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    Top 12 Questions You Need for a Kickass Logo Questionnaire

    logopoppin Published: September 23, 2022 13 min read

    Discover How to Make Your Logo Design Questionnaire Foolproof

    Creating an effective brand logo is necessary to provide a strong base for your branding strategy. And with the way the market has been in terms of competitiveness, having a strong brand image is critical to a business’s success.

    Usually, businesses often commission their brand logos to a professional logo design services agency, in order to get the best logo for their company. But how are these design agencies supposed to know all the details necessary to building a custom logo that suits that brand’s aesthetic?

    That’s where a logo questionnaire comes into play. This comprehensive set of questions is designed to get any and all information required to create a logo that would boost the business’s brand impact, and make them memorable. It allows the design team, who know the kind of information required to create such a brand icon, to get everything they need to give your branding strategy a strong starting point.

    Let’s look at how you can create a great logo design questionnaire, in order to create a logo that looks good everywhere, from social media to print. 

    Why Do You Need a Questionnaire for Logo Design Projects?

    Essentially, someone who doesn’t have experience designing a logo does not know what information could be useful to create the perfect logo for their brand. Now, these questions may be easy to answer, while others may require you to take some time and evaluate your brand and its requirements. And while some may feel that it is a waste of time, answering these questions honestly is critical if you want a suitable brand logo.

    A design agency will ask these questions of you. And the process you go through to answer them properly will leave you with a better understanding of your brand, and its needs. It will help you come up with ways to establish your own identity, one distinct from your competitors. Often, business owners believe that they know their business deeply, and there’s nothing about their company that is hidden from them.

    Yet, once they try to answer these questions, they are forced to dig deeper beneath the surface, uncovering new and exciting things about their brand. And once they do that, their design agency knows how to design a logo that would help the brand grow to new heights. 

    How Does a Logo Questionnaire Help Streamline the Design Process?

    A logo questionnaire is specifically designed to help a business owner or manager to uncover details about their company that would help them position their brand better in the market. It helps establish a core point around which the company and its brand strategy revolves around, making it easier for customers to connect and relate with your brand.

    These questions revolve around specific factors of your business, such as its core values, its offerings, target audience, and more. For example, specific types of logos suit some business niches or appeal to specific audience segments. And if a logo designer knows all that before creating the brand logo, he can make sure that the finished design is one that addresses the business’s actual needs.

    But how exactly does a logo design questionnaire help a business create an impactful logo? 

    Providing a Central Point for Brand Identity and Strategy

    The first, and most important benefit of a strong questionnaire for logo design, is that it provides a central point for your brand identity and strategy. Essentially what it does is that that allows business owners to discover and note down their core values, deliverables, and even a specific target audience.

    That allows the ball to start rolling on the conversation, which helps the flow of ideas regarding the design of the logo that would suit the business’s branding strategy

    Brings Many Essential Aspects of the Business to Light for a Great Logo

    Designer creating a digital logo

    Continuing from the previous benefit, the right questions to ask for designing a logo for your business can be of a huge help for your business. That is because these questions often cover a wide array of topics about your business, and can be quite intensive in numbers. And while it may seem like a daunting task, know that its entire purpose is to help you get a great start in establishing your brand.

    And by leaving no stone unturned, these logo questionnaires can be of great help in creating a logo that not only looks good, but also embodies your brand style and values effectively. And by identifying your ideal brand personality, the designers will be able to create a logo that will become the perfect load bearer for your marketing and branding strategy.  

    Helps Shape Your Brand and Business

    Finally, as we mentioned earlier, the logo design questionnaire is the perfect fact-finding tool in order to gather as much pertinent information as possible before you take the next step in your branding. By searching for the answer, you will be able to come up with answers to questions that might not be truly necessary for your logo design, but will help you streamline your brand storytelling in the future.

    For example, a business that wants to expand to a brick-and-mortar storefront after a few years of working completely online, will be able to refer to their original questionnaire, and know how to position their brand effectively. 

    What Topics You Need to Cover in Your Questions to Ask for a Logo?

    Designer tracing a log design by hand

    Now that we know how a logo questionnaire can help a business do more than just create an impactful logo, the next question to rise up is – what topics should you cover in your question to ask for logo design questionnaire.

    As we discussed earlier, there are a lot of aspects to your questionnaire, which allows the designers to get a complete sense of business before embarking on the journey of creating a brand logo. Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of a business, and discuss why they should be addresses in the questions to ask when designing a logo for that business. 

    Trendy logos for the brands of today

    Our designers create custom-tailored logos based on your brand personality.

    The Story of the Business

    One of the most quintessential aspects to cover within your questionnaire is the story of how the business came to be. The questions that cover these topics usually force business owners to dig deep into how the business started, the inception of the idea for the business, what message you want your business to portray, and so on.

    There are many real-life examples of logos that used the brand’s history of inception and the idea behind their offerings to make timeless designs. Take the Amazon logo for this scenario. Their now iconic 2000s’ logo with the smirk was a simple, yet effective icon for the brand.

