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    Top Instagram Categories to List Business & Drive Engagement

    Marilla Lawson Published: April 26, 2024 18 min read

    Know About the Popular Instagram Business Categories in Detail Below

    Instagram has become a popular social media platform to drive traffic from the internet. Many businesses, especially ecommerce stores are active on Instagram to take leverage from this great trend. They understand that millions of people use Instagram daily to stay connected with the social world. This gives them a smart opportunity to grab their attention by marketing products and services on Instagram. They create specific business profiles and list them on the relevant Instagram categories get a solid visibility on the platform. It is a part of their social media marketing strategy that works every time offering fruitful results.

    Instagram is specially loved by startups and small businesses that are looking to make an early impact in the market. Their goal to drive traffic from social media depends a lot on Instagram because it is used by millions of people daily. As per a recent report, 70% of online shoppers look to Instagram to find their favorite products. This precisely showcases the significance of Instagram for ecommerce businesses, as how much traffic they are regularly getting from this platform. Though they also pay attention to the other apps, but Instagram always takes precedence in their books.

    They key to drive engagement from Instagram depends on few specifics. The most important thing in this regard is the listing of your company in the right Instagram business categories. If you do not know which Instagram categories should be used to list your business, read this article in detail. It will let you know about all Instagram business categories that are popular right now, offering businesses a way to list down their services properly.  

    Importance of Instagram for Social Branding

    Social media team

    When it comes to branding and marketing, nothing works better than social media these days. It provides business a leverage to drive immense traffic by building strong profiles. Some of the top platforms like Instagram works very well in this regard. It has now become a top choice of many marketers working online. They understand that Instagram provides a valuable potential of branding, allowing businesses to grow seamlessly within no time. They can use different practices to strengthen branding on Instagram, such as paid ads targeting, influencer partnerships and more others.

    Instagram is also considered good for business branding because it directs your content towards the targeted audience. Unlike other platforms, Instagram has the power to filter out all the clutter that could limit your branding services. Firstly, it clears out all the traffic that do not offers any engagement to your brand. This means that the ads/posts are not shown to those people who are not in your targeted market. This is a big plus of Instagram that makes branding pretty simple for businesses so that they can focus on the right market.

    Secondly, Instagram gives you suggestions how others are doing branding in the industry. It is showcased in the form of posts that are similar to your work niche. This method helps you to become a better brand marketer equipped with all type of branding knowledge. By following the best industry practices, you can build smart branding campaigns capable of giving long-lasting growth to your business. All of these things makes Instagram important for branding and marketing, and you can take good advantage from it by listing services in the right Instagram business categories.

    Utility of Instagram Business Categories

    Instagram team)

    The professional account of Instagram works in a bit different manner as compared to the personal profile. This account is purely made for the commercial purpose, hence it follows all those practices that can drive traffic towards your business. There are various things you need to use very wisely in the professional account of Instagram. This first thing here is the usage of right Instagram business categories. It refers to an area where you want to list your business. By doing that correctly, you let all the users know which type of services are offered by the company.

    Placing your business inside right Instagram categories also helps the platform to understand your preferences. This allows the app to send relevant posts to your profile that is related to the business niche. If you will not select the category properly, then you can miss out on various things. Not just that, people will also fail to discover your business, because it won’t be listed in the right category. These are the little things that should be take into account while promoting your business on Instagram. They often prove to be very vital for engagement, provided you are offering the in-demand products as well.

    Boosting Followers Through Funny Instagram Categories

    Instagram boost

    The strategy to market business through Instagram can take different turns. It is a well known fact that funny videos on Instagram often get more engagement. People like to watch these videos all day to get entertained by funny characters and stories. Recently, it has been noted that some marketers are using this branding strategy to promote their business. They are building a separate account to post funny videos, and while doing that, they are smartly promoting different services in the mid of them.

    These accounts are often listed under funny Instagram categories. The basic purpose to do that is to get quick attention of those people that are searching for funny videos. Thera are plenty of Instagram categories in which such videos can be posted like Comedy Skits, Parody, and more others. This type of account works as an indirect affiliate for the main Instagram business profile. It employs a smart strategy to engage traffic in different funnels, so that they can work perfectly for the growth of the actual brand.  

