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    6 Brands That Have Got the Best Mattress Logos

    logopoppin Published: March 25, 2022 12 min read

    Know About the Best Mattress Companies with Creative Logos

    Logos are always considered an integral part of branding. Their importance is equal for all types of companies. Their influence on the buying decision of customers is certainly unprecedented. Especially, when it comes to buying quality home furniture like mattresses, people generally rely on the known mattress logos. They always go for those companies that are experienced as well as termed reliable in making quality bed mattresses.

    Today, the competition in this market has also become quite huge. The companies that are working in this circuit are now focusing on branding to get a lead over their competitors. Right now, it is not just about making quality mattresses, but also to market them with the right procedures. The mattress logos are therefore termed highly important in this regard, as they showcase a strong identity of the company.

    This fact can also be understood by looking at the logo quality of the world’s top mattress companies. They have specially made their logos keeping the perspective of branding and marketing in mind. In this article, we will be analyzing the logos of these companies in detail. It will let you know the idea behind their designing, as how it has helped those companies to establish a unique footprint in the market.

    Let’s first understand how mattress logos help the companies to solidify their branding in the market.

    Why Mattress Logos Are Important for Branding?

    Importance of mattress logos

    Every company knows the importance of branding. It has become a crucial tool to promote their businesses and get an edge over their competitors in the market. Nowadays, companies spend millions on their branding, rightly to build a strong footprint in the industry.

    Talking about the specifics, logos are termed an important element of the branding. They are specifically created to illustrate the core values of the company. Starting from design to color selection, every attribute of the logo is carefully picked to showcase the exact theme of the business. That is precisely done to project the real image of the company. It helps to solidify the branding, allowing the business to get more reach in the market.

    This is the major reason why the designing of mattress logos is also termed hugely important. It showcases the identity of the furniture company, perfectly in a professional manner. Many organizations specifically take logo designing services from the known agencies to ensure quality in their logos. They know that the experience and expertise of these agencies will help them to create a stunning logo, one that can outclass all others in the market.

    This precisely shows how important these logos are for the companies. They cannot compromise anything on its quality, rightly due to the significance in company branding. From websites to business cards, these logos are used everywhere, giving the identity of the company a spectacular prominence.

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    Top Mattress Brands That Offer Quality Products

    We know that finding companies that offer quality home décor could become a cumbersome task for many people. Especially, when it comes to bed mattresses, everyone wants to get products from a company that is trusted in the market. Nowadays, people generally trust on the known mattress logos while finalizing their purchase from the market. They rely on their names that have been built in the industry for making quality bed mattresses.

    If you don’t have much idea about the top companies that are preferred more for buying home mattresses, take a look at the list given below. These companies are quite popular among the customers as they are well versed in creating different types of mattresses according to the modern standards.

    Let’s take a look at them below.


    Nectar is one of the top rated mattress companies in America. It has established a solid repute in the industry by making durable mattresses for the customers. They have not achieved this name overnight, but have worked hard for it by offering quality products to the customers.

    Talking about the branding, the mattress logo of Nectar has always portrayed a subtle identity of the company in the market. It looks very simple yet bold in design. The logo precisely uses a lettermark instead of going for any complicated shape. This gives the whole emblem a very modest look, illustrating the right idea of ingenuity in the brand logo.

    Meanwhile, the blanket-shaped figure beside the lettermark also gives a little glimpse about the actual products of the company. It should not be understood as just an icon or a casual figure that is placed randomly with the logo. It is basically a very precise depiction of the quality company mattresses that offers both durability and comfortability to the customers.


    Casper is also one of the renowned names in the industry of home mattresses. Though the products of the company are quite expensive, but they are also quite sublime in terms of quality. The wave hybrid mattresses of Casper are termed to be the most advanced one in the market. They are made with unique technology that helps people to get a soothing sleeping experience.

    The logo of Casper is made with a simple lettermark with a signature swoop on the end of “C”. This brings a little but very catchy shape in the logo. There is not any specific reason to add this iconic swoop in the logo, but it does look very unique to the eye.

    When it comes to packaging, the company has adopted the same blue color tone for the stripes designed on the box. This is done to perfectly showcase a singularity in branding, so that people can fully understand the real color combination of the company.


    Layla logo

    Working with a vast market experience, Layla is a reputed name in producing quality home mattresses. It has always remained a top choice of the customers due to the affordability and quality. Unlike other famous mattress brands, the company has kept the prices of its products in an inexpensive range. Though the hybrid mattress category is still relatively costly, but it also offers optimum quality in the products as per the latest standards.

