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    21 Electric Car Brand Logos in the Race for Automotive Innovation

    Hailey Savona Published: May 8, 2024 16 min read

    Discover the Best Electric Car Logos from Brands Around the World and Their Meaning

    In recent years, we have seen an unprecedented rise in new electric car companies popping up, cashing in on the global drive to reduce our carbon footprint. With people across the world looking for alternatives to their fossil-fuel driven automobiles, manufacturers came up with different options, including the likes of hydrogen as a fuel, to electric-driven cars.

    Thus the rapid increase in new electric car brand logos, looking to capitalize on this newfound market. In fact, established automotive brands like Ford too are diversifying their offerings with all-electric options, aiming to retain their market share that is being undercut by innovative companies like Tesla.

    However, something confuses us. How are these new companies ensuring that their electric car logos are not only attractive, but can also portray their USP instantly? Well, join us as we take a stroll through a variety of popular logos for electric car brands, and discover how the professional logo design services who worked on them made them so expressive.  

    Electric Car Logos – A New Fad in the Automotive Industry, or Here to Stay?

    Despite the rise in popularity of electric cars, one of the most common statements heard from the industry’s detractors is that electric vehicles are just a fad. And that for the vast majority of the world, fuel-driven automobiles are there to stay.

    Be that as it may, the success of these electric automotive brands and the electric car brand logos they sport is testament to the fact that electric cars are here to stay. Although many purists argue that the smell of fuel and the sound of the revving engine is what makes a drive enjoyable, there is no arguing that many electric cars are often quicker than their ICE counterparts are.

    That has been proven with companies like Rimac producing supercars that are completely electric, and display a scale of power rarely seen. Moreover, high-ticket electric cars like the Audi e-Tron GT and Porsche Taycan range from established car manufacturers shows that they too are coming around to the electric automotive craze.

    That is why many of the top car logos are revamping their brand symbols to make them look modern for their entry into the electric car scene. And this commitment to the electric automotive industry by large corporations show that this technology is not only here to stay, but will be a disruptor in the industry too.

    Top 11 Electric Car Brand Logos from the United States

    When we talk about the best electric car brand logos, we cannot forget the likes of Tesla and Rivian from the United States. Today, the US is one of the largest producers of electric cars, with nearly a dozen American car brands producing electric automobiles in the country.

    That has also had an effect on the popularity of electric cars in the country, especially among the younger, more environmentally cautious consumers. So, let’s take a look at these electric car brand logos with names, and see what category of electric vehicles they produce.


    Tesla logo

    Tesla is undoubtedly the top rung in the ladder of the best electric car brand logos in the world. Owned by Elon Musk, the brand has benefitted from the owner’s personal brand, getting people interested in its innovative electric car options.

    It’s difficult to establish an electric car company in a country that loves gas-guzzling internal combustion engines. However, the smart marketing practices, as well as quality products, have helped Tesla establish a strong foothold in the market. As for its logo, the company uses a stylized design of the letter T, made in the design of a cross-section of a Tesla coil. Moreover, the accompanying wordmark is made using one of the most beautiful futuristic fonts in the industry.   


    Rivian logo

    Rivian is another popular electric car company that, while still small, is quickly establishing a strong presence in the industry. While Tesla is known for a variety of different automotive options, Rivian is specifically known for two car options. The first is its R1 series, consisting of a luxury consumer truck and SUV, and the second is its electric delivery van, known as the EDV.

    The Rivian logo is simple, elegant, and beautiful. Designed to represent the four cardinal points of a compass, it is meant to represent the outdoorsy aesthetic of Rivian’s primary vehicle options. Accompanying the symbol is a simple wordmark that is written using a simple, modern font with subtle flairs for the discerning consumer.


    Lucid logo

    Lucid Motors is one of American electric car brands specializing in luxury vehicles specifically. Formed by former Tesla Vice President Bernard Tse, the company is known for its flagship vehicle. Known as the Lucid Air, it is a beautiful electric car to behold with a style that is decidedly modern.

    As for its logo, the company decided to go for something understated, in order to let consumers focus on the beauty of the vehicle, rather than getting them to focus on a symbol. Essentially, they want their vehicle aesthetic to be their brand identifier rather than relying on logo symbols like their competitors.


    Karma logo

    Karma Automotive, formerly Fisker Automotive, is an American manufacturer of luxury electric automobiles known for their flagship plug-in hybrid called the Karma Revero. A revamped version of the Fisker Karma, the car is one of the most beautiful options to look at, especially as it doesn’t take the traditional electric car style.

    As for the logo, the company previously used a combination mark. However, recently the company has switched over to a futuristic-looking wordmark logo, which signifies the company’s new, all-electric direction.


