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    20 Exciting Holiday Marketing Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss Out

    logopoppin Published: December 6, 2021 22 min read

    Creative Holiday Marketing Ideas That Could Give Your Business Growth

    The holiday season is just around the corner and shopping enthusiasts are gearing up to cash it at full pace. It is one of those festive seasons in which companies find dozens of new customers, rightly by offering new deals and discounts. They utilize top holiday marketing ideas to make the most out of this season, especially when they relate from the ecommerce sector.

    With the imminent arrival of Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other shopping events, it is best recommended to come up with unique holiday marketing ideas early. This will help you to attract customers and build a strong footprint in the market.

    If you don’t have much knowledge about it, you can also take help from any branding agency to plan some creative activities. There are a lot of digital agencies working in the market that are quite experienced in providing holiday marketing ideas according to your brand.

    In this article, we will be discussing some of the best holiday marketing ideas you could use for your business. Let’s first understand why this season is important for marketers and how they can use it to attract potential customers.

    Why Are Holidays a Good Time to Plan Promotions

    Holiday promotion ideas

    Everyone knows that the trend of shopping surges to sky high limits during the holidays. It is something constant in every part of the world, rightly due to a common human nature. We all love to shop and hop around with our loved ones during the holidays. These few days give us a chance to enjoy our vacations and shop some quality stuff by availing discounts.

    That is where the opportunity for businesses also arises. They know that this season has the potential to earn millions for them, provided they strategically offer the right buying deals. Using creative holiday marketing ideas, most of the companies enjoy huge customer conversions and promotions.

    It is the major reason why many businesses also prefer to come up with unique holiday marketing ideas from the start of the second quarter. They know that the execution of these plans also require some time, hence they should be planned smartly well before.

    Then with the start of holidays, these ideas convert into offering fruitful results. Shopping enthusiasts from around the world rush towards stores to buy their favorite products. That is where creative marketing comes in to attract those customers and make them permanent leads for the business.

    Unique Holiday Marketing Ideas You Must Know About

    Being a marketer, you need to devise marketing plans according to the requirements of every season. It is something that requires dedicated brainstorming and deep analysis to come up with the right plans.

    As far as holiday marketing ideas are concerned, it also requires smart research according to your targeted audience. If you are a startup and don’t know how to strategize such plans, take a look at some creative thoughts below. These holiday marketing ideas will definitely help you to grab customers and build more presence in the competitive market.


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    3. Best Holiday Marketing Ideas

    Create Smart Google Ad Campaigns

    Google ad campaigns

    We all know how beneficial Google ads are in terms of gaining quick conversions from the web. It is the most popular PPC tool used by hundreds of marketers around the world. It is quite effective in running paid ads according to your budget and targeted audience. All you need to do is to just select the right metrics that can provide targeted results.

    During the holiday shopping season, you can execute Google ad campaigns with a targeted metric. It is a very advanced tool that comes up with various types of advanced options. Using them, you can set the preferred country, targeted audience, budget and more. This will allow you to execute campaigns with preferred options that fits best with your goals.

    Nowadays, many online businesses prefer to hire PPC experts to schedule and maintain paid campaigns. These guys are quite well versed in providing results from these paid ad campaigns, allowing your valuable investment to get traffic and conversions.

    Get Started with Social Media

    We all know how powerful social media has become in the online world. It has the tendency to engage traffic and convert them towards the business. The only thing you need to do is to pick the right platforms that can enable you to connect you with the people.

    The example of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and more are quite evident in this regard. They are termed as the biggest giants of social media in this day and age. These platforms have millions of users around the world, registered from different countries. You can use the leverage of these platforms to attract them based on geographical requirements.

    From adults to youngsters, social media has become common among everyone. Hence, it is a good idea to use it for your marketing purposes. It can give your brand a strong reach in the community, provided you are using the right content.

    Start Email Marketing

    Holiday email marketing

    No one can deny the perks and benefits of email marketing. It is termed as the tried and tested method of gaining organic leads from the web world. That is why many companies hire specialized email marketers to launch their marketing on the internet. Though it is quite a difficult job, but still it offers great results in terms of extracting potential leads.

    Nowadays, email marketing has also evolved into better standards. Many companies are now using newsletters to optimize their email marketing campaigns. These newsletters are designed in a bit unique style, precisely according to the latest web standards. Some newsletters are sent on a weekly basis, while some are sent on specific days.

