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    How to Come Up with a Perfect Logo Redesign for Your Brand

    logopoppin Published: June 17, 2022 12 min read

    Understanding the Core Logo Redesign Concepts in Detail

    Many businesses fail in the industry due to having limited approach towards branding. They do not understand different requirements of the market, as how it moves and evolves its standards according to the latest trends. Normally, most of these businesses fail to recognize the need of designing a new logo. It comes very handy when rebranding is required for those businesses that are struggling in the market. The logo redesign gives them an edge to showcase a fresh identity and attract tons of new customers rapidly towards the business.

    Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the required knowledge about logo designing. Some of them fail to understand its need, whereas some precisely struggle while finding any reputed logo design agency. It is a common yet very crucial problem that should be addressed by the brand marketers of any company. They are solely responsible to uplift their brands during the hard times of market struggle. A logo redesign can certainly resolve some of their problems, provided it has been created according to the trends.

    In this article, we will be looking into the details of logo redesigning, as why it is required and how it should be created to revitalize the missing branding spark in any company. Let’s first understand why logos are important and what type of role they play in the branding of any company.  

    Why Logos Are Important for Branding?

    Importance of logos

    Logos are always considered important for branding. They can help any business to showcase a strong identity in the market. This could be done when the logo is designed perfectly according to the latest trends. It provides businesses an edge to solidify their marketing and promote the products/services with a solid professional emblem.

    Today, the branding of every company depends heavily on a quality logo design. It is the basic requirement for getting market recognition, especially when a business has entered newly in the circuit. It helps to introduce any new business to the customers, enabling them to show more interest in its offered services or products. That is why it is always recommended to create a brand logo perfectly, so that it can quickly grab attention of the people.

    Whether you are operating a food chain business or an ecommerce store, your logo will always be considered highly important for marketing. It cannot be ignored at any stage, as that will cost purely on the reputation of the company. You have to make sure that the logo is created precisely according to the brand theme, as it also helps customers to easily find relation between different branding elements

    Why Companies Need a Logo Redesign at Particular Stages?

    Gap logo redesigned

    Many times, companies fail in the market due to following old branding practices. The usage of an outdated logo has been noted more often in these type of cases. It is one of those things that do not comes into the notice at a first glance. However, it keeps pushing the company branding back by gradually reducing the traffic and engagement of the customers.

    The best way to battle through this case is by redesigning the brand logo. It is considered a very significant approach to bring a fresh branding identity in the market. It can certainly help to engage customers again, provided they are also interested in doing so. A redesigned logo not only showcases a new identity, but also defines that the company has changed its old practices to bring something new in the market.

    Meanwhile, it should be noted that hiring an experienced logo designer near you is considered very important in this regard. These guys understand the requirements of rebranding; hence they are well equipped with the skills to design a new company logo according to that. They will ensure to come up with an emblem that can make your look fresh, rightly as per the latest market trends.    

    Best Tips to Redesign a Logo for Any Brand

    Tips for logo redesigning

    Logo redesigning requires expert skills as well as knowledge about the branding requirements of any company. Unfortunately, some people lack in one of these things, which is why they face various difficulties while redesigning a brand logo.

    If you are also one of them who is continuously struggling to get an idea about logo redesigning, take a look at the points given below. These tips will let you know how a logo redesign should be done as per the requirements of clients as well as the standards of the market. Let’s take a look at them. 

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    Keep the Main Elements in Mind

    Before redesigning any brand logo, you have to keep its main elements in mind. It is the most important thing that should be considered before tinkering anything in the existing design. A lot of times, designers omit crucial elements while redesigning any brand logo. It only creates difficulties for them at the later stages when their designs are rejected completely by the clients. Though the quality of their work is still good, but it only gets rejected due to following a random brief that doesn’t constitutes any main element of the logo.

    It is therefore advised to focus all the main elements defined in the basic requirements of a logo. It helps you to stay on track while redesigning any brand logo. Whether it is a font or any color combination, anything that is related specifically to a brand, must be included in the redesigned logos. It builds a perfect association with the core brand theme, allowing people to understand the concept of a fresh logo design.  

    Customer’s Sensitive Attachment

    The emotional attachment of people with the existing logo should also be considered before coming up with a new design. It is a very important thing that often creates problems for the businesses during the launch of a new logo. They cannot simply tolerate any editing in their favorite logos, no matter how old fashioned or classic they become. There are many reasons for that in which the biggest one is the historical value of the logo.

