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    Best Rebranding Examples to Get Inspiration From

    logopoppin Published: February 14, 2022 16 min read

    Proactive Rebranding Examples You Must Need to Know About

    The importance of branding can’t be ruled out by any marketer or business owner. It is the sole thing that gives businesses a prominent presentation in the market. Sometimes, its practices also need a rejig to get aligned with the modern trends. This requires marketers to look at different rebranding examples and devise new strategies accordingly. It helps them to give their brand a fresh look, rightly as per the latest emerging trends.

    Considering today’s world, we have seen countless brands transforming their brand identities lately. They have precisely done it keeping a variety of things in mind. Apart from giving the brand a fresh look, rebranding also helps to attract new customers towards the business. This is also pretty much dependent on the type of branding you are introducing for the business. If it fits best according to the modern practices, then it will definitely attract attention, allowing the brand to grow seamlessly.

    In this article, we will be analyzing different rebranding examples of the popular companies. It will let us know how various brands have revolutionized their identity by taking branding services from the top agencies. It has mostly done wonders for the companies, allowing them to establish a new marketing persona in the industry.

    Let’s first understand why rebranding is necessary for the organizations, especially the ones that are becoming outdated in branding.

    Why is Rebranding Necessary for Companies?

    Importance of rebranding

    Every company wants to get an edge over its competitors in the market. It is essential for their survival in the industry, especially when the competition is continuously rising every day. This cannot be achieved by just rolling out new products or services every week. Instead, it requires something more that can attract the eyeballs of the customers instantly.

    Rebranding is thought to be an interesting approach to give the brands a new look. It often works successfully when certain branding practices of the company get outdated. They can use a fresher branding approach to optimize their company marketing, perfectly according to the latest trends.

    There are countless rebranding examples available in the world that are worth considering. Many companies have successfully rejigged their outdated branding practices with the new ones. It has allowed them to restart their growth process and grab customers from the market regularly.

    Top Successful Rebranding Examples to Consider

    Top rebranding examples

    Being a marketer, you need to keep an eye on all the latest stuff related to branding and marketing. It helps you to keep track of the competitors and all the practices coming new in the industry. The analysis of all these things helps you to build a new branding plan, rightly according to the modern requirements of the business.

    Here are some of the inspiring rebranding examples you must need to look at today. The companies listed below have perfectly revolutionized their branding identities, giving their businesses a stunning boost to grow more in the world. Not just the logo, but they have changed different things related to the company branding, precisely with a touch of modern creativity.

    Let’s take a look at them in detail below.


    Tupperware rebranding

    Tupperware has always remained a top name for offering quality household products. People trust on the name of Tupperware due to its expertise in developing sustainable products. However, it should be kept in mind that the company didn’t just grow by the virtue of its market offerings. It also faced some hard downsides, but eventually got out of it by paying attention to rebranding.

    The stakeholders of Tupperware initially didn’t realize what was going wrong for them despite offering great household products. But, once they found other competitors going big by just promoting their products with a fresher look, they finally came to the conclusion.

    Considering this trend, Tupperware overhauled its branding, perfectly according to the latest trends. It focused on being visually attractive, so that people can take attention. It worked flawlessly for them as their sales and reputation doubled in the market in no time. Today, they are ruling over their competition, only by doing some important changes in branding.

    Coty Inc.

    Coty rebranding

    The rebranding example of Coty is worth considering by every professional marketer. The company has always taken the lead in the competitive market of scents and fragrances. But, when it acquired the famous Specialty Beauty Business in 2016, people started to get a little bit confused with its branding. It was basically a new merger that required some changes in branding to showcase a fresher business look.

    The marketing professionals at Coty quickly realized this fact and started making plans to roll out a new identity. They need to become a leader in the beauty industry as well, hence they thought to become aligned with it using a proper image. The restructuring and reshuffling of 20K+ employees wasn’t an easy job for them, which is why they came to the point to completely change their branding.

    The rebranding work did wonders for them, as it represented a new and better homogenous identity of the company. They switched to become more joyful and colorful, allowing people to understand the theme of their new fashion identity.


