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    8 Amazing Entertainment Websites That Will Inspire Your Site

    logopoppin Published: March 15, 2024 16 min read

    Discover How to Incorporate Top Entertainment Web Design Ideas into Your Design

    Entertainment websites come in many different styles. From entertainment management companies to music and video streaming sites, there are many different web design ideas to choose from. The purpose of any business website is to highlight its services/offerings. Keeping that in mind, we can say that websites for entertainment companies are designed to, essentially, entertain.

    So how can they do that? Are there some specific design elements that attract people to these websites? Is it about the navigation and user journey that helps these websites retain its visitors? Or is there something else about them that helps an entertainment website flourish?

    If you take a look at many of the popular entertainment website designs, you will see that the difference between them is often quite obvious, making each of them a unique experience. So the question, if you are on your way to design an entertainment website, what style are you supposed to go for? Let’s dive in and take a look at some great entertainment sites, and see how the expert web design services they hired made them hard to resist.

    Hallmarks of Well-Designed Entertainment Websites

    Before we take a look at the different entertainment websites, let’s discuss what we know about effective entertainment web design ideas. What are the hallmarks that exemplify a well-designed and successful entertainment site?

    The following four elements are ones that are common to all entertainment sites with good reputation and sizable online traffic.

    • They have an intuitive and easy-to-use navigation system
    • They have a well-managed web security system to protect their content and user data
    • Their content is regularly updated to keep the website fresh for its consumers
    • They have social media platforms integrated into their websites for feedback and UGC purposes

    Ease of Navigation

    Easy and intuitive navigation is one of the hallmarks of all successful types of websites. However, when it comes to entertainment websites, it becomes even more necessary. People visit these sites to relax, unwind, and enjoy themselves. Making them work for entertainment will only result in one thing – frustration, leading to that consumer abandoning your platform.

    Therefore, all good entertainment sites, whether its Netflix, Spotify, or even YouTube, have an intuitive navigational layout that makes it easy for consumers of different tech-savviness use them easily.

    Robust Web Security

    Most entertainment websites have custom content on it that gives their platform exclusive rights to stream and share it. Moreover, most of these sites require the consumers to have an account registered with them, which requires them to give the platform access to information like emails, passwords, phone numbers, and nowadays, payment information.

    That raises the potential of a big security risk, as hackers and other malicious users may try to exploit the platform to get that data. Therefore, the hallmark of a good entertainment site is that it has rich and robust web security in place.

    Up-to-Date Website

    A website that doesn’t update itself regularly runs the risk of feeling stagnant. Entertainment websites that fail to do can be sure that they will start losing customers, and soon too. That is why Netflix or Prime Video keep greenlighting new shows and movies while removing older, less popular titles from their content libraries.

    If your entertainment site keeps looking fresh, chances are that people will keep on using the platform for the foreseeable future.

    Social Media Integrated

    Social media today has become essential in the lives of consumers today. They spend hours on end browsing different social media platforms, which provides them with a large network and many opportunities to market your platform to their followers.

    Let’s say that you have exclusive rights to a hot movie from a decade ago. And while your own marketing might not be able to promote your complete library, allowing people to share reviews or the link that movie on their social profile, or any other form of social media engagement, your website can benefit from it.

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    8 Awesome Entertainment Web Design Ideas That Will Inspire Your Website Design

    Now that you know the features that identify whether an entertainment website is good or not, you might be thinking that you can use that to create an amazing entertainment site easily. However, not so fast. Knowing these special features in abstract may be a good idea, but until you see them in action, you won’t be able to understand how to incorporate them effectively. Moreover, you will also need to factor in some of the top web design trends common in this niche to make your entertainment site attractive.

    So, let’s take a look at eight awesome entertainment web design ideas, and see how they’ve incorporated these elements to make their websites look good.


    Netflix website

    Netflix is one of the world’s most popular video streaming platforms that draws users from all across the world. From shows to movies, Netflix today offers a large library of content for its users, which is constantly being updated to add new content and remove old or less popular content.

    The design for the Netflix website is one that make it very easy to browse the various titles available. Scrolling through the page, the hero of the website shows a collection of the top pieces of content, with a central call-to-action asking the user to sign up and begin their membership. Overall, this is a great style of website that you can follow.

    Live Nation Entertainment

    Live Nation Entertainment website

    Live Nation Entertainment is a media management and event management company that specializes in managing various entertainment events, including concerts for megastars like Beyoncé and Shakira. Their website has quite an interesting design. The hero of the website’s homepage has a design that looks as if you are looking at an SMD-based screen commonly used in such events.

