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    Rejuvenating Shades of Teal Color and Their Prevalence in Design

    Marilla Lawson Published: July 1, 2024 13 min read

    Discover How Different Shades of Teal Color Add a Refreshing Perspective to Art

    Teal is an alluring blend of blue and green that fascinates us and captures our attention instantly, especially when used right. In fact, the entire spectrum of shades of teal color offers an array of possibilities that energizes the senses and creates a sense of serene rejuvenation.

    Often associated with the beautiful hues of tropical waters, teal possesses a unique ability to be both calm and bold at the same time, adding a unique twist to your designs. But with such a variety of shades to choose from, it can be a daunting prospect to find and add the right colors to your palette.

    So, the question remains. What would be the right shade of teal for your design that captures the essence of your art and conveys it using the psychological impact of its shade? And once you find that perfect shade, how to use it like a professional graphic design agency to maximize its potential impact? Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of teal color, exploring the psychology behind its various shades and introduce you to a range of rejuvenating shades that can elevate your design aesthetic.

    The Rejuvenating Psychology Behind the Spectrum That is Shades of Teal Color

    HEX #008080 RGB 0, 128, 128 CMYK 100, 0, 0, 50
    HEX #7FFFD4 RGB 127, 255, 212 CMYK 50, 0, 17, 0
    Bright Teal
    HEX #01F9C6 RGB 1, 249, 198 CMYK 100, 0, 20, 2
    Cadet Blue
    HEX #5F9EA0 RGB 95, 158, 160 CMYK 40, 1, 0, 37
    Caribbean Green
    HEX #00CC99 RGB 0, 204, 153 CMYK 100, 0, 25, 20
    Common Teal
    HEX #009193 RGB 0, 145, 147 CMYK 100, 1, 0, 42
    Crystal Teal
    HEX #00637C RGB 0, 99, 124 CMYK 100, 20, 0, 51
    Dark Teal
    HEX #014D4E RGB 1, 77, 78 CMYK 99, 1, 0, 69
    Deep Jungle Green
    HEX #004B49 RGB 0, 75, 73 CMYK 100, 0, 2, 71
    Deep Teal
    HEX #005F5F RGB 0, 95, 95 CMYK 100, 0, 0, 63
    Dull Teal
    HEX #5F9E8F RGB 74, 119, 119 CMYK 38, 0, 0, 53
    Dusty Teal
    HEX #4C9085 RGB 76, 144, 133 CMYK 47, 0, 7, 44
    Egyptian Teal
    HEX #008C8D RGB 0, 140, 141 CMYK 100, 1, 0, 45
    Empress Teal
    HEX #10605A RGB 16, 96, 90 CMYK 83.33, 0, 6.25, 62.35
    Gray Teal
    HEX #5E9B8A RGB 94, 155, 138 CMYK 39, 0, 11, 39
    Hooker Green
    HEX #49796B RGB 73, 121, 107 CMYK 40, 0, 12, 53
    Jungle Green
    HEX #29AB87 RGB 41, 171, 135 CMYK 76, 0, 21, 33
    Largo Teal
    HEX #23777B RGB 35, 115, 123 CMYK 71.54, 3.25, 0, 51
    Light Sea Green
    HEX #20B2AA RGB 32, 178, 170 CMYK 82, 0, 5, 30
    Marine Teal
    HEX #008384 RGB 0, 131, 132 CMYK 100, 1, 0, 48
    Medium Turquoise
    HEX #48D1CC RGB 72, 209, 204 CMYK 66, 0, 2, 18
    Metallic Seaweed
    HEX #0A7E8C RGB 10, 126, 140 CMYK 93, 10, 0, 45

    Before we discuss anything else, let’s start with the psychological impact of the various shades of teal color. Beyond its visual appeal, teal colors carry a surprising nuance of psychological associations, which have been drawn in from both of its constituent colors, green and blue.

    Here’s the emotions different shades evoke, based on color theory.

    Calming Serenity

    Shades of teal color with a dominant blue undertone, like deep sea green and aquamarine, evoke a sense of calm and serenity, something that it has in common with many shades of blue color and greens.

    Imagine a bathroom adorned with deep sea green walls and a luxurious light gray marble bathtub, creating a spa-like retreat perfect for relaxing. How about an aquamarine bedroom with soft white bedding and light wood furniture, promoting a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

    Invigorating Energy

    Shades of Teal color with a dominant green undertone, like Caribbean green and bright teal, exude a sense of invigorating energy, similar to many of the warmer shades of green color. Imagine a Caribbean green accent wall in a home gym, contrasting with the metal hues of the exercise equipment and promoting a sense of motivation and focus during workouts. Picture a bright teal and orange throw pillow adding a pop of energy and vibrancy to a neutral living room set.

