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    15 Amazing Wedding Fonts to Make Your Wedding Stationary Pop

    Hailey Savona Published: July 11, 2024 10 min read

    Discover How to Use the Best Wedding Fonts to Make Your Special Day Greater

    Your wedding day is a special occasion, symbolizing the celebration of love between you and your spouse, a meticulously crafted event where every detail should reflect your unique style. From the breathtaking venue to the exquisite floral arrangements and wedding stationery, each element contributes to an unforgettable experience.

    And amidst all the planning, stationary like wedding invitations and “Save the Date” cards hold a special place. It is the first glimpse your guests get into the magic you are planning to create, setting the tone for the beautiful celebration to come. Therefore, the design of the card is crucial, and everything on it needs to be perfect, including your wedding fonts.

    Choosing the perfect font for your wedding stationery is an important job. It’s the voice of your invitations, RSVP cards, menus, and signage, whispering the story of your love and setting the stage for your dream wedding. Moreover, it allows the guests to understand the vibe of the events as well; whether it will be laid back, traditional, modern minimalist, or more.

    But with a vast array of fonts available, navigating the world of typography can feel overwhelming. Fear not, lovebirds! Join us as we dive into the captivating world of wedding typography, and discover how a professional graphic design agency in this niche would approach such a project.

    Types of Wedding Fonts You Should Consider for Your Stationery

    Pinyon script wedding font

    The world of wedding fonts offers an enticing variety, each with its own distinct personality. Remember; when choosing your fonts, consider the overall theme and formality of your wedding. Formal weddings might favor script or serif fonts like the Pinyon script font, while celebrations that are more casual might embrace sans serif options.

    Here are the main categories of the best wedding fonts we see and use every day.

    Formal Script Wedding Fonts

    Formal Script wedding fonts used

    Evoking elegance and timeless romance, formal fonts resemble beautiful calligraphy. They are ideal for creating a sophisticated and traditional atmosphere. Imagine your wedding invitations adorned with swirling script fonts like “Constantia” or “Sacramento,” adding a touch of timeless elegance.

    Calligraphic Wedding Fonts

    Calligraphic wedding fonts used in card

    Inspired by the art of calligraphy, these fonts exude a touch of sophistication and historical flair. With a look that often mimic vintage fonts, they are perfect for creating a formal and artistic statement. Picture your wedding menus decorated with the dramatic strokes of “Scriptina” or the playful elegance of “Lobster,” adding a touch of artistry to your table settings.

    Serif Wedding Fonts

    Serif wedding fonts used in wedding card

    Offering a touch of formality and tradition, serif fonts are a popular choice for wedding stationery, especially options with a mix of thick and thin strokes. They add a touch of timeless elegance while remaining easy to read. Imagine your “Save the Dates” featuring the classic beauty of “Georgia” or the timeless sophistication of “Playfair Display,” setting a refined tone for your wedding.

    Sans Serif Wedding Fonts

    Sans Serif wedding fonts in wedding card

    Clean, modern, and effortlessly stylish, sans serif fonts offer a contemporary aesthetic. Although there is often a debate about serif vs sans serif fonts for such formal applications, sans serif fonts are perfect for creating a minimalist or trendy wedding theme. Picture your wedding signs and programs with the sleek lines of “Proxima Nova” or the bold simplicity of “Avenir Next,” reflecting a modern and sophisticated air.

    Wedding card with mix of calligraphic and serif fonts

    Now that we have seen the various types of fonts that you can choose from for your wedding fonts, you might be thinking that you are now ready to find the typographic style of your dreams. Not so fast though. Do you know where to start?

    With over 200,000 font families to choose from, you’ll be searching for days and weeks before you find something you like. So what are you to do? Well, how about starting with some carefully curated options first, and then seeing where to go from there.

    Join us as we explore a few popular wedding fonts that can elevate your wedding stationery, from masculine fonts to the calligraphic, transforming it from simply informative to cherished keepsakes.

    Tangerine (Formal Script Wedding Font)

    Tangerine wedding font

    Tangerine is an elegant script with flowing curves that adds a touch of formality to wedding invitations, planners, signs, and wedding vows. Imagine the flowing tails and gentle almost-connections between characters for the romantic feel they embody.

    Sacramento (Formal Script Wedding Font)

    Sacramento wedding font

    With its dramatic flourishes, Sacramento creates a statement on a wedding logo, wedding websites, or Save-the-Dates. Think about the bold, sweeping flourishes and variations in stroke style for a touch of drama that is inherent in every wedding.

    Lavanderia (Formal Script Wedding Font)

    Lavanderia wedding font

    Lavanderia is a whimsical script with a touch of calligraphy adds a romantic vibe to wedding menus and place cards. Think about its slightly looser letterforms with a hint of calligraphy flourishes for a touch of whimsy, and the closeness of the letters for that perfect romantic aesthetic.

    Scriptina (Calligraphic Script Wedding Font)

    Scriptina wedding font

    With its dramatic loops, flourishes, and intricate details, Scriptina creates a beautiful wedding invitation or wedding certificate. Imagine its elaborate flourishes, variations in stroke thickness, and a touch of vintage-inspired aesthetic for an event that is considered immortal for time immemorial.

