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    10 Nail Salon Website Ideas for a Professional Brand Design

    logopoppin Published: January 29, 2024 10 min read
    nail salon website design

    Discover Top Nail Salon Website Designs and See How They Approach Brand Design

    Many salons and spas today offer a variety of nail-related services, from mani-pedis to acrylics, nail art, and more. However, many people still prefer to go to specialized nail salons to get their nails done. Until a decade or so ago, nail salons were usually local businesses, often run by immigrants, that got customers through referrals. However, the market dynamic has changed today. Today, they have turned into legitimate brands, with websites and rich social media presence.

    Putting it all aside for a bit, let’s talk about these websites. A little research will have you coming up with various nail salon website designs depending on the type of services offered and the vibe of the business. But the question is – what makes the successful nail salon websites so great? What is it about them that sets them apart from their competition? And how can we use the help of professional web design services to make our website design stand out too?

    Let’s dive in and discover the various web design ideas for nail salons, and see which one strikes as perfect for our brand to follow.

    Draw in More Business with the Right Nail Salon Website Ideas

    Nail It Salon website

    A business today without an online presence is like one that is determined to operate in isolation. Now, most nail salons and other such brands rely on social media alone to build an online network of clients and potential consumers. However, the best strategy is to use a website as well as social media to give your nail salon the desired traction among consumers, like the salon above.

    But why is that? Well, for one thing, websites expand your reach far more than mere social media. Moreover, they add a layer of trust to your brand, which is often missing in social media-only brands.

    You need to also understand that a website serves as the first interaction with the wider population, who are unaware of your brand until that time. By establishing social trust in your business via a website, you can get your business to scale up and grow quickly compared to the competition.

    There are many options when it comes to designing and deploying a website. If you have the budget for it (and you should set it aside), you should hire a professional web development firm to do it for you. However, if you do not have the budget for it, or want a basic website for your brand, you can use a site builder to create an amazing, feature-rich website for your nail salon.

    Anyways, now that we all agree that websites can help nail salons grow their business, the next step is to evaluate your successful competitors, and see how their websites manage to attract their users.

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    10 Amazing Nail Salon Website Designs to Inspire Your Brand Site

    So far, we have established that like other industries, nail salons too can benefit from a wonderful website that highlights their services, showcases the quality of their work, and helps the brand reach. So how can you too create a website that does the same for your brand?

    Knowing how to create a successful website takes more than following a web design guide. It requires following the right approach towards the type of website desired, as well as an extensive research into what nail salon website ideas need to be incorporated for it to be a success.

    So, to make that easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of the top nail salon websites, so that you can see their designs for the inspiration you need to create your own site. Let’s take a look at these website designs.

    Nails Spa Elmsford

    Nails Spa Elmsford website

    The first website on our list is Nails Spa Elmsford. The design of their website is quite straightforward, which highlights the main point of the business – making your fingernails look good.

    The hero of the website is a full-sized image of a woman’s hands showing beautifully done nails. The colors are amazingly vivid, and the fine details are easy to pick out. The top of the website features an easy-to-use navigation bar, with buttons to book appointments both on the navigation bar, as well as beneath the hero copy. Overall, this is a great website for small to medium nail salon businesses to emulate.

    Paint Bar

    The Paint Bar website

    Next up, we have the Paint Bar. Although the name may sound kind of confusing for a nail salon, especially without any additional context, the design of their website leaves no ambiguity. The hero of the website features a slideshow of images that shows the inside of the nail salon, as well as shots of their professionals working with the clients.

    The high-resolution imagery is quite aesthetic, and works well with the overall vibe of the business. Combined with the simple navigation bar at the top, quick-action buttons for contact, as well as an appointment booking button at the top makes it one of the best nail salon website designs here.

    Honey Nails

    Honey Nails website

    Honey Nails has a no-frills approach to its website, going for a subdued yet premium experience through its design. The overall background of the website is charcoal, which makes the lighter inner sections pop better in the viewers eyes. At the top of the website, we have a navigation bar that also features a bright and visible option to visit their online bookings page.

    Underneath that, and just above the hero of the page, there is a bar that lists the main branch’s address and store timings. Accompanying that are two buttons – one that takes us to the appointment booking form, and the other to call the nail salon. After the hero, which features a slideshow of store images, the subsequent sections highlight the company’s commitment towards sanitation and customer health. And that is how you make yourself memorable to the consumers via your website.

