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    8 Best Brand Positioning Examples and Why They Work

    logopoppin Updated: January 11, 2024 12 min read
    Brand Positioning Image

    In the modern competitive world, it has become important for businesses to get top recognition in the market. Their existence and survival depends a lot on their brand positioning, which is why they always pay heavy attention towards it. Some of the startups that are new in the industry, often look towards different brand positioning examples. They know how important it is for their growth, especially when there are a lot of competitors in the market.

    Being a marketer or business owner, you should always remember that success only comes with strong brand building. It is the basic formula to achieve your business goals, no matter how dense or competitive the industry is.

    It is therefore advised to learn the art of brand positioning properly, so that your business can get a viable presence in the market. If you don’t have much knowledge about brand building or positioning, take help from any professional branding agency. These companies will simplify your brand positioning job, precisely by incorporating effective marketing techniques.

    In this article, we will take a detailed look into different brand positioning examples to understand the process precisely. But, before moving into the examples, let first understand what brand positioning is and how it is done.

    What is Brand Positioning?

    Brand positioning

    Brand positioning is the name of a process that ensures to give your business a standout presence in the market. It allows people to know about your brand in the midst of hard market competition. This defines how important brand positioning is for any company, specifically when it has just entered the market.

    Brand positioning is all about defining your key values and characteristics as a reputable business. It also includes a strategy that defines your tone and voice in the market. Combining them all, you can effectively build a solid brand presence, ensuring regular engagement from the customers.

    Unfortunately, many companies only fail in the industry due to having lesser recognition. They do not pay attention towards the right utilization of their branding elements. It brings great impact on their identity and doesn’t allow them to grow properly in the industry.

    It is therefore always recommended to take those measures that can help your business to get a strong place in the industry. This would not be very easy, as multiple types of competitors also come into play to challenge your representation in the industry. But, if you have a proper plan and strong marketing techniques that can enhance the business presence, then you are definitely on the right track.

    Types of Brand Positioning

    Types of brand positioning

    Being a marketer, it is also important to understand the different types of brand positioning. This allows you to set goals separately for each path. Here are the 8 unique types of brand positioning you should know about.

    1. Quality Positioning
    2. Price-Value Positioning
    3. Benefit Positioning
    4. Problem and Solution Positioning
    5. Celebrity-Driven Positioning
    6. Quality of Service Positioning
    7. Lifestyle Positioning
    8. Emotional Positioning


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    Famous Brand Positioning Examples to Learn From

    Being a startup or small business agency, you must need to work on brand positioning strategy actively. If you don’t know about brand storytelling or how to position a company strongly in the market, take a look at the brand positioning examples given below. It will give you a great idea how to build and optimize a brand according to the latest market standards.

    Here are some of the best brand positioning examples that could help you to take any business to the top of market heights.


    Tesla branding

    Tesla is one of the most famous electric car brands in the world. The price tag of Tesla cars is quite high as compared to others. The reason is that these Tesla cars are made with advanced technology, beating all other car makers in the field.

    Over the years, Tesla has made an elusive name among all car makers in the world. The great brand positioning strategy of Tesla doesn’t have any kind of introduction. It has remained very successful in the market due to adapting unique brand positioning techniques. This tells a lot about the marketing brain of the company and how it leads the branding competition in the market.


    Apple branding

    We all know how powerful Apple is in the world of technology. It is one of those companies that is termed as the pioneer of the new age smartphone revolution. The journey of Apple has always remained very successful. It has positioned all the products and services on top of the tech industry, making them a real leader among all.

    Apart from products, Apple has smartly utilized its marketing campaigns to position the brand. They are created to not only market products, but also increase their sales in the industry. Any budding marketer who is looking to know the art of branding, can learn from the brand positioning examples of Apple. It has always remained very useful, allowing you to understand the basics of branding.


    Microsoft branding

    Microsoft is also a renowned leader of the tech industry. It has always remained on the forefront of the tech circuit, making its products top among all. Looking at the rise and evolution of Microsoft, we can easily say that its brand is a worthy example for everyone. It has set up its position quite smartly in the market, allowing its fortunes to grow in the right direction.

    Today, Microsoft is leading the industry of tech revolution. Its footprint can be found all over the world, showcasing the true dominance over other companies. This demonstrates the brand positioning value of Microsoft in the market. It defines how creatively Microsoft has positioned itself as a true leader of tech in the world, precisely by introducing new age IT products regularly.

