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185+ Construction Business Names to Get Started With [2022]

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Best Construction Business Names You Should Know About

It is a known fact that every company wants to take center stage in the market. This can be termed as the ultimate goal of every organization relating from different backgrounds. But to do so, they need to utilize creative branding strategies. Same goes in the case of construction companies as they need to represent themselves strongly in the industry. That is why their owners always look for those construction business names that can attract people’s attention.

We all know that customers are the first priority of every business, especially in the construction industry. Their trust and confidence helps to build the fortune of any company. That is why gaining their faith on the company names, logos and services is always termed a necessary thing.

The construction companies specifically want to enrich their repute by using creative business names. It allows them to grab customer’s attention and develop a bold representation in the market.

If you are also related from the construction industry and want to name your business uniquely, take a look at the below given names. We have listed various types of construction business names here that look creative and bold as per the industry requirements.

1- Things to Remember While Choosing a Construction Business Names

Picking a construction business name requires you to consider a few important points. It is not a case in which you can select any name randomly. Instead, it requires you to do complete research and formulate naming ideas depending upon the customers and market.

If you run out of ideas to pick any name, take assistance from any branding agency to do the job. These companies are pretty good in providing quality branding services that can grab customers’ attention.

Meanwhile, many construction companies also face ignorance in the market. This could happen because of various reasons, but the one most important among them is the usage of ordinary names.

We all know about the psychology of customers and how they perceive different things. Most of the people only show interest in any company that looks good in branding. They look at their construction logos, business names, and other branding material to make up any mind. That is quite a hard fact, but it is still true.

Therefore, it is always said to make your company names creative, so that it can grab market attention. You need to remember a few points while choosing any name, specifically when the competition is tough. Here are some core facts that could help you to choose any construction company name properly.



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1.1 Memorability

Memorability is the first thing you need to consider while finalizing any company name. It is a known fact that people only remember those construction business names that are unique or some sort of different from others. This is called memorability and it can provide numerous types of branding advantages to a company.

Those construction business names that are memorable also get the benefit of referrals. People generally recommend those companies that are good in services, as well as creative in branding. Hence, using such types of logos and names that look memorable can give you more customers and reach in the market.

1.2 Describing the Value Proposition

It is important for any construction company to let the people know about their professional value. This could be done by using a business name that could showcase their strong presence. Using this value proposition, they can get customers’ attention that will help them to grow quickly in the market.

1.3 Know Your Customers and Services

Another thing that should be kept in mind while picking any construction business name is the knowledge of your customers. It helps you to think about those names that can look catchy to the people.

Similarly, remembering the company services will also allow you to pick a name according to that. It will provide those naming ideas that look relatable to your services. Hence, keeping both of these points in mind enables you to come up with a creative name.

1.4 Avoid Generic Construction Business Names

Lastly, also remember to avoid generic names for your business. Many times people only pick those names that are common. This does not help them to gain attention, as people have already listened to them thousands of times.

Therefore, don’t go for the generic names that are used earlier by other companies. Try to pick the names that look fresh and bold among others in the market.

2. 185+ Best Construction Company Names to Grab Market Attention

Being a construction company, you need to make sure that your business name always looks strong among others. Especially for starters, this is an important thing as it allows them to look distinguished in the market.

If you are running out of ideas thinking about the company name, take a look at some creative examples given below. You can use any one of them with masculine fonts according to your niche and branding requirements.

Let’s have a look at them.

2.1 Catchy Construction Company Names

Construction workers

As defined above, picking a catchy name for your construction business is quite necessary. It will add an impetus to your branding and will give your brand a leading edge.

  1. Advanced Construction Services
  2. Trusted Construction Company
  3. Premium Construction Company
  4. Top Class Construction
  5. Dockside Construction
  6. Evolution Contractors
  7. Quality Building Solutions
  8. Best Construction Solution
  9. Remarkable Home Construction
  10. Prestige Construction Solution
  11. Unified Building Construction
  12. Outdoor Construction Company
  13. Regency Construction
  14. Brixton Construction Company
  15. Meticulous Construction
  16. Compact Construction
  17. Robin’s Home Building Solution
  18. Mitchell’s Construction Contracting
  19. Optimum Construction
  20. Nexus Contractors

2.2 Home Development Company Names

Nowadays, many construction companies are offering home development services. This has become a top source for their income, allowing them to earn a good monthly profit. If your construction company is also offering similar home development services, take a look at these naming examples below.

