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    How to Create Amazing Fantasy Football Logos for Your League

    logopoppin Published: January 2, 2024 9 min read
    fantasy football logos

    Discover How You Too Can Design a Powerful Fantasy Football Logo with Ease

    One of the popular pastimes for NFL fans is participating in different fantasy football leagues. From crafting your draft strategies, to looking for the right quarterback or the perfect tight end, it teaches us that it takes more than all-star players to consistently win in football. And that is what the fun is all about.

    Now, it might be fantasy football, but its no fun if your teams have no logos. Coming up with some amazing fantasy football logos for your league helps amp up the fun and excitement for all participants. And that added element of realism is what makes your league marketable, especially if you are playing online with a diverse group of people.

    The question is – how can you create such team logos for your fantasy football league? Read on to find out how to create a great fantasy football logo, and discover the various styles your logo can take. Moreover, we will take a look at why a professional logo design company is the way to go when creating a logo for a state-level or national fantasy league.

    Let’s begin.

    What Are the 3 Elements of Great Fantasy Football Logos?

    ESPN Fantasy Football League logo

    Fantasy football is just one type of fantasy sports league, with different regions and people enjoying different fantasy sports leagues, including Soccer and more. However, when it comes to the United States, there is no beating the football fantasy leagues, such as the ESPN fantasy football. All across the US, fans of the NFL and football in general, get together to take part in various fantasy football leagues, some local, others nationally.

    Now, it doesn’t matter what type of fantasy sports league you are playing in. When it comes to logo design, the basic idea behind their creation, as well as the base elements, are all the same. Your basic team logo in a fantasy league would feature a wordmark of their name, an accompanying graphic most likely in the shape of the mascot, with a pleasing color scheme.

    So what separates them from the truly great fantasy football logo designs? Well, while the elements stay the same, its their representation that sets them apart. Let’s see how.

    A Well-Represented Mascot in Team Name

    Your team’s name is one of the most important elements for you. And when it comes to sports logos, that name plays a central part in its design. And for most of them, the imagery on that logo is related to that name.

    For example, if your team is named the Bulldogs, then the logo imagery would contain some type of depiction of a bulldog. Moreover, your mascot imagery would also embody the tone and vibe put forward by your team name. If the vibe were aggressive, then the overall look, from the wordmark to the imagery would embody a sense of aggressiveness.

    An Attractive Color Scheme

    Next, the color combinations used for your fantasy football logos shouldn’t be just pleasing to the eye, but should also match your aesthetic vibe. It should also match your name, as well as be pleasing enough to attract the right attention.

    Your team colors are an important part of this design process. You have to be very careful when choosing them, as this color palette will be used for more than just logo design. It can be used to represent a certain message, or it can be used to connect with fans via the use of psychology of colors.

    The Right Font and Type

    The last important element when creating a good fantasy football logo is your font and type. Your choice of logo fonts are important, as they allow you to convey the right message and vibe to the audience. Think of it like this. If your team is named lightening, but the font used is thick and rounded, then the two elements are going to clash.

    Your fonts need to embody the same vibe as your team name and mascot. Only then will your logo look good enough to attract a sizable following.

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    How Can You Create Powerful Football Logos for Your League – A Process

    The Timid Yaks fantasy football team logo

    Now that you know the elements that can be used to create some amazing fantasy football logos, the next step is to figure out the actual process of creating that logo design.

    First, you need to decide who will design that logo. If you have prior design experience, then its highly probable that you will try your own hand at it. Otherwise, you might hire a logo designer if you have the budget for it, or you may opt for an online logo maker.

    Now, each of these options has its own pros and cons. If you opt to try it yourself, then the final quality of the logo will depend on how well versed you are in creating brand logos. Similarly, using an online logo maker will be surely easier, and will cost a fraction of what a professional designer may cost. However, the results would be quite far from what you may have envisioned, even if it manages to churn out a decent logo.

    The reason is that logo makers often use a collection of pre-created design elements, which when combined makes up the logo we see. However, the reuse of those elements causes problems, as it makes the design at the end look generic.

