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    6 Best School Logos That Showcases Perfect Academic Values

    logopoppin Published: April 7, 2024 17 min read

    Discover Some Famous School Logos and Learn How to Create Symbols Like Them

    Every educational institution pays attention towards its logo. Their professional representation depends a lot on it, specifically when they are a bit new in the market. The designing of school logos is therefore termed a very critical process because it needs pinpoint attention from the logo designers. That is why it is always recommended to hire experienced designers who can create unique logos perfectly according to custom requirements.

    Having a great school logo allows you to get top recognition in the market. It is one of those important branding elements that gives your institution a differentiated presence in the industry. They are also responsible to define your background, and let the people know about your core values.

    It is the major reason why primary school logo design is always planned very carefully. They are not just a symbol but a complete demonstration of your school’s identity. It is therefore best advised to design these logos by taking help from any branding agency. They can help you to design a great logo that can attract people’s attention quickly.

    In this article, we will be looking into some important tips that will let you know how to design school logos perfectly. Furthermore, we will also look at some real world examples of school logos to help you understand the elements of their design. Let’s take a look at them below.

    Hallmarks of the Best School Logo Design

    School logo sample

    Many beginners who are new in the field often ask about the nuances of designing effective and lasting school logos. They want to learn how to design the best school logo that can describe a perfect institutional identity. So, I you want your educational institute to sport a symbol as great as the most famous school logos in the world, here are a few tips to help you with that.

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    Simplicity and Adaptability – Incorporating the School’s Brand to Be Flexible and Visible

    At first, you need to focus on the school background before creating any logo design. It is a very critical part that helps you understand the roots of an institution. This gives you different types of ideas on how to portray the image of a school with a unique symbol.

    Sometimes, designers do not pay attention to this part and create random logos without having any core knowledge. These types of logos do not create any engagement with the people, hence could not be recommended a perfect fit for schools. Therefore, try to know about the school background first before creating any mockup. It will give you dozens of ideas on how to showcase that background using a creative symbol. 

    Color Psychology – Pick the Right Colors

    Next up, you need to finalize the colors for the logo according to the school branding, with the help of a little color theory. That is because it helps to bring a uniformity in the design, offering a great professional image. We all know very well about the impact of colors on humans. They can play a vital role in capturing the gaze, if chosen perfectly.

    Knowing about color meanings also helps you to pick the perfect shades for the logos. For instance, red color will showcase passion and energy, whereas blue will define the essence of calmness. Therefore, it is best recommended to know about all color combinations and their meanings. It lets you understand their impact on people, as how they could stimulate different types of reactions.

    Symbolic Storytelling – Select the Right Style

    After choosing the complementary color combinations, the next thing that comes into play is the selection of the logo’s style. Nowadays, you can find different types of styles in famous school logos. Some are made in a triangular shape, while some are created with a simple square box. All of this depends on your own choice of how you want to portray the image of your institution.

    If you are a bit confused in picking the right style for your logo, take a look at the famous school logos from top educational institutes. This will help you understand different types of logo shapes used by companies and how you could design them according to the given requirements.

    Expressive Typography – Pick the Best Fonts and Styles

    When it comes to designing high school logos with simplicity, many designers prefer to go with clean logo fonts. It is termed as a proven technique to represent any brand logo with decency. You can find different examples of elementary school logos created with simple typography. They represent a neat and effective brand look, allowing people to take interest in the logo.

    Nowadays, you can find a variety of logo typefaces available in the market. From manly to vintage fonts, there are different types of options you can pick for your logo. The size and color of these typefaces should also be chosen very smartly. They play a vital role in your logo representation, if picked properly according to the defined theme and color.

    Are Mascots a Great Option to Include in Your School Logos?

    Depending on how you use them, mascots can be a great addition to your school logo. One of the most obvious factors that dictate the success of your school mascot’s incorporation in the logo, is that mascot’s professionalism.

    Now most mascot-based university logos are based around design elements that are fun and laidback. And as such, these mascots are not used as the school’s primary logo. However, they are heavily featured in the logos for that school’s sports teams, where a more relatable brand symbol is often required.

    But why do the best school logo for a sports team use a laidback mascot as part of its design? Let’s find out.

