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    Popular Horse Car Logos and Their Automotive Performance Legacy

    logopoppin Published: March 29, 2024 9 min read

    Discover the Top Car Logos with Horse Icon and See Why They are the Symbols of Power

    In the constantly evolving world of automobiles, a car logo is more than just an image – it’s a symbol that encapsulates a brand’s entire identity into a single image. Automotive manufacturers carefully design their logos to evoke the desired emotions, convey their heritage, and embody the essence they want associated with their vehicles. And in this diverse landscape of car logos, one symbol reigns supreme – the horse car logo.

    Throughout history, the horse has been a powerful image associated with speed, freedom, and raw power. From centuries past, the image of a mounted rider was used to herald many noble families and clans across civilizations, from the Romans to Persians, the Mongols, and more. This allure towards the animal makes the horse a natural choice for automotive logos, thus allowing the companies to portray the performance capabilities of their offering.

    But how have modern car companies used this symbol? Well, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the top car logos with horse in their design, and discover how these icons designed by professional logo design services have managed to become so popular.

    The Legendary Stallions: Horse Logos That Paved the Way

    When we talk about a horse car logo, a few images instantly come to mind. These images signify the logos of car brands that have established themselves as the pinnacle of automotive performance. Some are known for their raw power, others for their regal stature or their nimbleness.

    In any case, these car logos with horse as the icon are some of the top car brands in the world. Let’s take a look at what their logos represent, and why the horse was the perfect symbol for their brand image.

    The Prancing Stallion of Ferrari –Pinnacle of Italian Automotive Performance

    Ferrari logo

    Few horse car logos are as instantly recognizable as the iconic prancing horse of the Ferrari logo. This rearing stallion, displayed against a vibrant yellow background, is a powerful symbol that is now synonymous with Italian luxury, cutting-edge technology, and heart-stopping speed.

    The horse’s origin story adds another layer of intrigue – derived from a prancing horse emblem adorned on a World War I fighter plane flown by Count Francesco Baracca, a national hero and friend of company founder Enzo Ferrari.

    Before Enzo decided to branch out and form his own automotive company, he owned and led an Alfa Romeo racing works team called Scuderia Ferrari (Ferrari’s Stable). With a legacy like that, it’s no wonder that the rearing stallion became the ideal brand symbol for the pinnacle of Italian car brands.

    The Untamed Spirit of Ford Mustang on the Open Road

     Ford Mustang logo

    Crossing the Atlantic and coming to America, the Ford Mustang in another iconic car that gallops forward with its own legendary horse logo. Although not entirely a car company on its own, but rather a specific car released by Ford, it soon became an entity all its own.

    The image of a wild mustang, the symbol of the American prairie, mid-stride with its mane flowing, perfectly captures the essence of the USA’s obsession with outright performance. Introduced in 1964, the Ford Mustang logo has undergone subtle refinements over the years, but the core message remains unchanged – untamed power, a touch of rebellion, and the thrill of the open road.

    The Stuttgart Stallion of Porsche – A Subtle Yet Historically Powerful Symbol

    Porsche logo

    Coming back to Europe, the Porsche logo stands out in the world of car logos with horse for its rich detail heritage. Rather than the symbols most car companies use today, the Porsche symbol is quite similar to the heraldic symbol of an aristocratic family from Stuttgart, who started the company.

    Unlike the focus on the horse seen in logos like Ferrari or Mustang, the Porsche emblem is a crest, incorporating a leaping horse at the center of the design surrounded by other elements. This intricate design reflects not just the brand’s association with power and performance, but also its deep roots in German engineering excellence and the region itself.

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    Beyond the Big Names – A Global Herd of Horse Car Logos

    While Ferrari and Ford Mustang might be the first to come to mind when we talk about a horse car logo, the world of normal and sports car logos boasts a diverse range of such emblems. Many lesser-known automotive symbols use the imagery of a horse as part of their brand symbol.

    These examples show how regional influences can affect the use of the horse symbol in car badges. Basically, cultural nuances and business aspirations of the brand itself are reflected in the design and style of the horse logo. For instance, the rearing profile of the Ferrari stallion shows a vibe of untamed power, while the galloping horse of Ford Mustang signifies unwavering strength and freedom.