    Best Funny Instagram Categories to Consider

    Happy kid)

    If you are pursuing to create a profile where you will post regular funny videos, you’ll first need to find a category that will best support your videos. Right now, Instagram provides different types of categories to build such profiles, and it depends on you to pick them based on the core concept of the video. Let’s take a quick look at some of them below.


    Parody is a very popular comedic category in which people make videos on particular characters in a funny way. It is generally based on celebrities, meaning that the performers try to mimic their act and behavior in the video. This requires good adoption skills, because in such videos, you have to act exactly like them. These videos are quite popular on Instagram, and you can find dozens of them while scrolling through the feed. Their engagement rate is quite high as compared to other videos, normally counting in thousands of views or even more.

    The concept of parody refers to portray characters in a much funny way. These videos describe original stories in a different way, such as making a film character a sportsperson or any other random guy. These videos are created just to make people laugh, and enjoy a different side of the character. So, if you are looking to boost engagement on your profile, try adding some parody videos of famous celebrities, politicians and other famous people.

    Behind the Scenes

    The ‘Behind the Scenes’ category serves as a captivating gateway, offering viewers exclusive glimpses into facets of their beloved content creators’ lives. Delving into ‘Behind the Scenes’ content fosters a deeper connection between users and creators, unveiling intimate aspects of their personalities and work routines. This immersive experience not only enhances viewer engagement but also affords enthusiasts the opportunity to actively engage in the creative process, enriching their appreciation for the content they adore.

    By providing an insider’s perspective, the ‘Behind the Scenes’ category elevates the viewing experience, transcending the boundaries of traditional content consumption. Viewers are invited into the inner workings of their favorite creators’ worlds, witnessing firsthand the meticulous planning, spontaneous moments, and behind-the-camera camaraderie that breathe life into their content. Through this behind-the-scenes lens, users gain insight into the creative journey, fostering a sense of inclusion and investment in the content they see regularly.

    Comedy Skits

    The ‘Comedy Skits’ category proves to be a cornerstone of social media platforms, offering viewers a delightful avenue into the realm of humor while fostering a sense of camaraderie and inclusivity. Far from ordinary, skits have the power to transcend mere amusement when executed with precision, infusing joy and laughter into the digital landscape. Through an array of visual mediums such as lip-syncs, impressions, and improvisations, creators wield a potent tool for entertainment, captivating audiences and igniting shared moments of enjoyment.

    Within comedy skits, there exists a vibrant spectrum of creative expression that resonates with both creators and viewers alike. From the infectious energy of unrehearsed performances to the artistry of spot-on impressions, each skit offers a unique opportunity for engagement and connection. By immersing themselves in these comedic videos, audiences not only find respite from the dullness of daily life but also feel a sense of belonging within the social community.


    The ‘Pranks’ category offers an engaging avenue to infuse humor into social media, setting the stage for shared moments of laughter and amusement. Contrary to popular belief, pranks need not be elaborate or extreme to elicit genuine enjoyment. Content creators seize a distinctive opportunity within this category to playfully jest with their audience, fostering an environment where lighthearted antics reign supreme. Leveraging pranks to interact with viewers not only cultivates a sense of camaraderie but also serves as a dynamic branding idea to drive engagement on social media.

    Talking about pranks, creators harness the power of creativity to orchestrate memorable experiences that resonate with their audience. From whimsical antics to clever setups, each prank unfolds as a collaborative exchange of laughter and entertainment between creator and viewer. Through these playful interactions, content creators not only entertain their audience but also establish a rapport built on shared moments of amusement.

    Know About All Instagram Business Categories

    Instagram logo

    Now, coming to the other side, you must need to know the type of categories listed for the business accounts. Everyone know that various companies use Instagram these days to market their services, so the areas to list them are also quite diverse. From food business to fashion store, you can find multiple categories there available for the inspiring businesses. Let’s take a detailed look at them below.


