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    6 Financial Branding Ideas for a Highly Profitable Business

    logopoppin Published: February 21, 2024 12 min read
    financial branding design ideas

    Discover the Top Finance Branding Ideas You Need to Give Your Business a Massive Boost

    Since COVID, people have been looking to invest whatever they can, in order to grow their savings as much as possible. While most are doing it to provide a shelter in case the volatile job market results in them getting laid off, others are saving up for things like the down payment to a new house, car, or their pension funds.

    Moreover, with the changing dynamic of the market, consumers are moving towards fintech solutions. So, we are seeing many different fintech ventures opening up, which has also spurred established financial institutions to revamp themselves or risk losing a significant chunk of the market. That has resulted in a highly competitive market, which requires the use of innovative financial branding ideas.

    Now, one of the common misconceptions about marketing and branding is that it is all about social media, and that it doesn’t take much skill to do it. However, businesses who have worked with professional marketers and marketing agencies understand that there is a complex science behind it, especially if you want to portray the desired brand image.

    The question is – Is hiring a professional marketing and branding services agency really worth it? Or can a business do it themselves by using various finance branding ideas from the internet? Let’s dive in to find the answer to these questions and more, and discover how a professional marketer can make your financial business brand stand out.

    Why Do Finance Businesses Need Financial Branding and Marketing Strategies

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    The first question we need to ask is this – Why do businesses in the financial industry need these marketing and branding services in the first place. Well, the purpose of these marketing strategies is to help those businesses stand out, as well as to boost revenue streams and establish brand presence.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of business you do today. Brand development and marketing are essential if you want to achieve success. If you want to be a memorable brand with a high success rate of conversion, then you need to ensure that your branding is on point.

    That means that your branding and marketing strategy should be quite adept at making your brand memorable, as well as establishing a brand voice for consumers to know. Previously, there was little need for financial entities other than banks to have their own marketing plans or even a brand design.

    However, in recent years, with more people looking towards digital finances, it has become important that financial businesses today, including new Fintechs, look towards having their own brand plans. And the reason is simple – with a finite market of consumers, each financial company is looking to get as big of a slice as possible from the consumers.

    However, that requires that the companies pitch their services and more to the consumers, which lets the consumer know about them, and thus allows them to convert. So, it stands to reason that a brand with no brand recognition, and with limited efforts to counter that, would have an extremely difficult time attracting any leads, let alone converting them. That is why having a branding and marketing strategy is so important for a finance business or any business today.

    Professional Financial Branding Services –Is It Better to Hire Them Instead of DIY-ing?

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    Now as we mentioned earlier, marketing and branding are technical disciplines that require the expertise of an experienced professional. Now, depending on your approach, you can hire a seasoned marketing professional to build an in-house team around them, or you can outsource your branding to an experienced branding agency like Logo Poppin.

    But why is that? Why can’t your financial business do its own marketing, when there are so many social media influencers who have built entire brands with little to no professional help? Well, there are a few reasons for that. For one, brand marketing for a professional business is quite different from say, building a personal brand. It requires a different style of marketing altogether, one that is centered on establishing a brand voice that aligns with company values and consumer expectations.

    Secondly, as we said before, brand marketing is more than just social media. There is a lot more to creating an effective brand for a legitimate business. You have to care about your visuals, brand tone, and more across a variety of channels, including website, print, social media, and more. Even your financial business names are considered when creating your branding plans.

    And all of these elements can be a great hassle for businesses to handle themselves, especially when they are starting out or rebranding. That is because at that time, there are many important things that require the attention and expertise of that business’s professionals. And diverting their attention towards something that is out of their skillset will be detrimental to both of those things.

    Let’s take the example of a new fintech company that offers BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) services. As a new entrant in the market, all of their people would be focused on tackling the challenges that come along with it, with an all-hands-on-deck situation. At that moment, diverting even one of those resources to handle their branding would be detrimental to that company’s success.

    If they outsource their brand marketing to an external marketing agency like Logo Poppin, one with experience with developing brands for the fintech industry, this disaster could be avoided. By doing so, they could rest assured that their branding was in secure hands, and they could focus on other business functions instead.

    6 Amazing Financial Branding Ideas to Add to Your Company’s Marketing Strategy

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    Now that we have established that financial branding ideas are important for finance businesses, and that its better to hire a professional agency to handle your branding and marketing, what next? Do you believe that you are ready to start vetting marketing agencies?

    We believe that before you are ready to do that, there are some major finance branding ideas you should know, so that you are able to hire the marketing firm that best suits your needs. That is because while you may not be attempting to market your business yourself, you should still have a clear idea of what it might entail.

    So, let’s take a look at six of the top financial branding ideas, according to the latest branding statistics.


    Our branding experts create the perfect visual identity that suits your brand.


    Updating Your Website & Investing in SEO

    The first thing that any marketing and branding specialist would tell you to do is revamp your website. Whenever you rebrand, or bring on a marketing team, your website should be carefully scrutinized and updated accordingly. That is because your website is your digital storefront, and is responsible for the first impression a consumer gets of your organization.