    Let’s take a look at these lesser-known yet no less important car logos with horse.

    Carlsson (Germany)

    Carlsson logo

    Carlsson is a German tuning company that specializes in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This car tuner features a rearing black horse on its crest, symbolizing elegance and refined power. The design of this horse car logo perfectly reflects Carlsson’s focus on luxury performance vehicles, taking everyday vehicles and elevating them with a touch of performance exclusivity.

    Kamaz (Russia)

    Kamaz logo

    Kamaz is a Russian heavy automotive company, and the logo for this Russian truck manufacturer depicts a powerful draft horse pulling something. This imagery perfectly conveys the brand’s focus on strength, endurance, and capability, essential qualities for hauling massive cargo across vast distances common across a region such as Russia.

    Baojun (China)

    Baojun logo

    Baojun is a lesser-known Chinese automotive company, who joins the equestrian ranks with a logo that depicts a sleek horse head in profile. This horse car logo conveys a sense of modern innovation and design, aligning with the brand’s focus on technologically advanced vehicles targeted at a younger generation of drivers.

    Its newest models of cars have paved the way for the company to have it logo included in the list of Chinese electric car brand logos, based on the demands of their younger target market.”

    The Enduring Allure of Car Logos with Horse as Symbols of Power and Significance

    The popularity of the car logos with horse both today and in the decades past can be attributed to its rich historical significance. For centuries, horses were the epitome of wealth, power, and transportation.  Trusted companions for warriors, nobles, and explorers, they were an animal owned only by those with strong financial standing.

    Moreover, their association with mythological characters, such as the Pegasus of Greek myths, has resulted in some amazing car logos with wings that utilized the concept of freedom to their advantage. This association with dominance, speed, and nobility translates perfectly into the automotive world. Car manufacturers leverage these positive associations with the symbol to position their vehicles as offering a similar level of exclusive experience.

    The Future of the Horse Car Logo – Will it Keep Galloping Strong?

    As the automotive industry is slowly but surely moving towards a future dominated by electric vehicles and autonomous driving, what will be the relevance of the horse car logo among logo symbols? Will it fade away into oblivion, a reminder of the days of the internal combustion engine, or will these car logos with horse signify a defiance in the face of the electric automotive movement?

    Whatever the future may bring, here’s why we believe that these logos would remain a strong presence in the automotive industry.

    • Timeless Appeal: The horse’s association with speed, freedom, and power transcends any technological advancements. Even in electric vehicles, the concept of heart-racing performance and pushing automotive boundaries remains relevant. The horse logo can continue to represent these core values.
    • Brand Heritage: For some car companies, the horse logo is deeply rooted within their brand heritage. Abandoning it would alienate loyal customers and dilute brand recognition.
    • Evolution, Not Extinction: As seen with Porsche’s symbol, companies can adapt their horse car logos to reflect changing times. A more abstract representation of a horse could maintain the core message while incorporating a modern aesthetic.

    Ultimately, the future of the car logos with horse in the automotive industry today relies on how these brands leverage their symbol’s enduring appeal and adapt it to a rapidly evolving landscape.

    Frequently Asked Question

    What car logo has a horse outline?
    Nearly every horse car logo uses a profile of a horse in some way. However, Chinese Baojun uses the outline specifically of a horse’s head and neck.
    What car logo has a black horse?
    Ferrari has a logo that uses an all-black logo as part of the design.
    What luxury cars have a horse logo?
    Both Ferrari and Porsche are luxury automakers that sport the horse as part of their brand symbol. While Ferrari portrays the symbol prominently, Porsche takes a subtler approach with the horse used in the center of the design, surrounded by other heraldic symbols.


    From the prancing Ferrari stallion to Ford’s galloping mustang, the image of a horse car logo has become an undeniable part of automotive branding. These car emblems not only capture the essence of speed and power of their brands, but also evoke a sense of heritage and timeless appeal.

    As the automotive industry continues to evolve, car logos with horse will remain a powerful symbol, reminding us of the thrill of the open road. So, what’s your favorite car logo featuring a horse?

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