    Dominos rebranding

    Being a food lover, you must have eaten the famous pizza of Domino’s. It is one of those companies that is preferred by all the foodies, especially the Ranch pizza lovers. But besides knowing its current popularity in the market, very few people know that Domino’s was on the verge of complete closure in 2009. The company shares were dropping like the free rainfall, until it realized to perform rebranding at the fullest.

    The logo of the company saw a little change in styling and colors. It became a bit minimalistic, showing just the iconic Domino’s dice. This rebranding was well received by the people and they appreciated the creative new approach of the company.

    As a result, the company started to gain shares again. By 2016, the company came back strongly acquiring more than 16 percent shares of the market. It also helped them to gain back the lost loyalty of the customers. It certainly gave them a new identity to compete strongly, allowing their business to grow again.


    Coop rebranding

    Co-Operative Group has remained a powerful player in the banking industry for quite a long time. Having an experience of more than five decades, Co-Operative had successfully established a strong reputation in the market until in 2013 when it was caught up in multiple tides of problems.

    At the end of 2013, it was revealed that The Co-Operative Group has lost more than $2.5 billion in a single year. It was termed as the worst performing year of the organization due to which its market shares also started to drop down.

    Just when this news was a lot to take in, another major blow hit the deck when a shameful scandal of the company’s chairman was exposed to the market. It further took the image of the Co-Operative Group down, leaving the company at the doors of closure.

    But then, learning from the other rebranding examples, the stakeholders thought to fix the image of the company by introducing new branding of the organization. It was certainly the best thing they did at that time, as it pulled back the downslide of the company valiantly. This is one of the top rebranding examples that literally saved the fortunes of The Co-Operative Group by the nearest of margins.


    GLPS rebranding

    GLPS offers yet another stunning example of rebranding that precisely changed the tides of the company. If you will see the branding practices of GLPS before 2016, you will feel pretty bored. It was literally outdated and was not up to the mark of latest standards.

    All of this changed when the company realized to rejig its branding and gave the business a new marketing persona. From logos to banners and themes, everything was given a fresh look as per the trending practices. It allowed their business to get a new edge and reenter the market with a rejuvenated look.

    The customers associated with the company precisely liked their new look. They felt a great vibe of freshness in the branding, done perfectly according to the latest trends. The logo of the company was completely changed with a new amazing design. The brand stationery items were also redesigned with a greater sense of creativity. All of this helped the company to establish a new footprint in the market and solidify its branding perfectly.


    Our branding experts create the perfect visual identity that suits your brand.



    Airbnb rebranding

    The great rebranding example of Airbnb is also worth considering in this blog. The logo and theme of the company that you see today is entirely changed as compared to its previous design. Currently, the styling theme of Airbnb consists of red and white colors. It looks flawlessly good as compared to the previous color combination which was blue and white.

    Though Airbnb was still leading the market before the rebranding was done, but it was slightly getting outdated. Active as ever, the marketing professionals realized this hampering and started to make plans for new rebranding. They knew that all of their logos and branding stuff needed a complete rejig. Not just the styling, but their theme should also be changed with new colors.

    That is why they introduced the new red and white colors for Airbnb branding. It gave a new life to its logo, allowing people to show more attention in it. As per the survey, the brand value of Airbnb was around $10 billion in 2013. After the rebranding was done, it surged up to $30 billion in 2016, showcasing its stunning worth in the industry.

    These metrics precisely show how positive this change was for Airbnb. It allowed them to not only rebrand, but also grow more establishing a new identity in the market.

    Burberry’s Fashion Rebranding Example

    Burberry rebranding

    Burberry has always represented the iconic fashion sense of Great Britain. It is also one of the oldest clothing companies in England founded way back in 1856. Since then, it has remained a household name in the industry of fashion in England. People generally trust the name of Burberry due to its historical value as a reputed English fashion brand.

    But, with the start of 2000s, something was looking missing in the branding of Burberry. Apart from fashion house stakeholders, customers too realized that Burberry was not keeping up with the latest trends of branding. This started to become evident with the emergence of new fashion brands in the country, as people started to convert more towards the modern brands.

    Thankfully, the fashion house was smart enough to realize its missing branding vibe. They took some good notes from the other rebranding examples being done in the market. In 2006, Angela Ahrendts, the new CEO of Burberry, announced the complete rebranding of the fashion giant.