    For instance, you can send specialized newsletters for Christmas and Black Friday on their respective dates. It provides you a high chance to get conversions from the web and increase overall business revenue. We have seen multiple times how different companies send tons of emails during these events. Most of them offer deals and discounts related to the specific day, allowing customers to take benefit from them.

    Offer Free Giveaways

    In the last few years, we have also seen a new rising concept of free giveaways in the world. It is very unique in marketing because not all companies prefer to offer something for free. Only those companies that are working with a vision of going forward, take this long term approach to attract customers.

    The benefits of offering giveaways are countless. Though it will take a little amount of your budget, but will also offer a huge amount of traction.

    There are multiple advantages of offering free giveaways, especially during the holidays season. Firstly, it will start to build a pool of people that are interested in your products. This will give you a great idea how big your audience is. It will also define how you can further increase it by offering demanded features.

    Secondly, these free giveaways also allow you to build a strong reputation in the industry. People will get to know about your brand archetypes and why they are different from others. This is basically a type of marketing that will engage hundreds of people. But, that also depends on your marketing criteria and which segment of people you are currently focusing on.

    Get Started with Instagram Ads

    Instagram ads

    Instagram has become a popular social media platform to connect and engage with different people. At first, it was just a platform to share pictures. But, with the passage of time, it has grown to much higher standards.

    Today, Instagram is seen as a professional platform to market products. You can see a range of companies marketing their products and services on Instagram. Their campaigns become more active during the holidays, as more and more people visit their profiles to know about the latest products.

    Using the right holiday marketing ideas, you can also use Instagram to make your product promotions strong. We all know that smartphones are regularly used by everyone, hence Instagram provides you a great way to catch their attention by showing creative ads.

    Whether you are a fashion or a tech company, you can market the desired products/services easily through Instagram. The campaign pricing packages on Instagram are also not very costly, providing you a great chance to get good conversions by spending a minimal amount.

    Start Holiday Referral Contest

    Referral marketing has taken a huge lead in the online world. It provides stunning benefits in terms of building a chain of referrals in the circuit. Many companies have solidified their marketing strategies by using the right referral plans. You can also use it to take your conversions forward, precisely by using the right technique.

    A referral contest is said to be the best technique you can utilize during the holidays. It has a very simple yet affecting working plan. All you need to do is to just start a contest that will require your existing customers to refer your company to the others. You can offer them stunning discounts and product deals in return to that referral. This will build a level of trust among the people and will also increase your reputation in the market.

    Many companies offer different types of rewards for such contests. Some offer free product packages, while some provide yearly deals. It all depends on how you want to make your referral contest successful by offering the right rewards.

    Plan a Themed Get Together

    Christmas themed party

    If you want to engage people by throwing a party, try out something new with a themed-concept get together. This would come really handy because a lot of people like to attend such events on Christmas and other occasions. You can simply attract them towards your business by showing the preferred products in those parties.

    The presentation of your products or services is another important thing in those parties. You have to make sure to present them in a diligent manner, so that it can quickly grab customers’ attention. You can either hire a professional event manager to organize everything, or could also do it on your own. Once you will organize a successful party, people will automatically start to take interest in your business.

    This type of activity also comes in the long term marketing process. It has the tendency to attract and grow customers continuously, giving your business a strong lead in the market.

    Holiday Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Stores

    Run a Customer Appreciation Program

    Customer appreciation programs

    The best way to engage more customers is by running appreciation programs. It is a special type of activity that is aimed towards building motivation. It lets the people know that a company does care about them. This builds a great relationship of trust between the companies and customers which eventually translates into long term connections.

    There are many ways with which you can run customer appreciation programs. This could also include free giveaways and discounted deals of your products. Basically, these programs are launched according to the nature of customers. Anything that fits best for them should be included in these programs, so that they can get a positive vibe in the offerings.

    If you don’t have much experience in running these programs, take a look at how other companies have organized them. Nowadays, many renowned companies frequently schedule these types of events to engage more people. You can have a good idea by looking at those events, as how they are managed and conducted in a professional manner.

    Launch a New Holiday Specific Product

    It is also a great idea to launch a new product during the holidays. The marketing of this product should be done proactively, so that it can reap results within the holidays. Many fashion brands roll out their new products during the holidays. They know that it is the best season to grab customers’ attention, as most of them are enjoying their vacations.

