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    9 Awesome Christmas Marketing Ideas to Implement This Year

    logopoppin Published: November 25, 2022 15 min read

    Discover How to Give Your Christmas Marketing Strategy a Strong Impact

    Christmas is a much-awaited holiday for many people around the world. And its not just because of the holidays. Brands come out with unique Christmas marketing ideas promoting their new and highly awaited products every Christmas. And what better time to do that, then at the festival known for giving gifts?

    And its not just promoting new products. Christmas is a great marketing opportunity for a variety of different industries and niches. Open up your Netflix or Hulu account. You will see them recommending feel-good Christmas movies designed to capitalize on the holiday fervor.

    The Christmas holidays bring families closer, decorating the house, lounging around with a mug of warm eggnog or hot chocolate in hand. It is the best time to tug on the people’s heartstrings and get them to buy your products or services.

    But how can a brand come up with great marketing ideas for Christmas? Don’t worry, we have go you covered. Listed below are 9 of the best Christmas marketing tips to help your brand make its mark this year. Before that, however, we need to understand why a brand needs these types of ideas, and why you need to make them distinct.

    Why Do Brands Need to Come Up With Innovative Christmas Marketing Ideas

    Christmas wishes on a sign

    When a brand hires an experienced marketing and branding services provider for their company, they are often tasked with promoting their brand and its offering to their target market. And while they do that year round, there are a few marketing events which are a focus due to their potential revenue generation capabilities.

    Now, Christmas is one of those events, and arguably, the most sought after too. Brands, large or small, come up with marketing strategies to attract customers to their businesses. One of the primary elements of a successful marketing strategy is to be memorable. So how can a business be memorable for customers if it uses the same marketing strategy as its competitors?

    That is why brands need to come up with innovative marketing strategies during the holiday season. Now, you can use similar marketing ideas within your strategy, but your overall strategy should be one that sets you apart from the competition.

    Take the different Halloween marketing ideas businesses come up with each year. Some brands come up with new, limited-time only items, while others run special promotions based on the Halloween season. And some use both these techniques. However, the way these ideas are implemented in the overall strategy is what sets these brands apart.

    Holiday Marketing Trifecta –Ensuring Your Christmas Marketing Strategies are Distinct and Impactful

    Christmas-oriented paraphernalia

    The latter part of the year brings the trifecta of potential marketing opportunities – Halloween, Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and Christmas. And we see many businesses around us that have marketing strategies that meld together from one event to the other. Now, if that is done well, and strategically, it can be a great lead-driving strategy towards the Christmas season. However, for many businesses, it’s inadvertent.

    So what can a business do? Well, for one, you can choose what event to market towards. Let’s say that there is a small businesses that specializes in craft supplies. Now, they cannot afford to market all three of these consecutive events properly. So what they can do is identify the one or two of these events to market for, and create distinct strategies accordingly.

    Let’s say that they choose Halloween and Christmas, as they are the two events that bring in more business compared to Halloween. Therefore, if they create marketing strategies for these two events spaced out a month apart, they will be able to ensure that both strategies are distinct.

    However, of you want to market all three events, then you need to be proactive in terms of strategy, finding the right time and drivers to end one strategy and starting the next one for maximum impact. That is especially true when discussing the Christmas and Black Friday marketing strategies, as they are the ones that generally overlap for many businesses.

    Combining Unique Christmas Marketing Ideas for a Strong Marketing Strategy

    Family Christmas tree with gifts

    There are many benefits to combining multiple Christmas marketing ideas into a comprehensive strategy. That allows businesses to cover a variety of different avenues and channels of attracting leads. And chances are that the combined impact of all those ideas together may be a greater driver of leads and conversion this Christmas season.

    For example, the thanksgiving season is generally an underrated branding opportunity for brands, often overshadowed by the Black Friday sales the day after. As a day celebrating the bounties of that season, and thanking God for His gifts, it is a great time for brands to connect with their communities.

    And smart brands often use the charitable and thankful emotions behind the holiday to come up with great thanksgiving marketing ideas for their strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the best marketing ideas you can use for your Christmas marketing strategies.


