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    11 Graphic Design Projects Every Beginner Should Know About

    Hailey Savona Published: July 1, 2024 17 min read

    Discover the Different Types of Graphic Design Projects for Beginners and Experts

    The importance of graphic design projects in building a portfolio doesn’t need any kind of explanation. It is the first thing that helps you to attract clients’ attention and bring uniqueness in your branding. Today, every company emphasizes heavily on creative and diverse design portfolios. They know its importance in the business representation, and they want to work with someone who can diversify their skills to touch upon a number of different design types needed by a business today.

    Considering the high demand, many beginners are looking to do just that by understanding the various types of graphic design projects. However, that can be a difficult endeavor for many, especially those quite new to the field. The reason is that most of these people learn the art of graphic designing on their own, with no formal training. That results in gaps in their knowledge, which ultimately affects their growth.

    Now, we know its crucial for us to keep our skills updated according to the latest market standards. Today, it is just not enough to learn one part of graphic designing. Instead, we have to evolve ourselves on multiple domains, so that we can grab the emerging opportunities quickly. If you are also a beginner in graphic designing and want to learn a pathway to become professional, this article is precisely written for you. It will let you know about some specific graphic design project for beginners and experts alike that can optimize your learning potential. Let’s first understand how big the scope of graphic designing is in the world.

    The Wide Scope of Graphic Designing

    Graphic designing

    Graphic designing is a very broad term including multiple types of projects depending on the requirements. Earlier, people only knew about this field with a tag of logo or banner designing. But, in the last couple of decades, things have changed greatly.

    Today, many companies are offering graphic design services using a variety of tools and software. And many of them work on different categories of design projects, ranging from logo and web design to animation and more. They have allowed graphic designers to work seamlessly without having any technical glitch. All they need to do is to just utilize their creativity to craft stunning designs that can grab eyeballs quickly.

    The scope of graphic designing has tremendously evolved in the last few years. The emergence of UI and web designing has also paved a way for graphic designers to find work easily. That is the reason why every youngster knows about the importance of graphic designing, and hence want to make a career in it.

    With the rise of freelancing, the demand for skilled graphic designers is also increasing in the world. Many businesses are frequently hiring freelance designers to handle their tons of projects. This shows how vast the scope of graphic designing has evolved in the world, encouraging every youngster to get attracted towards it.

    Types of Graphic Design Projects for Beginners

    Many beginners and students are opting to become graphic designers due to readily available tools and resources, a high market demand, and a strong emphasis on gig economy. However, with so many of them, they often find it difficult to find the right graphic design projects for their portfolios. There are many reasons involved in that, but the one most important among all is the lack of expertise and knowledge about the different kinds of design projects.

    It is therefore recommended to optimize your graphic designing learning according to the latest standards. You need to make sure that your skills are updated as per the emerging trends. It will allow you to work on any type of project regardless of difficulties in design and complexity.

    To become a seasoned designer, you need to work on different types of graphic design projects. It will enhance your learning as well as enable you to get clients’ attention. Here are some of those areas where you should regularly avail graphic design projects.

    Logo Design

    Logo design

    Every business knows about the importance of logo design. It is the primary source of their brand representation, allowing them to demonstrate a strong identity in the market. It is the major reason why every business wants to design a unique logo. They know how these logos encourage people to take interest in the products, as well as get converted towards it.

    Considering the high demand of different types of logos, it one of the most common types of graphic design projects for beginners and experts alike. There are many marketplaces working on the internet where tons of graphic design projects related to logos are available for freelancers.

    If you are looking to start your career as a graphic designer, tryout these logo projects. It will help you to know about the intrinsic details of logo designing, as how it should be completed starting from the scratch. You can learn how to design logos relating to different categories, increasing your own knowledge in the field.

    UI/UX Design

    UI and UX design

    Just like logo designing, there are also dozens of opportunities available in UI/UX designing. It is also one of those hot jobs that could help you make a strong portfolio. But, to do so, you need to have a sound knowledge of the cores of UI designing, and some savvy to get the chosen for the best UI design projects.

    This process and method of UI design is totally different from the other graphic designing activities. It requires you to bring creativity in the website frontend that can attract the incoming traffic.

    You can learn UI designing from tons of tutorials and other resources available on the internet. Many experts recommend YouTube as the best source to learn UI designing. It houses hundreds of tutorials aimed towards helping beginners to learn the art of UI designing.