    The smile was designed to mimic an arrow that went from the letter “a” to the letter “z”. This was a subtle yet awesome way to portray two of Amazon’s core tenets – their drive to serve their customers with a smile of satisfaction, as well as portray the fact that their inventory contained everything, from a-to-z.

    The Target Audience

    Importance of the right target audience

    Next up, another important factor to discuss in your questionnaire, is the topic of target audiences. If you know the details about a business’s target audience, a logo designer can ensure that your logo is personally optimized to appeal to their aesthetic. And a comprehensive logo design questionnaire will ensure that you are asked the right questions to get all the data required to know your target audience implicitly.

    Moreover, many companies tend to ignore the power of a narrowed, targeted audience demographic. They feel marketing to the general masses is the more effective way of doing business. that makes their brand style look all over the place, with no single direction for the brand to go. That is because different demographics have different aesthetics. What attracts one of these demographics to a brand has no guarantee that it will affect another demographic in a similar manner, if at all. 

    Brand Aesthetics (Preferred Colors, Typography, Tone etcetera)

    Next, it is the brand aesthetics. These questions cover a variety of smaller topics, including questions about the type of colors you want your brand and its logo to represent, the type of fonts used in the logo, and even the tone of the design.

    For example, let’s say there is a restaurant that wants an agency to design a logo for them. But they failed to deliver any instructions regarding the type of logo or the aesthetics they wanted embodied within it. So, the designer created a logo that would’ve worked great for a restaurant that was an everyday affair, like McDonald’s and KFC. However, the restaurant turned out ot be a high-class affair, and the logo was not one that represented the restaurant’s brand as well as its aesthetics.

    Brands like McDonald’s often prefer simpler and playful logos. Yet high-end restaurants would prefer some elegance in their designs. These logos are generally intricate affairs, with elegant logo fonts, simple color palettes and a drive for minimalist regality. 

    Identified Competitors

    Food street vendors competing for customers

    Identifying your competitors is a great way to evaluate what works for them, and them improve on it to stand above your competition. This is an essential aspect to cover in your logo questionnaire. It allows you keep an eye on your competition easily, and allow you to understand how best to position your own brand into the market for maximum efficacy.

    Suppose you and your competitor both offer the same services. So how do they go about it? Are their prices cheaper than yours? Do they have better customer service there? Do they provide any extras as incentive for a repeat business?

    These questions and others like them will help you identify the difference between you and your competition, which will make it easier for to differentiate yourself from the pack.

    Longevity of Current Business Models

    The final topic to discuss within your logo questionnaire, is your brand’s projected longevity. Where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years? 15 years? 20 years? Will your proposed logo ideas still be relevant at that time? Or are they something that will fade away in impact after some time, or become ineffective if your business changes too much?

    These questions are important for a designer, as well as a business owner. They show the importance of an evergreen logo, and what is required to have it made for their brand. Suppose a service-oriented company wants to expand and grow into the product world. That means that your logo created before won’t be as effective now.

    That is why asking these questions will make it easier for you in the long run.  

    Top 12 Questions You Need to Have On Your Logo Design Questionnaire

    Person filling in a questionnaire

    Knowing the importance of having the right questions to ask when designing a logo, you now know why a comprehensive logo questionnaire is essential to a brand’s success. And while different logo design teams have differing preferences when it comes to choosing the questions for your questionnaire, there are a few of these queries that are very important. And thus they are found in nearly every logo design questionnaire.

    Let’s take a look at the top twelve questions that you need to ask in your logo questionnaire.

    • Do you have an existing brand guide? If yes, please share it.
    • What are your products and/or services?
    • What is your target audience? Details required.
    • What do you hope to achieve from your logo?
    • What emotions do you want your logo to evoke? What meanings do you want portrayed?
    • Where do you see your business in X years?
    • Do you know who your competitors are? A list of the top competitors and what sets your apart?
    • Do you prefer a specific style of logo design? Please add 5 logos you like, with a little detail on what attracts you about each of them.
    • In your mind, what does your ideal logo look like?
    • Are there any color/fonts preferences?
    • What is your logo design budget?
    • What is your timeline? 

    People Also Ask (FAQs)

    1. What is a logo questionnaire?
    A logo questionnaire, often called a logo design questionnaire, is a set of queries designed to identify what a brand needs from their logo, which will help the designers create a logo perfectly suited to the brand’s needs.
    2. What is a branding questionnaire?
    A branding questionnaire is a set of questions that will help a branding agency get the information required to create an effective branding strategy for your business.
    3. What should I ask in a branding questionnaire?
    Some of the important questions to ask in a branding questionnaire include:
    – Who is your target customer?
    – What consumer pain points do you offer a solution to?
    – What is your preferred brand personality?
    – What is your aim as a business?
    – Who is your competition?
    – What is your brand story?


    To sum up, a good, comprehensive logo questionnaire can be the difference between a mediocre and a great brand logo design. For starters, it provides a robust launching pad for your branding and marketing strategy, and also serves as a guide to help you follow a uniform path in your branding journey.

    By asking the right questions right at the start of your journey, you can ensure that your brand has a head start on its journey towards growth and prosperity, helping you find the right creative inspiration for a great brand logo. 

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