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Top Pharma Logos and The Brands They Represent

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Ever since the advent of modern medicine, small neighborhood pharmacists and apothecaries have given way to large, multinational drug research and manufacturing companies. These businesses are represented by pharma logos, many of which we see around us every day.

Pharmaceutical companies play a major role in our lives today. From manufacturing infant formula and over-the-counter medicines, to researching and developing treatments and cures for various diseases, these companies provide value for us all.

Let’s discover some of the most popular pharma brand logos for companies and famous medicinal formulas, and learn how their logo design services provider helped them achieve their fame.

Before we begin discussing various famous pharmaceutical brand symbols, let’s take a look at the design elements that set apart a good logo, whether it is for a small pharma company, or a large one. Every successful logo needs to be attractive yet expressive, in order to catch the viewer’s eyes and convey its information.

For the most part, many pharma logos are quite simple in design, due to their drive to embody a more modern yet simpler design. The design elements common in successful pharma logos include:



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1.1- Distinct Designs

The design of the logo should be unique and recognizable, making it easy for consumers to identify it from the competition. Such a design is a great representation for the pharma company, as the design can be used on a variety of materials and mediums, while embodying a sense of sophistication and elegance.

1.2- Minimalistic Iconography

The design of the pharma logos need to be simple and clean, with a minimalist approach when it comes to adding design elements like icons and other graphics. Too much, and you risk confusing the viewer. And by using the right iconography, the designer can make a logo look great with it looking too clustered.

1.3- Complimentary Color Palettes

The right color palette can make or break a logo’s design. That is especially true for shades that we instinctually connect with various industries or businesses. Colors play an important part in conveying your brand message, with different shades and hues embodying different emotions that can be used to enhance the logo’s impact.

1.4- Suitable Fonts

Just like colors, fonts too play an important part in how successful a pharma company logo is. Different styles of fonts are designed for various purposes, with companies from different industries choosing the style of typography that suits their niche. Using the right font automatically sets the tone of your business when interacting with consumers.

2- Pharma Brand Logos Representing Historical Pharmaceutical Companies

Now, let us start and discuss a few of the popular pharma logos representing pharmaceutical companies that have been working on producing medicinal treatments since the 19th century. Let’s begin.

2.1- Pfizer Logo

Pfizer logo

Pfizer is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in the world still working today. The company has been producing pharmaceuticals and medicinal chemicals since the mid-1800s, and is considered ones of the top research and development company in the world for medicines.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pfizer was one of the first companies to come up with an emergency vaccine to protect people against the deadly coronavirus. Their logo saw a recent change in its design, after nearly seven decades of the company using the old one.

The new logo features a double helix, using a gradient of blue shades. The logo is meant to represent the company’s changed business model, “from commerce to science”.

2.2- Bayer Pharma Company Logo

Bayer logo

Bayer is another pharmaceutical company that has been around since the mid-19th century. Originating in Germany, the company has been at the forefront of many scientific breakthroughs related to medicines and other chemicals such as pesticides.

With a long history, Bayer’s symbol is one of the few pharma logos that is easily recognizable, made easy by the fact that the company uses its wordmark logo. the current design features the name of the company horizontally and vertically, passing through a common center point.

2.3- Vicks Pharma Logo

vicks logo

Vicks today has become one of the most popular pharmaceutical brands, known especially for their sinus relief balm, called the Vicks Vapo-rub. Such is the popularity of the brand that the name of its product has become the colloquial term for all items serving the same purpose.

Moreover, the company also produces throat lozenges and other products aimed to treat nasal and bronchial issues, including coughs, colds, and blocked sinuses. Their logo is a simple wordmark within a small triangular shield with rounded edges.

The majority of pharma logos we see around us today represent companies that are quite new to the business of pharmaceutical development. However, a few of them have made a name for themselves in the industry, with a wide variety of highly popular items available in the market.

Let’s take a look at some of these brands.

3.1- Sanofi

Sanofi logo

Sanofi pharmaceuticals is a producer of a wide variety of healthcare items besides medicines. Their logo is one that can be seen on many items around us today, and is one of the more popular choices of pharma companies.

Their logo features an abstract “bird of hope”, surrounded by soft colors. The green represents the earth, the blue for water, white for air, and the red-brown for fire.

3.2- GlaxoSmithKline

GSK logo

GSK, or GlaxoSmithKline, is a famous pharmaceutical and healthcare brand that produces a variety of items from soaps and toothpaste, to complex pharmaceutical formulas. Their brand symbol is one of the most iconic pharma logos, and many of us are familiar with it.

The design features a rounded triangle in the shape of the tablet, colored orange, and the company initials written in white over it. The simple yet elegant logo is so easy to recognize, that even a passing glance of the design helps a viewer remember and recognize the brand.

3.3- Novartis

Novartis logo

Novartis Pharmaceuticals research and develop an expansive range of pharmaceuticals, including chemotherapy formulas for various cancers. Starting out in the mid-1990s, the company has quickly risen up and made its place competing with brands decades, or even a century older than themselves.

Their abstract logo design which some consider represents a mortar and pestle, an item still used to grind and mix chemicals for medicines. Others believe it to be a representation of a harp, relating it to the root of the company’s name.

3.4- Janssen

Janssen logo

Janssen Pharmaceuticals are a research subsidiary of the Johnson and Johnson group, and have been tasked with researching and developing new and improved treatment formulas for a variety of disorders and diseases.

Their logo is a simple blue abstract design, which makes the shape of a stylized letter J, but can also be considered as a rearing dolphin with its fin extended out. An elegant design, the logo finishes it off with a simple wordmark of the company name.

4- Famous Pharma Logos That Represent Iconic Medicines

A few medicinal formulas, especially those available over the counter, have become so iconic, that their names have achieved a status of being considered the standard name for any such medicine.

For example, the Kleenex brand of tissues has become so popular, that it has become the standard term for any brand of tissue.

Let’s take a look at some of these popular medicines.

4.1- Strepsils

Strepsils logo

Strepsils is a popular throat lozenge meant to treat a sore throat. An easily available formula, they have become the standard term for any throat lozenge available today.

Their logo is round, two-tone icon, with a curving middle line meant to mimic the letter S. The base tone of the logo is grey, and the secondary colors change according to the flavor of the lozenge itself.

4.2- Tums

Tums logo

Tums is a popular brand of antacid tablets that has been used by people in the US for many years now. The medicine is so popular that even when getting a store brand or a generic brand of antacids, people usually just refer to them as Tums.

The logo for the tablets is an oval design, with the name of the medicine written in bold uppercase letters over it.

4.3- Tylenol

Tylenol logo

Tylenol is a brand of OTC pain killers popular in the United States. Now owned by Johnson and Johnson, the medicine has become a brand in itself today.

Its a simple wordmark logo, featuring a red colored, bold font with sharp edges and clean lines. Below the wordmark, there is a strike, which gives the logo a sense of depth.

5- Importance of Branding for Pharma Logos

Branding is essential in the pharma industry. That is because for the most part, many different companies, both new and old, are developing similar medicinal formulas, making for a highly competitive market.

The benefits of branding include:

  • Communicating the brand message effectively
  • Creating better interactions with the clients
  • Developing a loyal customer base