    Lobster (Calligraphic Script Wedding Font)

     Lobster wedding font

    Lobster is a bold script with playful details that add a touch of fun and whimsical charm to wedding cards or welcome signs. Think of its thick, bouncy letterforms with playful end swashes and imagine them adding a touch of fun to the start of a new, shared life together.

    Canto (Calligraphic Script Wedding Font)

    Canto wedding font

    Canto is an elegant calligraphic script font with a vintage feel, being one of the most perfect wedding fonts for Save-the-Dates, programs, and even wedding signage. Its classic calligraphy style with a slightly aged or vintage aesthetic, and a stroke style common with quills, makes this a great type to work with.

    Playfair Display (Serif Wedding Font)

    Playfair Display wedding font

    This elegant serif font with beautiful curves creates visually appealing wedding logos or wedding invitation. The serifs of the Playfair Display font, the small decorative strokes at the ends of letters, are subtle yet unique and instantly assertive, adding a touch of sophistication to the font. Moreover, the overall letterforms of the font are well balanced and easy on the eye.

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    Merriweather (Serif Wedding Font)

    Merriweather wedding font

    With its open forms and graceful curves, Merriweather is one of those wedding fonts ideal for lengthy text passages in wedding programs or menus, ensuring readability without sacrificing elegance. Its serifs are slightly more pronounced than Playfair Display’s, and more classically serif-like too, but still maintain a clean and modern feel regardless of that.

    Mrs. Eaves (Serif Wedding Font)

    Mrs Eaves OT Italic wedding font

    This sophisticated serif font with its mix of modern and classic style adds a touch of timeless elegance to wedding invitations and RSVP cards. Imagine Mrs. Eaves as the embodiment of understated luxury, a bridge between vintage charm and modern aesthetic. Its serifs are sharp and elegant, and the letterforms have a slightly condensed feel, creating a sense of formality, with a few curves adding a bit of refinement. Overall, it would be a great option for typography book covers for the wedding planners.

    Museo Sans (Sans Serif Wedding Font)

    Museo Sans wedding font

    Clean and modern, Museo Sans is a versatile choice for save-the-dates or wedding websites. Boasting clean lines and geometric letterforms, it creates a sense of simplicity and sophistication, which some believe to not be suitable for an event like a wedding. However, if it suits your aesthetic, and works with the overall theme you have created, then there is no harm in using it.

    Proxima Nova (Sans Serif Wedding Font)

    Proxima Nova wedding font

    With its slightly condensed letterforms, Proxima Nova too adds a touch of modernity to wedding menus or table numbers. These sans serif fonts are considered a sort of compromise between the elaborate vintage typography, and the modern futuristic fonts that may be out of place at a wedding. Imagine a slightly narrower version of a classic sans serif font, offering a clean and contemporary aesthetic that feels slightly less formal than Museo Sans.

    Open Sans (Sans Serif Wedding Font)

    Open Sans wedding font

    Known for its easy readability, Open Sans is a versatile choice for wedding signs or wedding program details. Its open letterforms and slightly rounded edges create a sense of approachability and friendliness, making it a great choice for couples seeking a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Moreover, unlike the previous two wedding fonts we have seen, Open sans has a distinct, if subtle vintage touch to it.

    Willow (Whimsical Wedding Font)

    Willow wedding font

    Willow is a whimsical handwritten script font with a touch of calligraphy that adds a touch of personalization and romance to wedding invitations and for wedding logo fonts. Think of Willow as a more playful and laidback take on calligraphy. It features slightly looser letterforms with a hand-drawn charm, perfect for couples seeking a touch of personalization without sacrificing elegance.

    Brandon Grotesque (Modern Wedding Font)

    Brandon Grotesque wedding font

    This clean and modern sans serif font adds a touch of sophistication to wedding programs or wedding signage, similar to Museo sans and Proxima Nova. Imagine Brandon Grotesque as a clean and crisp sans serif font, offering a neutral and versatile base for any wedding design element.

    Abril Fatface (Playfully Casual Wedding Font)

    Abril Fatface wedding font

    Abril Fatface is a playful and bold sans serif font that adds a touch of fun and personality to wedding welcome signs or social media announcements. It has a similar vibe to Bonega from masculine fonts, with thick rounded strokes with a little design flair added for some whimsical beauty. Imagine chunky, rounded letterforms with a distinct of quirkiness, perfect for couples who want their wedding stationery to reflect their unique style and sense of humor.


    What are some popular wedding font styles?
    Calligraphy, and script styles in general are more popular as wedding fonts, often paired with serif or sans serif fonts with better readability for the text-heavy parts of wedding stationery.
    What is considered a romantic wedding font?
    Pinyon script, a highly intricate script that looks like carefully designed vintage script, is a font that you would often see in high-end wedding stationery. Its variable strokes, a distinct slant, and the beautifully interlocking letterforms make it one of the most romantic wedding fonts we have seen.


    Your wedding stationery is a cherished keepsake that captures the essence of your special day. By choosing the perfect wedding fonts for your invitations and wedding signage, you can elevate them from simply informative to beautifully personalized reflections of your unique style.

    Remember, there is no single “right” font – the key is to choose one that resonates with you and your partner, setting the tone for your unforgettable celebration. So, explore the world of fonts, embrace your creativity, and let your chosen typeface write the first chapter of your happily ever after!

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