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    Exquisite Shades of Tan Color and Their Beautiful Earthly Vibes

    Hailey Savona Published: June 27, 2024 12 min read

    Discover How Powerful Earthy Shades of Tan Color Turn Your Art Out of This World

    Tan is often seen as simply a brown derivative, offering nothing more than the base color itself. However, tan holds a depth and beauty that goes far beyond its neutral label. Derived from the color of tanned leather, it embodies the rich, earthy tones of nature, offering a sense of warmth, comfort, and timeless elegance.

    However, tan is not just one color. There is a whole spectrum of shades of tan color offering a variety of warm and cool hues, allowing you to find the perfect shade for your applications. But finding the right shade; that’s the tricky part. So, how can you ensure that the tan shades you have chosen are the right ones?

    Join us as we dive into the captivating world of tan, exploring the psychology behind its shades and introducing you to a range of exquisite hues that add an earthy sophistication to your designs. Moreover, we will see how to use some of its more popular shades the way a professional graphics design agency would.

    Psychological Impact of Different Shades of Tan Color and the Aesthetic They Embody

    HEX #D2B48C RGB 210, 180, 140 CMYK 0, 14, 33, 18
    Light Tan
    HEX #ECDEC9 RGB 236, 222, 201 CMYK 0, 6, 15, 7
    Tan Brown
    HEX #AB7E4C RGB 171, 126, 76 CMYK 0, 26, 56, 33
    Dark Tan
    HEX #918151 RGB 145, 129, 81 CMYK 0, 11, 44, 43
    HEX #f0dc82 RGB 240, 220, 130 CMYK 0, 8, 46, 6
    HEX #C2B280 RGB 194, 178, 128 CMYK 0, 8, 34, 24
    Sandy Tan
    HEX #FDD9B5 RGB 253, 217, 181 CMYK 0, 14, 28, 1
    Tuscan Tan
    HEX #A67B5B RGB 166, 123, 91 CMYK 0, 26, 45, 35
    HEX #F5DEB3 RGB 245, 222, 179 CMYK 0, 9, 27, 4
    Windsor Tan
    HEX #AE6838 RGB 174, 104, 56 CMYK 0, 40, 68, 32
    HEX #EFDECD RGB 239, 222, 205 CMYK 0, 7, 14, 6
    HEX #F3EBAD RGB 243, 235, 173 CMYK 0, 3, 29, 5
    Baja White
    HEX #fffad2 RGB 255, 250, 210 CMYK 0, 2, 18, 0
    Banner Gold
    HEX #a28557 RGB 162, 133, 87 CMYK 0, 18, 46, 36
    HEX #F5F5DC RGB 245, 245, 220 CMYK 0, 0, 10, 4
    Beige Brown
    HEX #AB814F RGB 171, 129, 79 CMYK 0, 25, 54, 33
    HEX #efcca2 RGB 239, 204, 162 CMYK 0, 15, 32, 6
    Blanched Almond
    HEX #ffebcd RGB 255, 235, 205 CMYK 0, 8, 20, 0
    HEX #e3dac9 RGB 227, 218, 201 CMYK 0, 4, 11, 11
    HEX #DABC94 RGB 218, 188, 148 CMYK 0, 14, 32, 15
    HEX #deb887 RGB 222, 184, 135 CMYK 0, 17, 39, 13
    HEX #e08d5b RGB 224, 141, 91 CMYK 0, 37, 59, 12
    HEX #C19A6B RGB 193, 154, 107 CMYK 0, 20, 45, 24
    HEX #EED7B9 RGB 238, 215, 185 CMYK 0, 10, 22, 7
    HEX #FFD59A RGB 255, 213, 154 CMYK 0, 16, 40, 0
    HEX #e6c8a0 RGB 230, 200, 160 CMYK 0, 13, 30, 10
    HEX #EFC990 RGB 239, 201, 144 CMYK 0, 16, 40, 6
    Chamois Tan
    HEX #b3a385 RGB 179, 163, 133 CMYK 0, 9, 26, 30
    HEX #a0785a RGB 160, 120, 90 CMYK 0, 25, 44, 37
    Copper Tan
    HEX #de8e65 RGB 222, 142, 101 CMYK 0, 36, 55, 13
    HEX #FFFDD0 RGB 255, 253, 208 CMYK 0, 1, 18, 0
    Cream Tan
    HEX #e4c7b8 RGB 228, 199, 184 CMYK 0, 13, 19, 11
    Dark Vanilla
    HEX #d1bea8 RGB 209, 190, 168 CMYK 0, 9, 20, 18
    Deep Tan
    HEX #726751 RGB 114, 103, 81 CMYK 0, 10, 29, 55
    HEX #ba8759 RGB 186, 135, 89 CMYK 0, 27, 52, 27
    HEX #FAD5A5 RGB 250, 213, 165 CMYK 0, 15, 34, 2
    Desert Tan
    HEX #a38c6c RGB 163, 140, 108 CMYK 0, 14, 34, 36
    HEX #9b7653 RGB 155, 118, 83 CMYK 0, 24, 46, 39
    Elemental Tan
    HEX #cab79c RGB 202, 183, 156 CMYK 0, 9, 23, 21
    HEX #E3C565 RGB 227, 197, 101 CMYK 0, 13, 56, 11
    Escape Plan
    HEX #B5875F RGB 181, 135, 95 CMYK 0, 25, 48, 29
    Fall Green
    HEX #ECE8B9 RGB 236, 232, 185 CMYK 0, 2, 22, 7
    Fossil Tan
    HEX #d1af90 RGB 209, 175, 144 CMYK 0, 16, 31, 18
    French Bistre
    HEX #856d4d RGB 133, 109, 77 CMYK 0, 18, 42, 48
    HEX #E8CAA2 RGB 232, 202, 162 CMYK 0, 13, 30, 9
    Golden Brown
    HEX #966919 RGB 150, 105, 25 CMYK 0, 30, 83, 41
    Golden Glow
    HEX #FDE992 RGB 253, 233, 146 CMYK 0, 8, 42, 1
    HEX #a99a86 RGB 169, 154, 134 CMYK 0, 9, 21, 34
    HEX #E6DBAD RGB 230, 219, 173 CMYK 0, 5, 25, 10
    Harvest Gold
    HEX #E3B778 RGB 227, 183, 120 CMYK 0, 19, 47, 11
    HEX #E0AC69 RGB 224, 172, 105 CMYK 0, 23, 53, 12
    HEX #BDA55D RGB 189, 165, 93 CMYK 0, 13, 51, 26