    • Academic Camp
    • Accessories
    • Accountant
    • Actor
    • Acupuncturist
    • Advertising Agency
    • Advertising/Marketing
    • Aerospace Company
    • African Restaurant
    • Agricultural Cooperative
    • Agriculture
    • Airline Company
    • Album
    • Allergist
    • Alternative & Holistic Health Service
    • Amateur Sports Team
    • Antique Store
    • Apartment & Condo Building
    • App Page
    • Apparel Distributor
    • Appliance Repair Service
    • Aquarium
    • Architectural Designer
    • Argentinian Restaurant
    • Aromatherapy Service
    • Art
    • Artist
    • Arts & Entertainment
    • Asian Fusion Restaurant
    • Astrologist & Psychic
    • Athlete
    • Audiologist
    • Auditorium
    • Australian Restaurant
    • Automotive Repair Shop
    • Aviation School
    • Awning Supplier


    • Baby & Children’s Clothing Store
    • Baby Goods/Kids Goods
    • Bags & Luggage Company
    • Bags & Luggage Store
    • Bags/Luggage
    • Bail Bondsmen
    • Bakery
    • Band
    • Bank
    • Bar
    • Bar & Grill
    • Barbecue Restaurant
    • Barber Shop
    • Bartending Service
    • Beach
    • Beach Resort
    • Beauty Salon
    • Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care
    • Beer Bar
    • Biotechnology Company
    • Blinds & Curtains Store
    • Blogger
    • Board Game
    • Boat / Sailing Instructor
    • Book
    • Borough
    • Botanical Garden
    • Bottled Water Company
    • Brand
    • Brand Agency
    • Buffet Restaurant
    • Building Material Store
    • Building Materials
    • Burger Restaurant
    • Bus Tour Agency
    • Business
    • Business Center
    • Business Service
    • Butcher Shop


    • Cabin
    • Cabinet & Countertop Store
    • Cable & Satellite Company
    • Cafe
    • Cafeteria
    • Camera Store
    • Camera/Photo
    • Canadian Restaurant
    • Candy Store
    • Canoe & Kayak Rental
    • Cantonese Restaurant
    • Car Dealership
    • Cash Advance Service
    • Casino
    • Chicken Joint
    • Child Care Service
    • Child Protective Service
    • Chimney Sweeper
    • Chinese Restaurant
    • Chiropractor
    • Chocolate Shop
    • Choir
    • Christian Church
    • Church
    • Church Of Christ
    • Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
    • City
    • City Infrastructure
    • Cleaning Service
    • Clothing (Brand)
    • Clothing Store
    • Cocktail Bar
    • Coffee Shop
    • Collectibles Store
    • College & University
    • Colombian Restaurant
    • Comedian
    • Comedy Club
    • Comfort Food Restaurant
    • Comic Bookstore
    • Commercial & Industrial
    • Commercial & Industrial Equipment Supplier
    • Commercial & Industrial Equipment Supplier
    • Commercial Bank
    • Commercial Equipment
    • Commercial Real Estate Agency
    • Commercial Truck Dealership
    • Community
    • Community Organization
    • Company
    • Competition
    • Concert Tour
    • Concrete Contractor
    • Construction Company
    • Consulate & Embassy
    • Consulting Agency
    • Contemporary Art Museum
    • Continental Restaurant
    • Contractor
    • Convenience Store
    • Convent & Monastery
    • Convention Center
    • Cooking School
    • Copywriting Service
    • Corporate Lawyer
    • Corporate Office
    • Cosmetic Dentist
    • Credit Union
    • Currency Exchange


    • Dairy Farm
    • Damage Restoration Service
    • Dance & Night Club
    • Dance School
    • Dance Studio
    • Dancer
    • Dating Service
    • Day Care
    • Day Spa
    • Deli
    • Design & Fashion
    • Dessert Shop
    • Discount Store
    • Doctor
    • Dorm
    • Driving School
    • Drug Addiction Treatment Center
    • Dry Cleaner
    • Dui Lawyer


    • E-Cigarette Store
    • Eco Tour Agency
    • E-Commerce Website
    • Education
    • Engineering Service
    • Entertainment Website
    • Entrepreneur
    • Environmental Conservation  Organization
    • Environmental Consultant
    • Environmental Service
    • Episode
    • Equestrian Center
    • Escape Game Room
    • Esports League
    • Estate Planning Lawyer
    • Ethiopian Restaurant
    • European Restaurant
    • Evangelical Church
    • Event
    • Event Photographer
    • Event Planner
    • Event Videographer
    • Exotic Car Rental