  1. Anderson’s Home Development
  2. Green City Development
  3. Dream Home Developers
  4. Marshall Builders
  5. Compact Home Builders
  6. Strong Foundations
  7. Spectacular Home Builders
  8. Roman Home Contracting
  9. Apollo Home Builders
  10. Calgary Home Construction
  11. Perfect Home Builders
  12. Elite Home Contracting
  13. Omega Builders
  14. Star City Homes
  15. Stonework Construction

2.3 Unique Construction Company Names

Construction team at work)

In order to pick a unique construction company name, you need to do a proper market research. This will give you a perfect idea about the names of other competitors. Moreover, choosing a unique name gives you the opportunity to grab more eyeballs towards your company.

If you are also looking to use some unique names, take a look at these examples below.

  1. Ultimate Housing Contractors
  2. Reliable House Building
  3. Dream Home Builders
  4. Unicorn Construction
  5. Best Construction Services
  6. New Age Contractors
  7. Sparkle Construction
  8. Rock Solid Construction
  9. Home Building Experts
  10. Reliable House Contracts
  11. Redneck Construction
  12. Elite Home Construction
  13. Titan Home Builders
  14. Marshall Contractors
  15. Golden Home Builders
  16. Robinson Contracting Services
  17. Dynamic Construction
  18. Metro Homes Contracting
  19. New Horizon Construction Company
  20. Skyline Property Builders

2.4 Funny Construction Company Names

Nowadays, many companies are also adding a bit of humor-filled uniqueness in their names. This allows them to get distinguished among others using comical and catchy names. Here are some of the cool funny construction company names examples given below.

  1. Red Hen Construction
  2. Solid Hammer Construction
  3. Heavy Lifting Builders
  4. High Voltage Home Contracting
  5. Iron House Building
  6. Wishbone Home Construction
  7. Prestige Construction Services
  8. Bright Stone Construction
  9. Black Fox Contracting
  10. Grayson Home Building
  11. Rhino Compact Construction
  12. Captain Hawk Renovation
  13. Beastly Home Builders
  14. Classy Home Renovation
  15. Crafty Construction
  16. Brick by Brick Construction
  17. Agile Home Building Solutions
  18. Fast Construction Company
  19. United Contracting
  20. Hercules Iron Building

2.5 New Construction Company Names

Home Construction

If you are planning to start your construction business, it is important for you to think about new construction company names. These names should not contain any type of outdated material. From vintage fonts to slogans and other relevant things, your construction company should not exhibit anything classic.

As far as names are concerned, you can take a good idea by analyzing the below given examples. They are quite simple but offer a fresh look of a construction company.

  1. North Star Construction
  2. Deluxe Home Building
  3. Custom House Builders
  4. Beacon Hill Construction
  5. Shoreline House Contracting
  6. Green Home Construction
  7. Pacific Home Building
  8. Rooftop Construction
  9. Atkinson Home Contracting
  10. Dream House Designs
  11. Skyscraper Construction
  12. Clean Cut Home Builders
  13. Suffolk Contracting Solution
  14. All Star Construction
  15. Infinity Home Contracting
  16. Four Seasons Construction
  17. Morgan’s Solid Foundation
  18. Royal Construction Company
  19. Progressive Builders
  20. Rainbow Home Construction

2.6 Concrete Construction Company Names

Construction worker with hammer)

Working in the industry of construction, you need to name your business using strong words. It helps you to get a good market reputation, as well as recognition among the customers. Today, these types of compact construction names are getting more common in the market.

If you are also looking to name your construction business boldly, try out some of the below given examples.

  1. Smart Home Builders
  2. Master Home Contracting
  3. Ericson Home Construction
  4. Black Brick Home Builders
  5. Zurich Property Builders
  6. Green Home Construction
  7. Crystal Property Dealers
  8. Compact Stone Home Builders
  9. Micky’s Property Contracting
  10. Ringstone Home Construction
  11. Beautiful Homes with Morgan
  12. Property Experts
  13. Blue Stone Home Builders
  14. Denver’s Home Construction
  15. Sunshine Property Contracting
  16. Mozaic Home Construction
  17. Strong Pillars House Building
  18. NY Construction Masters
  19. Sky Stone Construction
  20. Blue Line Home Builders

2.7 Good Construction Business Names

As a construction business owner, your branding largely depends on the representation of your name. This is something that comes into notice first, allowing you to get attention. Therefore, it is always advised to go for those names that can create a buzz in the market.

We all know how competitive the industry of construction and home building is becoming day by day. The continuous entrance of different companies is making it hard for the businesses to survive in this market.

Now to beat this competition, companies are required to optimize their branding. They have to pick good names and construction slogans that can illustrate their identity strongly. If you are also looking to get the same representation, here are some catchy construction business names you can go with.