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    Creating a Christmas Gift Guide

    With having to buy so many different kinds of gift for their loved ones, people often find it hard to know what to gift someone for Christmas. Well, that is something you can help them out with as a brand. You can create a Christmas gift guide that you can share online on your website, social media pages, and even via your email list.

    That guide could list many of the hot ticket items that year that you stock, as well as have an incentive like a discount code that could be redeemed if they buy those items from your business. Moreover, it could also include a “Santa’s Wish List”, where special items being released for Christmas could be listed in order to inform potential consumers of their availability.

    This is a great way to not only market your brand and its offerings, but also connect with your target market to develop trust.

    Release Limited Edition Products for Christmas

    Red Advent candles

    Another great way to market your brand is to create special, Christmas only items or services packages for the holidays. Think of the shamrock shake McDonalds releases for the St. Patrick’s Day, or the Krispy Kreme holiday-special donut box. These are the types of holiday-only products you can create for your Christmas campaigns.

    There is another aspect to it as well. Many consumers love the allure of owning or experiencing something unique, or the exclusive and novel nature of something. Think the Christmas sweater or the tacky Christmas t-shirt ideas from the 90s. They love seasonal items, special products, limited edition runs, and more of different products. Think of the McRib, the shamrock shake, the pumpkin spice latte, and more.

    All of the above items are available sporadically around the year. This creates a yearning, a demand for the item in the market. And if you are able to create and market a special, Christmas-only product to the consumers properly, you will see a boost in your sales, especially from your loyal consumers.

    Organize a Campaign like “12 Days of Christmas”

    The advent calendar is something many of us remember quite fondly. The anticipation of getting a day closer to Christmas, the promise of a new sweet or a chocolate as you count down, it is a wonderful moment.

    Brands can recreate that feeling by running a campaign based on the concept, something like “12 Days of Christmas”. Every day, the brand using this concept form their Christmas marketing ideas would reveal a new discount on specific items, which would get people to visit your online stores, social media pages, and more to see if the item they desired was for sale.

    This combines the excitement of the advent calendar, while at the same time it follow the concept of building anticipation in consumers through limited-time sales that change daily.

    Organize Charitable Campaigns to Give Back to the Community

    Christmas food bank

    One of the best branding ideas that a brand can adopt for their strategy is to give back to the community that supports them. Christmas, for many of us, is a time of cold, white snow, hot and soothing drinks, and the time to let go and indulge in the things we love.

    At the same time, there are many people in our communities who live a hard life, and for whom the holidays can be even harder. For a business who earns well the year round, Christmas can be an opportunity to do what they can for their fellows. And there are many global brands and businesses who give back to their communities during the Christmas holidays.

    Brands can donate supplies to their local food banks, set up a Christmas soup kitchen, organize Christmas lunches and suppers for the local orphanages, care facilities, and more. Besides solidifying your presence within the community, these kinds of charitable Christmas marketing ideas can help generate a lot of goodwill for the brand too.

    Start Your Christmas Marketing at the Right Time

    Christmas season for businesses starts just after thanksgiving, allowing brands to set up their branding strategies and marketing campaigns according to the season. And as there is a lot to do around Christmas, people tend to do their shopping etcetera as early as possible.

    As a business, we need to ensure that the consumers are exposed to the right marketing strategies and ideas before they do their shopping, in order to influence their decisions. One great way to do that is to get a head start on the competition, and start your marketing campaigns as soon as possible after thanksgiving and Black Friday.

    You can even start on it right around thanksgiving, using passive methods like flyers, posters, and even word-of-mouth marketing techniques to alert their regular consumers. This would give them a head start, allowing you to enjoy the benefit that comes with being an early adopter.

    Create New, Christmas Themed Packaging

    Christmas packaging

    Product packaging design can be a great marketing tool. Many businesses commission custom product packaging for their wares, which can be modified to be more festive in and around the Christmas season. From adding the colors green, red, and gold to the packaging, to images of the Christmas trees, Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, and more can be a great way to jazz up your product packaging.