    If your website’s design or content doesn’t align with your brand voice, or it does adhere to modern content and copy standards for business websites, then it’s of no use. Moreover, it may even end up deterring potential consumers from patronizing your business.

    Therefore, some of the things you may need to update on your website includes:

    • The design of the website
    • The overall flow of webpages based on prospective visitor journeys
    • The content on the website representing your services
    • The placement and the tone of the converting copy on your webpages, including in calls-to-action
    • The navigation and interactions on your website

    Besides these elements, you should also optimize your finance and accounting website design ideas and content with respect to search engine optimization standards. That is because if your website is not SEO-friendly, then it will fail to have the desired visibility online, defeating the purpose of the website in the first place.

    Optimizing Landing Pages for Optimum Conversions

    The next thing you need to do is review your landing pages, and make the desired changes to make them look appealing and converting. That is because while most of the web pages on your site are a mix of informative content and converting copy, landing pages are specifically designed for marketing advertising campaigns.

    Many businesses, including the likes of financial businesses, often ignore the effectivity of their landing pages. And as such, fail to leverage their potential properly. Some of the more common ways to optimize your landing pages properly include balancing the amount of copy content, imagery, and clear communication.

    However, that isn’t enough in most cases. Some more elements that need to be tweaked on your landing pages include:

    • Addition of well-optimized and relevant imagery
    • Proper use of white space in your design
    • Properly placed calls-to-action
    • The use of the right type of language with a strong, guiding tone
    • Using other types of media besides imagery, such as video

    After doing this, you will witness a dramatic increase in your site conversions, based off just one of the top financial branding ideas on this list.

    Investing in a Strong Social Media Marketing Strategy

    Social media is a part of an effective and strong brand marketing plan. While a website is a great tool to increase your online visibility and establish credibility, social media allows you to establish a rapport with your consumers, and encourage interactions.

    That is because a business today without a social media plan is losing out on a variety of mediums to reach their target consumers. For example, statistically, the average American has 7.1 social media accounts registered, which means that without a social media strategy, you will be missing targeting them.

    Some of the most popular social media platforms that you should cover as a business include:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • X (Formerly Twitter)
    • LinkedIn

    Recently, many businesses have also found success with TikTok, as the short-form video content platform offers the perfect blend of attraction and viral-ability.

    Starting a YouTube Channel to Establish Topical Authority

    Just as social media is a great tool for consumer engagement, YouTube is a great medium for financial businesses to establish their topical authority, and establish consumer trust in the brand. Utilizing YouTube is one of the more uncommon financial branding ideas you see used nowadays, due to the simple fact that most businesses do not understand its significance.

    The question is – why? Why should the company invest in something that most of their competitors do not use either? Well, think of it like this. YouTube has over 2.7 billion active users as of 2023, with very few brands tapping that industry’s potential significantly.

    So, if you invest in a proper YouTube strategy, you can easily capture a great chunk of that market. And it doesn’t have to be too salesy as well. Considering that you are a financial company, you would have a host of financial analysts, accountants, and more associated with you. Leverage those resources to make helpful content that provides value to the users, such as in the form of tutorials, thus establishing yourself as a business that understands its consumers’ pains.

    Creating Distinct Marketing Campaigns Targeted Towards Specific Generations

    As a financial company, your target consumers will hail from various age groups and backgrounds, each with its own unique requirements and aspirations. For the old retirees, they might be looking to set up trust funds or college funds for their grandchildren, while the mid-thirties to forties consumers would be looking to invest for their retirement or get loans for a house. Similarly, a younger, mid to late twenties consumer would be looking to invest in order to generate another income stream, or even the financing for a new car or home.

    With these different priorities in mind, you need to create different campaigns targeted to each age group according to their needs. That way you will have a better rate of conversion, as the tone, content, and intent behind each campaign would be tailored to specific niches of consumers, rather than generalized for all.

    Offer Value to Consumers in the Form of Financial Guides and Info Via a Blog Section

    Finally, one of the most popular financial branding ideas we see nowadays is the addition of a blog section that provides consumers with a rich library of information. Your blog would serve a number of different purposes.

    First, it would help with your SEO efforts. As you publish more blogs, it allows your website a greater opportunity to be visible to potential consumers. Moreover, it helps you build topical authority on the subject of your business.

    Finally, it allows you to position yourself as someone who understand consumer pains and tries to solve them. That can be done by writing articles on various topics, such as financial guides, tips and tricks, trends, and more to publish on your blog.


    To sum it up, a finance business that wants to succeed needs a proper brand marketing plan. And in order to maximize its potential, that plan needs to incorporate a number of top financial branding ideas into it to maximize the ROI.

    Now, if you are looking for a professional branding agency that knows how to leverage the voice of a financial company to appeal to different target demographics, then Logo Poppin is your best bet. With a team of expert creatives and brand specialists, our teams are here to take your brand to new heights.

    So why wait? Get us one a call now!

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