    Cuticles Nail Spa

    Cuticles Nail Spa website

    The next entry on our list of nail salon website designs for inspiration is for Cuticles Nail Spa. Although the nail spa is now closed, the website serves as a great example of how to create a great business website in the beauty business.

    The nail spa’s target audience, as evidenced by the design of the website, is people of color. Featuring a light background of various shades of brown and pink, the staggered placement of images alongside highly aesthetic and visible text, makes for a great impact. That, combined with an intuitive navigation bar at the top of the website makes it one of the greater nail salon website ideas on this list.

    The W Nail Bar

    The W Nail Bar website

    The W Nail Bar is a nail salon and spa that is all about self-care, and treating yourself well. But at its core, the business wants to create a safe place for all, techs and customers. The design of the website is quite pleasing, done in shades of light, pastel pink. The images used are beautiful, high-resolution affairs that work well with the vibe of the business.

    The navigation bar at the top is highly visible and easy to use, with the appointment-booking button in a gradient of colors immediately drawing the eye. Overall, this is a must-have in your arsenal of nail salon website designs for inspiration.

    Love and Lacquers

    Love and Lacquer website

    Love and Lacquer is a nail salon with a unique and interesting name. For anyone who knows anything about getting mani-pedis or getting their nails done, its easy to understand what the name means. The design of the website is an interesting one. The hero of the website features a woman’s feet with foam blocks between toes after getting her nails done.

    What’s interesting about this website though, is that unlike the one we have seen so far, there is no navigation bar at the top. Instead, the customer has to scroll below to see what the website has to offer. However, that isn’t a deal breaker, as Love and Lacquers website is quite barebones, with only the important bits of information added to the website.

    NAF Salon

    NAF Salon website

    NAF Salon is a Glaswegian nail salon that specializes in nail art. Colored in one of the more interesting color combinations of green and blue, the website’s hero features a pair of ceramic cheetahs on a shelf of the spa.

    While simple in its design, the navigation at the top is easy to see and use, with the appointment-booking button subtle yet still catchy. While this website may not be as visually appealing to us with mainstream American aesthetics, its quite well received in its native Glasgow.

    Bollinger Nail Salon

    Bollinger Nail Salon website

    Bollinger Nail Salon is another spa/nail salon that deals in manicures, pedicures, and nail art. In terms of glamor, this is one of the best iterations of such a nail salon website on our list. It starts with a hero that focuses in on a close-up of a women’s freshly manicured and painted nails. At the bottom of that image, there is a button to book appointments, alongside a small caption to the left of the image.

    The navigation, although not as easy to see as in some of the other examples, is sufficient to allows consumers to move through the site, from checking out their services to browsing their online store. Overall, if glamor is what you are after, then this is one of the nail salon website designs you need to emulate.

    Pure in Heart

    Pure in Heart website

    Pure in Heart is another nail salon website with a light and delicate aesthetic to its design. The hero of the website’s homepage is divided into three sections, colored in pastel shades including light pink, dark pink, and mint green.

    Each section of the design serves a specific purpose, with the light pink section serving as the traditional header with a compelling caption, content, and a pair of buttons for various options. One takes you to book an appointment, while the other takes you to browse their services. The section at the bottom explains the salon’s work ethic, and has a button that allows the user to read about it in detail. Overall, for an ethical, environment-friendly nail salon vibe that sports one of the best nail salon logos on this list, it is a great place to start.

    Top Nails

    Top Nails website

    Finally, the last nail salon website on our list, is Top Nails. If you want your website to be completely about fingernails and bright colors, then this is a great website for your to follow. The hero of the website features a well-manicured hand that has freshly buffed and painted fingernails. Colored in bright shades of pink, yellow, and green, the hand is also superimposed over a background that shows the natural inspiration behind these colors.

    With the initial impact of the website being so visually stunning, the comprehensive navigation bar at the top, and the small, subtle and understated appointment booking button underneath balances it out. Overall, this is one design we would recommend that users emulate only if they have someone experienced in brand development on hand.


    There are many different nail salon website designs that you can emulate and incorporate within your design. However, what you need to do is find the ones that complement your brand aesthetic perfectly. By emulating them, your nail salon can quickly find purchase in the market, leading to an overall greater ROI.

    So, if you are looking to create the perfect business website, with the best nail salon website ideas, then this guide is a great place to get you started.

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