    • Fabric Store
    • Family Doctor
    • Family Medicine Practice
    • Family Style Restaurant
    • Fashion Designer
    • Fashion Model
    • Fast Food Restaurant
    • Finance
    • Finance Company
    • Financial Aid Service
    • Financial Consultant
    • Financial Planner
    • Financial Service
    • Flight School
    • Florist
    • Flyboarding Center
    • Fondue Restaurant
    • Food & Beverage
    • Food Stand
    • Footwear Store


    • Gamer
    • Games/Toys
    • Gaming Video Creator
    • Garage Door Service
    • Garden Center
    • Gardener
    • Gas & Chemical Service
    • Gas Station
    • Gastropub
    • Gay Bar
    • Gelato Shop
    • General Dentist
    • German Restaurant
    • Gift Shop
    • Glass & Mirror Shop
    • Glass Manufacturer
    • Glass Service
    • Gluten-Free Restaurant
    • Go-Kart Track
    • Golf Cart Dealership
    • Government Organization
    • Graphic Designer
    • Grocery Store


    • Hair Replacement Service
    • Hair Salon
    • Halal Restaurant
    • Hardware Store
    • Hat Store
    • Haunted House
    • Hawaiian Restaurant
    • Health & Wellness Website
    • Health Food Restaurant
    • Health Food Store
    • Health Spa
    • Health/Beauty
    • Healthcare Administrator
    • Heating, Ventilating & Air  Conditioning Service
    • Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Service
    • High School
    • Hiking Trail
    • Hindu Temple
    • Historical Tour Agency
    • Home Decor
    • Home Improvement
    • Horse Trainer
    • Horseback Riding Center
    • Hospital
    • Hospitality Service
    • Hostel
    • Hot Air Balloon Tour Agency
    • Hot Dog Joint
    • Hotel
    • Hotel & Lodging


    • Ice Cream Shop
    • Independent Bookstore
    • Indian Chinese Restaurant
    • Indian Restaurant
    • Indo Chinese Restaurant
    • Indonesian Restaurant
    • Industrial Company
    • Information Technology Company
    • In-Home Service
    • Inn
    • Insurance Agent
    • Insurance Broker
    • Insurance Company
    • Intellectual Property Lawyer
    • Interest
    • Interior Design Studio
    • Internet Cafe
    • Internet Company
    • Internet Marketing Service
    • Internet Service Provider
    • Investing Service
    • Investment Bank
    • Investment Management Company
    • Irish Restaurant


    • Japanese Restaurant
    • Jazz & Blues Club
    • Jewelry & Watches Company
    • Jewelry/Watches
    • Journalist
    • Just For Fun


    • Karaoke
    • Kennel
    • Kitchen & Bath Contractor
    • Kitchen/Cooking
    • Kiteboarding Center
    • Korean Restaurant
    • Kosher Restaurant


    • Labor Union
    • Landmark & Historical Place
    • Landscape Architect
    • Landscape Company
    • Landscape Designer
    • Language School
    • Laser Hair Removal Service
    • Laser Tag Center
    • Lasik/Laser Eye Surgeon
    • Latin American Restaurant
    • Laundromat
    • Law Enforcement Agency
    • Lawyer & Law Firm
    • Library
    • Live Music Venue
    • Livery Stable
    • Livestock Farm
    • Loan Service
    • Lobbyist
    • Local & Travel Website
    • Local Business
    • Local Service
    • Locality
    • Locksmith
    • Lodge
    • Lottery Retailer
    • Lounge
    • Luggage Service
    • Lumber Yard


