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    30+ Catchy Holiday Marketing Slogans for Awesome Campaigns

    logopoppin Published: December 4, 2023 12 min read

    Discover the Process of Creating Holiday Slogans to Give Your Brand Campaign a Boost

    Marketing during the holidays is a tradition that has been going on for decades. For each holiday, consumers have different needs, which can even vary from region to region. These consumer needs are what businesses live for, and they prepare themselves to sell their offerings in large amounts. And that is where holiday marketing comes in.

    This type of marketing comes with its own gimmicks and tricks, such as special holiday marketing slogans, that allows these businesses to stand out among the competition. These elements are designed to play on your emotions, associating the holiday cheer with their brand and its offerings.

    And considering that these holidays are the biggest retail season of the entire year, its no wonder that businesses pull out all stops. The question is – how can you do the same for your business this BFCM and Christmas? Are you going to rely on your traditional marketing tactics, or are you going to pull out some amazing holiday slogans to capture your target audience?

    Let’s dive in and discover how we can create some amazing slogans for our business, that drive customers to our brand this BFCM and Christmas. Moreover, we will also see the process by which a professional branding services provider comes up with slogans sported by the top brands this holiday season.

    Why are Your Holiday Marketing Slogans Important?

    Just like your logo and brand graphics, your slogan is an important tool that is designed to convey your brand message to your consumers. Basically, a slogan’s job is to tell the user the benefit of your product/service. Take State Farm Insurance service. Their slogan “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” plays on their consumers’ emotions, telling them that unlike other heartless insurance companies, they are always there besides them, like a neighbor.

    Moreover, your slogan is designed to be catchy, so that people remember it quickly. In State Farm’s case, they designed their slogan into a jingle, which is one of the hardest things to forget. In fact, in some cases, the slogan is actually something that people remember more than the name of the brand, making it one of the more important holiday marketing ideas to implement.

    That is why, your brand slogan, especially your holiday slogans, need to be catchy and well thought-out. Otherwise, not only would you fail to attract consumers on that holiday, but also run the risk of people remembering your brand the wrong way.

    What Defines Strong Holiday Slogans?

    Simple thanksgiving slogan

    Your holiday marketing slogans are a critical element in your marketing and branding plans for seasonal holidays. They are a useful tool in capturing the crux of your brand and conveying it to your consumers successfully.

    A strong slogan ignites a fire in your consumers, urging them to do what the brand desires or feel what they desire. In fact, it helps them associate a feeling or benefit that can only be achieved via your brand. And the best part – it helps them remember your brand too.

    Now a good slogan needs to be short and catchy, with the right mix of words to drive the desired consumer response. Therefore, when we talk about a good holiday slogan, we mean that it:

    • Stops people in their tracks and makes them listen to your brand message. That means that it is instantly catchy and appealing, which draws consumer interest into your brand and its offerings.
    • Is highly memorable. There are many examples of slogans that are so ingrained in our minds, that it is like an earworm. Your slogan should be that effective that consumers have a hard time forgetting it, even if they try.
    • Portrays your brand message effectively. Being catchy isn’t all that is expected of your slogan. Its primary purpose is to convey your brand’s unique value to your consumers. That is why there should be no ambiguity in your slogan’s message portrayal.

    How Can You Craft a Catchy and Effective Holiday Marketing Slogan for Your Brand

    Writing slogans is a type of marketing copywriting, and requires the help of an expert. But while it is tricky, there are some metrics that can help you define whether a slogan you heard is quality or not. And it’s a useful skill to have, because even if you hire a professional, you still need to check whether the slogans they deliver are suitable for your brand.

    Here are some elements that define whether your holiday marketing slogans are going to effective at attracting consumers.

    Suit Your Audience Aesthetic

    First things first. Above all, your holiday slogans need to be suitable for your target consumers. If your brand offers products for people aged 50 and above, then having a slogan with modern references or Gen Z slang is going to be a problem.

    That is why, as a marketer, you need to identify and isolate your target market. Try to understand them. What do they like and dislike? What are their needs? What are their desires? What do they buy? These questions will help you identify the guidelines needed to create marketing slogans that stand out and connect with your target demographic. And this is really important when working with somewhat controversial holiday elements like Thanksgiving marketing ideas.


    Our branding experts create the perfect visual identity that suits your brand.


    Targets and Solves a Problem for Your Consumers

    Black Friday sale banner

    Next up, once you check that your slogans suit the aesthetic of your target market, the next thing to check is what problem your offering solves for the consumers. That is because as a business serving a community, you look to solve a problem for consumers. That is essentially how because no matter what the business, you can only ensure its success if it solves a problem for its consumers. That is especially important for some shopping elements like New Year’s marketing ideas, that come at the tail-end of a long holiday shopping season.

    Take M&M’s cheeky slogan, which says “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands” showcases that people have a hard time keeping chocolate candy from melting in their hands. This slogan not only tells consumers the solution to their pain point, but also cheekily throws shade at its competition.

    Drives Actions through Its Words

    Slogans are all about helping consumers convert and take the desired action. In every good slogan, the words that stand out are those that define and influence an action. And usually they influence the consumer into acting or feeling a certain a way, by chaining a verb and an adjective together for maximum impact.

    Take the famous slogan for the Dollar Shave Club. It says, “Shave time. Shave money”, which reinforces the act of shaving, while at the same time playing on the consumer emotions of saving time and money.

    Is Aligned With Your Brand Marketing Campaign

     Big brand sale poster

    As your holiday marketing slogans are part of your seasonal branding plan, they should align with your brand and its campaign. It needs to match the vibe of your brand, so that the consumers receive the right message.

