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Different Elements and Features in Sports Team Logos

Be it corporate or sports logos, elements such as color palette, simplicity, negative space, and
are essential, as they complete the entire logo design and make them memorable.

But it’s necessary to know that it’s the dynamism that makes a logo stand out. If you explore sports
history, you can identify the trait in various sports team logos.

When designing a logo for a sports team, it needs to demonstrate history, vigor, identity, and
culture. Take
typography as an example.

Meanwhile looking at the fonts used in logos, you will find that they are bold and weighty. The
reason to
keep the fonts bold is to symbolize the sports team’s strength, courage, and zeal.

Here are more examples of sports team logos that you can take as inspiration.

1- Golden State Warriors Sports Logo

The Golden State Warriors make the best example of the sports logos without names. It is rich
history, as
the logo features the Bay Bridge. The bridge crosses the entire San Francisco Bay in
which you
can see in the stunning logo. The design elements of this amazing mix of circular and triangle logos makes for an easily-recognizable design for any Warriors fan, with the contrasting shapes making it easily legible at long distances.

While talking about the team, you cannot ignore the high contrast colors in the logo. The
of the yellow and blue background adds meaning to the bridge and incorporates aesthetics to

Golden State Warriors sport logo

2- New York Mets Sports Logo

Ray Gatto designed the logo in 1961, and it is nothing less than a masterpiece. When you observe the
you will see the team’s rich history summarized in it. Isn’t it fantastic? The New York Mets logo
the four boroughs that connect New Yorkers. Can you see the tall building on the right side? It’s
the United
Nations Headquarters.

Moreover, in the middle, you can spot the Empire State Building. The tallest skyscraper in Brooklyn
can be
seen in the logo too, which is the Williamsburg Savings Bank. Are you thinking about the reasons for
incorporating the white bridge in the design? It was kept to symbolize the unity of New York’s

New York Mets sports logo

3- Milwaukee Bucks Sports Logo

Do you want to add strength, vitality, dynamism, and strength – all in one design? You need to see
Milwaukee Bucks logo.

No doubt, the buck serves as the fundamental element of the sports team logo. But have you looked at
buck’s eyes? They depict the team’s determination and unity, which make it one of the best sports

The logo has other elements hidden in it, such as the shape of basketball in the middle of antlers.
you can spot the letter “M”, written in an edgy font representing Milwaukee and
to the buck’s head.

Milwaukee Bucks logo

4- Philadelphia Eagles Sports Logo

Have you ever thought about why logo designs feature animals? You can find plenty of logos carrying
lions, and other wild animals. Similarly, the logo of the
features a stunning eagle. The reason for choosing a
fierce eagle emblem for a sports team could be the wild bird’s strength and determination.

No doubt, the logo represents excellence and history. The featured eagle and franchise’s name was
inspired by
the Blue Eagle symbol of the New Deal Stimulus Program, introduced in the 1930s. Moreover, the logo
memorable, and it is one of the factors that make it a well-known logo of a sports team.

Philadelphia eagle logo

5- Boston Celtics Sport Logo

Boston Celtics logo is unique in various ways. Most importantly, the designer, Zang Auerbach,
incorporated the Irish origins of Boston into the logo. You can see the generous use of green color
with the
shamrock symbol in the design. These elements represent the team’s Irish roots.

The logo was designed in the 1950s, but the elements and careful selection of color
made it one of the most famous logos for the sports teams. You can also try
elements as you see in the Celtics logo that made it iconic.

Boston Celtics sports team logo

6- Atlanta Hawks Sports Logo

Did you notice the symbol Hawk is kept in a semi-circle in the Atlanta Hawks logo? Moreover, the logo
features a semi-circle that resembles Pac-Man.

These elements don’t only draw attention to the logo but showcase the high level of creativity used
develop a fantastic logo.

Do you know why the semi-circle looks like Pac-Man? It’s because, in one of the seasons, the Hawks
the highest sales for the Pac-Man gear.

Following the example of other sports logos, the franchise incorporated the eponymous character into
design to stand out.

Atlanta Hawks logo

7- New York Giants Sport Logo

With a captivating red and blue color scheme, the New York Giants logo with lowercase letters
“N” and “Y” grabs attention instantly. The current version was
in the year 2000. The logo makes the best example of a simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing logo.

However, the New York Giants logo has gone through various levels of modification and has faced
too. In the early 70s, the logo featured the acronym of New York “NY”, which was
changed to
“Giants”, when the team was moving to New Jersey.