    Nikola logo

    Unlike the previous entries on this list of electric car brand logos, Nikola Motors is a manufacturer of electric, heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Like Tesla Inc., Nikola too is named after famed inventor Nikola Tesla; however, there is no connection between the two companies.

    The logo for the company is designed to look like an electric motor’s cross-section, with an accompanying wordmark that uses a modern, minimalist typographic style. Although simple, the logo is one of the most memorable of the electric car logos on our list.

    Nu Ride Inc. (Formerly Lordstown Motor Corporation)

    Nu Ride Inc logo

    Nu Ride Incorporated, previously known as Lordstown Corporation, is a newly restructured company, taking Lordstown out of its 2023 bankruptcy. Due to that, the company hasn’t released any new cars so far. However, Lordstown was known for its Endurance electric pickup truck.

    The logo for the company is a simple, no-nonsense wordmark that simply states the company’s name. it has no symbol accompanying, nor does it have any stylistic elements to the wordmark.


    Canoo logo

    Canoo is one of those electric car brand logos that many of you won’t be familiar with. The company is relatively new, and doesn’t have many different options to offer. However, its Lifestyle Vehicle served as the basis for its crew transportation vehicles that were contracted by NASA for its Artemis program.

    The brand symbol for Canoo is one of the quirkiest yet best electric car brand logos, with a simple wordmark. Both ends of the wordmark are capped with three lines, each pointing out from the logo. Simple, elegant, yet poignant, the logo is great to look at and remember.


    Workhorse Group logo

    Workhorse Group is a manufacturer of electric delivery vans and drones, as well as accompanying delivery software. Known for its commercial options, the company is therefore lesser known among the masses.

    The logo for the Workhorse Group is thus also something that doesn’t correspond with many consumer electric car brand logos. Designed to be blocky and assertive, the symbol is a combination of the company’s initials WH.


    Brammo logo

    Brammo is more commonly known for its electric motorbikes, yet it also produces electric vehicle parts like motors and batteries. Their logo is designed to look like the front profile for a motorbike, yet it also looks like the front profile of a bull’s head. While not technically a part of electric car logos, its involvement in the automotive industry warrants its presence on this list.


    Drako logo

    Drako Motors are another luxury electric car manufacturers from the United States. Known for their iconic sports car called the Drako GTE, the company’s logo is something only known to those in the know. The wordmark-based logo features a simple wordmark, designed to look streamlined, but with subtle design flairs that give it a beauty unlike any other on this list of electric car brand logos.

    Faraday Future

    Faraday Future logo

    Faraday Future are an American electric automobile startup who entered the industry in 2014. Named after the scientist who discovered electromagnetic induction, the company features a logo that is made to mimic an upwards-pointing arrow made up of separate line segments. Although simple, it has a unique design that makes it stand out.

    7 Best Examples of Chinese Electric Car Logos Making Their Name in the Industry

    Besides the United States, China is another country that is home to a large variety of electric car brand logos. From popular brands like Aiways and NIO to lesser known brands like Geely Motor’s Geometry, here are some of the top Chinese electric car logos in the market.


    NIO logo

    NIO is one of the top electric car brands from China nowadays, offering a variety of vehicles ranging from limited edition sports cars to full size sedans and compacts. What sets the company apart is that NIO introduced innovation in the form of battery-swapping stations besides the conventional charging stations. That means that consumers can swap in a freshly charged battery in minutes rather than wait for their battery to recharge completely.

    The logo for NIO is an interesting one. The arch at the top of the symbol features the open sky, a horizon that spans far beyond what we can see. The arrow-like shape below represents the Earth, as well as a forward and upward momentum of the company towards becoming a top electric car manufacturer.


    Aiways logo

    Aiways is another one of Chinese electric car brand logos that has an interesting story behind it. A relatively new addition to the list of electric car manufacturers, the Aiways name means “love is on the way”. The company currently is known for its two crossover vehicles, the U5 and U6, exported to a variety of European countries, showcasing its high quality of vehicles.

    The logo is meant to depict an image that looks something like one of those old 8-bit video game caricature of a car, but designed to look modern without losing its vintage vibe. The accompanying wordmark has a decidedly futuristic-looking design, showing the company plans to build a lasting brand.


    Weltmeister logo

    Weltmeister, a subsidiary of WM Motor Technology Inc. is a Chinese electric car manufacturer specializing in the production of Battery-Electric-Vehicles, or BEVs. Now, the name may sound German, and you may be right. Weltmeister means “World Champion” in the German language, something people who are fans of Formula 1, especially if they like retired F1 champion Sebastian Vettel, would know well even if they don’t know the German language.

    The logo is designed to mimic an undulating AC current wave, but rather than a straight line, that wave is made of vertical lines with different heights. The accompanying wordmark is in both Chinese as well as English, designed to make it easier for consumers.