    Let’s start with the psychological aspect that is represented by the shades of tan color. Beyond its visual appeal, tan carries some fascinating psychological facets according to color theory that can change the way your designs can be perceived. Here’s a glimpse into the emotions different tan shades evoke.

    Warmth and Security

    Tans with undertones of shades of yellow color or even light browns, like wheat and sandy tan, exude a sense of warmth and security. Imagine a living room bathed in the soft glow of sandy tan walls, creating a space that feels like a warm home, perfect for family gatherings and cozy evenings by the fireplace. Picture a wheat-colored armchair in a wood-paneled reading nook, inviting relaxation with a good book and a cup of tea.

    Refinement and Sophistication

    Deeper tans like dark tan and chamois tan, with more pronounced undertones of shades of brown color, embody a sense of refinement and sophistication. Imagine a dark tan leather briefcase exuding the heights of professionalism for an important business meeting, or a chamois tan suit for a formal occasion, radiating a sense of timeless elegance.

    Natural Comfort and Earthy Connection

    Softer shades of tan color like calico, or deer from colors that start with D, evoke a sense of natural comfort and a connection to the earth around us. Imagine a calico tablecloth adding a touch of rustic rural charm to a dining table set, or deer-colored curtains filtering sunlight into an upstairs bedroom, creating a calming and natural atmosphere.

    Subtle Energy and Earthy Vibrancy

    Deeper tans with hints of metallic tones, like copper tan and banner gold, evoke a subtle energy and a connection to the vibrant hues found in nature at sunrise or sunset. This is especially true when set against various beige colors or shades of white color. Imagine a copper tan accent wall in a home office paired with soft gray, promoting a sense of grounded focus while working on creative projects. Picture a banner gold throw pillow on a pristine cream bedspread adding a touch of warmth and vibrancy to a neutral living room.