    This way, you will be giving your customers the illusion of buying something different, while at the same time bolstering the memory of buying from your brand for Christmas.

    Structure Stocking Fillers and Impulse Buy Options Strategically

    Santa Plushy toy

    Many online stores include a recommendation system that is designed to suggest items to visitors based on what they searched for, added to cart, or bought earlier. On Christmas, some of these options can include the facility of giftwrapping by the brand itself (if possible), or the option to add wrapping paper, Christmas cards, and other such Knick-knacks in the suggestions.

    Impulse buys are usually small items, or stocking stuffers, that are designed to be sold for cheap and in bulk. Holiday-themed snow globes, Christmas tree toppers, baubles, wrapping supplies, and more can be placed near the checkout counters for physical stores to entice people into buying them impulsively.

    Carry Over Your Black Friday Campaigns for Better Response at Christmas

    As we mentioned earlier, you can chain together your marketing campaigns to deliver a more effective strategy for your brand. However, that requires a fine and experienced hand, who can use one campaign to build the anticipation, carry over, and transition to the next campaign, without confusing the consumers.

    This can be quite useful if the brand feels that they won’t be able to handle the amount of consumers they want to within the timeframe of the single campaign. Spacing it out means that both the business and the consumer will have the time to make the experience one to enjoy.

    This is especially helpful if your business has a small inventory capacity, or deals in the kind of clientele that prefers a more relaxed approach to shopping.

    Be Inclusive – Cater Special Days Such as Hanukkah within Your campaign

    Hanukkah gift basket

    Finally, brands need to be aware that a large number of their clientele does not celebrate Christmas. While there are many people from different religious backgrounds who do not celebrate the holiday, it is the Jewish people in particular brands need to address around the Christmas holidays.

    Around the time of Christmas, there is a Jewish festival celebrated called Hanukkah. This 8-day festival coincides with Christmas. And brands need to be aware that they cater to the needs of the Jewish consumers celebrating Hanukkah too.

    They can have sections dedicated to selling items like menorahs, dreidels, candles, and more to cater to those of the Jewish faith, or have special Hanukkah sales designed to help those of the Jewish faith celebrate their event easily.

    Moreover, brands can also join Jewish-owned businesses to develop special, Hanukkah-based co-branding ideas to target consumers from the Jewish faith.

    People Also Ask (FAQs)

    1. How do you market for Christmas?
    There are many ways to market for Christmas:
    – Create a Christmas catalogue of hot-ticket items
    – Organize a giveaway
    – Generate anticipation with countdown clocks and teasers – Create a special landing page for your Christmas sale
    2. How do you attract customers for Christmas?
    There are many ways to attract customers to your Christmas promotions including:
    – Promote your offerings via social media
    – Share Christmas-related posts and content
    – Organize online contests that lead to a giveaway
    – Run an interactive campaign where consumers share their Christmas-related content to your social media.
    3. How do I start and manage a Christmas marketing campaign?
    The steps to creating and managing a marketing campaign for Christmas include:
    – Define an objective for your campaign, like lead-driving, conversion, etcetera
    – Study your audience to understand their likes and dislikes – Create special offers for the festive season
    – Create paid marketing campaigns to reach a larger pool of consumers
    – Monitor and analyze the performance of your campaign and tweak it accordingly for maximum impact.
    4. How can I increase my Christmas sales?
    There are many ways to boost your sales this Christmas, including: – Give your consumers ideas for gifts
    – Offer the facility of generating gift cards with store credit – Create anticipation and excitement for your sales
    – Offer discounts to loyal customers
    – Start an email marketing campaign soon after Black Friday.


    In short, there are many ways to make your Christmas marketing ideas turn into a great and effective marketing strategy to help you target the right consumers during the holiday season. However, in order to do that, you need to ensure that your brand has a unique strategy, as well as a marketing advantage over the competitors, in order to benefit from such a strategy.

    If you are still on the fence about what kind of ideas to include in your Christmas strategy, then the ideas given above are a great place to start for you.

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