    Moreover, the screen shows a series of small video clips highlighting some of the top events arranged and managed by the company, which serves quite well in establishing brand trust. And the overall impact of the website is rounded off by the addition of simple, yet hard hitting taglines on the screen, hovering over the hero.

    AEG Worldwide

    AEG Worldwide website

    Just as Live Nation Entertainment, AEG Worldwide is another entertainment management company that also specializes in sports-based events. From prizefights to complete tournaments, AEG has extensive experience in managing it all for its clients.

    While at first glance, the website for the company may seem a little bland, a closer look will reveal its little secrets. At the top of the website is a navigation bar that helps the options stand out against the webpage’s hero. The hero itself shows a massive arena filled to the brim with fans enjoying a concert.

    Over it is the massive company tagline, highlighting the expertise and experience of the company. Underneath that is a small button that plays a video of the company’s biggest events in the hero section. This is an interesting approach, as most websites have these videos on auto play on their websites, regardless of the fact whether the customer wants it or not. Overall, this is one of the best entertainment sites on this list to follow.


    Crunchyroll website

    Fans on the anime genre will be quite familiar with Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is a company that produces officially licensed dubs of popular anime titles, such as One Piece, Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball-Z, Bleach, and more. A streaming site that requires a membership for patrons to view media from its massive library, its design is something that is easy to navigate for people of all ages.

    The color combinations used on the website are quite simple, yet elegant. Using a black color for its major theme, it allows the various media titles and images to stand out well. Moreover, the logo, as well as the accent color used for buttons on the website are a shade of pastel orange, which contrasts well with the dark background. Overall, if you are looking to create a streaming site, this should be one of your top entertainment websites to pursue.


    HBO MAX website

    HBO Max, now renamed as just MAX, is a subscription-based streaming website released by HBO to establish a foothold in this industry, countering the monopoly of Netflix and Prime Video. Starting the streaming wars, Max, along with Netflix and Prime, started buying the rights to popular franchises, on order to create content unique to their platforms, enticing users to subscribe to their services.

    However, compared to Netflix, the layout for HBO MAX is more elegant, clean, and visually appealing. Visiting the site shows you a scrolling slide of available content categories, from the top movies and series, to premium live streams of various sporting events like NBA or NFL. Underneath that, is a subtle yet clear call-to-action, signaling that all of this content can be available to a user, for a subscription as low as $9.99/month.

    This elegance in design, and subtle influence, is what makes MAX worthy of its place on our top entertainment websites list.


    Spotify website

    Spotify is a popular streaming website, but designed to stream high-quality audio rather than video. A Swedish company, Spotify offers digitally copyright restricted content, including songs and podcasts, for more than 590 million active users. And the most interesting part is that more than half of those consumers use it for free, through its freemium offering.

    Available on all major media-capable platforms, Spotify offers a clean, intuitive, and versatile design that is easy to navigate, whether you are Gen-X or a Gen Alpha. As Spotify runs on a freemium model, it is not necessary to buy a subscription when you sign up. To the left of the screen, you will see the navigation bar with options like “Home”, “Search”, “Your Library” and more. To the navigation bar’s right, you will find Spotify’s own media playlists, or you can scroll down to explore more based on genre, artist, or album.

    Overall, as a media site, its intuitive balance in design of the website is what forced us to add it to this list of top entertainment websites.

    Prime Video

    Prime Video website

    Prime Video is a product of Amazon, as part of its Prime product family. Originally a VOD (Video on Demand) platform for people to buy DVDs and Blu-rays for films and shows, it soon transitioned into a streaming platform as streaming started becoming more popular.  Over the years, it has slowly become a strong contender in the market, especially as Amazon and its various related products started getting a strong global positioning.

    Coming to its design, the website for Prime Video uses a membership model, which means that unless you sign in with a member’s credentials, you won’t be able to browse the platform’s media. However, the sign-in page offers the option to start a free trial for those who want to see if a subscription is worth the cost. Once you have an account and have signed in, you will be greeted by a variety of media, from movies to shows, categorized according to various genres.

    At the very top of the screen, just below the navigation bar, you will find a search bar that allows you find the title you desire, via the actor’s name or the media name itself. Overall, this site has one of the cleanest yet most elaborate entertainment web design ideas incorporated in its layout, making it a great example to follow for your website.


    Pandora website

    Pandora is another audio-streaming site, just like Spotify. However, Pandora is classified as an internet-radio music streaming service. Owned by Sirius XM since 2019, the company has had a long and convoluted history, since its formation in 1993.

