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    6 Best Candle Packaging Ideas for Branding

    logopoppin Published: June 20, 2022 11 min read

    Learn How to Package Candles Perfectly for Branding

    During the last few years, the candle production industry has seen a massive growth with huge yearly profits. It has happened because candles are now being used regularly in different branding practices. This has given great advantage to the candle production companies. They have smartly used different candle packaging practices to freshen up their presentation in the market. It can be said that their innovative candle packaging ideas has worked tremendously for the success of their business.

    Those companies that have addressed this fact are now getting big gains from the market. They have analyzed the changing trends of the market and devised a strategy to meet them with the branding. The techniques of candle packaging have been changed creatively to offer more impact in the products. Today, the candle boxes are made with more engaging colors that can attract the customers’ eyeballs at a first glance.

    The advantage of these new candle packaging ideas is not just limited to the businesses. It is also very beneficial for the individuals who want to use candles for some special occasions. They can take help from these packaging techniques to showcase something special in the events. In this article, we will discuss some unique candle packaging ideas in detail. We will describe how people can use creative candle packaging techniques to beautify their decoration in different events.

    Let’s first understand why packaging for candles even matter and what type of impact they create for company marketing.

    Importance of Candle Packaging

    Importance of candle packaging

    Candle packaging does holds a lot of importance. It is similar to any product that needs strong branding services to get recognition in the market. People get to know about any candle brand by seeing its marketing in the industry. Without doing any marketing, any candle product will definitely fail without offering much in the profits.

    Meanwhile, omnichannel marketing of any candle also depends on its good product packaging. It has been observed that people only buy those products that have packaged or designed creatively. This case is same for all types of candle products. Whether it is a general home usage candle, or a special one for restaurants, their packaging does matter a lot for grabbing sales in the market.

    With the rise of different designing techniques, companies are now using various types of candle packaging ideas to solidify their product presentation. They know that it brings great impact on sales, allowing their monthly and yearly targets to complete easily.

    Not just commercial purposes, but candle packaging ideas can be very handy for general usage. People can make their candle presentation unique by implementing their own ideas in the packaging. They can then use these candles in different special events like wedding parties, birthday celebrations and more others.

    Candle Packaging Ideas You Should Know About

    Candle packaging ideas

    Being a marketer or branding professional, you should know about how to decorate any product with different stuff. If you are given the task to beautify any candle product, then you should know about different candle packaging ideas that are popular in the market.

    If you do not have any idea how a candle package should be designed, take a look at the tips given below. It will give you a good knowledge how a candle package should be made to instantly catch eyeballs of the people.

    Eye-Catching Printed Boxes

    Printed candle packages

    The packaging of any product depends greatly on the visuals used on the box. It is the first thing that catches the attention of the people and encourages them to buy the product. For candles, this case is exactly the same. The visuals printed on its box play an important role in attracting eyeballs of the customers. It hooks their attention at the first glance, provided they are really interested in buying any candle product.

    Keeping this in mind, companies nowadays use custom printed boxes for their candle products. Some try to go with the glitzy colors, while some try to keep it simple to promote a flare of simplicity. It depends on the co-branding ideas of companies how they want to promote their packages in the market. The custom printing gives them a great option to design the boxes according to their own requirements. It is quite a stylish technique that makes the presentation of every candle box unique from the rest.

    Paper Tube Boxes

    Paper tube candle boxes

    Using paper tube boxes for candles is a very creative packaging idea. It is also called the cylinder box gift that is usually presented to someone special on particular events. This type of packaging can be further modified by printing with custom visuals. You can choose whatever picture or figure will suit best on the boxes. Usually, the images are chosen in contrast to the colors of the boxes, so that they can be highlighted perfectly.

    The process to develop paper tube boxes is quite complex, which is why it should be done by the skilled professionals. It is best recommended to take services of any sustainable branding agency that has got good knowledge about the designing of paper tube boxes. You can find plenty of them in the market, offering various types of paper tube design options according to the latest trends. Besides premade designs, you can also ask them to create anything custom design that will represent your product creatively among others.