    You can find many such examples in the real world where people have rejected many brands with a new logo redesign. Some of the instances among them includes the logo redesign of Starbucks and Gap. Both of these brands received a lot of criticism after introducing a new logo in the market. Though the company owners thought that their logo redesign would be good for branding, but it eventually came back with an adverse result for them. They not only received criticism, but also loss of engagement from the customers, taking their overall sales down for a few months.

    Learning from this mistake, they eventually got back to their logos using the same style and color theme. This shows that some logos are sentimentally close to the people; hence their redesign should be only considered after keeping their core customers in mind.    

    The Degree of Customization

    Being a designer, you should also keep in mind that not all the abstract logos require same extent of redesigning. Some only require a little bit of change, while some need full overhauling right from the start. The changes required are normally defined the clients itself. They let the designers know what type of rebranding their products need, and how it should be done keeping the core theme in mind.

    However, sometimes, designers are also given the task without offering much logo redesign information. In these type of cases, they have to utilize their own concepts to come up with a new design. This requires in-depth knowledge about the brand, as how it should be represented with a fresh identity in the market. Those designers who are experienced in the field, often find it easy to come up with a unique logo redesign. They know the basics of rebranding, as how it is done and what type of components it needs in the redesign. 

    When to Consider for a Logo Redesign?

    Google logo redesign

    Being a marketer, you need to understand those circumstances that requires redesigning of the logo. Many times, business redesign their logos without having any need. They do this only to stay up with the trend or sometimes to needlessly show off in the market. This type of attempt is strictly not recommended, because it only creates problems for them in terms of getting backlash from the market.

    Meanwhile, sometimes, logo redesigning also becomes inevitable for branding. It mostly happens due to few key circumstances. Let’s take a quick look at them below. 

    Change of Audience

    The change in audience may sometimes require to change the brand logo. It is precisely done to showcase a new business identity to the people, so that they could understand the difference between the old and the new emblem. Many companies have used this practice whenever their target audience have been changed. It offers great branding results, provided the design has also been made accurately.   

    Facing New Market Competition

    Many companies also redesign their minimalist logos in the wake of getting hardened market competition. They try to come up with a new identity to give their branding some boost in the industry. Many companies also launch new branding campaigns alongside introducing a redesigned logo. This helps to get instant market attention, allowing businesses to grab more eyeballs quickly.  

    Outdated Logo

    This is quite an obvious reason and every brand should look for a new emblem whenever its existing logo is considered to be outdated. Any negligence will affect directly on the branding, reducing sales and engagement of the company. Hence, it is best advised to quickly go for a new logo redesign to keep your company’s branding momentum up with the latest trends. It ensures to give a new business identity that allows brands to grab more market attention.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why are logos considered important for branding?
    Logos are always considered important for brand marketing. It showcases the official identity of the company, allowing people to recognize the core brand symbol perfectly.
    2. Why do brands often require a complete logo redesign?
    There are various reasons why brands are often required to redesign their logos. It includes change of trend, winning the branding competition, introducing a fresh look and more others.
    3. Which type of logos should be redesigned?
    Any type of logo can be redesigned based on the requirements of branding. Normally, companies prefer to redesign their outdated logos as they do not look much consistent with the modern design.
    4. Can a logo redesign lead to market criticism?
    Yes, a BAD logo design can certainly lead to market criticism. There are examples available in the market showing the failure of a rebranded logo. It mostly happens when the old design is completely changed, or a new emblem doesn’t fit well on the core brand theme.
    5. What are the best tips to redesign a business logo?
    To redesign a business logo, you need to pay attention to the main elements of the existing logo. It will help you to incorporate them in the new design, so that logo rebranding can be done swiftly by keeping some core components.


    That concludes our entire article in which we have discussed how a logo should be redesigned to get maximum attention from the customers. It is one of the most important assets of branding; hence it should be designed very carefully according to the requirements of the clients. Especially, the logo redesign process should be given highest attention because it is related directly with the rebranding of the company.

    In this article, we have discussed different points related to logo redesigning. We have briefly described the process of redesigning a logo, when it is needed and what type of tips should be kept in mind while redesigning it from scratch.

    Meanwhile, if you are looking for an agency that could help you to redesign outdated logos, contact us today. Our experts will assist you to create different types of brand logos, rightly as per the given requirements.  

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