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History Channel Logo: A Brief Look at the Famous TV Logo

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History channel is considered a great source to know plenty of things about earth’s history. Not just kids, but adults also like to watch different shows on this channel. Apart from documentary shows, the channel is also popular due to its stunning dramas and movies based on historical events. That is what makes it different from the other channels. It has a unique way of telling historic events that looks both fascinating and interesting to the users. The history channel logo is therefore popular among many as it takes a very thrilling approach to describe various events.

Unlike other channels, History was not launched in early 60s or 70s. It was launched in 1995 with a vision to educate people about the history of the earth. Earlier, it had only few shows, but that started to change in the mid-2000s. The channel stakeholders realized to add more shows to the lineup, so that History channel logo can get popular in the market. Since then, the channel found immense success in the media industry by becoming a top source to watch history shows.

In this article, we will take a brief look into the evolution of History channel logo. The iconic emblem that we know today was not the first one launched by the company. Instead, it was changed from time to time by taking logo design services from the professionals. Let’s first take a quick look at the history of this channel to understand its classical importance. 



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History channel introduction

The History channel was launched in 1995 when there were no such platforms available in the media industry. The American audience instantly took interest in its shows, as they were quite properly documented with the right history information. Besides kids, adults too liked the brief approach of the channel which was quite new and holistic at that time. This gave a steady rise to popularity of History channel that only got bigger and bigger with the passage of time.

Coming to 2000s, the channel became more proactive in terms of adding new shows based on historical events. This further enhanced the popularity of the History channel logo, making it more famous among the people. The History channel logo has also been changed from time to time to refresh the branding of the company. The initial theme in all of those versions remained the same, however, little changes were done in color gradient, styling and more other elements.

Today, History channel is home to some of the most watched shows on TV. This includes many names such as Vikings, Knightfall, The Crusades and more others. These shows have been developed with a really good content, detailing great stuff about the history of different generations.


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The History channel logo has been modified at different intervals to optimize the channel branding according to the modern standards. If you do not have much knowledge about them, take a look at the list defined below. 


2.1 Prelaunch Logo

History channel prelaunch logo

Just like all the professional media channels, History also introduced a promotional logo before its official launch. This was a very simple logo, designed with a black and white color combination. The basic purpose of launching that logo was to let the people know that a new channel is about to launch having some good content about earth’s history. It brought some curiosity among the people which precisely helped in elevating the sustainable branding of the company.

This logo was largely used for promotional activities that company had planned to put out in the market. People got to know about the brand which eventually built the hype for actual launch of the channel. 


2.2 First History Channel Logo – 1995

The History channel was officially launched in 1995 with a new logo. This logo also had the same “H” shaped design, but it was redesigned with a 3D look. It gave the whole logo a very stunning presence, allowing its design to grab eyeballs instantly. This style was also very unique because brand logos during that era were not created with the 3D design. So, it basically set a new trend in the market, enabling others to follow the practice as well.

The color chosen for the “H” letter was golden with a bit of greyish contrast in some places. The background of the letter box was selected red as it created a perfect combination with the golden. Beneath the box, the history channel was written in bold using masculine fonts. It further gave the logo a holistic touch, enhancing its overall catchy looks. 


2.3 Second History Channel Logo – 2008

History channel logo 2008

The first logo was so popular that company didn’t thought to change it for years. However, in 2008, the company finally decided to redesign the History channel logo again. They didn’t altered the whole appearance of the logo in this second take. The logo was redesigned with minor changes, as most of the elements were kept same. It was done to retain the core identity of the logo because it had already become quite famous among the people.

Some of the notable changes in this new design included the removal of background square box. The new version only had the “H” letter on a transparent background. It offered a very modernistic touch to the logo, making it more appealing in looks. 


2.4 Third History Channel Logo – 2015

History channel logo 2015

The latest History channel logo was introduced in 2015 with some new modifications. This version was made in a more simplistic manner. The earlier used red arrow in the logo was removed in this take to make the designing a bit subtle. A new thick red underline replaced this arrow with History written in bold beneath it. The thick red underline had a more strong color gradient as compared to the previous version. It creates a perfect contrast with the golden shade of the “H” letter above, making the logo designing highly stunning.

Since 2015, this illustrated logo hasn’t seen much modifications at all. However, the channel has used some specific versions other than this to celebrate special events from time to time. This includes occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Earth day and more others. It is certainly a nice strategy to keep the channel branding up to date, and History channel has tremendously mastered it to get more market attention. 


The History channel logo doesn’t have any specific meaning. It represents a sense of luxury in the style, which is indeed one of the main qualities of the logo. This has been the major factor why company has also not opted to redesign the logo completely. Even with three rounds, the core identity, color and styling of the logo is still the same. It looks decent and subtle, showcasing a great elite class of channel’s personal branding