    Coming to the logo of the brand, it is quite dynamic and vibrant in style. The company uses the lettermark as well as a double stacked cuboid in its official emblem. This cuboid can be understood as a representation of the company’s doubled layered mattresses. It certainly showcases a perfect image illustrating the right product line of the company.

    The color theme of the logo is smartly picked showcasing a catchy combination of orange and red. This theme has remained the same for all the branding elements of the company. They have used it consistently on all of their branding materials, ranging from logo to business cards and more others.


    In the market full of American and European giants, Endy has made a sustainable name for itself while being solely Canadian. It is one of the top companies from Toronto that has found prominence in a market by producing durable bed mattresses. Recently, the company has been awarded as the ‘Best Mattress in Canada’ in terms of quality and sustainability by OLM. This showcases the huge worth of Endy in the Canadian market, defining its true popularity among the customers.

    Unlike any glitzy or stylish logo, Endy uses a very simple and clean lettermark as an emblem. Besides that, the company also uses the iconic maple leaf in the logo to showcase the Canadian originality of the brand. It gives the whole logo a real astounding look, allowing people to understand the true roots of the mattress company.

    Talking about color selection, the company uses pink as its official brand logo, but it is sometimes replaced by the blue shade when the lettermark is printed on the mattress boxes. This could be considered as a good technique to promote a combination of two colors having the right balance of branding simplicity.


    Purple logo

    Rightly as per the name suggests, the company takes a very unique approach to produce optimum quality bed mattresses. It is ranked among the top companies in the world that offers durable and comfortable hybrid mattresses. This takes them to the category of elite companies that provide top of the line mattresses built with cutting edge technology.

    Adhering to its name, the main theme of the company also adapts the purple color. Not just the logo, but all of their branding stuff is made with the purple color. If you will visit the official site of Purple, you will find the whole theme of the site designed with a strong purple gradient. It gives the site a very imperial look, encouraging people to show interest in their products.

    Talking about the vast product line, the company produces mattresses in a range of varieties. Not just for the regular home bed, but Purple also produces mattresses for the pets as well. These mattresses are built with a specialized technology centered around the comfortability for your pets. That is the major reason why Purple is preferred by many people for their home décor, as it continues to solve their problems by offering excellent mattress products.

    Tuft & Needle

    Tuft n Needle logo

    Tuft & Needle is also a renowned mattress brand that offers great soothing quality in its products. Though the company started in 2012, but it quickly made a name for itself in the market by producing state of the art home mattresses. Since then, the company has seen remarkable success in capturing the mattress production market, allowing it to establish a strong repute in the industry.

    The logo of the company utilizes the lettermark which is different from others in terms of thickness. It uses a very skinny wordmark to depict the whole name of the company in the emblem. Meanwhile, another important thing about this emblem is that it is not used on the boxes of the company mattress. Instead, these boxes are printed with short initials of the company i.e. “T & N” to present conciseness in branding. It is certainly a very good approach to bring a bit of uniqueness in branding, allowing the company to get more market attention.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why do mattress companies need quality logos?
    Logos play an important part in the branding of any mattress company. It enables them to build a solid repute and get more attention for their products in the market.
    2. How do logos solidify the branding process of any company?
    The branding of any company largely depends on the quality of logos. It helps all the branding campaigns to build a professional repute in the industry. That is why they are considered important for branding and attracting people towards the business.
    3. What is the role of mattress logos in helping people to buy quality bed mattresses?
    People generally rely on those company logos that are renowned in the market. Same is the case in mattress production companies. People only trust those products that are branded with the renowned logos, as it shows a symbol of trust to them.
    4. How to design quality mattress logos?
    Mattress logos should be designed keeping the core theme of the company in mind. Whether it is a lettermark or simple figure, the emblem should echo the right idea of the company that can attract customers.
    5. Name some of the best mattress logos known in the market?
    There are many companies that are known for producing quality bed mattresses. However, some of the most popular among them includes Layla, Casper, Nolah, Purple and more others.


    That brings us to the end of this article in which we have discussed about popular mattress logos in detail. It should be noted that these mattress logos are considered an important source of branding for the companies defined above. They have become so popular in the market that people now usually make buying decisions after seeing them. This precisely shows their importance in marketing as how they influence people to buy relevant mattresses for their homes.

    If you are also looking to boost the branding of your mattress company, pay attention to the logo design precisely. We are one of the top logo design companies in the market that could help you to design quality emblems. Our design experts are well versed in creating different types of mattress logos, rightly as per the custom requirements.

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