New York Giants logo

8- Boston Red Sox Sport Logo

Did you know the red stockings or red socks are the primary elements of the Boston Red Sox logo since
early 90s? The red socks in the logo have been modified several times since 1931. They have played a
significant role in defining the team’s success. If you’re genuinely enthusiastic about baseball,
you take
only a few seconds to recognize these iconic red socks.

Boston Red Sox sport logo

9- Real Madrid Sport Logo

Real Madrid has various visual elements in its design, which make it one of the most popular initial logos in the world of sports. These elements carry important messages, which
leave you awe-struck. Let’s start with the crown, which exemplifies the Spanish region of Castile.
you can see the initials strategically arranged across the crest, representing Real Madrid Club de

When it comes to the color scheme, it also has meaning to it. For example, the blue color stands for
excellence, red indicates passion, and gold represents rich tradition. These elements make it one of
captivating sports logos with hidden meanings.

Real Madrid sports logo

10- Liverpool Sports Logo

Do you want to incorporate two or more colors into a logo? But you’re not sure about how the colors
will look
together. You can take Liverpool’s logo
, It carries different colors and still looks aesthetically pleasing.

No doubt, the colors yellow, teal, and red go well together. You can spot the liver bird in the logo
which represents Liverpool and relates to the rich culture of the club.

Liverpool logo

11- Manchester United Sport Logo

You look at Manchester United’s logo and think it looks like an embassy’s symbol to some extent.
However, the
elements such as the footballs on either side of the logo indicate that the logo belongs to a
football team.

On the other hand, you might find it surprising to know that there’s a connection between Manchester
Consulate and Manchester United.

As you can see, the coat of arms was made after drawing inspiration from the former. Moreover, the
ship on
the top of the logo showcases that Manchester is England’s chief port community.

Manchester United logo

12- New York Knicks Sport Logo

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that New York Knicks’s logo is highly recognizable – thanks to its
stature. It will remind you of a superhero’s emblem placed on the front of his Micheal Doret. He was
a New
Yorker who designed the logo, wanting fans to see the New York Knicks as a basketball superhero.

The team logo also features the franchise name, making it a fantastic example of sports logos with
names. If
you’re looking for ways to incorporate a team’s name in a logo, you can observe the New York Knicks
logo for

New York Knicks sports logo

13- Calgary Flames Sport Logo

The Calgary Flames logo for the Canadian ice hockey team represents several truly astonishing. The
transformation of the letter “C” to the flames is one of the attention-grabbing
elements of
the logo. The flames in the logo represent a town that was burnt during a Civil War.

The designer, Patricia Reddit, has done a great job by incorporating flames in the logo. Because
Calgary is
well-known for its oil industry, these flames make it an appropriate representation of the
cosmopolitan city
in Alberta. This simple design has made it one of the few evergreen and iconic NHL logos still used

Calgary flames logo

14- Philadelphia Flyers Sport Logo

This wing-like symbol belongs to the ice hockey team, Philadelphia Flyers. The stylized wings and color
of black and white have nothing to do with the
city. If you observe the logo, you will see that the wings make the notion of the letter
“P”, which is transforming into action.

The logo makes the best example of adding unique elements to a logo and making it perfect. The way
designer placed and designed the letter “P” to the logo showcases utmost

Philadelphia flyers logo

15- Los Angeles Dodgers Sport Logo

Baseball enthusiasts know that the Los Angeles Dodgers logo has been modified various times since its
inception in 1899. It’s safe to say that the Dodgers logo is one of the best sports logos in
history. The
current variation is apparent and has a contemporary appeal to it.

The design features a baseball with lines emerging from it, which is simple but works well for a
sports team.
Moreover, the classic baseball-style script typography completes the whole design and adds
aesthetics to it.

Suppose you want to incorporate a specific aesthetic into your logo without making it look cluttered.
In that
case, you can play with various typography styles and choose the one that
complements the
entire logo design.

Los Angeles Dodgers logo

16- Chicago Bulls Sport Logo

Do you want to demonstrate power, strength, and aggression using your logo? Take the Chicago Bulls as
example. Most sports teams opted for aggressive mascots to develop an eye-catchy and remarkable
Choosing aggressive mascots is an excellent idea for various reasons.

For example, the angry mascot makes you look like a powerful and strong team that intimidates
opponents and
excites fans but a lighthearted design like the Miami Dolphins logo gives a more playful vibe.

The edge horns and ears in the Chicago Bulls logo incorporate uniqueness into the overall logo design and turns it into one of the most dynamic emblem logos.

