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    12 Real Estate Business Card Ideas You Need to Know About

    logopoppin Published: July 7, 2021 14 min read

    Optimize Your Business Branding with These Incredible Real Estate Cards

    Being an owner of a real estate company, you need to optimize your branding products to get better recognition. Some of the products such as real estate business cards are considered highly important in this regard. These products precisely help you to create a professional business representation. They allow people to easily acknowledge your real estate company name and the services associated with it.

    Today, you can take help from various branding services to design different types of business cards. It is termed a highly important branding material because it showcases your business identity to the customers.

    In this blog, we are going to enlist a few real estate business card examples found commonly in the market. But, first, understand why these cards are regarded as highly important for any business.

    Why Does Your Company Need Business Cards?

    Working in the real estate industry requires you to compete with a large set of rivals. That is the core reason why building a name in this industry can prove to be a difficult job.

    The only thing that can help you to get strong recognition in the market is by using an effective branding strategy. Utilizing corporate stationery like business cards, you can solidify your business footprint in the market.

    These business cards basically represent your company’s identity to the customers. Whether you are a startup or an established business, these cards hold important value for your company. They precisely allow you to leave a strong marketing impression, attracting customers towards the brand.

    Importance of Real Estate Business Cards

    Business cards do play a vital role in your company branding. It allows customers to know about your business and contact the agency when needed appropriate property solutions.

    Considering customer engagement, business cards always become a vital asset for companies. Whether you are attending trade shows or corporate business meetings, these stationery items are quite important. They allow you to create a strong brand representation among the customers.

    Today, many business cards are being designed with a personal touch. This allows companies to form a relationship with their clients. Today, you can find different types of business cards available in the market. Moreover, their designs also vary with each other depending on the niche of the company and the industry of operation.

    Let’s take a look at some of the popular real estate business cards used by the companies in the market. The difference in their design showcases the branding approach of every company. It defines how they want to present their details to the customers in the market.


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    As defined above, business cards help to connect with your customers. But in order to do that, you need to design them with creative real estate slogans as per the latest design trends. Here are some of the real estate business cards ideas that are quite popular in the market. Let’s take a look at them below.

    QR Coded Design

    Considering the online trend, it is better to link your business card with the company website. You can find multiple types of graphic designs for these business cards that are created with a QR code. These cards help to connect your customers directly with the company website or any other landing channel.

    Some cards are designed with a QR code displayed on the front, whereas some are created with a printing on the back. The cost of these cards might be a bit costly, but the value it brings to your business looks highly amazing. For real estate companies, this particular type is termed exclusively perfect.

    QR real estate card
    Source: Brandly

    Minimalist Design

    Keeping your business cards simple will also do the trick. You can find different types of real estate business cards that are created with a minimalist design. This means that you need to show only required information on the card, so that your customers cannot get distracted by anything extra.

    You can design these cards with a simple real estate logo, company name and mailing information. These are the core features of this real estate business card template. It lets the customers know that your business is straightforward and primarily focuses on providing the information they need. The real estate companies can precisely use this type of card as it allows them to remain specific.

    minimal real estate card
    Source: The Close

    Roof-style Design

    Displaying a home-roof in business logos has always remained a popular choice for the real estate companies. It is an emblem that shows the true nature of this business, and attracts customers as well. It is something that has become common with the real estate companies. Those organizations that are targeting the residential sector especially like to design their cards in this format.

    Adding a roof-styled design in business cards definitely looks like a good option. It makes the real estate business cards look instinctive. Moreover, it allows customers to fully understand the services of a company.

    Kelly roof style real estate card
    Source: 99Designs

    However, the illustration of this design can vary according to the preferences of each company. Some will like to go with a simple style, whereas some will target a bit of fancy real estate business card design.


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    Cityscape Real Estate Business Cards

    Cityscape design is very interactive and can be used by various types of companies. It is not a specific design that points to any particular area. But it is a unified business representation that includes everything in it.

    Ranging from industrial to land sales, the cityscape business card design can cater to all. It offers a simple yet elite look to the cards. Furthermore, it showcases the wide range of real estate services the company is providing in the city.

    However, keep in mind that the depiction of logos plays an important role in these types of cards. The theme of these cards are decided based on the style of its logo. This particular helps to implicate an overall unified flair in the branding cards.

    Boise guru real estate card
    Source: 99Designs

    Golden-styled Design

    Looking to add a bit of royalty in your business cards? Go with the unique shades of gold style. Through years, this has remained a definite choice for most of the companies. There are tons of variations with which you can design real estate business cards in gold. It enables the design to look highly creative among others.

    You can either choose to design the whole card in golden or could just use the colors for logos. All of this depends on your brand theme and you must need to consider it before finalizing any design. The business card of Fox Real Estate is a good example in this regard. It shows the perfect combination of gold with other colors in the stationery.

    Golden real estate card
    Source: vincegray2014

    Monotone Real Estate Business Cards

    If you are not a fan of using glitzy colors, monotone design looks as a perfect option for you. These types of modern real estate business cards showcase a very simplified look. This precisely helps them to distinguish their look from other peers.