    Although a subscription-based media streaming platform, it also offers a freemium service that offers limited options, such as fewer playback controls as well as advertisements. Coming to its design, the homepage is quite simple, with the hero of the website showing the name of the platform in simple, lowercase letters. Underneath that is the tagline “Start listening for free”, which features a simple search bar under it.

    The white text contrasts quite well with the cornflower blue background, with the navigation options at the top just showing “Log In”, “Sign Up”, and “View Plans”. Simple, clean, and elegant is what makes this website one of our top entertainment websites options.

    Create Amazing Entertainment Website in 6 Easy Steps

    An entertainment website serves as a dynamic platform for sharing and enjoying a diverse range of entertaining content, including movies, music, games, and celebrity news. Whether you’re a business in the entertainment industry aiming to promote shows or an individual eager to share your enthusiasm for movies, music, games, or celebrities, an entertainment website offers the perfect outlet.

    An entertainment website is a versatile platform that allows you to craft a space for writing reviews, sharing intriguing facts, or viewing your vast collection of content. Beyond that, you have the opportunity to build a vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts. This community can become a hub where individuals express themselves, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and transform their shared passion into a thriving collective experience.

    To begin your journey in the online entertainment world, follow these step-by-step guidelines to create your own engaging entertainment websites.

    Decide What Your Entertainment Website is All About

    The first thing you need to do is to decide what your entertainment website is going to be about. Depending on whether you want an entertainment news website, a movie review site, a streaming site, or something like a podcasting website, your design style will change accordingly.

    Therefore, with the right direction in mind, you will be able to find the perfect entertainment web design ideas that complement your vision perfectly.

    Check and Buy the Domain Name and Hosting for Your Website

    Once you are done finding the right entertainment website niche, the next step is to look up suitable names for your brand. That is because your brand name is one element that will help you find the right domain name.

    Once you have your business name, search it the domain for that name is available. If yes, then you need to get it as soon as possible, along with a suitable web hosting plan. Otherwise, you need to come up with a new name for your entertainment business.

    Plan Your Website’s Layout

    The next step is to come up with a potential layout for your entertainment site. Here, mapping out the user journey will be very important, as it will help you plan the interconnections and page layouts for maximum conversion.

    This will include planning out the design of each page, as well as your site map, to see how each page is connected to each other, and avoiding the creation of dead pages.

    Design and Develop Your Entertainment Website

    Once the site map and page layout mockups are done, the next step is to design and develop those webpages based on the layout agreed in the previous phase. Those layouts are often designed with the input from various stakeholders, including SEO, marketing, and more.

    Once done, you can connect them together and make them live locally on a staging server internally. This will help identify many issues related to content and design early on in the process.

    Create High Quality Visuals and Copy for Your Website

    Visuals and copy are two important elements of business websites. With the right visuals, your website will be able to attract the right customers, getting them to explore the website in detail. After that, your well-written website copy will also be of great help, helping convert leads through calls-to-action as well as hard-hitting web copy.

    Once done, you need to upload these visuals and text carefully onto your website, replacing all of the dummy content with this. Be very careful that there are no errors during uploading, as something as simple as a misspelled word or a slow-loading visual will mar the impact of an otherwise great website.

    Test and Publish Your Entertainment Website

    Finally, once everything is done and dusted, you need to test the website thoroughly, in order to find out any issues and problems in the website before it is made live. You will need to test various elements, such as site speed, technical issues, and even customer journeys, to ensure that there are little to no known errors in your entertainment website.

    Once you are sure that everything is fine, you will need to publish your website to your web hosting, and make it live for the public.


    What are entertainment websites?
    Entertainment sites are websites that are designed to entertain their target audiences in some way. They can be in the form of media streaming site, online comics and visual art sites, and even entertainment news websites such as TMZ.
    What are some of the best entertainment blogs and websites you can find online?
    Some of the top entertainment news sites include:
    E! Online
    The Hollywood Reporter
    US Weekly
    Entertainment Tonight
    What is a social entertainment website?
    A social entertainment website is a site that offers some form of interactive entertainment event online, which also includes a social aspect for the people involved. It can include MMORPG games like World of Warcraft, DOTA, and even online Poker or Fantasy Football events.


    To sum it up, entertainment websites come in many different shapes and styles. What’s important, however, is that you use the right entertainment web design ideas in your strategy so that the resultant website is effective in generating traffic and converting leads.

    Now, if you use this article, along with a comprehensive web design guide to help you, you will be able to create an amazing entertainment website, no matter your niche or genre.

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