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    8 Best Cleaning Websites You Can Get Inspiration From

    logopoppin Updated: February 28, 2024 10 min read
    Cleaning Websites

    We all know how popular cleaning business is becoming nowadays. It has evolved rapidly in the last few years, especially due to the demand of the residential sector. All the companies that are working in this industry know about the importance of branding. It is something that allows them to get more customers and recognition in the market. That is why using professional looking cleaning websites is recommended must for every business. These websites are highly important for branding as well as for market reputation.

    With the increase of internet usage, the utility of these cleaning websites has become more important. It has given advantage to the businesses to attract traffic from the internet and convert them into leads. That is why building a clean and professional website is termed important for every cleaning company.

    There are many agencies available on the web that offer quality web designing services. These agencies precisely know how to design a cleaning website that can look good and attract people from the web.

    If you don’t know much about the structure of these websites or how they should be designed, take a look at the examples below. It will help you to design them with perfection and take your branding to the next level.

    Best Commercial Cleaning Websites You Should Know About

    Here are some of the best commercial and house cleaning websites you must need to look at properly.

    Better Life Maids – House Cleaning Website

    Better life maids

    Better Life Maids is a top rated cleaning company that offers a variety of services at your doorstep. Its website is specifically designed in a clean manner, allowing you to know about the motto of the company.

    The navigation of the website is quite fast and easy. As a visitor, you can easily find out the price quoting option on the front banner. This is intelligently placed to let the visitors know about the affordable prices of the company. This way they can plan better about the services they want to acquire, keeping the budget in mind.

    Besides that, the front page also has a video section that looks very creative and engaging. The purpose of this section is to demonstrate the working procedure of the company. This gives people a better idea about their services and theme of work.

    First Up Cleaning Services

    First up cleaning

    First Up Cleaning Services is also a complete website that could help you to get some sort of web designing inspiration. The website is intelligently designed, allowing people to find contact and pricing information easily. It doesn’t look complicated, yet colorfully creative to engage visitors quickly.

    Whether you are looking for residential or commercial cleaning, the website has shown both of the services right on the front. This makes it easy for everyone to just click and know the details of each service.

    Besides that, the site has also placed a prominent “Book Now” button on the front banner. This button takes the visitors to an online booking form where they can enter their details and requirements easily. That is what makes the website perfect for conversions, as it provides hassle free navigation to all types of users.

    Men in Kilts

    Men in kilts

    Besides having a creative cleaning business name, the website of Men in Kilts is also developed flawlessly. If you look closely at its theme, you’ll find a combination of green and white color. That is because it is their main brand theme and their kilts are also designed with the same colors.

    Talking about the features and services, everything is designed beautifully with a clean look on the website. You can also find their UAN contact number easily on the header, along with the Request Info. Besides that, a promotional video is also placed at the center of the front page. It is a short but very insightful video, showing how these guys work in a professional manner.

    Iconic Cleaning Services

    Iconic cleaning services

    If you are looking for those cleaning websites that are designed with a conversion-focused mind, take a look at Iconic Cleaning Services. The unique thing about this site is that it has shown contact form right on the first slider. This allows visitors to inquire about the services in a quick manner, keeping the prices in mind.

    Meanwhile, the website has also shown the contact number given on the top left-hand corner. Those people who want to inquire about cleaning services by phone can use this number to make a call to the CSR representatives. All of these features are precisely made keeping the convenience of users in mind. That is why this website is pretty good in terms of getting the right design inspiration.

    Team Odd Job

    Team odd job

    Do not get confused with the name and cleaning slogan of this company as it is chosen to make the business sound creative. The website of the company is highly impressive because it is beautifully designed with rich colors. The combination of blue and white looks really great, giving a stunning visual presence of the website.

    The primary focus of this cleaning website content is to define the level of experience the company has. As written, the company has an experience of more than 18 years specifically in cleaning. This shows how well versed they are in this field and why their cleaning services are worth taking for everyone.

    Prestige Commercial Cleaning

    Prestige commercial cleaning

    When it comes to commercial cleaning, every business wants to choose services carefully. Looking at this cleaning website, you can definitely have an idea about their market reputation. The PCC works specifically in the commercial sector and has a lot of experience in serving clients from different niches.

    Its online platform can also be listed among the top cleaning websites on the internet. It looks highly professional and wonderful because of the front-end design. The company has specifically focused on this type of design, so that people can know about their commercial cleaning background.

    The load time of the website is also very fast which means it is suitable for all types of browsers. If you want to know about their pricing, just simply hit the “Get a FREE Quote Now” button. It will take you to a form that will require your details and cleaning requirements. Just fill it and click on the send button, you will receive complete information within just a few minutes.

    Perfect Power Wash

    Perfect power wash home page

    When it comes to finding a website that can engage the eyeballs quickly, no one does it better than perfect power wash. It is designed with subtle decency, allowing you to understand the core cleaning theme of the company.

    The unique thing about this site is that it doesn’t contain a conventional banner. It has been designed with a creative video slider that shows the services of the company. Beneath that, you can find about the discounts the company is offering to the customers. That is one of the main reasons why the website attracts a lot of customers and converts them quickly towards the services.

    Lambert Cleaning Website Design

    Lambert cleaning homepage

    This is also one of those cleaning websites that shows simplicity. It is colorful and attractive, providing a good view of the actual cleaning services of the company.

    The logo of the website is also designed uniquely. It is not a conventional vector art, but is a demonstration of a cleaning guy. This also helps in the branding of the company, as their flyers and brochures are smartly designed with that logo.

    Being a responsible company, the website has also placed a specific Covid-19 message. This shows the moral values of the company, as how it wants to educate the people about the pandemic.

    Best Marketplaces to Find Cleaning Website Templates

    There are a number of platforms available where you can find a variety of premade cleaning website templates. Some of the top among them includes:

    1. Envato
    2. Themeforest
    3. Colorlib
    4. Dream Template
    5. Theme Jungle

    You may also check out some inspiring cleaning logos for inspiration.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why building a cleaning website is necessary?
    Every cleaning business wants to attract customers from the market. Nowadays, the internet has become a top source to find these types of customers. That is the reason why companies are focusing on building cleaning websites that can attract these people.
    2. How to build a professional looking cleaning website?
    To build a professional cleaning website, you need to look at various examples given on the web. This will give you a better idea how to design website themes, banners and other materials precisely.
    3. What is the importance of a logo in a website?
    The logo basically shows your business identity. It acts as a symbol of your business, allowing people to understand your separate identity in the market.
    4. Where can I find creative cleaning websites templates?
    There are a number of marketplaces available on the internet where you can find a variety of cleaning website templates. Most of them are free, while some are paid as well. You can find these templates on multiple sites like Themeforest, Colorlib and more others.
    5. Name some of the best cleaning websites to take inspiration from?
    You can find tons of cleaning websites available on the web to take design inspiration. Some of the top among them include Men in Kilts, Perfect Power Wash and more.


    Considering the rise of the cleaning business, it has become imperative for every business to build a professional cleaning website. It allows them to connect with the customers, that too by sitting at remote destinations. This is the main reason why building a website is important for every cleaning company.

    If you do not have much knowledge about the designing of cleaning websites, these above given examples will give you a great help. It will let you know the specific elements that are required in these websites. Moreover, it will also help you to craft a better cleaning website content that can engage customers quickly.

    Meanwhile, if you are looking for an agency that could help you design these websites perfectly, contact us now. We will ensure to simplify your web designing hassles, rightly by providing the required results.

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