    Exquisite Shades of Tan Color That You Should Add to Your Color Palettes

    HEX #fffff0 RGB 255, 255, 240 CMYK 0, 0, 6, 0
    HEX #F0E68C RGB 240, 230, 140 CMYK 0, 4, 42, 6
    HEX #CDA776 RGB 205, 167, 118 CMYK 0, 19, 42, 20
    Light Beige
    HEX #EAD2A8 RGB 234, 210, 168 CMYK 0, 10, 28, 8
    Light Brown
    HEX #C4A484 RGB 196, 164, 132 CMYK 0, 16, 33, 23
    Light Taupe
    HEX #b38b6d RGB 179, 139, 109 CMYK 0, 22, 39, 30
    HEX #FAF0E6 RGB 250, 240, 230 CMYK 0, 4, 8, 2
    Liver Chestnut
    HEX #987456 RGB 152, 116, 86 CMYK 0, 24, 43, 40
    HEX #F1D3AB RGB 241, 211, 171 CMYK 0, 12, 29, 5
    Marigold Yellow
    HEX #F8E076 RGB 248, 224, 118 CMYK 0, 10, 52, 3
    HEX #FAE29C RGB 250, 226, 156 CMYK 0, 10, 38, 2
    HEX #FFE4B5 RGB 255, 228, 181 CMYK 0, 11, 29, 0
    Muddy Waters
    HEX #BF8964 RGB 191, 137, 100 CMYK 0, 28, 48, 25
    HEX #FFE5BD RGB 255, 229, 189 CMYK 0, 10, 26, 0
    New Orleans
    HEX #F7F7F7 RGB 247, 247, 247 CMYK 0, 0, 0, 3
    Pale Brown
    HEX #987654 RGB 152, 118, 84 CMYK 0, 22, 45, 40
    Pale Tan
    HEX #EAE0C8 RGB 234, 224, 200 CMYK 0, 4, 15, 8
    Pale Taupe
    HEX #bc987e RGB 188, 152, 126 CMYK 0, 19, 33, 26
    HEX #E8C79D RGB 232, 199, 157 CMYK 0, 14, 32, 9
    Pastel Brown
    HEX #836953 RGB 131, 105, 83 CMYK 0, 20, 37, 49
    Peach Yellow
    HEX #fadfad RGB 250, 223, 173 CMYK 0, 11, 31, 2
    Pinkish Tan
    HEX #d99b82 RGB 217, 155, 130 CMYK 0, 29, 40, 15
    Rational Poetry
    HEX #DAC27C RGB 218, 194, 124 CMYK 0, 11, 43, 15
    Rob Roy
    HEX #E9C17B RGB 233, 193, 123 CMYK 0, 17, 47, 9

    Now that we have taken a look at the different color meanings that the shades of tan color can embody, you might be thinking that its time to add some to your color palettes too. But wait!

    Do you know what shades of tan would be perfect for your applications? With tens of dozens of tan shades to choose from, not to mention the various tints and hues branching out, it can be a bit of a problem for you, especially if you are new to it.

    So, let’s dive in and take a look at some special shades of tan and the unique aesthetics they create.



    This quintessential shade of tan, or the base tan itself, offers a neutral foundation for any design project. As one of the more popular brown shades, it has a soft pastel vibe to it similar to camel from colors that start with C, bringing warmth to its designs. Imagine a tan carpet providing a warm and inviting base for colorful furniture and artwork in a living room, or a tan button-down shirt that pairs effortlessly with a variety of colors and patterns, creating a versatile staple in any wardrobe.

    Tan Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The tan hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #D2B48C

    RGB: rgb(210,180,140)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,14,33,18)

    Tan Brown

    Tan Brown

    A deeper and richer shade of tan, tan brown exudes a sense of sophistication and stability. A more saturated shade, it adds a certain luxurious feel to its applications, whether its fashion, interior design, or more. For leather-themed interior design color palettes, tan brown is a highly sought after shade.

    Imagine a tan brown leather sofa anchoring a living room, offering a touch of luxury and comfort, or tan brown cabinets in a kitchen, creating a warm and inviting space for cooking and coming together with the loved ones.

    Tan Brown Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The tan brown hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #AB7E4C

    RGB: rgb(171,126,76)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,26,56,33)

    Dark Tan

    Dark Tan

    Dark tan is one of the more sophisticated shades of tan color that embodies a sense of strength and refinement. With a distinct vibe of shades of gray color in its makeup, the shade feels understated and elegant, no matter the application.

    Imagine a dark tan leather jacket adding a touch of timeless style to a casual outfit, or a dark tan accent wall in a study, creating a focused and grounded atmosphere for work.