    XPeng logo

    XPeng is a well-established option in Chinese electric car brand logos with markets in a variety of European countries. The company currently offers a number of vehicle options in sedans, SUV, and MPVs, making it one of the more well-rounded of the electric car brands on this list.

    The logo is a stylized design depicting the first letter of the company’s name, with the design looking like a pair of wings facing each other. That means that this may be one of the only options of car logos with wings in the electric automobile category. The accompanying wordmark is modern, with a typographic style that is sure to last for a long time.


    Zeekr logo

    The Zeekr brand is one of few Chinese car brands that are owned by Geely Automobile Holdings, and is a premium automotive manufacturer that specializes in electric vehicles. The company currently produces a number of automobiles including options for sedans, SUVs, MPVs, and more, designed to bring the electric car phenomenon to the common consumers.

    The logo for the company is designed to look like a set of futuristic doors, like those seen on Star Trek. Moreover, it could also be seen as a depiction of the digitally-designed number 0. The wordmark that accompanies it uses an angular font for its design, with letters that look simple yet stand out sharply. Overall, one of the more easily memorable electric car brand logos.


    Arcfox logo

    Arcfox is a Chinese manufacturer of electric cars that is owned and operated by the BAIC Group. The company currently offers a sizable variety of options, including the Alpha-T to the new Kaola. The company has been operating since 2017, and has established a foothold in the industry.

    The logo for the company looks like the profile of a fox’s head when seen from the front. The design is abstract, yet looks wonderful as a symbol, intriguing the consumers into looking closer, thus making it hard to forget. That makes it a worthy candidate for addition in our best electric car brand logos list.


    Leapmotor logo

    Leapmotor is a Chinese-owned electric car manufacturer that offers a few vehicle options to its consumers, including a small city car like the T03. Currently, 20% of the company is owned by Stellantis, who are planning on expanding Leapmotor’s market into the European regions.

    The design of the logo is interesting, with the symbil looking like an abstract design depicting the letters LP. The accompanying wordmark uses a modern font, which adds to the overall modern and futuristic vibe of the logo.

    Notable Electric Car Brand Logos from the Rest of the World

    Besides the US and China, there are very few electric car brand logos from around the world. That is mostly due to the fact the unlike the aforementioned countries, the rest of the world has both an investment and labor shortage that makes it hard to compete.

    However, there are a few electric car logos that have managed to stand out. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s top electric car brand logos that are not in the US or China.


    Rimac logo

    Rimac Automobili is a Croatian electric automotive manufacturer that specializes in fully-electric sports cars for the public. Options like the Rimac Nevera or the iconic Concept One are what put Rimac on the map, and that struggle is featured in its logo, which has become one of the most popular sports car logos in recent years.

    The shield with the heraldic symbol on it depicts a stylized version of the company’s initial, which in itself is a first in this industry where electric car brand logos are quite abstract. The accompanying wordmark is designed to utilize the maximum impact of negative space, along with a stylized font, that makes the process of recognizing and remembering the logo easier.


    Venturi logo

    Venturi Motors is the reincarnation of an old Monegasque car brand that went bankrupt in 2000, with the same name. The company is now focused on electric vehicles, including working with SpaceX to get the FLEX rover to the moon by 2026.

    The design for the logo is an aggressive form of the letter V, which makes it one of the simplest yet highly expressive logos on this list of electric car brand logos.



    The Polestar electric car company is based out of Sweden, and is owned by Volvo. Specializing in electric cars, the company manufactures cars in several countries, namely China, South Korea, and the US, in factories owned by Volvo and Geely.

    The Polestar electric car logo is designed to look like the North Star, a celestial body that has long been used by navigators to orient themselves in the wilderness and at sea. The design is simple, yet it pays homage to the company name. That is what makes it one of the best electric car brand logos with names that complement each other.


    Which popular electric car logos have a star in it?
    While there may be more electric car brands with a star in their logo, the most popular of them would be the Polestar electric car logo.
    How many electric car brands are there?
    In recent years, many of the electric car brands have gone defunct, as well as popped up in the industry. Besides the 21 electric car brand logos discussed here, there may be a dozen or so smaller or newer enterprises currently working.


    In conclusion, the electric car brand logos discussed above are ones that are well known in the industry, or are up-and-coming. However, many smaller electric car brands have gone defunct due to various technical issues caused by COVID-19, or are looking for funding to resume operations.

    In any case, we can safely say that electric car logos have made their mark in the industry, and have firmly entrenched themselves into the automotive world. With dedicated version of popular motorsports made specifically for electric vehicles quickly gaining popularity, such as Formula-E, we can safely say that the automotive industry is slowly coming around to it. Even purists, such as the top Italian car brands, who have long been proponents of the internal combustion engine, are experimenting with electric vehicles quite successfully.

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