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    70 Unique Consulting Business Names That Can Attract Customers

    logopoppin Published: October 28, 2022 12 min read

    Learn How to Select a Right Consulting Business Name for Your Company

    Business consultants are now becoming an essential requirement for many organizations. These people are well equipped with the market knowledge, which is why companies prefer to consult with them before going into any venture. This rising trend has encouraged consultants to open their own company where they can handle multiple clients simultaneously. However, to get themselves known, they require a catchy name that can give them a strong identity in the market. This makes selecting the consulting business names very important, because building the client perception depends on it.

    The business consultants are not only limited to any one field. Instead, they specialize in different areas depending on their own education and background. This means that business consultants do not just work for an IT company, but for many other organizations as well. This includes ecommerce agencies, food companies, construction businesses and more others. Taking help from any specialized business consultant gives you an edge to stay ahead in the market. He/she can guide you to take the correct steps based on their experience and market knowledge.

    For business consultants, taking branding services is termed very important because it is the sole thing that gives them prominence in the market. People get to know about them after looking at their consulting business names. Hence, it is recommended to choose it wisely so that it can build a strong impact in the market.

    In this article, we will take a look at some of the most catchy consulting business names that you could use for your company. But before that, let us first understand how a business name should be crafted or picked for a consulting company.

    How to Create a Consulting Business Name

    To create a catchy consulting business name, you have to keep different factors in mind. It is not a general store name that could be picked randomly. It requires deep research, as well as knowledge about the current trends in the market. If you will not keep these facts in mind, then your business name will not attract potential customers.

    Here are some rules that you need to remember while creating a name for your consulting business. This little tips will let you know how to come up with a business name that can grab attention of the people at the first glance.   

    Find Your Niche

    The first thing that is important while selecting a name for a consulting company is the right knowledge of business niche. You can never select the right name unless you won’t know the exact area of your business operations. This means that you must need to know your zone of expertise, as that will help you to come up with a better name.

    For instance, if your consultation skills lie in the area of construction, then you need to pick a construction business name that can define its background. Similarly, if you are an IT expert, then your consultation business name should depict the IT roots. There is simply no point of selecting a business name that is not related to your niche. It will offer no assistance in gathering the audience to know about your business or its consultation services either way. 

    Pick an Easy to Understand Business Name

    It is always advised to pick those business names that could be easily understood by the people. You cannot puzzle the customers by picking any complicated name that doesn’t make any sense to them. This is a problem that has been seen commonly in the market. Many consultation businesses try to be smart by selecting funky names. It doesn’t helps them all in terms of attracting customers or bringing leads towards the company.

    Not just for consultation businesses, but picking difficult names is not recommended for other companies as well. The ideal way to name any business is to select a simple yet catchy name that can be easily pronounced. These types of names are quickly recognizable and easier to use at every place. 

    Use Geographic Specific Name if Needed

    It has also been noted that geographic specific names helps to grab local customers. This technique is often used by the companies to make their services known in the local market. A consulting company can also go with this technique as long as it knows the local circuit well. If the businesses established in the neighborhood are interested in taking services from any local company, then this name technique could work perfectly.

    For instance, if your real estate consulting company is operating in New York, then its real estate company name could go as NY Business Consultants. This type of name builds more confidence among the people, allowing them to consult actively for their business. There are many consulting companies in US that follows the same naming pattern. It is creative and smart to get leads from the local market.  

    Do not Consider Already Used Names

    Being a consulting company owner, you should never choose a name that is already used by any other company in the market. This not only creates confusion, but also eradicates uniqueness in your company identity. People can misunderstood these names whenever they will find them simultaneously on any business listing. This is simply not a good technique to name your business, as it will not bring you potential leads.

    Meanwhile, choosing an already used name can also get you into a legal trouble. This type of case is called infringement in which company names are wrongfully used without any permission to get market attention. This practice is legally very wrong, as it can land you into a serious trouble. So, always try to pick unique names and logos that can give your business a strong identity. 

    70 Consulting Business Names You Could Use

    Online business consulting

    Some people struggle to find names for their consulting business. It mostly happens when they run out of ideas for this particular thing. If you are also one of them who is facing a similar type of issue, take a look at the names given below. It has listed different types of names that could be used for your consulting company. Here are some of them given below. 


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    Catchy Consulting Business Names

    It is best recommended to pick a catchy name for your consulting company, so that it can stay in the market limelight. This is an important requirement because catchy names always helps to get customers attention. Here are some of our best picks that you could use for your newly launched consulting companies.