    Symbolic Resonance

    Athletic events such as popular school sports are emotionally charged, highly symbolic events. As such, proud formal school logos are often too sterile to represent that environment quite effectively. Also, mascots allow for a symbolic representation for economy’s sake as well.

    For example, it would be a mouthful to say “Cedars Falls Memorial High School football team” multiple times during a game, and it wouldn’t sound right either. Now if they were nicknamed “The Cougars”, and had a related mascot, wouldn’t that sound more natural and appealing?

    That’s how mascots offer the school’s sports team a source of symbolic resonance with the community.


    Take a look at the top NHL or NFL logos. Almost every one of them has a mascot incorporated within their logo. And that has made their brands so memorable that even if the mascot were featured without the wordmark, most people would be able to recognize them at a glance. That means that mascots within your logo allow for versatility.

    Timeless Legacy

    When it comes to school logos, whether it’s the primary logo or the symbol for the school’s sports team, they all have one thing in common – establishing a lasting legacy. A logo that does not resonate with the community and team would fail to have that legacy. Similarly, a logo that changes constantly would not be considered timeless; neither would it be able to establish a memorable legacy. The inclusion of mascots as logo symbols however, will at least make the design somewhat memorable.

    Best School Logos for Design Inspiration – From Elementary to High School and Colleges

    Many times, designers go out of ideas while creating logos. This could happen due to a cluttered mindset or failing to choose between a few different types of logos. That is where these designers can get inspiration from renowned school or college logos.

    They can take a look at these famous school logos to extract quality ideas about school logo designing. If you are also looking to get some useful tips about it, here are some of the best examples you need to learn from.

    Manningtree High School

    Manning high school logo

    Manningtree High School is one of the oldest academic institutions in the United Kingdom, founded way back in 1937. The buildings of this school were first built on agricultural lands. That is the reason why school administration has always put agrarian and gardening subjects as compulsory in the curriculum. It helps students to understand the importance of agricultural lands and how they should be grown accordingly.

    One of the best school logon on this list, it also demonstrates the same idea in its design. The depiction of the wheat stalk gives a perfect idea about that, allowing people to know the background story of the school. Apart from shape and design, the selection of colors in the logo is also very decent. The combination of gold (to complement the wheat) and blue looks very attractive, providing a stunning image of the high school.

    Arlington Christian School

    Arlington christian school logo

    This high school logo design is very creative as compared to others. It doesn’t include any conventional thing related to school or college. Instead, it includes an image of a classical American soldier, notably a patriot, highlighting a great value of patriotic nationalism.

    The slogan of the school also demonstrates the same thought. It describes the institution as the “Home of Patriots”. This brings a very nationalistic feel about the school, letting everyone know their true values in the education.

    This is the core reason why the logo of the school is also created with similar elements. It is precisely made to showcase a patriotic view of the school, so that everyone can take interest in its unique identity.

    University of Washington

    University of washington logo

    The University of Washington doesn’t need any kind of introduction. It is one of the most prestigious universities in America, founded way back in 1861. If you analyze its three different variants of school logos, you will find a great quality of boldness in them. They are designed very carefully keeping in view the background of the school.

    The primary color theme of the logo is blue and white. It looks very distinctive and clean to the eye, showcasing a great brand image. You can also take good inspiration from this logo to design your own mockup. It looks perfect in all types of aspects, as well as provides a subtle image of a renowned American institution.

    Long Calderwood Primary School

    Long calderwood logo

    If you are searching for a proper primary school logo design that shows the right idea of simplicity, look no further than Long Calderwood Primary School’s logo. It looks really great because it portrays a very simple yet meaningful image in the logo. A tree with a little bird sat on it promotes the right idea of an elementary school, with the design utilizing as much simplicity as possible without losing its essence. You can create this type of logo with your own creative adjustments, according to the given requirements.

    University of Nottingham

    University of Nottingham logo

    The University of Nottingham is a prestigious name often considered one of the top options in the educational industry of the United Kingdom. The quality of its education is very high, rightly due to the strong historical values of the institution. This particular thing is also clearly visible in its logo. It looks simple yet highly impressive with the addition of a fortified castle tower in its design. 

    The primary color used in the logo is dark blue. It is utilized very smartly for a beautiful negative space logo, adding a great flare of uniqueness in the design. So, if you are looking for university or private school logo ideas that show maturity in the design, this is the perfect example you should follow.