    Dark Tan Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The dark tan hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #918151

    RGB: rgb(145,129,81)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,11,44,43)

    Sandy Tan

    Sandy Tan

    Sandy tan is a light and warm tan that evokes a sense of the beach and the calming hues of pink-yellow sand. Its hue brings to mind soft, sunlit shades of pink color, giving any application a sense of timeless beauty.

    Imagine sandy tan walls in a bathroom, creating a spa-like atmosphere that promotes relaxation. Picture a sandy tan dress for a summer outing, radiating warmth and effortless style, perfect for a picnic in the park or a stroll along the beach.

    Sandy Tan Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The sandy tan hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #FDD9B5

    RGB: rgb(253,217,181)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,14,28,1)

    Tuscan Tan

     Tuscan Sand

    Tuscan tan is a warm and inviting shade of tan with hints of light shades of orange color that evokes the rich landscapes of the Tuscan countryside. Imagine Tuscan tan walls in a living room paired with light pastel blue, creating a warm, airy, and inviting atmosphere perfect for family meals and gatherings. Picture a Tuscan tan throw rug adding a touch of warmth and texture to a living room.

    Tuscan Tan Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The Tuscan tan hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #A67B5B

    RGB: rgb(166,123,91)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,26,45,35)



    Wheat is another one of the warm and golden shades of tan color that evokes the rich color of ripe wheat fields. With a color that transitions between a light shade of tan and various shades of gold color, it depicts a calm, laidback environment.

    Imagine wheat-colored walls in a kitchen, creating a warm and inviting space for cooking and baking. Picture a wheat-colored linen tablecloth adding a touch of rustic elegance to a dining table set for a special occasion.

    Wheat Tan Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The wheat tan hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #F5DEB3

    RGB: rgb(245,222,179)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,9,27,4)

    Windsor Tan

    Windsor Tan

    Windsor tan is a sophisticated and muted tan with a slight hint of gray that exudes a sense of timeless elegance and serenity. Imagine a Windsor tan accent wall in a bedroom paired with light shades of blue color, creating a contrast that depicts a serene and relaxing environment perfect for sleep. Picture a Windsor tan suit for a work presentation, conveying professionalism with a touch of understated elegance.

    Windsor Tan Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The Windsor tan hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #AE6838

    RGB: rgb(174,104,56)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,40,68,32)

    Banner Gold

    Banner Gold

    Banner gold is a vibrant and energetic tan with hints of burnished shades of red color that evokes the warm hues of a desert sunset. It is a shade meant to recreate a metallic look in the RGB space, which is why it has a darker hue than most gold-tan shades.

    Imagine a banner gold accent wall in a home gym, promoting a sense of energy and motivation during workouts. Picture a banner gold scarf adding a touch of warmth and vibrancy to a neutral outfit.

    Banner Gold Tan Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The banner gold tan hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #A28557

    RGB: rgb(162,133,87)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,18,46,36)



    This light and cool tan with a hint of pink-green evokes a sense of natural comfort and a connection to the outdoors. The shade looks as if you added a little pink-orange to bronze from colors that start with B.

    Imagine calico curtains filtering sunlight into a sunroom, creating a calming and natural atmosphere perfect for relaxing with a good book. Picture a calico tablecloth adding a touch of rustic charm to a patio dining table, reinforcing the connection with nature.

    Calico Tan Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The calico tan hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #E08D5B

    RGB: rgb(224,141,91)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,37,59,12)



    Cashmere is a soft and luxurious tan with a hint of gray-brown that embodies a sense of comfort and sophistication, something like a soft, grayish fawn from colors that start with F. Imagine a cashmere sweater offering warmth and elegance on a chilly day, or cashmere upholstery on a sofa, creating a luxurious and inviting living space.

    Cashmere Tan Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The cashmere tan hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #E6C8A0

    RGB: rgb(230,200,160)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,13,30,10)

    Chamois Tan

    Chamois Tan

    This rich and sophisticated tan with a hint of yellow-gray, a slightly darker and browner shade than ecru cream from colors that start with E, which evokes a sense of warmth and luxury. Imagine chamois tan leather boots adding a touch of timeless style to a fall outfit, or chamois tan handbags exuding sophistication and quality.

    Chamois Tan Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The chamois tan hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #B3A385

    RGB: rgb(179,163,133)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,9,26,30)

    Copper Tan

    Copper Tan

    Copper tan is one of the warm and energetic shades of tan color with a distinct red or orange undertone that evokes a sense of warmth and vibrancy. This shade works surprisingly well with a variety of colors, including many shades of purple color or greens, making it quite versatile.