    For example, if your brand deals in limited edition, handcrafted, upscale products, then your slogan should avoid words like sale or discount. That is because your target market isn’t one that is looking for a deal; rather they are on the lookout for something unique and special.

    Is Short and Catchy

    Finally, one of the more critical characteristics is that your holiday slogans should be short and catchy. Long slogans may be more expressive, but a long slogan is hard to remember. Moreover, too long, and people won’t even read it completely. And that will result in the consumers not getting your message completely.

    There are many options of short and catchy slogans used by popular brands through the years. Think of Volkswagen’s “Das Auto”, which was finally dropped by the brand in 2016. Although it was somewhat pretentious in this modern day and age, you cannot deny that it wasn’t catchy.

    30+ Holiday Slogans to Inspire the Creation of Your Brand Slogan

    So now that you know why your holiday marketing slogans are necessary for your business, as well as how to create an effective slogan for your brand campaign, you are ready to craft one for yourself. However, you might be looking for some inspiration.

    Finding the right jumping point to start your slogan creation journey can be a bit tedious. You will often see many brands use the same Halloween marketing ideas year after year, just because they think crafting a new one if too tedious. However, we are here to help you with that too. Listed below are some great examples of holiday slogans that are compiled according to specific holiday shopping seasons.

    Let’s dive in and take a look at them to see if there is one here to inspire your own slogan.

    Thanksgiving Holiday Marketing Slogans

    Thanksgiving feast depiction

    Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in a number of countries, originally created in the style of harvest festivals celebrated across the world. Today, the US, Canada, Germany, Grenada, Liberia, and Saint Lucia officially celebrate thanksgiving.

    Some great thanksgiving marketing slogans we have discovered include:

    • (Pumpkin) Spice up your thanksgiving hosting!
    • Turkey that with every bite, gives the taste of home.
    • A cornucopia of Thanksgiving deals!
    • Easy as Pie Cookware, for the perfect thanksgiving feast
    • Sales that embrace the true Thanksgiving spirit
    • Give thanks by giving back – Donate a turkey meal.
    • Turkey trot on over for these amazing deals!
    • The perfect rub to spice up your Thanksgiving
    • Sugar, spice, and a trusty pot, wouldn’t it be nice? Shop our thanksgiving cookware deals today!
    • Home for your Mom’s turkey? Show her you care; get her a gift from our holiday deal now!

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Holiday Slogans

    Black Friday sales depiction

    Black Friday is the biggest sales event of the year in the United States, and brands prepare themselves for this months in advance. However, nowadays, many businesses, especially those with eCommerce stores, opt to combine it with Cyber Monday, another shopping event that comes just three days after thanksgiving. And in recent years, this combination has become one of the most popular Black Friday marketing strategies used by brands.

    This combined event is also known as BFCM by marketers, and will often result in brands creating marketing plans that span the four-day holiday. Let’s take a look some good slogans for this holiday.

    • Burn off that turkey feast; shop our amazing Black Friday deals!
    • Black Friday x Cyber Monday – The place where you will always find something you desire!
    • Treat Yo’ Self to a new winter wardrobe – Our BFCM sale is now LIVE!
    • Life’s Short, buy those shows – The Black Friday Fashion Bonanza is now Live!
    • Screw the early bird. Enjoy thanksgiving weekend with our Cyber Monday deals
    • Treat yourself for the perfect thanksgiving feast – Shop our Black Friday sales!
    • Get your Christmas shopping out of the way with our amazing BFCM deals
    • TGI(Black)Friday – 50% off EVERYTHING until midnight. Avoid FOMO, shop now!
    • Why stand in line? Get your stuff delivered free with our Cyber Monday Extravaganza!
    • Avoid going in red with our awesome Black Friday Sales Gala!

    Christmas Holiday Slogans

    Person doing Christmas shopping

    Christmas is the quintessential holiday, with good food, fun, and family all around. Moreover, it is also one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, with many store facing stock shortages as the holiday comes near. That is why businesses try to capitalize on the impact of any and every branding element from popular Christmas marketing ideas to stand out and make an impact.

    That is because many brands capitalize on the holiday cheer to boost their branding, and use holiday marketing slogans centered on Christmas. Some great examples include:

    • Ho Ho Ho! It’s the annual holly jolly sale
    • 25 Days of Christmas Shopping Gala – Shop now!
    • The elves have gone rogue. Get these amazing Christmas deals before its too late!
    • End the year on a shopping high with these cheerful Christmas deals
    • Make your holiday a jolly day with these amazing savings
    • Share your Christmas cheer – Donate a meal
    • The year’s almost ending, get these deals before time runs out!
    • Add that Christmas sparkle to your family’s holiday – Enjoy our Christmas Extravaganza!
    • Missing home this Christmas? Come join us for, your one-stop yuletide solution
    • ‘Tis the season. Enjoy these awesome deals, and celebrate this Christmas in style
    • Have a Santaculer Christmas with these amazing Christmas savings.
    • Enjoy our merry terry Christmas deals. Show that you care with our cozy Christmas robes.


    To sum it up, you will find hundreds of holiday marketing slogans if you look for them on the internet. Moreover, you can also find slogan generators online that would take a keyword from you and generate a list of marketing slogans.

    However, if you want great holiday slogans that connect with your consumers and convey your brand’s value proposition, the best option is to hire a professional branding copywriter. Nevertheless, if you want to try your hand at creating a slogan for your business, the guide above is going to be a great start for you.

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