 12 different brushes, all created specifically to craft illustrations with tangible textures. It suits perfect when you are working on children book designs, character illustrations and more others.

    Texture free procreate brushes
    Source: PixelBuddha

    Black Tusk Brush – Free Procreate Brushes for Texture

    Designed with a stunning versatile look, this brush pack gives you the freedom to add sparkling texture to your pictures. Originally, it comes with a classic shade of black and white colors. However, you can always change it easily according to your own requirements.

    Black tusk free procreate brushes
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Sandy Free Procreate Brushes

    As the name suggests, this brush helps you to draw the textures of sand in your procreate pictures. It suits well for those designers who love to paint sceneries and other similar art. Apart from just illustrating sand, its sparkling style can be used in other glitzy designs as well.

    Sandy free procreate brushes
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Chinese Style Brushes

    If you are interested in designing art from different cultures such as Chinese, this is the brush set you would love to use. It offers typical Chinese styled textures in your pictures. This gives you a tremendous feature to design masterpiece sketches, cultural art and more others.

    Chinese procreate brush
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Chalk Mullins Brush

    As the name suggests, this brush set helps you to picturize images with a texture of chalk. It offers a great effect for the pictures that focuses on creating solid shades. Besides the original white color, you can also use this brush with other colors like blue, red etc.

    Chalk mullins free procreate brushes
    Procreate Brushes

    Glitter Brushes

    If you are interested in having a brush set with which you can add some sparkle to your designs, look no further than these free procreate brushes. It contains two different brushes that are made perfectly to bring glitz in your designs.

    Glitter procreate brush
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Dabs Brushes

    Add a bit of funky style to your pictures with these unique dabs brushes. Though this pack will not come into use much frequently. But, it can still be a good addition to your procreate set. It allows you to bring a little bit of cool styling in your designs, as per the custom needs.

    Dabs procreate brushes
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Canvas Blender Brush

    This brush set is very useful when you are working with sketches and effects. It brings an innovative canvas texture to your image, allowing you to draw wonderful images quickly. It is very easy to use and comes with different custom options as well.

    Canvas blender brush
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Grunge Blender Brush

    Sometimes your drawing needs a bit of grunge in order to look more engaging. This particular set is precisely made to bring that creativity factor in your designs. It is absolutely free and can be used frequently while working with sketches, effects etc.

    Grunge blender brush
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Glazier Brush

    Add a unique style of glaze in your procreate pictures using this exceptional brush set. It is quite handy when you are working with images that need a bit of shading contrast. It is very easy to use and can be downloaded free of cost from the procreate brush store.

    Glazier brush
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Grain Procreate Brushes

    Procreate helps you to design futuristic designs easily. Using this pack, you can add a great flair of innovation in those designs. This will allow your whole artwork and textures to grab eyeballs. It is a set of 12 brushes that fits perfect to create shades and breathtaking textures in your designs.

    Grain procreate brush
    Source: PixelBuddha

    Great Liners Brushes

    If you are not good with creating lines, this brush pack will simplify the job for you. It comes with various liner styles giving you a great way to craft monoliners the way you want. From blocky smooth to bobble texture, this brush pack has literally got some good variations.

    Liners procreate brush
    Procreate Brushes

    Free Procreate Brushes for Hair

    Eyebrows Pack

    These free procreate brushes for eyelashes help you to design beautiful eyes with realistic perfection. A lot of designers usually look towards these kinds of brushes while designing pictures of a man or woman. This particular pack indeed suits perfect for that design, allowing you to create meticulous eyes within minutes.

    Eyebrows procreate brush
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Free Procreate Brushes for Hair

    As the name suggests, the brush set included in this pack is used precisely to design human hair. It comes with different brush options, allowing you to choose the best one among them. If you are creating a portrait of a person, these free procreate brushes should be in your bucket list.

    Procreate hair brush
    Source: Procreate Folio

    20 Great Brushes

    This is quite a unique pack because it has got different types of procreate brushes combined into one. All of these free procreate brushes are different in style, which means it covers all of your design requirements into one place.

    Twenty procreate brushes
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Free Procreate Brushes for Smudge

    Creative Brushes Pack

    If you are fond of experimenting new things and creating designs that have got the innovative edge, this brush pack is definitely made for you. It comes with a set of 17 different brushes as well as 2 bonus smudge tools. Using it, you can certainly bring that creativity factor in your design that can grab viewers’ attention at a first glance.