    The monotone style is quite decent and supple for the eye. Without adding much flashy stuff, these cards manage to grab customers’ attention due to their simplicity.

    Monotone real estate card
    Source: hubspot

    The example of Klemich Real Estate business cards is quite evident in this regard. It looks clean, neat, and immaculate to the eye. This specification offers a simple representation of business in a modest style.

    Pictorial Real Estate Business Cards

    Working in the real estate industry, you would know the importance of showing a pictorial view. The same attribute goes with the designing of creative real estate business cards. These stationery items look best when they are designed with some kind of property pictures.

    It is up to you to choose the right image that can help attract customers towards the company. It can either be an image of a land or a picture of a property constructed in the green hills. All of this depends on your own choice. Keep in mind that this type of business card can take a bit of extra cost. The reason is that their designing and printing part requires a substantial amount of budget.

    Pictorial real estate card
    Source: 99Designs

    Bold Design

    Create an impact in your business cards using the bold colors. It can be said as a tried and tested technique to make your cards look attractive to the people. Based on the theme, you need to pick those colors that can grab the attention of people. However, you have to make sure to not use anything cheap or flashy at all.

    These cards can play a good role in boosting the image of your company. For instance, if you are going to attend a real estate expo and planning to market your business there, these bold cards can make your job easier. Their enthralling design will showcase the compact identity of your company. Furthermore, it will allow leaving a solid footprint of your brand in the event.

    Bold real estate card
    Source: Constant Contact

    Real Estate Business Cards with Agent Photo

    It is a good real estate marketing idea to add a flair of personal touch in your real estate business cards. This can be done by using a real estate business card with a photo. Today, these types of business cards are becoming quite popular. The reason is that every realtor is now trying to use his/her picture to improve personalized branding in the market.

    These types of personalized business cards provide a great way to increase familiarity with the customers. More and more people get to know about your name, making it easier for you to become professionally recognized.

    Dorani real estate card
    Source: 99Design

    Two-tone Divided Design

    The two-tone style looks highly amazing for the real estate business cards. It can be said as a divided design because it includes two different colored sections in the card. These cards are becoming common in the market specifically among real estate companies.

    The division of the section allows you to present separate information depending on the branding requirements of the company. Meanwhile, you can also use one section to showcase

    Two tone real estate card
    Source: Behance

    your professional image. This will add an extra layer of personal touch in these realtor cards.

    In this way, these business cards become more attractive. They offer a great feature to represent your professional identity creatively to the customers.

    Sleek & Shiny Design

    Created with a unique artistry, these types of realtor business cards are also in demand. They look highly elegant and flawless imitating a perfect representation of a brand. The reason is that this type of design is still very unique and is only used by creative thinkers.

    These real estate business cards offer an elite presentation of your company. It helps to build the reputation and professional image of your business in the market.

    Hilton hyland real estate card
    Source: Brandly

    Colored Edges Design

    This type of business card style is relatively new, but is spreading quickly in the industry. It allows realtors to make their branding a little bit unique among others. These cards offer an eye-catching look allowing real estate companies to grasp people’s attention.

    The color of the edges and both sides can be chosen according to your branding theme. Generally, it is recommended to keep the combination of dark and light color in place. This gives your business card an exceptional style beating out all others in the market.

    Colored real estate card
    Source: Print Pepper Mint

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I design real estate business cards online?
    You can find multiple websites offering online real estate business cards designing. Some ofthe top portalslike Canva and few more others are rated highly by the people. They offer a large stock oftemplates andvarious custom designs as well.
    Which is the best site to find free real estate business cards templates?
    There are numerous sites where you can find tons of real estate business cards samples, suchas Vistaprint,Canva, Xara and more.
    How much do real estate business cards cost?
    The cost of real estate business cards depends upon many factors. This includes design,pieces required,total duration and more others. Generally, the cost of these cards starts from $60, leadingup to $500 ormore depending upon the types.
    How many types of real estate business cards are available in the market?
    There are many types of business cards available for the real estate industry. From two-tonedesign totextured cards, you can find numerous types based on your required preferences.
    What information completes the real estate business card requirements?
    The information on real estate business cards should be minimal. This could include yourname, company name,mailing address and a few more contact details.
    Should I have my picture on a real estate business card?
    Having a professional picture on your business card depends on your branding requirements.Nowadays, manypeople are using this practice to increase their recognition in the market. This preciselyhelps them tointroduce a personalized touch in the cards.

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    Final Words

    Building your name in the real estate industry is not an easy job. It requires a tremendous amount of effort, especially in terms of brand marketing. All the top real estate companies in the world heavily pay attention towards this factor, rightly due to its great impact in the market.

    Business cards have become an important corporate stationery for all types of real estate companies. Using them as a branding material can be a good option if they are designed in a beautiful manner. Being a realtor, you can take inspiration from the above defined types. This will help you to pick the best one among them based on your branding demands.

    Whether you are a startup or an established company, these real estate business cards will help you to stand out easily. Not only that, it will also allow you to engage more customers. Furthermore, it will leave a long lasting mark of your company distinguishing all other competitors.

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