    Brochures / Flyers Design

    Flyer design

    Every marketer knows the importance of branding materials. They are primarily responsible to market any business strongly in the industry. It is the main reason why businesses always look for such designers who are well versed in creating quality branding elements such as brochures.

    The usage of brochures comes really handy in tradeshows and other marketing events. Generally, companies distribute these brochures in those events to attract people’s attention. Therefore, they always want to get connected with those designers that can help them to create stunning brochure designs.

    As a designer, you can take these graphic design projects to enhance your professional portfolio. They are a bit different as compared to conventional banner designing. These brochures are designed with a mixed combination of content and graphical elements. As a designer, you need to learn the art of how to keep the balance between both, so that your brochure design can look great.

    Web and Print Icons

    Web and print icons

    Icons are some of the most popular graphic design projects, important for designing banners, logos, website content and more. They are often designers with a custom style in order to assist any relevant design. This requires skilled expertise from a professional designer who knows how to create a font according to the design.

    Today, you can find different types of freelancing design projects available for creating masculine fonts. If you don’t have much idea about how to create them, take a look at the examples given on the internet. It will allow you to design creative fonts, precisely according to the modern standards.

    YouTube Ads Graphic, Promos, and Title Thumbnail

    Youtube ads

    YouTube is undoubtedly the biggest online streaming platform in the world. It houses millions of videos relating from different categories. People from around the globe regularly visit YouTube to watch different types of videos. That is why its traffic just keeps on increasing with each passing day, making it the most popular video streaming global platform.

    Considering this popularity, many marketers have started to target YouTube as a channel to attract clients. To do that, they need the services of a talented designer who can create engaging artwork for YouTube ads. YouTube ads. These can be quite lucrative design projects that allows you to get connected with some of the top companies in the market.

    You can create engaging videos and designs according to the brand requirements. This will be a great addition to your graphic design projects, giving your overall portfolio a stunning boost.



    Infographics are also becoming popular in the design projects market due to their easy way of explaining things. They are used precisely to create designs that can help people to understand things quickly. But, the development of these infographics is not a straightforward process. It requires tactical knowledge on how to place different things in a single design, so that people can take a look at them all quickly.

    You can find different types of infographics used by the marketers today. Most of them are built in a listicle manner, allowing people to notice various things quickly. As a designer, it brings a nice opportunity for you to enhance your graphic design projects portfolio by designing interactive infographics.

    The good thing is that you can find many premade templates for designing infographics, making it perfect for graphic design projects for students. Some of the websites like Freepik, Envato and more others are termed very good in this regard. These marketplaces will help you to find unique infographics templates, so that you can customize them easily with the relevant elements.


    Banner design

    Banners are also an important branding material due to their vast usage in marketing activities. They are used to grab people’ attention, rightly by displaying the best discount offers and product deals. You can find dozens of banner design projects on marketplaces like Fiverr, Freelancer and more easily. They range to mid-to-high pay with comparatively little effort, allowing you to build a strong portfolio, serving as one of the most common types of graphic design projects for beginners.

    All you need to do is to just enhance your skills on graphic design softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and more others. These tools are termed pretty handy to learn the basic art of graphic designing.

    If you don’t have good knowledge about their usage, take a look at the detailed tutorials given on the internet. They are precisely made for absolute beginners, so that they can learn the basics of graphics designing. Once you have the required knowledge of graphics, then you can easily take different types of graphic design projects. The demand of banner designing is pretty much more in the market, hence you can build a strong portfolio by getting its projects.

    Business Cards

    Business card

    Every business knows the importance of business cards. It is termed as the most important branding material that allows people to know about your point of contact. That is the biggest reason why companies heavily emphasize designing these business cards with flawless perfection. They know that business cards showcase their identity and build a reputation for their business.

    For freelance designers, it is best recommended to find those graphic design projects that are related to business cards designing. You can easily find these projects on sites like Upwork, Toptal and more others. All you need to do is to just build a strong profile on these marketplaces. People who are looking to hire skilled freelancers will quickly come to your profile and contact you upon finding the relevant work experience.

    Product Packaging Design

    Packaging design

    Imagine a playful illustration adorning a cereal box, hinting at the fun and energy within. Or perhaps a sleek, minimalist design with metallic accents on a perfume bottle communicates luxury and sophistication. Packaging design is the art of seduction, a captivating blend of art, marketing, and functionality, which makes it one of the most popular types of graphic design projects today.