    Procreate smudge brush
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Smudge Brush

    Add a bit of uniqueness in your designs by working with the procreate smudge brush. It is designed specifically to make your artwork look innovative among others. Just pick the right color and gradient, this smudge brush can literally turn your conventional image into a magnificent design.

    Smudge brush for procreate
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Haze Long Free Procreate Brushes

    Procreate offers a lot of tools to bring creativity in your pictures, just like this fabulous smudge brush pack. It is absolutely free and allows you to add breathtaking smudge effects in your designs. For new users, it can be a good option to go with as it is really easy to use.

    Haze long procreate brush
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Free Procreate Brushes for Pictures

    Free Procreate Brushes for Tree

    Working with the sceneries and other related pictures, this brush pack will help you to create beautiful trees on fingertips. The original brush color comes with a combination of black and white. However, you can change it with different shades as per your own needs.

    Procreate brush for trees
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Butterfly & Tile Brushes

    Sometimes you need to add beautifully designed butterflies in your pictures, specifically in sceneries. This brush pack allows you to add those butterflies in just a matter of minutes. Furthermore, it comes with different butterfly shapes which gives you more brilliant options to go with.

    Procreate butterfly brush
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Other Free Procreate Brushes

    Free Stippling Brushes

    If you are looking to draw patterns using some free procreate brushes, look no further than the free stippling brushes pack. It comes with a pack of 12 different brushes that includes 3 line brushes and 9 stipple brushes. It is recommended because it simplifies your job to create different patterns, just as the way you want.

    Free stipple brush
    Source: Procreate Folio

    Blend Brush

    Looking to style up your design with something special? Blend brush could certainly prove to be a worthy choice for you. It offers a perfect blend of art every time you use it in your designs, rightly as per the given requirements. It is absolutely free to use and comes with different types of customization options as well.

    Blender brush
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Free Procreate Brush Set

    Do you want to play with colors? Well, this brush set is then certainly made for you. It includes a set of 13 different brushes, giving you a good collection of colorful tools to play with. Using this set, you can create unique designs, shapes, faces and other things easily.

    Free procreate brush set
    Source: Print me some color

    BrushUp Brushes

    If you have got the passion to play with paint colors, you will definitely love this exclusive brush pack. It comes up with six exciting brushes that include 2 ‘Gouache’ brushes, 2 ‘Oil Paint’ brushes, and 2 ‘Watercolour’ brushes. It is really amazing and can be used to draw color paintings on procreate easily.

    Procreate paint bundle
    Source: PixelBuddha

    Galactic Lens Procreate Brushes

    Keeping up with the latest design trends, this brush set is smartly crafted to give you designs a futuristic look. The name of the brush also defines a lot about its style and is indeed worth claiming. Whether you are designing a space image or just a simple art, this set will come handy in both illustrations.

    Lens flare brush kit
    Source: Procreate Brushes

    Free Pixel Art for Procreate

    Looking to design pixel art in images? Use this specific brush set to craft them easily. It includes a combination of 4 different brush sets that allows you to design the pixel art flawlessly. Apart from that, it also comes with 3 ready-to-go canvases and a premade guide to help you get started with the pack.

    Pixel art brush
    Source: Bardot Brush

    Marvelous Vintage Comics Bundle

    Everyone loves the vintage style just like you do as well. Using this classical styled procreate brush, you can certainly reinvent the vibe of 60s in your designs. The great thing about this bundle is that it offers various types of designing elements such as strip templates, halftone brushes and more.

    Vintage comics bundle
    Source: PixelBuddha

    Paid Brushes for Procreate

    Memento Shader Brushes

    Give your designs a bit of vintage look with this classy memento shader brush pack. It comes with a set of 35 different brushes with an additional bonus of 12 textures as well. It will certainly be a nice addition in your procreate tool, giving you an edge to design anything with ease.

    Moment shader brushes
    Source: PixelBuddha

    Flat Brushes for Procreate App

    Designed with perfection, this brush pack gives you a complete set with which you can write image titles with high creativity. It includes different types of brush styles that are crafted to bring uniqueness in your black lettering calligraphy

    Flat brushes procreate
    Source: Yellow Images

    The Jungle: Procreate Brushes

    This brush pack allows you to write letters in bold. It will give you an edge to design images that can catch viewers attention. It has got 20 different brushes that are made in different styles as per the latest trends.

    Jungle brush
    Source: Creative Market

    DevBrush™ for Procreate

    This specific brush pack is made for all the creative typography lovers. It has got different styles, made for unique writing purposes. You can choose the best style from this pack based on the preference of your design. It simply caters all your needs.