    Windy Hill Elementary School

    Windy hill elementary logo

    This particular example of school logos is designed in the style of shield logos. It has been designed with four important design elements, defining the core educational values of the institution. Looking closely, you will also see a crown designed at the upper part of the logo. This brings a very luxurious look to the logo, providing the whole design an engaging illustration.

    You can find this type of private school logo designs extensively in the market. They are widely preferred by the schools due to their artistic design. The color combination in this type of logo should also be chosen very wisely. It is recommended to pick them in contrast, so that they can grab the consumers’ attention easily.

    Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating the Best School Logos

    Amateurs and even experienced designers can make mistakes when designing a logo, especially if the niche is new for them, or they fail to understand the client’s brand. In any case, the result is a design that may be considered among the best school logos, yet wouldn’t work on an intrinsic level.

    Let’s take a look at some of the most common design pitfalls that affect the success of your school logos.

    Overcomplicated Designs

    Over complication of the design is one of the most common mistakes that many designers make. Sometimes, a complicated design may seem intricate and mesmerizing. And while these factors are great if you are looking at a piece of art, it is not something you want for your logo. Unlike general art, logos are designed to impart their messaging and aesthetic at a glance. Therefore, a complicated design that requires the consumer to look at it for longer in order to understand it is going to be a failed logo.

    Sacrificing Flexibility over Aesthetic

    To be considered the best school logo among its peers, your design should be flexible enough for use on a variety of mediums. However, its possible that such a design may look simpler and not as visually striking than a more intricate design. Therefore, designers who sacrifice flexibility for a greater aesthetic vibe, will often find their logo designs to be ineffective.

    Ignoring School’s Brand and Messaging

    Your brand logo is the foundation of your branding strategy. And if that logo itself doesn’t represent the values and the message of your school, then it’s has failed as a logo. In order to be considered good and effective school logo ideas, their design should incorporate their school’s brand message.

    Unsuitable Design Ideas

    Every industry has a specific aesthetic that all logos follow. That aesthetic relates to the consumers’ expectations, which dictates the success of your resultant brand symbol. Now, if your school logos use imagery that doesn’t relate to their industry, or uses something that may be considered non-professional in their industry, the resultant logo will be a bust.

    School Logos – A Source of Fostering Community

    The best school logos that we see around us are not just mere symbols representing educational institutes. They are designed to foster a sense of community among their consumers, portraying the values they share with their students and their families.

    Here’s why these school logo ideas are more than just a brand symbol.

    • Showcasing Shared Values
    • Promoting Inclusivity
    • Makes the Brand Memorable
    • Engaging for the Consumers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why are logos important for schools and other educational institutions?
    School logos are termed very important because of the representation of institutional identity. They are created uniquely to differentiate the branding image of the schools, so that people can know about its unique identity.
    2. How to design creative high school logos?
    To design creative high school logos, you need to first know about the background of the institution. It will help you to choose the colors, theme and structure of the logo, perfectly in a professional manner.
    3. Where can I use elementary school logos for branding?
    Elementary School logos can be used everywhere for branding purposes. For print publications, you can use them on brochures, flyers design, business cards and other materials. While for digital media, you can use them on websites, social media profiles and other places.
    4. Where can I download high school logos for free?
    You can find different websites on the internet offering free samples of high school logos. Some of the top portals where you can find them include Freepik, Seeklogo and more.
    5. What colors should be used in school logos?
    You can use different types of colors in elementary school logos depending on the requirements. It is best recommended to pick those colors that offer resemblance with the school background, so that people can understand its theme.

    Final Words

    That concludes our entire blog in which we have discussed different types of school logos renowned in the world. It is a known fact that educational institutions need strong emblem logos to showcase their identity. It helps them to differentiate their brand symbol from the competition and get more attention from the people in the market.

    Being a beginner, you can learn a lot by looking at the details of these famous school logos. They are creatively designed as per the trends and practices of the modern industry. Their design looks highly aesthetic, allowing people to understand the core theme of the institution.

    If you are also looking to design a creative and effective school logo, get in touch with us today. We will help you to design exquisite logos for your school, and help you boost its brand worth.

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