    It tells a visual story about the product, grabs attention on a crowded shelf, and entices the consumer. But successful packaging design doesn’t stop there. It also needs to be functional, protecting the product and ensuring it reaches consumers safely. A sturdy cardboard box with a resealable closure for cereal and a recyclable glass bottle with a convenient pump dispenser for a lotion exemplify this balance between visual appeal and practicality.

    Game Design

    Game design

    The world of games is a sensory feast, and graphic design plays a vital role in creating immersive experiences. Imagine a valiant knight with a shining sword and a flowing cape coming to life, or a sprawling alien landscape filled with vibrant flora and fauna beckoning exploration.

    Graphic design breathes life into characters and environments, drawing players into the game’s world. But it goes beyond aesthetics. The user interface (UI) – the player’s window into the game world –  needs to be clear and intuitive. Easy-to-read health bars and well-placed text ensure a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience. And with the rise in indie games today, you can find many graphic design projects for beginners in game design.

    Finally, the overall graphic design establishes the game’s tone and atmosphere. A dark and gritty color palette with sharp lines might set the stage for a thrilling adventure, while bright colors and cartoonish characters might create a lighthearted and playful mood.

    Publication and Typography Design

    Ebook cover design

    Publications like magazines, brochures, and books rely heavily on typography and design to present information effectively and aesthetically. Imagine a magazine with clear headings and easy-to-read body text, guiding readers effortlessly through the content.

    You can find publication design among the top-rated graphic design projects today. A travel brochure with stunning photographs of exotic locations and a history textbook with detailed illustrations that bring historical events to life exemplify this visual storytelling.

    But graphic design in publications goes beyond aesthetics; it also reflects brand identity. If you find it interesting, you can go into creating things like ebook cover design, magazine design, and more to build a lucrative career.

    Best Graphic Design Projects for Students in High School or College

    Being a high school student, you need to first find those graphic design projects for students that are easy to handle. This includes projects like logo designing, business cards designing, and more others. Though it will be a bit hard to find some projects if you have no experience. But, if you start small and build up to show the required expertise, then you can get some valuable design projects.

    It is also recommended to build some connections in the market to get quality designing projects. Once you will to do that, you can get long term projects allowing your portfolio to grow strongly.

    Importance of Graphic Designing Projects for Portfolio Building

    Being a high school student, you need to first find those graphic design projects that are easy to handle. This includes projects like logo designing, business cards designing and more others. Though it will be a bit hard to find some projects if you have no experience. But, if you will show the required expertise, then you can get some valuable graphic design projects.

    It is also recommended to build some connections in the market to get quality designing projects. Once you will to do that, you can get long term projects allowing your portfolio to grow strongly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What kind of projects do graphic designers do?
    Graphic designers are responsible for handling different types of projects. It can include a variety of tasks depending upon the requirements of clients such as logo designing, banner designing and more others.
    2. How to find graphic design projects?
    There are multiple online platforms where you can find dozens of graphic design projects. You can find it through social media sites or from online marketplaces such as Fiverr, Freelancer and more others.
    3. Why do graphic designers always stay in demand?
    The demand for graphic designers is quickly increasing in the market. The reason is that these guys are responsible for creating logos, banners and other artworks for different types of businesses.
    4. How to find professional graphic designers?
    You can find professional graphic designers on the internet or from local connections. The best way to find them is to look on those sites that provide profiles of freelancers. You can take a look at their portfolio to know about their capabilities. This will give you a perfect idea about their skills and experience in the field.
    5. What are the famous graphic design projects for beginners?
    Being a beginner, you can start graphic designing by learning the art of logos and banner design. It will help you to know about the basics of graphics and how to use them in creating different types of projects.

    Final Words

    That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed different types of graphic design projects suitable for beginners. We all know that it has become a very lucrative field, rightly due to its demand in the world. Today, there are a lot of opportunities available for graphic designers. From IT to the medical field, the demand of graphic designers is everywhere making them a real asset for every company.

    If you also want to become a graphic designer, you need to first work on the projects defined above. It will help you to know about the basics of graphic designing, allowing you to learn its art completely. This is indeed a very lucrative field that provides everyone great opportunities to work regularly.

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