    Imagine a copper tan accent chair adding a touch of personality and energy to a living room, or a copper tan throw rug grounding the space with a touch of warmth.

    Copper Tan Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The copper tan hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #DE8E65

    RGB: rgb(222,142,101)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,36,55,13)



    This light and cool tan with a dark brown evokes a sense of tranquility and connection to nature, making it the perfect complement to many woody shades of green color. Imagine deer-colored walls in a nursery, creating a calming and serene environment for a newborn baby. Picture deer-colored curtains in a bedroom, filtering sunlight and promoting a restful night’s sleep.

    Deer Tan Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The deer tan hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #BA8759

    RGB: rgb(186,135,89)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,27,52,27)

    More Shades of Tan Color

    HEX #C7A951 RGB 199, 169, 81 CMYK 0, 15, 59, 22
    Sandalwood Tan
    HEX #907f68 RGB 144, 127, 104 CMYK 0, 12, 28, 44
    HEX #786D5F RGB 120, 109, 95 CMYK 0, 9, 21, 53
    HEX #f1da7a RGB 241, 218, 122 CMYK 0, 10, 49, 5
    Sandy Beach
    HEX #fff0c8 RGB 255, 240, 200 CMYK 0, 6, 22, 0
    Sandy Brown
    HEX #F4A460 RGB 244, 164, 96 CMYK 0, 33, 61, 4
    Santa Fe
    HEX #B37959 RGB 179, 121, 89 CMYK 0, 32, 50, 30
    HEX #DCD7A0 RGB 220, 215, 160 CMYK 0, 2, 27, 14
    HEX #8a795d RGB 138, 121, 93 CMYK 0, 12, 33, 46
    Smoked Tan
    HEX #aea494 RGB 174, 164, 148 CMYK 0, 6, 15, 32
    Solar panel
    HEX #E1B781 RGB 225, 183, 129 CMYK 0, 19, 43, 12
    Sorrel Brown
    HEX #c9ab83 RGB 201, 171, 131 CMYK 0, 15, 35, 21
    HEX #d8ba92 RGB 216, 186, 146 CMYK 0, 14, 32, 15
    Sweet Corn
    HEX #FBE790 RGB 251, 231, 144 CMYK 0, 8, 43, 2
    HEX #D6B75A RGB 214, 183, 90 CMYK 0, 14, 58, 16
    Tan Green
    HEX #a9be70 RGB 169, 190, 112 CMYK 11, 0, 41, 25
    Tan Hide
    HEX #fa9d5a RGB 250, 157, 90 CMYK 0, 37, 64, 2
    Tan Yellow
    HEX #ffe36e RGB 255, 227, 110 CMYK 0, 11, 57, 0
    HEX #CD5700 RGB 205, 87, 0 CMYK 0, 58, 100, 20
    HEX #B9966A RGB 185, 150, 106 CMYK 0, 19, 43, 27
    Toffee Tan
    HEX #c8a883 RGB 200, 168, 131 CMYK 0, 16, 35, 22
    Tough Dad
    HEX #D7B963 RGB 215, 185, 99 CMYK 0, 14, 54, 16
    Tropical Tan
    HEX #cbb391 RGB 203, 179, 145 CMYK 0, 12, 29, 20
    HEX #DCAD8D RGB 220, 173, 141 CMYK 0, 21, 36, 14


    What colors are considered shades of tan color?
    Brown shades with gray-orange tones to them are often considered part of the tan group.
    What is the tan skin tone?
    A tan skin tone denotes a light, nutty brown skin color.
    Is tan considered among beiges or browns?
    Tan is considered a lighter shade of brown rather than beige.


    To sum it up, tan is far from a one-dimensional color that many people assume it to be. The shades of tan color offer a spectrum of possibilities, from the warmth of sandy tan to the sophisticated elegance of dark tan.

    And each shade evokes a unique feeling and aesthetic, just as shades of black color give off a variety of feelings between elegant opulence and mourning. By understanding the psychology behind these hues, you can harness the power of tan to create the perfect mood and atmosphere in all aspects of design. So next time you encounter a beautiful shade of tan, remember its depth and versatility. Explore the earthy vibes it has to offer and embrace the warmth of nature in our world.

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