    1. Syntax Business Consultants
    2. Unicorn Consulting Hub
    3. Tri-Star Business Consulting
    4. Media Logic Consultants
    5. Primal Business Solutions
    6. Business Growth Consultants
    7. New Age Business Consulting
    8. D-Suite Consulting
    9. Epic IT Consultants
    10. Metro Business Growth Managers
    11. Nomad IT Experts
    12. Sigma Consultant Solutions
    13. Blue Whale Consulting
    14. South Star Consultants
    15. Elliot Business Advisory

    Leadership Consulting Business Names

    Business leadership consulting

    Many companies look for specific market leaders who can help their business to go extra mile. These people have immense experience in working in the different sectors of the market. Hence, their demand becomes high for the role of expert advisors or business leaders. If you are also offering professional services as a market leader, try using the names given below.

    1. Primax Leaders
    2. Javelin Leadership
    3. Symantec Leadership Coaching
    4. North Star Business Excellence
    5. Business Advisory Masters
    6. Dynamic Business Leadership
    7. Alpha Leadership
    8. 5-Star Business Leadership
    9. HiFi Leadership
    10. Mega Star Business Leaders
    11. Professional Leadership
    12. A-List Advisors
    13. Lincoln Strategic Leadership
    14. Akira Growth Mentors
    15. Kingston Business Masters

    Nurse Consulting Business Names

    Many medical institutions also look for consulting experts to grow their business. They specifically look for those professionals that are experienced in the medical industry. This trend is rising quite fast in the market, and people having the required expertise are building their name in it. If you also want to build your career in this industry, try using these names for medical consultation.

    1. Nightingale Medical Consulting
    2. Smart Medical Care Solutions
    3. Pro Nursing Consultants
    4. Nurse Stars
    5. Trusted Nursing Experts
    6. 5-Star Medical Consultation
    7. Nursing 360
    8. Trusted Nurse Network
    9. Serene Medical Solutions
    10. Prostar Nurses
    11. Booming Nursing Solutions
    12. Express Medical Solutions
    13. Care Masters
    14. Healthcare Partners
    15. Meta Nursing Consultants

    Names of Consulting Companies in USA

    Considering the importance of consulting, many businesses in USA are actively looking to take services from the top professionals. This provides consulting companies a strong opportunity to get connected with them. However, to do that, they need to represent themselves using a creative business name. Here are some of the examples that will fit best for the consulting companies working in the US market.

    1. New York Business Consultants
    2. Texas IT Experts
    3. Hub Drive Business Solutions
    4. Zealot Business Managers
    5. Hexa Group & Consultants
    6. Americano Consulting Experts
    7. Ionic Strategic Consulting
    8. Red Star Business Advisors
    9. Business Manager Democrats
    10. Michigan Construction Business Management
    11. NY Business Empire
    12. Majestic IT Solutions
    13. Minion Business Minds
    14. Washington Expert Business Advisors
    15. Kingston Construction Consultants

    Creative Business Consulting Names

    Some business names should be chosen keeping the factor of creativity in mind. It helps to make them standout and look unique among rest of the others. Here are some of the examples that will give you a bit of an idea about creative business consulting names.

    1. Business Consulting Masters
    2. Greenway Consultants
    3. Robin Hood Business Solutions
    4. IT Management Excellence
    5. Business Growth Advisors
    6. Rickson Consulting & Co.
    7. White Star Business Management
    8. Nicholas Business Consultant
    9. Business Growth Samurais
    10. Creative Business Solutions 

    People Also Ask (FAQs)

    1. Why picking a catchy consulting business name is important?
    Business names are very important for branding purposes. They let the people know about your identity and what type of services you offer. For a consulting business, picking these names are equally important because they represent your working domain.
    2. How to create a consulting business name?
    To create a consulting business name, you have to keep different factors in mind. First of all, you have to remember the niche as it plays an important role in selecting the name. You have to then consider the market trends as it also provides important information about the leading practices.
    3. What do consultants call themselves?
    Generally, consultants do not call themselves with this particular name. They like to call themselves managers or advisors to the company. Hence, if you are planning to launch a consultant company, try using these words in your name. 
    4. Which type of businesses require the services of consultants?
    Nowadays, almost all businesses require services of expert consultants. That is because these professionals are well versed with all the market tactics and they know what type of strategies should be used to get growth. These few skills increases their market demand, allowing companies to hire them quickly.
    5. Can I use a fancy name for a consulting company?
    Generally, it is not recommended to use fancy names for a consulting company. These names does not suit well with the consulting companies, as they require a simple and decent branding identity. However, if you think that a fancy name can help your company to stand out from the rest, you can still select it as per your own choice.

    Final Words

    That concludes our entire article in which we have discussed different consulting business names that you could use for your company. It is certainly very important to select these names wisely because your company’s personal branding is totally dependent on it. If you will not pick the correct name for your consulting business, then you will not get much attention in the market. This will effect on your market reputation and will reduce your working leads in the industry.

    It is therefore best advised to choose the correct name for your consulting business by working with a professional branding agency. If you are looking for one, get in touch with us today. We will help you to pick the best name that will simplify your branding needs in the industry. 

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