    It is best recommended to create those products that can provide some sort of benefit to the customers. This could be done by knowing their requirements first. For instance, most people prefer to shop for apparel during holidays. Hence, it would be a great idea to launch a specific clothing line to attract those customers. It will give your business a great lead in the market, allowing you to generate revenue with a bigger customers’ pool.

    Optimize Your Remarketing

    Remarketing ads

    Sometimes, people get confused about how to extract leads even after marketing products. It happens most of the time when people do not select the right circuit or audience to market their services.

    But, what to do next when some campaigns aren’t providing the expected results?

    The answer is simple, go towards the remarketing phase.

    It is not rocket science to understand what remarketing is. It is a simple process that utilizes the same metrics (with better insights) to market the services again. This helps marketers to know about performance differences of both campaigns. It provides better analysis about various things, allowing marketers to know how to plan forthcoming campaigns accordingly.

    Whether you are working on Google Ads or social media marketing, everything needs a reanalysis in order to rectify things properly. That is how remarketing works and provides improved results according to your business goals.

    Pair Up with Other Businesses

    Nowadays, many businesses are pairing up with each other to reach a much bigger set of audience. Most of them collaborate with each other to roll out a specific product that can fulfil demands of their audiences collectively. This provides them a great chance to extend their customer pool and get more conversions from diverse channels.

    For instance, Supreme has collaborated with a number of brands at regular intervals to increase its market reach. Some of its popular collaborations include pairing up with Oreo, Louis Vuitton, Nike and more others.

    Using this example, you can also team up with any other brand that has a larger customer base in the market. This would allow you to get more reputation, and take a decisive lead in the industry. It is one of the best holiday marketing ideas that can enable you to promote the business creatively in diverse circuits.

    Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

    Start Marketing with a Social Cause

    Social cause marketing

    Another great practice to attract customers towards your business is to work on the social cause. Nowadays, many brands are working on different types of social causes to increase awareness. This type of activity is helping them to gain customers’ attention as well as strong social repute in the world.

    For example, Airbnb has started a campaign of bringing awareness about equality in the society. The mission statement of this campaign is that people can belong anywhere and there should be no restrictions attached. It has given them a great social standing in the market which has eventually allowed them to gain more interest.

    Using the same thought, you can also come forward in the market by promoting a strong social message. The best way to initiate it is by using the power of social media. You can first launch this campaign by taking assistance from different social media sites Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    Alternatively, you can also run ads on Google to attract millions of people from search engines. It will enable you to get a good market reach that will also assist in increasing conversions.

    Share Engaging Offers on Your Google My Business Profile

    If you want your product to appear on top pages and get good results from Google, then try listing them on your Google My Business profile. It will allow you to post events and offers directly on the business profile, enabling users to find your offers easily.

    The specific feature of events based listing comes very handy in this regard. It describes the complete list of events that will be happening in the near time. This gives people a bit of curiosity related to the specifics of that event. It is a very creative technique that not only engages people, but also encourages them to tell others about the event.

    These types of events also fit best for your holiday promotions. You can target a lot of people with this technique, provided you are offering the right products.

    Conduct Webinars

    Webinar marketing

    If you are focusing on engaging people through learning, then it is recommended to conduct webinars. The reason is that many people prefer to attend webinars during their vacations. Many of them want to learn new things related to their field these days. Hence, if you have got the right knowledge, then conduct webinars with detailed briefings and analysis.

    With the help of webinars, you can alternatively market your products/services among the people. This will not only build their trust, but also encourage them to take interest in your services.

    All you need to do is to just pick the right topic that fits well with your audience. It will automatically hook a lot of people in the session that will enable your business to get more attention.

    Start a New Video Marketing Campaign

    Every marketer knows the importance of video production and marketing. It is a great way to showcase your products and its features to the audience. These videos create a great impact in the minds of people, encouraging them to buy products quickly.

    Working on different holiday marketing ideas, you can consider this option as well. It will inspire your product’s visual representation in the market that will precisely assist in bringing conversions. You can take help from any social media platform to start the video marketing campaign such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Meanwhile, make sure to create these videos flawlessly so that they can grab viewers’ attention. It should not only promote products plainly, but should also define the benefits of using it. If you don’t have much knowledge about creating videos, try taking help from any professional video animation agency. These companies are pretty good in creating different types of videos according to the marketing trends, covering all your requirements properly.

    Use Amazon Advertisements

    Amazon advertisements

    Amazon is one of the top platforms to sell and purchase products. It has millions of users around the world, registered from different countries. It is indeed a great idea to use this platform for the advertisement of your products.