    • Magazine
    • Magician
    • Makeup Artist
    • Malaysian Restaurant
    • Management Service
    • Marina
    • Marine
    • Marine Supply Store
    • Market
    • Market Research Consultant
    • Marketing Agency
    • Marketing Consultant
    • Marriage Therapist
    • Media
    • Media Agency
    • Media/News Company
    • Medical & Health
    • Medical Cannabis Dispensary
    • Medical Center
    • Medical School
    • Medical Service
    • Medical Spa
    • Medical Supply Store
    • Meditation Center
    • Mediterranean Restaurant
    • Meeting Room
    • Men’s Clothing Store
    • Mental Health Service
    • Merchandising Service
    • Metal Fabricator
    • Metal Supplier
    • Methodist Church
    • Mexican Restaurant
    • Middle Eastern Restaurant
    • Middle School
    • Miniature Golf Course
    • Mining Company
    • Mission
    • Mobile Home Park
    • Mobile Phone Shop
    • Modeling Agency
    • Modern Art Museum
    • Modern European Restaurant
    • Monarch
    • Monument
    • Moroccan Restaurant
    • Mortgage Brokers
    • Mosque
    • Motel
    • Motivational Speaker
    • Motor Vehicle Company
    • Motorcycle Dealership
    • Motorcycle Manufacturer
    • Motorcycle Repair Shop
    • Motorsports Store
    • Mountain
    • Mountain Biking Shop
    • Movie
    • Movie & Music Store
    • Movie Character
    • Music Lessons & Instruction School
    • Music Video
    • Musician
    • Musician/Band


    • Nail Salon
    • Nanny
    • National Forest
    • National Park
    • Nature Preserve
    • Naturopath
    • Neapolitan Restaurant
    • Neighborhood
    • Neurologist
    • New American Restaurant
    • News & Media Website
    • Newspaper
    • Non-Governmental Organization (Ngo)
    • Nonprofit Organization
    • Not A Business
    • Nursing Agency


    • Obstetrician-Gynecologist (Obgyn)
    • Occupational Safety And Health  Service
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Ocean
    • Office Equipment Store
    • Office Supplies
    • Opera House
    • Ophthalmologist
    • Optician
    • Optometrist
    • Oral Surgeon
    • Orchestra
    • Organic Grocery Store
    • Organization
    • Orthodontist
    • Osteopathic Doctor
    • Other
    • Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company
    • Outdoor Equipment Store
    • Outdoor Recreation
    • Outlet Store


    • Paddleboarding Center
    • Paintball Center
    • Pakistani Restaurant
    • Palace
    • Park
    • Party Entertainment Service
    • Party Supply & Rental Shop
    • Passport & Visa Service
    • Patio/Garden
    • Paving & Asphalt Service
    • Pawn Shop
    • Pediatrician
    • Pentecostal Church
    • Performance & Event Venue
    • Performance Art
    • Performance Art Theatre
    • Personal Blog
    • Pest Control Service
    • Petting Zoo
    • Pharmaceutical Company
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Pharmacy / Drugstore
    • Pho Restaurant
    • Phone/Tablet
    • Photographer
    • Photography Museum
    • Photography Videography
    • Physical Therapist
    • Pilates Studio
    • Pizza Place
    • Planetarium
    • Plastic Company
    • Plastic Manufacturer
    • Plastic Surgeon
    • Playground
    • Printing Service
    • Private Investigator
    • Private Members Club
    • Private Plane Charter
    • Private School
    • Proctologist
    • Producer
    • Product/Service
    • Professional Gamer
    • Professional Service
    • Professional Sports Team
    • Promenade
    • Property Lawyer
    • Property Management Company
    • Psychologist
    • Psychotherapist
    • Pub
    • Public & Government Service
    • Public Figure
    • Public Relations Agency
    • Public School
    • Public Service
    • Public Swimming Pool
    • Public Utility Company
    • Publisher




    • Race Track
    • Radio Station
    • Rafting/Kayaking Center
    • Real Estate
    • Real Estate Agent
    • Real Estate Appraiser
    • Real Estate Company
    • Real Estate Developer
    • Record Label
    • Recruiter
    • Recycling & Waste Management
    • Recycling Center
    • Reference Website
    • Reflexologist
    • Refrigeration Service
    • Region
    • Regional Website
    • Religious Bookstore
    • Religious Center
    • Religious Organization
    • Rental Shop
    • Reproductive Service
    • Residence
    • Restaurant
    • Restaurant Supply Store
    • Restaurant Wholesaler
    • Retail Bank
    • Retail Company
    • Retirement & Assisted Living  Facility
    • Rideshare Service
    • Robotics Company
    • Rock Climbing Gym
    • Rodeo
    • Roller Skating Rink
    • Roofing Service