  1. Edinburgh Construction Masters
  2. White Star Construction
  3. Compact Solid Construction
  4. Five Star Property Builders
  5. Rainbow Home Contracting Services
  6. Columbus Property Building
  7. Sunny Home Contracting
  8. Grey Zone Home Construction
  9. Home Building Titans
  10. Property Gladiators
  11. Wooden Construction Masters
  12. New Age Home Building
  13. Solid Edge Commercial Construction
  14. Seven Star Homes
  15. Dream Property Builders
  16. Shark Home Construction
  17. Angelo’s Property Solutions
  18. Brooklyn Home Solutions
  19. Jameison’s Home Comforts
  20. Skyline Construction Solutions

2.8 Road Construction Company Names

Road construction companies

Road construction companies often search for catchy names to represent their business. They look for those names that can separate their identity from the conventional construction companies. Luckily, they can find some branding ideas illustrated through the names given below.

  1. Blue Concrete Construction
  2. Kingston Construction and Co.
  3. Unicorn Road Construction
  4. Compact Road Builders
  5. New Town Construction
  6. Peaky Road Builders
  7. Kentucky Road Construction
  8. HKC Road Development Corp.
  9. BMX Building & Road Construction
  10. Road Spark Developers
  11. Woodrock Construction
  12. NextGen Road Construction Corp.
  13. Robins Road Builders
  14. Sun West Construction
  15. Turner Construction Services 

2.9 Classic Construction Company Names

Besides using modern names, many companies also prefer to use classic construction company names to illustrate a simplistic brand identity. Here are some of the examples of classic construction company names you could also use for your business.

  1. General Construction Company
  2. Manhattan Properties
  3. Urban Construction
  4. Red Star Construction Experts
  5. Cornerstone Builders and Developers
  6. Texas Construction Company
  7. Dawson Construction
  8. Diamond Ridge Properties
  9. Home Front Properties
  10. Green Star Building Corp.
  11. Ignite Construction
  12. Golden Pacific Properties
  13. Pepper Properties
  14. Hard Concrete Construction
  15. Remarkable Contractors 

It is quite important to pick a company name that can instantly become a hit in the market. Many startup businesses have achieved success through this technique. If you are also looking for those names that can offer sustainable branding, here are some of the examples given below.

  1. Maritime Construction
  2. Timeless Builders and Developers
  3. Turn Key Construction Services
  4. Robust Building Construction
  5. Skyline Developers
  6. South Peak Construction Corp.
  7. Solid Building Group
  8. Hard Armored Construction
  9. Gladiator Builders and Developers
  10. Atlas Construction
  11. Golden Steel Construction and Builders
  12. Premiere Construction Solutions
  13. Vibrant Construction Contractors
  14. Cabana Builders
  15. Roxen Construction Group

Want your business to be as iconic as the ones above?

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3. Construction Company Names Generator

Sometimes, you will run out of ideas while thinking about construction business names. This could also happen when you start to think about commonly used names. We all know that these kinds of names aren’t worth much. Their conventional naming will not help you to drive traffic towards your business.

So, if you are finding it difficult to get some good names, try out online generator tools. These automated tools are designed perfectly to generate business names according to your requirements. All you need to do is to just provide the keyword in its search. The AI of these tools will handle everything and will produce names as per your needs.

Here are some of the best online websites where you can generate tons of construction business names.

  1. Namelix
  3. NameSnack
  4. Novanym
  5. Incfile

4. World Best Construction Company Names List

Best construction company names

To name your construction business properly, you can also take a look at the names of world’s top construction companies. This will give you tons of ideas on how to name your own company according to them. Furthermore, you can also know how their branding works and what people like the most about them.

Here are some of the top construction companies that are rated highly in the global market.

  1. Bechtel
  2. Fluor Corp.
  3. Aecom
  4. Shanksa USA
  5. The Turner Corp.
  6. Kiewit Com
  7. PCL Construction
  8. CBI LLC

5. Construction Company Names in USA

The market of construction and development in USA is quite competitive. It requires companies to pay special attention on their branding elements to standout from others in the market. This is the major reason why businesses try to pick catchy construction names to get customers attention. It helps them to look unique and build an exquisite professional presence in the market. Here are some of the popular construction company names you will find in USA.

  1. Whiting Turner
  2. EMCOR
  3. DPR Construction
  4. Bechtel
  5. Gilbane
  6. Hensel Phelps
  7. Walsh Group
  8. McCarthy Building Companies
  9. Swinerton
  10. Holder Construction Group
  11. Clayco
  12. Granite Construction
  13. JE Dunn Construction
  14. Black & Veatch
  15. Barton Malow