    Therefore, the best option is to hire an expert logo designer, so that your fantasy football logos are unique, and perfectly tailored to the needs of your team and its fans. That way you would be able to leverage your logo’s entire potential.

    5 Amazing Styles of Fantasy Football Logos to Inspire Your Design

    So far, we have seen the elements that make for impactful fantasy football logos, as well as the various options we have of creating those logos. By now, you would have a rough idea as to what shape your logo may take.

    However, before you get started on creating that team logo, there’s something you should know. And that is the various shapes that your fantasy team logos can take. From traditional animal designs, to funny mascot designs and more, let’s discover five of the most common types of logos found in fantasy football.

    Animal Logos for Your Fantasy Football Teams

    Elephino fantasy football team logo

    The first type of fantasy football logos, and the one you would be most familiar with, are animal designs. These logos rely on using the inherent characteristic traits of the chosen animals to enhance the meaning behind their designs.

    For example, if you want to portray aggressive swiftness, and your fantasy team hails from a coastal area, then one of the ideal animals to represent this vibe is the shark. The sharp and sinister imagery that is brought on by that name is one that will surely make your logo memorable, such as the symbol for San Jose Sharks from NHL logos.

    Take the logo above. Made from the combination of an elephant and a rhino, the resultant imagery is a great example of this type of fantasy team logos. It represents the deep, ancestral strength found in these animals, a deceptive swiftness, and an indomitable spirit, which is a great representation for a football team. 

    Modern Aesthetic Fantasy Football Logos

    Sartene Spider Monkeys fantasy football logo

    Modern aesthetics in logo design refers to stylistic choices like smart use of blank spaces, sharp and clear designs, and simple line work. Unlike the logo designs from yesteryears, which often had many small details and accents, these modern logos try to keep it as simple as possible, with minimal use of small details.

    Take this modern fantasy team logo above. Keeping the wordmark to one side, the symbol makes extensive use of whitespace, but in a way that is only visible if you carefully dissect the design. Otherwise it won’t even register at a glance. And the best part is that viewed in its minuscule form, even the tiniest of details is visible clearly, even with just a glance.

    Pun-Tastic Logo Designs for Your Fantasy Football Teams

    Fightin’ Nuns fantasy football logo

    Next, we have fantasy team logos that are funny, and are designed to be something playfully memorable. These logos either play on the fantasy aspect of the sport, or something about the team and its brand.

    Take the above example of a logo. This logo represents a team that is part of an all-female fantasy football league. Taking a playful swipe at people who take part in such activities, known as “nerds”, the name and imagery depicts an image of unlikely ferociousness, as nuns are often known for their pacifist stances.

    Monogram-Style Fantasy Football Logos

    Freakin’ Posers fantasy football team logo

    Then we have the somewhat formal-looking monogram logos in fantasy football. This style of fantasy football logo is considered somewhat pretentious, as this adds an element of seriousness to an otherwise playful activity. However, if your team name warrants it, you should use this type of logo for your team logo design.

    Take a look at the monogram fantasy team logo above. At a glance, the design looks very prestigious, especially when you consider that it is for a small, neighborhood fantasy football league.  And that is because the team’s name perfectly suits this design. Called the “Freakin Posers”, this design takes a dig at the overly formal logo, playing an awesome trick for those who pay attention to their design.

    Fantasy Football Logo Designs with Mascots

    Hartford Pirates fantasy football logo

    Finally, you have the most common type of fantasy football logos – mascot logos. You might think that animal-style logos and mascot-type logos are the same thing. And you will be correct in that assumption. However, mascot logos can feature a variety of different characters, and not just animals. One of the best examples for this in football are the Minnesota Vikings, whose Viking mascot is one the most popular mascots and symbols in the NFL logos.

     Similarly, the logo design above showcases a pirate, representing fantasy football team Hartford Pirates. This style of fantasy football logos is the most popular, for the simple fact that a mascot provides near-instant recognition, compared to other styles of logos.


    Overall, creating fantasy football logos is not difficult. However, creating the perfect one for your fantasy team does require a bit of legwork. However, if you follow the tips and guidelines given in this article, you will be able to create one quite easily.

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