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    The Origins & Evolution of Samsung Logo Through the Years

    logopoppin Updated: January 10, 2024 12 min read
    Samsung logo evolution

    Samsung is termed as one of the biggest manufacturers of electronic equipment in the world. It simply does not require any kind of introduction, as it is ruling the business industry for decades. From televisions to smartphones, the Samsung logo can be found everywhere showcasing a strong sign of domination.

    We, as a general consumer, have always preferred Samsung products due to their unmatched qualities. Our affection for the Samsung logo has increased rapidly with time showcasing the prominence of its products in our daily lives.

    But, wait, have you ever thought about how Samsung grew up massively during the last few decades?

    Well, this article will surely answer a lot of your questions. It will let you know how the Samsung logo evolved and why different logo design services take inspiration from its style to design simple logos. Let’s first take a look at its brief history below.

    The history of Samsung logo is quite diverse and has got a lot of different stages involved in it. Starting from South Korea, Samsung made its way into the top tier of the business world after working tirelessly through the decades.

    Earlier, the company had an entirely different view of its logo as compared to the one that we know today. It was never blue and ellipse in shape and didn’t have typical font styling as well.

    Through the decades, the Samsung logo changed a lot and evolved into a new shape. It came into the market with a traditional three-star logo, just like the classic sports logos. Though the meaning of its logo is not entirely confirmed. But according to sources, it represents “three stars” in the Korean language.

    Sounds weird right? Well, many of us think about it in the same way.

    The earlier three-star Samsung logo also had a combination of very simple conventional colors i.e. black and white. It looked more like a post stamp and didn’t have any unique factor that could grab people’s attention. But yes, it had a resemblance with the business it was doing during that time i.e. a food supplier company.

    Evolution of Samsung Logo through Time

    The Early Age as a Food Supplier

    Very few people know about the fact that Samsung didn’t start as a tech company. Earlier, it was working entirely in a different domain. The company first started as a food supplier in South Korea. It used to take orders from local vendors to supply rice, fishes and other items to neighboring countries like China and Manchuria.

    Starting from 1939, the company took advantage of the lesser available shippers in South Korea. They expanded their business by selling more goods to the neighboring company.

    Yes, you heard it right.

    Samsung three star korean logo

    That was the core reason why Samsung had that black and white logo having three shining stars. It perfectly depicted the core nature of their business allowing people to easily understand their objective.

    Emergence After Second World War

    South Korea also faced a wide amount of economic disruptions due to the second world war. It was a time when the whole world was experiencing uncertain conditions. Hence, the companies in South Korea were also not operating in exception.

    But, here’s the thing that separated them from the rest.

    The government of South Korea selected 30 top companies from all over the country and gave them exemption in the taxes. Besides that, the government also gave them little funding for development.

    Samsung logo first colored three stars design

    Samsung was one of those companies that came under the radar of the South Korean government. Looking at their performance, they received a good amount of funding for future development.

    As a result, they really did a great job and started to showcase their true potential in electronics. It was basically the first time when Samsung truly entered the market with its visionary range of products. The company quickly rebranded itself and came up with a completely new logo to showcase its latest range of products.

    Evolution from 80s

    You must be wondering about the old Samsung logo and how it changed? Here’s the thing you should know about.

    From the start of the 80s, the technological circuit took a huge boost in the world. Samsung also pushed its limits and worked harder to meet the demands of the changing world. The owners soon realized that they needed to upgrade their branding. They knew that their logo must look more colorful to stay relevant in the business circuit.

    Therefore, Samsung introduced its new logo made with a colorful new design. The core three stars were still present in that logo but were restyled with the red colors. This gave them a great attractive look.

    Samsung logo 1980

    The emerging trend of color televisions and other electronic equipment was the main reason why Samsung brought colors to its logo. It worked perfectly for them and allowed them to get a strong competitive edge in the market.

    Rebranding in 1993

    After some years, Samsung felt yet another need of introducing its new logo. Finally, they found their perfect style. This time they came up with an entirely new design that completely changed their identity in the market.

    And, what was that?

    The iconic ellipse-shaped blue logo instantly became the talk of the town. It gave Samsung a stunning redefined presence in the world. This logo was completely unique from its early predecessors, which is why it got more attention from the masses.

    Samsung logo blue & white 1993

    This particular logo had everything changed, ranging from font style to colors, etc. To avoid duplication, they quickly opted to copyright the logo as per the given procedures.

    It showcased that the company has moved a lot forward from its early origins. This gave a perfect view about their commitment to reach new heights by attaining a global presence.

    Modifications in 2005

    Fast forward to the 2000s, Samsung was ruling the tech industry with its range of products. From mobile phones to televisions, the market of Samsung truly expanded at a massive rate, beating out all others in the race.

    Yes, you thought it right, this gave them another reason to alter their style again.