Chicago bulls logo

17- New Zealand Rugby Union

What if we tell you it’s possible to use your logo for dual purposes? Don’t believe us? Let’s take a
look at
the New Zealand Rugby Union logo.

Since Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand, there’s no denying that the governing body might
invested in its logo to serve its purpose correctly. The logo also represents the rugby team and the
organization that manages those teams.

Moreover, it satisfies the requirements of a business and sports logo, which is truly inspiring. The
Zealand Rugby logo has the best of both worlds when it comes to color combinations and typography.

The simplistic black and white colors with artistic visuals make it a perfect design. Lastly, you
ignore the attention-grabbing typography, as it makes the logo unique.

New Zealand Rugby Union

18- Arsenal FC Sport Team Logo

You don’t want to use an exaggeratedly aggressive mascot in your logo, but you need to demonstrate
your valor
and strength too. We’ve got you covered!

In this case, the logo for the Arsenal Football Club can become a great source of inspiration. It
feature an angry mascot, but incorporating a canon is also an excellent idea to highlight the
element of

Moreover, placing the design in a frame is another way of adding depth to the logo, even if the frame
has a
round shape. It will unify the entire design and draw attention.

In the Arsenal logo, there’s a shield that combines the whole logo. The idea of using the shield
showcase strength and fortitude, which is suitable for the sports industry.

Arsenal FC logo

19- Detroit Red Wings Sport Team Logo

Did you know one of the essential principles of having a logo is memorability? With sports logos, it
difficult to stand out, as the majority go for the same design playbook.

However, the logo of Detroit Red Wings broke all stereotyping associated with the sports logos. And
result is a recognizable design adored by the sports team’s fans.

On the other hand, the logo of Detroit Red Wings also tells you to think outside of the box and not
be afraid
to experiment.

The flying wheel in the logo looks unique, and the detailed feathers and intricate wheel hubs
aesthetics to the logo design.

Detroit Red Wings logo

20- NFL Logo

When it comes to iconic sports logos, no one can beat the class of NFL
. It represents a sport that is highly popular among the
Americans. From youngsters to adults, everyone likes to go crazy in the support of their favorite
teams in
NFL. The logo itself showcases a true bold image of the league. Though, it has seen some minor
changes in
the last few years, but still it remains a symbol of elite sports in US.

NFL logo

21- NBA Logo

NBA represents a yet another a popular sport in US i.e. basketball. Kids from very young age are
towards this sport, rightly due to its passion in the country. This is the major reason why NBA logo
is also
quite renowned in the sports circuit of America.

It has a very distinctive look as compared to other sports logos. It looks clean, simple and engaging
to the
eye. Over the years, it has seen various types of modifications due to the changing trends. The
modern NBA logo
introduced in 2017, and it is indeed termed the best version of all the
early predecessors.

NBA logo

22- NHL Logo

Just like basketball, hockey is also a favorite sport of many Americans. It has got a great history
in the
country, which is why people are really passionate about it. The NHL league is therefore a highly
sports property in the America. Factually, you will not find any American without the knowledge of
NHL logo.
It is quite popular among the fans and is designed quite strongly as per the latest trends. The
shiny red
and black combination in the NHL logo looks really fantastic, illustrating a strong identity of
the league.

23- Chicago Bears Logo

Chicago Bears is a famous NFL franchise based in Chicago, US. The team has won countless titles in
national football circuit, showcasing its true dominance in the field. It is the major reason why
the team
has got thousands of followers in the country. The logo of the franchise is highly popular among the
The bear face portrayed in the Chicago
Bears logo
shows a flare of exquisite boldness. This makes the whole emblem highly
showcasing the true values of the franchise.

Chicago bears logo

24- Miami Dolphins Logo

Miami Dolphins is yet another a popular NFL franchise known due to its powerful gameplay. The iconic
dolphins logo
is very unique as compared to the other teams.
The representation of a dolphin in the logo makes its whole identity standout among others. This
logo has
seen few moderations in the last few decades. The primary thing that remained constant in the logo
is the
demonstration of an endearing dolphin. It basically represents the identity of the franchise,
precisely how
it is described in the official name.

Miami dolphins logo

25- LA Rams Logo

LA Rams has always remained a top name in the American NFL circuit. The full name of the franchise is
Angeles Rams, but it is mostly referred by the name of Rams. The logo of the club is quite simple as
compared to other NFL team logos. It just uses a wordmark which is indeed a unique thing among the
conventional team logos. Yet, the overall presentation of the LA Rams
is very impactful, demonstrating a strong branding of the club.

