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Discord Logo: The History of the New Social Media Phenomenon

Discord logo history

Discover How the Iconic Discord Symbol Evolved into its Current Form

The Discord logo – a phrase unheard of just a few years ago. What is this symbol? And more importantly, who is the company behind this logo. Well, Discord is a new social media platform that was introduced in 2015. And in recent years, it has fast gained traction amongst youngsters.

Creating a new social media platform and making it a success is far from easy in today’s world. Ever since Myspace and Facebook showed that the world was yearning for an innovative social media experience, many have tried to rise up and compete with these existing platforms.

However, the vast majority of these startups failed to create an exceptional platform, and quickly fell victim to the big social media companies. Discord was one of the lucky few to survive.

So, let’s discover how Discord and its iconic symbol rose to fame.

1.How Did the Discord Logo Came to Be?

Discord was first introduced as a service to exchange text, voice, and videos among its members. The first version of the platform was released in 2015, and was designed to work on all major operating systems and supported a variety of languages.

It was initially geared towards the gaming community, to both hobbyists and professional e-sports players. However, it soon expanded to include people for a variety of hobbies besides gaming.

The Discord logo is easily identifiable, one of a number of reasons the symbol is so iconic. The type of logo is combinational, and the design is made up of two different parts – the wordmark and the symbol. On the left, there is a the iconic “Clyde”, while on the right is the wordmark with the name “DISCORD” written in stylized font.

The design on the bot mimics a game controller, which can be true as the platform was originally meant for gamers. This kind of abstract design is only possible when your hired logo design services are experts are embodying their designs with subliminal messages.



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1.1- Discord Logo Color Palette

The discord logo uses a simple blue and white color scheme. They provide a pleasing contrast between the two colors, which makes for a pleasing logo to look at. The color palette is meant to convey creativity, freedom of expression, and seamless communication.

You will see many messaging platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Zoom and more use shades of blue in their design to give a calm and soothing feeling to their logos.

1.2- Discord Logo Font

The logo font used in the Discord symbol is a custom typeface based on the traditional Uni Sans Heavy and Compose Black. The letters are written in bold uppercase, and the letter “D” is modified to convey the custom font’s uniqueness.

An interesting fact about the letter “D” is that it looks like the Hebrew character “Peh”, which in English can be pronounced as either an “F” or a “P”.

2.Rise of Social Media’s Game Changer Represented by the Iconic Discord Logo

The company has seen quite a rise in its fame in recent years. Providing a different layout and mode of communication than most popular social media platforms, it was an instant hit with people. The tool allows you to form separate threads, or channels covering different topics.

The admins can even choose the channels each member is allowed to view, which makes for easier management of your Discord server. This innovative form of social media communication meant that many communities found it was easier to manage their communications on Discord rather than the other platforms.

3.The Evolution of the Discord Logo and its Variations

Let’s have a look at the Discord logos the platform has sported in the six years since its inception.

3.1- The Original Discord Logo 2015

Discord Logo 2015
The original Discord logo featured a simple speech bubble on the left, with the image of Clyde placed within it. The mascot was colored white, over a dark blue background. To the right of the image, was the wordmark. It featured the company’s name in bold font, and was written using the same blue as the speech bubble.

3.2- The New Discord Logo 2021

Discord logo current

In 2021, to celebrate their 6th anniversary, the company decided to update its logo. The new symbol changed the look of both the imagery as well as the wordmark.

Now, gone was the speech bubble. Instead, a blue Clyde graced the left side of the logo. to its right, the new wordmark spelled the name of the company, using a modified new font. Only the first letter of the wordmark was in uppercase, while the rest were in lowercase.

This Discord logo design was more minimalist, and conformed better with modern logo design trends.

3.3- Discord Icon

Discord logo icons

Alongside the main logo, the platform also sported a few icons to represent it on the internet. Like many other digital platforms in recent years, Discord hasn’t felt the need to utilize any Christmas or Halloween marketing ideas to revamp their logo with seasonal variants for holidays or other commemorative events.

For the most part, the graphic part of the logo, that is the image of Clyde, was used as the icon to represent the platform around the web. From 2015-2021, the earlier symbol featuring a speech bubble bound Clyde was used.
However, when the logo was updated in 2021, the icon too was updated to reflect the change.

For both of the icon variants, there were a variety of styles that were used, depending on the situation. However, they all were easy to relate to the main Discord logo.

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4.Using an Online Discord Logo Maker to Create Your Server Icon

When you create an online server on Discord, you are allowed to create and add a personalized avatar to represent it instead of Clyde. Many online logo makers allow you to create a stylized image which is the perfect size for the platform.

However, it is not required to have a customized icon for your server. Many popular discord users use the default imagery, instead of relying on a generic or tool-designed symbol.