    Samsung modern logo

    The company once again decided to celebrate its dominance by modifying its logo a bit. The logo that we know today was introduced in 2005. It represents a simpler yet bold look of the company. Till to date, this logo is the global representation of the South Korean tech giant, widely regarded as their best brand imitation.

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    Now, as we have discussed the origins and evolution of the Samsung logo through the years. Let’s take a look at its attributes & understand its significance in the overall logo. From fonts to shapes and colors, everything is planned perfectly in the Samsung logo. This defines the objective and core goals of the company.

    The truth is:

    Not only the current, but the earlier Samsung logos were also designed with a clear perspective of company offerings. Strategically, all the logos were made to deliver a particular message to the customers. From the very first three-star logo, Samsung showed its company values allowing everyone to understand the nature of the company easily.

    Samsung Logo Shape

    The oval shape in the Samsung mobile logo is not just merely designed without any reason. It delivers a specific message about the objective of the company. In fact, it is not an oval but a depiction of space carrying the name of Samsung.

    So, what does this mean?

    Well, this logo is creatively designed to let the people know that Samsung is a new age company. It loves to work with advanced technologies providing advantages to the global market. This is also the key tagline of the company and we all have witnessed the same about it over the years.

    Meanwhile, if you look closely at the edges, you can note that both ‘S’ and ‘G’ of Samsung are slightly spilling out from the oval, presenting something unique.

    Well, yes, this has also got a special meaning.

    It means that the company has got open ideas to work on a range of technologies. There are no bounds or limits to the people working inside it. This gives everyone a clear sense of freedom to work on new ideas. That is the main reason why Samsung has opened new ventures in the field of tech from time to time. It shows their commitment to attaining new heights.

    Samsung Logo Color

    Just like the shape, the Samsung logo color has also got a bit of philosophy behind it. The enchanting blue shade means reliability and trustworthy services. Whereas the white color represents the elegance of the brand. If compared with the early predecessors, the color scheme of the current logo looks very simple yet catchy as well.

    Currently, Samsung uses two colors for the depiction of its logo i.e. black and blue. Black is used as a representation of its classic style, while blue shows its advancement in the new era.

    Samsung Logo Font

    The current font of the Samsung logo is a basic Helvetica, inspired by the company’s sense of simplicity in style. But to make it a bit unique, the letter ‘A’ in the logo has been designed with no crossbars. This gives it an overall distinctive look and unique style. It supports their claim of innovation in the business, which is indeed the main motto of their domination.

    As time evolved, Samsung saw the opportunity to rebrand itself as per the latest standards. The motivation to become the best in the industry-led them towards creativity, specifically in terms of branding.

    Yes, that is where we all love Samsung, right?

    Its emergence as a leading player in the tech industry has always remained exemplary, so as its rise in the domain of marketing. The inspiration for the new Samsung logo came right from there, and it really did wonders for them.

    Using the new logo, they promoted the idea of innovation which we can also see in various fashion logos. They showed how to be different in the market. That is where their core values stand and the representation of their logo perfectly supports this claim as well.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the meaning of the Samsung logo?
    The word Samsung is derived from the Korean language, meaning “three stars”. According to sources, it was carefully chosen by the company’s founder Lee Byung-chull. He had the vision to take his company to the heights of stars, hence came up with this name.
    How was Samsung created?
    Samsung was never intended to become a tech giant. It was founded in 1938 as a food supplier company. But later, it quickly emerged as the leading Korean tech organization.
    What is the Samsung Tagline?
    Being renowned as the leader of innovation, Samsung has a famous tagline i.e. “Inspire the World, Create the Future”.
    What makes Samsung unique?
    Samsung has always believed in the creation of new technologies. From smart watches to smart TVs, the company has always led the tech world by setting up new standards. This has made them unique and stand out among all others.
    Why does the letter ‘A’ in Samsung don’t have any horizontal bar?
    Being creative is the main motto of Samsung, which is why it introduced a new logo having no horizontal bar in the letter ‘A’. It perfectly supports their claim of being an innovative tech giant.

    Summing it up!

    Through the years, the rise of Samsung has shown us that it has no boundaries whatsoever. The company thrives continuously to innovate new technology, as it is one of their core working models.

    Their logo specifically depicts this approach in a unique manner. Being a brand identity, its evolution through the years represents their journey from being a food supplier to the leading tech giant. It is indeed quite exemplary and a complete book to learn lessons from.

    No wonder, Samsung’s branding took a huge boost after the emergence of its new logo. It allowed them to introduce themselves as a new brand that is ready to take on challenges while innovating the tech field continuously.

    If you are also looking to design your brand logo uniquely like Samsung, get connected with our logo designing experts today. We can help you to craft the best logo as per latest market standards, precisely at affordable prices.

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