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    Successful and Unsuccessful Logo Redesigns of Well-Known Brands

    logopoppin Published: September 11, 2023 5 min read

    A logo is not just an interesting icon of a certain brand. It is its defining element. A logo serves not only as an identification mark. It conveys the spirit of the brand, its values, and the company’s characteristics. Every effort is made to create it responsibly.

    The founder’s wishes are taken into account, as well as the main value the brand wants to present to its fans. In business, redesigning a logo can be a difficult decision. After all, it will affect the perception of the brand among consumers. Let’s take a look at examples of successful and unsuccessful logo redesigns of famous brands. As well as how it affected consumer attitudes.

    Successful Redesigns of Logos


    One of the brands that has successfully changed its logo is Apple. As we all know, the company holds a leading position in the computer market. In 2020, Apple introduced a new symbol that became more modern and minimalistic.

    This redesign allowed the company to reaffirm its leadership in the technology industry. Moreover, it emphasized the elegance of its products. In particular, the MacBook laptop. As a result, the change of the Apple logo proved to be successful, as it caused a positive reaction among a wide audience. It also helped to increase sales of the company’s products.

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    The red and white logo of the company is recognized by more than 90% of the world’s inhabitants. Coca-Cola changed its logo in 2011, giving it a more modern look. The new design retained the traditional Coca-Cola inscription. However, it was modernized by separating the letters. Also, using lighter colors. This redesign emphasized the classic aesthetics of the brand but added freshness and appeal.


    In 2011, Starbucks changed its brandmark, removing the word Coffee and leaving only the image of a siren (a seductive mermaid with a double tail). This redesign was done to expand the brand to include drinks other than coffee. It added more versatility and opportunities for the company. Accordingly, it allowed the brand to expand its audience.


    Another well-known brand that has redesigned its logo is Nike. The company, which produces professional sportswear and footwear, has a huge fan base around the world. Initially, the logo was called strip, which later became commonly known as Swoоsh. The swoosh referred to the fibers used in Nike shoes of the time.

    The Nike logo in the form of a checkmark first appeared in public in the spring of 1972. This redesign became a key moment in the brand’s history and allowed it to gain recognition and associations with sports values. The successful redesіgn of the Nike logo contributed to the popularity of the company and its products.

    The Unsuccessful Ones

    However, not all logo redesigns have brought the desired results.


    The clothing and accessories company made an unsuccessful attempt to change its logo in 2010. The new design was unusual. It deviated from the classic version. This led to a strong negative reaction from consumers and critics. The feedback was so negative that the company was forced to quickly revert to the previous version. This unsuccessful logo redesign jeopardized the company’s reputation. And at some point, it led to a loss of consumer confidence. When trust is lost, sales fall.


    In 2009, Tropicana, a juice manufacturer, changed its logo to a new one. It was very far removed from the previous classic design. The new logo not only failed to find support among consumers but also caused a significant drop in sales. This company also underestimated the strong emotional connection between the consumer and the brand. So, it was forced to return to the previous version of the logo.

    These examples demonstrate how important a careful approach to redesigning a logo is. Its success depends on how well it aligns with the brand’s goals, is perceived by consumers, and reflects its values and identity. It also shows a strong emotional connection.

    A brand redesign is a complicated process. The unsuccessful one can cost the company milliоns in losses. Successful symbol changes will emphasize the company’s values. For example, Apple and Nike redesigned symbols have contributed to the popularity of their products, including MacBook.


    The unsuccessful symbol redesigns, such as those of Gap and Tropicana, have led to dramаtic negative consequences, most notably a loss of consumer trust. Marketers who have made unsuccessful redesigns have severely underestimated the emotional connection between the brand and its fans.

    So, when making changes, it’s important to carefully consider the logo’s impact on consumers. An unsuccessful redesign can lead to severe negative consequences. Whereas a successful one can be a key factor in greater brand awareness and growth.

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