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    Top 12 Cool Logos and How You Can Make One for Yourself

    logopoppin Published: May 11, 2022 11 min read

    What Are Some of the Best Cool Logos and Fonts-Based Brand Symbols Around Us Today?

    Every brand considers its logo as one of the best in the industry at the time. And it is that conviction that stops them from studying the competition and finding out new and innovative ways to recreate their brand symbol. Essentially, there are very few brands who manage to create truly cool minimalist brand logos on their first try.

    However, despite that, many brands fail to see the shortcomings in their own logo, and fail to fully leverage the potential that a good logo provides. That is why, to help you find the right inspiration to create your brand symbol, and make it one of the coolest logos of all time, we have compiled a list of twelve great brand logos.

    Let’s take a look at how big professional logo design services manage to create such powerful brand symbols that become cultural icons.

    Famous Logos That Look Cool

    There are too many logos that no only look good, but are known worldwide. Listed below are three of the most popular brand logos, whose designs have made them some of the coolest logos in the world today.

    Let’s begin.


    Apple logo

    Who here doesn’t know about the brand Apple? Arguably one of the most famous tech brands in the world. The symbol for the company is a profile of a single apple, with a bite, or byte *wink wink* taken out of its top right corner.

    The reason for the bite was to make sure nobody confused the design with that of a berry, and it worked out great as a tech pun, so it’s a win for everyone. Over the years, the apple logo has gone through various refresher, with the current, flat design being on the list of cool company logos.

    Sony Vaio

    Vaio logo

    Sony’s Vaio series of laptops were the vogue in the early 2010s, and were considered some of the best home and travel laptops of their time. Sleek, and made with brushed-finish metal surfaces, these laptops were a testament to Sony’s drive to create great consumer electronics.

    The symbol for the brand, is considered a worthy contender for cool logos that have a simple, yet expressive meaning behind their design. The logo is made up of two distinct parts, via their wordmark. The letters V and A are designed to mimic and analog electric wave, and the letters I and O represent the digital binary wave symbol.

    This design is meant to represent the conversion of analog to digital signals, the breakthrough that helped us create beautiful electronic masterpieces of computing and technology.


    Tostitos logo

    Tostitos are a brand of corn tortilla chips, and are a popular snack in the continental US. With many brands selling corn tortilla chips in the market, how would a brand set out to make their mark in the market?

    Well, for starters, they could create a logo that subtly, yet distinctively shows what the product is all about. In the case of Tostitos, if you look closely at the logo, you will see that the two middle T’s form the shape of two people sharing a tortilla chip, while the dot of the letter i mimics the shape and color of a bowl of salsa, the most common dip for this tasty snack.

    Simple Cool Logos Designs

    Now, there are some cool logos that have managed to make themselves famous despite having simple designs. These logos, while simple, have hidden meanings behind their designs, and the intrigue and wonder it creates is what makes these brand symbols so popular.

    Let’s take a look at some of them.


    Beats logo

    Beats by Dre are a brand of speakers and headphones which were designed by collaborating with popular music producer and rapper Dr. Dre. Today, they are considered status symbols and a cultural icon, with many celebrities and athletes often sported wearing a pair of Beats headphones when working out.

    The logo for the brand is truly great. What makes it one of the cool logos is the fact that it is designed to look like the shape of the headphone itself, with the letter B mimicking the side profile of the brand’s headphones.


    NBC logo

    NBC is one of the United States most popular programming network, and is widely viewed throughout the country. Its logo, a negative space peacock with a multicolored, flared tail, may seem like an odd choice for a television broadcasting network, but there is a great reason behind that.

    Essentially, the late 1950s brought about the rise of color programming, veering away from the previous black and white programs of the earlier decades. The colorful tail of the peacock represents the richness and impact of color to the world of television.


    FedEx logo

    FedEx, or Federal Express, is a famous courier and logistics company in the world. Their brand logo may seem simple at a glance, but there is a hidden layer within the design that lifts it up a few notches. As a company that specializes transporting goods from one place to another, how could it set itself apart in the consumers’ eyes?

    For one, they settled on a bright and attractive orange and purple color scheme for their brand symbol. Second, if you look at the letters E and X, you will see that the white space between them looks like a right-facing arrow. This is meant to represent their drive to be always on the move transporting people’s parcels and mail, as well as a depiction of speed and pin-point precision in their work.