    This groundbreaking decision gave birth to the new minimalistic logo of Burberry. It was simple yet very attractive due to its bold presentation. The logo along with other new branding materials quickly grasped the attention of people. It proved to be a smart move by the fashion house, allowing its brand identity to gain the lost modern vibe perfectly.

    Ravensbourne University

    Ravensbourne university rebranding

    The branding identity of Ravensbourne University also took a huge change to gather more attention. The university was founded in 1965 in the heart of London, England. Back at that time, it was more like an associated university having its degree/courses affiliated with the other top English institutions. Therefore, the stakeholders of the Ravensbourne University always wanted to make it an independent institution.

    But to do that, they had to build a new identity that can describe their separate existence in the educational circuit. It is indeed essential for every institution to think this way because it gives them a unique presence in the market.

    Recently, after getting its own degree-awarding authority, the university decided to overhaul its outdated branding identity. They hired one of the best agencies in the market to optimize their branding identity. This worked perfectly for them, as the new university logo and marketing style gave a stunning look to the institute. People started to show more attention in the offered degree programs of the institution, taking its reputation to a newer level.


    ACLU rebranding

    ACLU is a renowned human rights organization hailing from America. It has dedicatedly worked with a mission “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in the country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

    This is their prime mission statement that allows them to fight and protect the rights of every American legally. The organization recently thought to change its branding identity, so that it can engage people with a fresher look. The old logo of the organization was more perceived as a partisan looking emblem giving an unintentional false message.

    Earlier, their branding theme was only based on blue and white color. It was more like a conventional thing that was getting outdated with the passage of time. To rebrand themselves and get a fresher look, the organization decided to do some little changes in their theme. They added a new combination white, blue and red in the theme to make it more catchy and modernistic for the onlookers.

    Besides that, they picked a bold typography style to bring a sense of solidness in the brand. This gave their identity a compact look, and allowed them to complete a soft rebranding of the decades old organization.

    PNG Air

    PNG Air rebranding

    Talking specifically about the organization working at the national level, it is generally perceived that rebranding would be a risky job. Well, this perception was broken by PNG Air by giving their identity a stunning modern look.

    PNG Air is basically an official Airlines company hailing from Papua New Guinea. They were formally known as Airlines PNG until the rebranding was done. The basic idea behind this gigantic effort is to take the identity of the company to a new modern level. This transition was not easy because giving such a huge company a new branding style itself is a risky task.

    But having the courage to embrace modernity, the stakeholders took the challenge and successfully achieved a new branding look. Not just the logo, but all of their branding marketing material got a revolutionized style rightly as per the latest graphic design trends. The difference between the old and new identity is huge. It leads us to the conclusion how a new style can bring a fresher look, helping every company in its path toward success.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why does rebranding become necessary sometimes?
    In order to give your brand a new life and market presentation, rebranding becomes a necessary thing. It provides an impetus to your branding, provided all the design strategies are put into the place perfectly.
    2. Which type of businesses should consider rebranding?
    Those businesses that are not getting any attention from the customers despite offering quality products should look for rebranding. They can learn how to do it perfectly by looking at different rebranding examples available in the market.
    3. What are three types of rebranding?
    Basically, there are three types of rebranding done in the market. These three types include a brand merger, brand refresh and full rebranding. All of them are chosen for specific purposes depending on the given needs.
    4. Name some of the best fashion rebranding examples?
    Over the years, many fashion companies have successfully rebranded them according to the modern trends. Some of the notable rebranding examples among them include Burberry, Gucci, Balenciaga and more.
    5. What are the best rebrands of all time?
    You can find many examples of the rebranding done by the companies in the past few years. Some of the best rated among them includes rebranding of Pizza Hut, Chobani, Sears and more others.


    That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed different things about rebranding. It is indeed necessary for every company to think about rebranding if its market value starts to go down gradually. Many marketers think that by just introducing new products or services can reestablish their brand. This is basically linked to one part, and the other directly hints towards rebranding.

    In this article, we have discussed some of the best rebranding examples you would find in the market. Over the years, a lot of companies have changed their brand storytelling and style to get more attention from the audience. Some of them have done it successfully by following the right practices, while some have also failed by putting wrong designs.

    If you want to get rebranding services from an agency that is reputed highly in the market, get in touch with us today. We will give your company custom rebranding solutions, perfectly according to the modern trends.

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