LA Rams logo

26- Tips to Design Cool Sports Logos

Do you think brainstorming and researching are enough to develop a cutting-edge logo for the sports team?

The sports team logos need to be inspiring and engaging, and developing the kind of logo can be challenging.

Following tips can help you design a fantastic logo that will intimidate the rival team and excite the fans.

26.1 Add Aggressiveness in Your Sports Logos

Most sports teams follow the trend of having an aggressive version of their mascot. It could be a
bear, like
the Chicago Bears logo, or it could be lighthearted like the Boston Celtics logo.

For example, historical figures such as Romans and Spartans can make the best aggressive mascots. You can think about medieval knights,
pirates, or ninjas before
choosing a mascot for your logo.

mascot of a NFL player and lion

26.2 Go for Edgy Points

According to creative designers, the human eye instinctively follows the lines of a design. This
contributes to adding emotional connotation to the specific shapes.

For example, a circle is considered a playful shape. Your eyes also move while you look at it.
sharp or edgy points help create specific spots to arrest a viewer’s attention.

The sharp edges and points make the image visually interesting and help make the viewer attentive.
Also, the
sharp edges aren’t for mascots only. To add edgy vibes to any sports team logo, you can play with
blades, and other aggressive imagery to spice things up.

Tampa bay lightning logo

26.3 Go for the Right Sports Logos Fonts

Incorporating typography into your logo design is helpful. This is because you can’t rely on just an
image to
convey the tone you want. However, you need to be careful when choosing the right fonts because if
doesn’t align with the imagery, the logo won’t create an impact.

You can also leverage the style of the typography to embody the desired emotions and vibe. Sharp
serifs, bold
slabs, and rounded edges are all elements that can affect a logo’s perception.

Moreover, you can emphasize the middle word by buckling it, and bend the first and last letters to
create an
arch. This idea will create a slightly 3D effect, make it fun to read and recognizable.

Toronto Maple leafs logo

26.4 Think About Framing in Sports Logos

Framing in logos is essential as it keeps the elements of a logo together. It combines the visuals
and texts
to incorporate unified vibes, keeping the image aesthetically pleasing. Using frames also draws
attention to
the focal points of the logo design.

Moreover, a sports team also needs to unify its fan base. When it comes to framing, you can go for
from circles to shields.

Los Angeles kings logo

26.5 Look for a Suitable Symbol

No doubt, everyone knows about various big-league teams. For example, every football fan knows about
Dallas Cowboys and their unique NFL logo. However, this isn’t the case for local or

They need to inform their viewers of the sport they play before they want people to come to their
games. The
majority of these teams incorporate symbolism into their logos, which showcases the sports they play
and the
values they stand for.

As a team owner, you can also enhance the symbolism further by adding elements depicting what you
play. However, you need to ensure that the elements you use do not turn your brand symbol into an example of generic logos.

Miami heat logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and if you design merchandise & sell those products without seeking permission, you
may have to deal
with legal issues. The franchise may sue you for copyright a
trademark infringement.

Yes, they are. You shouldn’t use logos without prior permission of the club or franchise. For
example, the
logos of various NFL teams are trademarks, and the NFL owns them. You can only use the
trademark logos
without liability after the owner’s permission, which is called the license.

Designing a sports logo involves a series of steps:

  • Begin with brainstorming.
  • Conduct research.
  • Find inspiration from various types of logos.
  • Choose a suitable font.
  • Draw a few logo designs.
  • Refine ideas & seek feedback.
  • Pick the best design, and start using it.

First, you need to find whether or not permission is necessary. Then, if the logo is
protected under a
specific law. You need to be clear on the usage and ensure it wouldn’t violate the law.
Identify the
trademark owner and the required rights. You also need to contact the owner and get
permission for a written


The best way to design cutting-edge sports logos is to remember that no one roots for a team that doesn’t
inspire. A sports team logo also helps in making the first impression on sports fans. If your logo showcases
bravery and power, people are likely to be a part of your community.

Moreover, focusing on typography, color palette, and other elements can also help you create a captivating
logo for your sports team.

Indeed, designing sports logos with hidden meanings and adding visual appeal to the design doesn’t happen
overnight. And it isn’t easy to incorporate athleticism and passion across your logo, either. But don’t
worry! Our logo
design services
can bring your logo design idea to life,
showcasing the elements that help you stand out.

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