    Dollar Shave Club

    Dollar shave club branding

    The brand positioning strategy of Dollar Shave Club is very simple. It focuses on being cost-effective and cheap, so that every average customer can buy its products. This is a very creative brand positioning example that shows how to attract customers by being economical.

    Using this brand positioning strategy, Dollar Shave Club has given a tough competition to a renowned men’s care market giant i.e. Gillette. We all know that the products of Gillette are a bit expensive and can’t be afforded by everyone. This has given Dollar Shave Club a great opportunity to grab average customers. It is the central point of their brand positioning strategy, allowing them to get a strong recognition in the market.


    Nike branding

    When it comes to athletic wear, Nike owns the name of trust. It has been loved and preferred by millions in the world, rightly due to the stunning quality. It is one of those brands whose footprint can be found all over the world. This showcases the strong brand position of Nike in the industry. It is not just a choice of adults, but youngsters also prefer Nike as the most comfortable athletic wear brand.

    This particular quality is the major reason behind the success of Nike. Its brand positioning examples show how quality plays a crucial role in attracting customers. It lets the people differentiate between brands, and recommend them to others in the market. The brand positioning examples of Nike in this regard are very great, defining how to utilize quality to get top market recognition.

    Marriott Hotel

    Marriott branding

    The hoteling chain of Marriott is renowned all over the world. The footprint of this prestigious hotel brand can be found in different continents, ranging from Asia to Europe and more. The primary branding strategy of Marriott hotel focuses on being luxurious. This is the main idea behind their whole structure that separates them from others in the market.

    The Marriott hotels are not like conventional hotels, they are indeed luxurious and expensive. You can term it as an elite class hotel that simply focuses on attracting big pockets. This also reflects in their branding strategy, allowing them to get a unique edge in the market. Therefore, the brand positioning examples of Marriott hotels is also very useful as it describes how to even market luxury stuff properly in the industry.


    Hubspot branding

    HubSpot has become a powerful name in the field of online certifications and learning. It was the first platform that coined the word “Inbound marketing”. This led people to know about its unique practices and how it can be used to attract tons of customers.

    Today, millions of people use HubSpot to learn a variety of online courses. Its revolutionary online branding has done wonders for the company, allowing it to get a top name in the market. If you also want to know how to market a business online, take a look at the brand positioning examples of HubSpot. Its specialized marketing courses will help you understand the basics of branding, for all types of businesses.

    Whole Foods

    Whole foods branding

    Whole Foods has always remained a top choice for organic food lovers. It is one of those companies that has established a great repute in different parts of America. They are known because of offering top quality food products, precisely with the best hygienic standards.

    The company proudly claims to offer fresh natural foods to their customers. This is one of their core food branding strategies that has given them a reliable reputation in the market. You can term it as a central point of their success or a brand positioning strategy that sets them apart.

    If you will look at their mission statement on the official website, you can clearly understand this whole idea. They emphasize heavily on maintaining food quality standards, allowing people to fully trust their products. For marketers, this is indeed a great brand positioning example that defines how quality can also play a major role in making any business standout.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is meant by brand positioning?
    Brand positioning allows your company to get a reputable name in the market. It requires smart marketing strategy and techniques to build a professional brand representation in the industry.
    2. Why is it important to position your brand smartly in the market?
    It is quite important to position your brand creatively in the market. Nowadays, only those businesses can find long term success in the world that are well equipped with a marketing strategy. It helps to gain customers’ trust as well as better reputation in the market.
    3. What is Apple’s brand positioning strategy?
    Apple has always remained successful in the world, rightly due to utilizing great brand positioning strategy. The basic idea behind its strategy is to offer quality products to the customers, so that they can gain unbreakable trust in the company.
    4. What is Starbucks brand positioning?
    The coffee branding strategy of Starbucks is based on offering the best coffee in town. It has precisely remained their main selling point and the core reason behind their market success.
    5. How to build a proper brand positioning strategy?
    To build a proper brand positioning strategy, you need to focus on those things that can help you gain people’s trust. It could be anything ranging from quality to pricing of products. Just make sure to use it properly with the marketing campaigns, so that people can know your company’s real values.


    That takes us to the end of this article in which we have defined how to establish a business in the industry by learning from popular brand positioning examples. Today, it has become very important for all businesses to build a strong reputation in the world. It not only allows them to get better conversions, but also helps them to gain trust of the customers.

    If you want also want to position your business smartly in the market, get in touch with our branding experts today. We will help your company to get a strong representation, so that it can grow rapidly in the market.

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