    Generally, the traffic on Amazon hits sky high limits during the holidays. Therefore, you can easily take its leverage to optimize your holiday marketing ideas. You can start creative advertisements on Amazon to attract traffic towards your website. Though the sponsored advertisements on Amazon are quite expensive, but also provide great results in terms of conversions.

    If you are not good at creating ads on Amazon, try taking help from any professional who has the knowledge about the platform. This way your advertisements can be organized and handled in a subtle manner, allowing you to get quality results.

    Holiday Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

    Offer Personalized Gifts to Build Customer Loyalty

    Personalized gifts for christmas

    If you want to build a long term relationship with customers, then you need to bring a strong sense of loyalty in the connection. This is necessary because it allows you to get leads from them for a long period of time.

    Many businesses use personalized gifts to build that relationship with the customers. Now, it depends on you to select the right gifts that fit well with your audience. It could be anything like apparel, accessories and more others.

    Based on the users’ interest, you can customize these gifts with a variety of things such as names, logos, real estate slogans, etc. This is a very unique technique and can be used with any type of customer segment. Just make sure to use the right products that are relevant with the audience, so that you can grab their attention.

    Discounted Offers

    We all love to go shopping during the holiday. It becomes more special when specific discounts are offered to us on our favorite products. Over the years, it has remained a proven technique to attract people towards products.

    To amplify your holiday marketing ideas, you can also take leverage from this practice as well. All of your customers will be thrilled after listening about the discounted deals. However, make sure to market these deals actively using the right channels.

    From social media to print publications, there are a lot of mediums where you can promote these discounted deals. All you need to do is to just use some creative visuals (banners, postcards, etc.) that can build customers interest. It will definitely give your campaigns a solid boost, ensuring stunning profits and conversions.

    Early Access Deals

    Amazon early access deals

    To grab more customers during the holidays, many companies offer early access discounts on their products/services. This includes specific deals that can only be availed at the start of holiday season. The pricing usually drops to more than 60%, allowing people to shop their favorite products easily.

    This is termed as a very creative technique to grab customers at the start of holiday season. It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to, you can gain good traffic and leads by using this campaign. Just make sure to provide a proper voucher or coupon code for these deals, so that people can easily use them to get early season discounts.

    Use the Power of Influencers

    We know how powerful influencers are in the modern world. These guys usually gain traffic from social media, as they have a very large following on these channels. If you are planning to use social media for holiday marketing, take some assistance from popular influencers. This will help you to reach their audience and make your products known in the market.

    Meanwhile, just make sure to hire those influencers that have got good repute in the market. This will help your brand to get leads as well as proper recognition in the industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why marketing during the holidays is important?
    Every businessman knows the importance of marketing during the holidays. It is the season in which you can grab numerous customers by showing the right product and deals.
    2. What are the best holiday marketing ideas for ecommerce stores?
    You can find multiple holiday marketing ideas for ecommerce stores in the market. Based on the business, there are different types of engagement plans used by the marketers. Some people use social media, while some utilize paid marketing campaigns to bring traffic from the internet.
    3. How to use free giveaways in your marketing campaigns?
    Many businesses like to use free giveaways in their marketing campaigns. It is a very helpful technique that allows you to enhance engagement in the market. You can use free giveaways of products, discounts and others in your campaigns.
    4. How to make a successful holiday marketing campaign?
    There are many ways to build a strong holiday marketing strategy. You need to target the interest of your customers first while devising any plan. All of your efforts should be centered around customer engagement, leading to making them a potential lead.
    5. How can I increase sales during the holidays?
    To increase sales during the holidays, try to market your product with different discounted deals. This will encourage people to take interest in your product and recommend them to others as well.


    That concludes our entire blog in which we have discussed various types of holiday marketing ideas in detail. As a marketer, you need to learn these techniques to extract quality results from the market. It is an undoubted fact that holidays bring a lot of opportunities for the marketers. It allows them to attract customers and gain huge revenue from the industry, precisely by working with unique holiday marketing ideas.

    From startups to established businesses, everyone can take advantage from holiday promotions. They can advertise their products/services creatively on a number of special events like Christmas, Black Friday and more. However, this also requires good analysis of the market and knowledge of picking up the right holiday marketing ideas.

    If you don’t have much experience in marketing during the holidays, take help from our branding experts. We will help your brand to get a strong footprint in the market, so that your business can reap profitable results.

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