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    Labels on the Box

    Labels on candle boxes

    Using labels on front of a box is also a great practice for candle packaging. Many companies use this technique to write their core tagline on the front. Not just candles, but this practice is frequently used in the packaging of other products. The words written on these labels are picked very carefully, as they describe the major feature of a product. This can work perfectly for candle packaging, if written creatively using some impactful words.

    Besides a slogan or tagline, these labels can also be created with other stuff. You can use any special image on these labels that is related to the candles. Similarly, these labels can also be printed with some promo code describing any special offer to the buyers. It is a very common technique used in the promotion of free giveaways. If you have any other product alongside candles, you can use these labels on the box to promote them as well.

    Event Specific Packaging

    Christmas candle packaging

    Using event specific packaging will also help to boost the sales of your candle boxes. It is a great technique that can used in different occasions throughout the year. From Veterans Day to Christmas, you can design the candle boxes with different themes. It provides better chances to get customers’ attention, as well as encourages them to buy larger bundle of candle boxes to celebrate special occasions.

    The designing of candle boxes according to event specific themes requires good knowledge about the market trends. You must need to know what candle packaging ideas other brands are using and how you can differentiate yourself among them. You can also take some good ideas for holiday packaging from the products related to other categories. It will provide good analysis about the latest design practices, allowing you to understand the given holiday theme perfectly.

    Solid Rigid Boxes

    Rigid candle boxes

    If your business regularly deals in sending shipments to other countries, you should precisely focus on creating solid rigid boxes to protect the physical state of candles. It is a very important point that is often forgotten by the candle production companies. Despite developing quality candles locally, they often get damaged when they are sent outside to the country. The reason is that their boxes are not developed hard enough to protect the physical state of the candles. This not only damages the products, but also brings massive effect on the sales of those candles boxes.

    It is therefore advised to also pay attention on creating solid boxes for candles. These provides surety to protect their physical quality, no matter where they are shipped outside of the country. Using corrugated boxes for this type of packaging is considered to be a nice idea. These boxes are very hard, ensuring to protect the candles inside firmly with good compactness.

    Floral Candle Containers

    Floral candle packaging

    It has been noticed that candles are mostly bought by the females on different occasions. Keeping this buyer persona in mind, you have to create candle boxes with a bit of flora touch. The reason is that this type of packaging usually attracts female buyers. They are more attracted towards those boxes that are created with a bit of feminine flare. It could be either designed with a pink or sea blue color that fits best to fascinate female buyers in the market.

    If you do not have much idea how to create floral candle boxes, try to take help from any experienced branding agency. You can find plenty of them in the market, however, make sure to select them after looking at their overall experience. These professionals are well versed with all types of product packaging designs related to different industries. They will help you to create beautiful floral style boxes, rightly according to the demands of your female audience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why candle packaging is important for branding?
    Candle packaging is considered important for branding due to some obvious reasons. It illustrates the design theme of the company which encourages people to buy the products at a first glance.
    2. What is the best way to package candles?
    There are many ways with which you can package candles. You can use corrugated boxes, or floral styled glasses to package candles. Besides that, you can also use hand drawn illustrations to design candle boxes as well.
    3. How do you wrap homemade candles?
    To wrap homemade candles, you need to pick a sheet that looks neat to the eye. You can also print this sheet with some custom images. Other than that, you can also use colorful ribbons to decorate these sheets creatively.
    4. What box should you use to ship candles?
    Generally, when you are shipping abroad, it is recommended to use hard boxes to protect the physical state of the candles. You can find plenty of corrugated and solid rigid boxes for this purpose in the market. Though their pricing is bit high, but they offer solid durability to the state of the candles.
    5. How do you pack a candle for gifts?
    When you are giving candles to someone as a gift, you need to pay extra attention on its packaging. Ideally, it should be decorated with an eye-catching sheet, so that it can instantly grab the attention of the relevant person.


    That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have described different types of candle packaging ideas for company branding. These practices will help to showcase your candle products creatively in the market. This will not only allow you to catch customers’ attention, but also help to increase sales for the company. It is therefore advised to learn these candle packaging techniques perfectly, so that your products can outclass others in the competition.

    Meanwhile, if you are looking for a branding agency that can help you to create unique candle packages, contact us today. Our branding experts will assist you to create flawless candle boxes, rightly according to the latest trends.

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