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Famous Red Logos Every Designer Must Need to Know About

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The perfect selection of colors is termed very important for brand logo designing. It is a crucial element that helps to make any logo vibrant in looks. As far as the best preferences are concerned, many designers pick red as their go to color for logo designing. It offers a strong catchy look to the logos, provided you use all the designing elements perfectly. That is the reason why you will see a large number of red logos being currently used by the businesses. They prefer to showcase their branding with strongness, and red is certainly the perfect color to illustrate that.

From Netflix to KFC, there are number of red logos examples available around to take note of. Their branding has always kept red in the core, rightly due to its vibrant feel. But, it should be noted that not all the red gradients suit perfect for the logos. There are some specific red color hex codes that are termed adequate for logo designing. Not just that, but they fit perfect for other branding materials such as business cards, brochures, banners and more others.

Being a designer, you must need to know how to design a logo using proper colors. Especially when it comes to red, you must need to pick the combinations very smartly. Generally, the combination of red and white is said to be perfect. Many brands have created their logos using this combination including Oracle, Adobe and more others.

In this article, we will take a look at the famous red logos in detail. We will try to study the idea behind using red colors in those logos. Furthermore, we will also discuss some tips about using different color combinations with red in logo designing. Let’s first understand the concept behind using red colors in brand logos. 



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Though there are many colors available in the palette, but red is said to be the most important one among them. It comes first in the mind of designers due to its great relevance with every style. It then depends on the branding theme of the company to decide the final selection of red color. Many logo design services prefer red because it presents a bold image. It quickly grabs the eye attention, provided all the other designing elements are also used accurately in the logos.

The red color basically represents an essence of passion and energy. Both of these meanings are long associated with this color, which is indeed the main reason behind its common usage. The color is also associated with the meaning of love and sentimental emotions. That is the reason why valentine branding is also usually done with the red colors. The heart shaped balloons, gift cards and more others are precisely designed with the red color to showcase that very emotion. It describes how important red colors is, not just for branding, but for other stuff as well.  


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Many companies have created their logos using red color. It is a very symbolic shade that illustrates various things through its vibrant looks. Here are some of the logo examples of top world companies that have designed their official emblems using red color. 


2.1 Adobe

Adobe is one of the leading software technology companies known in the world. It has always remained on the forefront of technological revolution, precisely by introducing advanced designing products like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and more others. Today, most of the designers around the world prefer Adobe Tools for their day to day designing jobs. It offers a variety of features on top of advanced products made exclusively for professional graphic designing.

The brand logo of Adobe has been created flawlessly using catchy red color. It has been used with the combination of white, showcasing a great blend of artistry. If you will look closely, you will notice a very smart usage of whitespaces in the logo. It makes a perfect combination of red and white, enabling the logo design to showcase subtle uniqueness among others.


2.2 CNN

Another example of a brand that uses a stylish combination of red and white is CNN. Hailing from the USA, it Is one of the top news broadcasting agencies in the world. The organization has established a strong footprint in different regions, making itself a premium source to cover latest news from various countries. From Asia to Europe and beyond, CNN always offers valuable and quick insights from all parts of the world.

The logo of CNN has been designed with a stunning concept of artistry. It is basically a wordmark that is arranged in a cohesive manner beautifully. The color combination used for the CNN logo is none other than red and white. It gives the logo an impeccable look, rightly according to the latest branding standards. 


2.3 Netflix

Netflix is the leading online movie streaming platform in the world. It can be termed as the pioneer in this field because the trend of online movies streaming has been established in the market after the arrival of Netflix. Soon after, many other platforms like Amazon Prime, Iflix, Hulu and more others also joined the bandwagon seeing the success of Netflix. It has got millions of subscribers registered from different parts of the world. This gives Netflix a huge prominence at the global level, making it the most popular platform in the industry.

The logo of Netflix has been decently designed using red and black color combination. Some iterations of the logo also include red and white, but those are not termed the primary one. The entire logo is based on a masculine font showcasing the name of Netflix. A curvy design from both ends make the logo appearance highly catchy. It really looks neat to the eye, illustrating simplicity with elegance in the logo design.


2.4 KFC

KFC logo

When it comes to talk about fast food, no one can ignore the dominance of KFC in the industry. It has been ruling the global fast food market from last three decades. It is one of the highly popular fast food chain known in different parts of the world. People generally look towards KFC as the symbol of quality in fast food production. It has always set the benchmark high, precisely by serving enthusiastic foodies with the best burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and more others.

Besides the quality fast food, the logo of KFC is also highly popular among the people. The red basket designed in the logo is a symbol of classic KFC fried chicken box. This logo also utilizes whitespaces in some parts of the design. It offers a very creative touch to the logo, making it a symbol of top quality fast food in the market. 


2.5 Oracle

Oracle is yet another a leading name in the global industry of software technology. Till to date, it is considered to be the biggest database and ERP software solution in the world. Many companies are using Oracle to ease up their database operations. Though there are other rivals also working in the industry, but no one offers much powerful or advanced ERP systems as compared to Oracle.

The Oracle logo could be considered as wordmark logo because of it’s decent typography. But, this looks highly strong due to the usage of red color in the typeface. There is also another iteration of the logo in which the wordmark is placed inside a plain square box. It is designed with the combination of red and white, making the logo highly elegant in looks. 


2.6 YouTube

Youtube logo

When it comes to talk about the best online video streaming platforms in the world, YouTube is always called upon the leader of the industry. It is a hugely famous video streaming platform housing millions of videos related from different category. From sports to educational tutorials, YouTube has got everything stored in abundance. That is the reason why it is called a major hub that resides different types of videos in plenty of numbers.

The famous YouTube logo also contains the iconic red and white color combination. The logo has been designed creatively with a play button in the white, whereas the square box behind in the red color. Since YouTube has been launched, this logo has remained the same, except for few little changes in some yearly iterations. Google has also designed some other versions of YouTube including wordmark, but this is still considered the primary one for the platform. 


2.7 Puma

Puma logo

Puma is a renowned name in the global industry of athletic wear. It offers variety of apparel in its clothing lineup. All the top athletes around the world prefer Puma for their day to day sports clothing. Not just that, but Puma also offers top quality joggers, bands and other stuff according to the custom demands of different sports fields.

The logo of Puma has been created using different colors. The primary version is considered to be the logo that is created using the red color. Some other versions are also designed using black and blue colors, but they are not considered to be the original emblem. The red and white Puma logo has got a major importance, as company normally uses it (sometimes black) for the official branding purposes.


2.8 Levi’s Apparel

Levi's logo

Levi’s is a prominent player in the global market of clothing. It is specifically very popular among the youngsters, as they find the brand products manufactured with high quality. From t-shirts to jeans and polos, Levi’s has got specialty in manufacturing different casual clothing products with perfection. The pricing tag of the company is also quite affordable as compared to other bigwigs. This is also one of the major reason why people love Levi’s for being pocket friendly.

Talking about the Levi’s logo, it has been beautifully created using the traditional wordmark. It looks decent, yet offers a very strong branding image of the company. As usual, red and white combination has been used to create this wordmark. It is considered to be the original one, whereas another iteration of black and white color is said to be the secondary logo style.