    Cool Logos for Gaming Titles

    Some of the best looking and cool logos are those that belong to different gaming titles. Far Cry, Halo, Need for Speed, and many other games, both AAA and indie titles, have great designs representing their brands.

    Let’s look at some of the most iconic gaming logos of our time, and see what makes them the coolest logos in the world.

    Street Fighter

    Street Fighter logo

    Anyone who remembers the era of the arcade games, remembers the popular game Street Fighter. The game could be played by a single player against a computer-guided character, or it could be played between two participants.

    The elaborate, fire themed logo fonts were quintessential late 80s and early 90s action packed design essentials. Moreover, the powerful visuals were the perfect representation for the PvP arcade-style fighting game, making it one of the most era-defining cool logos of the millennial age.

    Grand Theft Auto

    GTA logo

    GTA, or Grand Theft Auto is a series of computer games which popularized the concept of open-world games so common today. Earlier, games progressed from one milestone or achievement to the other, with players having no control on how they progressed, and could do nothing except what the game’s storyline offered.

    However, GTA and similar games allowed players to explore the game besides following the primary storyline, allowing for a more immersive and interesting gameplay experience. However, despite that, their logo is a simple wordmark, which ha still made on to our list of iconic and well-known cool logos, due to its cultural significance.

    Assassin’s Creed

    Assassin's Creed Logo

    Assassin’s Creed is another series of gaming titles that features a rich and interesting storyline, yet also allows for a vast, open world concept. Set in different eras of human history, such as the crusades, or Victorian London, and follows the exploits of the primary character, a member of the Assassin’s Guild.

    The logo features an angular wordmark, which is set over a translucent symbol for the fictional Assassin’s Guild, which can be seen by the player in-game representing Assassin hideouts or other places of interest.

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    Cool Logos for YouTube

    With the advent of content marketing and sharing, YouTube has proved itself to be one of the best platforms for those who want to create digital communities via video content, and even earn sponsorships and commissions from brands who want access to their consumer base.

    Let’s take a look at the symbols that represent some of YouTube’s most popular content creators, and see if these designs can be considered as worthy additions to the list of cool logos.


    pewdiepie logo

    PewDiePie is one of the most successful YouTube personalities, and has one of the largest subscriber bases on the platform. Over the years, his channel’s symbol has changed multiple times, from an earlier fist to the current red background with squiggly black lines. Though there is nothing special about the design itself, the fact that it represents such a powerful personal brand is what makes it one of the best YouTube logos.


    JackSepticEye logo

    JackSepticEye is another video content creator on YouTube, known for his gaming streams with other popular YouTubers like PewDiePie. His symbol is a physical representation of his channel’s name, that is an infected, or septic eye. The logo is a simple representation of a pun on the channel’s name, yet it still works due to its easy-to-relate association with the brand name.


    Markiplier logo

    Mark Edward Fischbach, also known as Markiplier, is an American YouTube artist. Along with his popular YouTube channel, he also co-owns a clothing brand with fellow YouTuber JackSepticEye, called Cloak. His channel is known for its Let’s Play videos, which usually showcase his specialty – survival horror games.

    His logo is a pixelated letter M, with his signature pink moustache underneath it for a hilarious visual look. And while it’s a little abstract compared to the previous two, it is still a good representation of the brand.

    Finding the Best Cool Logos to Draw Your Own Brand Symbol

    Now that you’ve had a look at some of the best looking and cool logos around us, the next thing you need to know is how to design a logo that represents your brand in as iconic a manner as the ones we’ve seen above.

    For starters, you need to study the brand itself for inspiration regarding what could be the best visual representation for it message. Then, you need to study different competitors to see what works for them, and what you can incorporate within your own design.

    Finally, you can hire a professional logo design company, like Logo Poppin, to help you create truly iconic and cool company logos.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1- How do you make a cool logo?
    In order to make a cool logo, you need to figure out how to make it memorable and timeless. If your design is able to stand the test of time with only minor tweaks, then it has a high chance of being considered a cool logo.
    2- What are the 7 types of logos?
    The seven types of logos include:
    – Emblems
    – Lettermarks
    – Logomarks
    – Abstract
    – Pictographs
    – Mascot
    – Combination
    3- What is Gucci’s logo?
    Gucci’s logo is an interlaced, double G, which face each other like the links of a luxury bracelet.

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