    Devbrush for procreate
    Source: Creative Market

    The Complete Procreate Brush Collection

    If you are looking for a brush pack that offers everything, this is the collection you must need to consider. Though, it is a bit pricey but has got a range of types you would definitely like to use in your designs. From retro styled to fancy brushes, this pack has got you completely covered.

    Complete procreate brush collection
    Source: Retro Supply

    The Essential Procreate Brush Bundle

    This bundle can also be termed as a complete solution for your procreate designs. It includes 300+ brushes, all handmade with different types of styles. Using this bundle, you can easily create images with creative artwork, just like what the professionals do.

    Essential procreate bundle
    Source: Retro Supply

    44 Procreate Glitter Brushes and Pens

    Design your procreate images with a bit of glitter effect. This particular brush pack offers a unique category of glittering style, made exclusively according to the latest trends. Using these 44 brushes, your artwork can be easily noticed among others, allowing it to grab more eyeballs.

    Glitter procreate brushes
    Source: Creative Fabrica

    Thirteen Procreate Lettering Brushes

    This procreate brush pack offers a great collection of typography styles. All of its lettering versions look fabulous allowing the designers to write everything with a class of flamboyance. Using the different color tone, you can certainly make your typography creative as well distinguished from the rest.

    Thirteen lettering brushes
    Source: Creative Market

    Eclectica Stipple Brushes

    This procreate brush set is precisely made for those who want to bring some classical vibe in their designs. It comes with a set of 27 brushes, all made perfectly with a flair of classical style. If you are working on some kind of a 70’s styled picture, this is the exact procreate pack for you.

    Electica stipple brush
    Source: PixelBuddha

    Manga Procreate Brushes for Anime

    This advanced brush pack is created specifically for all the anime character lovers. Made by DelightfulDesigns, the set offers all the tools you need to create manga or any other anime character. The kit also provides a detailed instruction note that helps you to work with different given brushes easily.

    Manga procreate brush
    Source: Design Cuts

    Texturizer Pro

    Texturize Pro is an innovative brush pack that allows you to add stunning textures in your designs. If you are working to create real-life textures, this set will help you out to do the job easily. It gives an extra dimension of creativity in your pictures, perfectly as per the latest trends.

    Texturizer pro brush
    Source: Creative Market

    Delicious Texture Brushes & Stamps

    Using this exceptional brush set, you can easily create flawless artworks. It comes up with a pack of 33 brushes and stamps that helps you to add wonderful textures to your images. It can be used to create eye-catching backgrounds, cover images and more.

    Delicious texture brush
    Source: Design Cuts

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where can I download the best procreate brushes?
    You can download a wide range of procreate brushes from its official site. However, you can find some other custom made brushes on different websites as well such as JustCreative, Envato and more others.
    2. Where can I find free procreate brushes for lettering?
    You can find free procreate brushes for lettering on the official website of procreate. However, you can also download some creative lettering bundles from other marketplaces such as Pixelbuddha, Creative Market and more others.
    3. Does gumroad offer free procreate brushes?
    Yes, you can get different types of free procreate brushes on gumroad easily. It is a great platform that helps you to find versatile brushes for procreate, photoshop and other platforms.
    4. What are the best procreate brushes for sketching?
    There are multiple types of sketching brushes available on procreate including linear brush pack, wella sketch brush, free pencil brush and more others.
    5. What are the best procreate brushes for creating textures?
    You can find different types of free procreate texturing brushes on the official store. Some of the most popular among them include great liner brush, glazier brush, black tusk brush and few more.

    Final Words

    Being a designer, you must need to keep learning new tools every day to stay aligned with the latest graphic design trends. Today, photoshop isn’t just the only tool with which you can create amazing graphical illustrations. The design industry has become quite huge and there are tons of softwares available to create immaculate designs.

    Procreate is a great application that helps you to design wonderful pictures, abstract arts, creative designs and more easily. Using appropriate brushes, you can transform your ideas into great digital designs flawlessly.

    To give you ease in finding the best styles, we’ve tried to cover all the popular procreate brushes that can help you to create masterpiece designs. From calligraphy to watercolor brushes, this extensive blog has listed all with which you can draw spectacular artwork, as per your custom demands.

    Meanwhile, if you are not good at designing, you can always get assistance from our creative graphic designing services. Our experts will offer different types of stunning designs as per your custom needs and market standards.

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