    • School
    • Science, Technology & Engineering
    • Scooter Rental
    • Screen Printing & Embroidery
    • Scuba Diving Center
    • Scuba Instructor
    • Sculpture Garden
    • Seafood Restaurant
    • Seasonal Store
    • Secretarial Service
    • Security Guard Service
    • Self-Storage Facility
    • Service Apartments
    • Shop
    • Shopping & Retail
    • Shopping District
    • Shopping Mall
    • Shopping Service
    • Show
    • Sightseeing Tour Agency
    • Signs & Banner Service
    • Sikh Temple
    • Skate Shop
    • Skateboard Park
    • Ski & Snowboard Shop
    • Ski Resort
    • Skin Care Service
    • Skydiving Center
    • Smoothie & Juice Bar
    • Snorkeling Spot
    • Soba Restaurant
    • Soccer Field
    • Social Club
    • Social Media Agency
    • Social Service
    • Society & Culture Website
    • Software
    • Software Company
    • Solar Energy Company
    • Solar Energy Service
    • Song
    • Sorority & Fraternity
    • Soul Food Restaurant
    • Soup Restaurant
    • South African Restaurant
    • Southern Restaurant
    • Souvenir Shop
    • Spa
    • Spanish Restaurant
    • Specialty School
    • Sports & Recreation
    • Sports League
    • Sports Team
    • Storage Facility
    • Structural Engineer
    • Subway Station
    • Sunglasses & Eyewear Store
    • Supermarket
    • Surf Shop
    • Surfing Spot
    • Surveyor
    • Sushi Restaurant
    • Swimming Instructor
    • Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Service
    • Swimming Pool Cleaner
    • Swimwear Store
    • Symphony


    • Talent Agent
    • Teens & Kids Website
    • Telemarketing Service
    • Test Preparation Center
    • Tex-Mex Restaurant
    • Textile Company
    • Thai Restaurant
    • Theater
    • Theatrical Play
    • Theatrical Productions
    • Theme Restaurant
    • Therapist
    • Thrift & Consignment Store
    • Ticket Sales
    • Tiling Service
    • Tire Dealer & Repair Shop
    • Trade School
    • Traffic School
    • Train Station
    • Transit Stop
    • Transit System
    • Tutor/Teacher
    • Tv Channel
    • Tv Network
    • Tv Show


    • Udon Restaurant
    • Ukranian Restaurant
    • Unagi Restaurant
    • Uniform Supplier
    • Urban Farm


    • Vacation Home Rental
    • Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
    • Veterinarian
    • Video
    • Video Creator
    • Video Game
    • Video Game Store
    • Vietnamese Restaurant
    • Vintage Store
    • Visual Arts
    • Vitamin Supplement Shop
    • Vitamins/Supplements


    • Waste Management Company
    • Water Heater Installation &  Repair Service
    • Water Park
    • Water Treatment Servic
    • Web Designer
    • Website
    • Wedding Planning Service
    • Winery/Vineyard
    • Women’s Clothing Store
    • Women’s Health Clinic
    • Work Position
    • Workplace & Office
    • Writer
    • Writing Service


    • Xinjiang


    • Yakiniku Restaurant
    • Yakitori Restaurant
    • Yoga Studio
    • Yoshoku Restaurant
    • Youth Organization


    • Zhejiang Restaurant
    • Zoo

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes Instagram important for branding?
    Instagram is crucial for personal branding due to its visual-centric platform, allowing businesses to showcase their products or services creatively and engage with a vast audience through images and videos.
    Which types of businesses can market their products on Instagram?
    Every type of business can market services on products on Instagram. It is an open social media platform for everyone, offering tons of growth opportunities in the online world.
    What are the benefits of categorizing Instagram creators?
    By categorizing the niche of services on Instagram, creators can get increased engagement from the platform. It helps them to get more targeted traffic that is genuinely interested in buying their respective services.

    Final Words

    That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed top Instagram categories in which you can list your business account. Having a sound knowledge about the service niche and its following on Instagram is pretty important these days. It lets you know how much engagement you can get from the platform, if the branding activities are executed perfectly. This blog has covered all Instagram business categories in detail, giving you a complete idea how to list services properly to get more fruitful results from Instagram.

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