    Sophistication and Balance

    Teals with a balanced blend of blue and green, like plain teal and turquoise, embody sophistication and balance in design. Imagine a teal tie and pocket square with a charcoal gray suit, exuding confidence and professionalism for a business meeting, or a turquoise necklace and earrings set adding a touch of elegance to an outfit.

    Earthy Harmony and Natural Inspiration

    Teals with a hint of gray or shades of tan color, like dusty teal and viridian, evoke a sense of earthy harmony and inspiration from nature. Imagine a dusty teal accent wall in a study bathed in soft natural lighting, creating a grounded and focused atmosphere for work. Picture a viridian recliner promoting creativity and a connection to the natural world in an otherwise materialistic world surrounding it.

    Amazing Shades of Teal Color to Add to Your Color Palettes to Give It New Life

    Midnight Green
    HEX #004953 RGB 0, 73, 83 CMYK 100, 12, 0, 67
    Mountain Meadow
    HEX #30BA8F RGB 48, 186, 143 CMYK 74, 0, 23, 27
    Navy Teal
    HEX #20576E RGB 255, 0, 0 CMYK 71, 21, 0, 57
    Pale Teal
    HEX #82CBB2 RGB 130, 203, 178 CMYK 36, 0, 12, 20
    Persian Green
    HEX #00A693 RGB 0, 166, 147 CMYK 100, 0, 11, 35
    Pine Green
    HEX #01796F RGB 1, 121, 111 CMYK 100, 0, 8, 53
    Rich Black
    HEX #004040 RGB 0, 64, 64 CMYK 100, 0, 0, 75
    HEX #007474 RGB 0, 116, 116 CMYK 100, 0, 0, 54
    Steel Teal
    HEX #5F8A8B RGB 95, 138, 139 CMYK 32, 1, 0, 45
    Teal Bayou
    HEX #57A1A0 RGB 87, 161, 160 CMYK 46, 0, 1, 37
    Teal Blue
    HEX #367588 RGB 54, 117, 136 CMYK 60, 14, 0, 47
    Teal Green
    HEX #00827F RGB 0, 130, 127 CMYK 100, 0, 3, 49
    Tropical Teal
    HEX #008794 RGB 0, 135, 148 CMYK 100, 9, 0, 42
    Trumpet Teal
    HEX #5A7D7A RGB 90, 125, 122 CMYK 28, 0, 2, 51
    HEX #40E0D0 RGB 64, 224, 208 CMYK 71, 0, 7, 12
    HEX #40826D RGB 64, 130, 109 CMYK 51, 0, 16, 49

    Now that you have taken a look at the different vibes and aesthetics that can be embodied by the various shades of teal color, you might be wondering about which of these hues to add to your design. The answer to that question can often be more complicated than warranted, especially if you are new to the field.

    But don’t worry, that where we come in. Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing shades of teal and the unique aesthetics they create, to help you find the right colors for your palette.



    This quintessential shade of teal offers a perfect balance of blue and green, creating a versatile foundation for any design project, due to the amazing color combinations it forms. Imagine a teal rug grounding a living room with colorful furniture and artwork, or a teal button-down shirt that pairs effortlessly with a variety of colors and patterns, perfect for the office as well as a night out on the town.

    Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #008080

    RGB: rgb(0,128,128)

    CMYK: cmyk(100,0,0,50)

    Teal Blue

     Teal Blue

    The cool and calming shade of teal blue with a dominant blue undertone evokes a sense of tranquility and peace. Its cool hue pairs perfectly with light shades of gray color, providing a welcome contrast to help the color stand out clearly.

    Imagine teal blue walls in a bedroom, creating a serene and relaxing environment perfect for sleep. Picture teal blue curtains filtering sunlight into a reading nook, inviting relaxation with a good book.

    Teal Blue Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The teal blue hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #367588

    RGB: rgb(54,117,136)

    CMYK: cmyk(60,14,0,47)

    Teal Green

    Teal Green

    The vibrant and energetic shade of teal green with a dominant green undertone evokes a sense of rejuvenation and growth. Teal green is often considered a part of the green family, and when we talk about what colors go with dark green, teal green is one shade that finds itself working well with many color families easily.

    Imagine a teal green accent wall in a kitchen paired with cream walls, promoting a sense of creativity and inspiration during meal preparation. Picture a teal green dress for a summer outing, radiating energy and vitality, perfect for a picnic in the park or a day at the beach.

    Teal Green Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The teal green hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #264B56

    RGB: rgb(38,75,86)

    CMYK: cmyk(56,13,0,66)

    Deep Sea Green

    Deep Sea Green

    This rich and mysterious shade embodies the calming depths of the ocean, and works really well with many bright shades of yellow coloras contrast. Imagine deep sea green interior in a home theater, with dark leather furniture creating a dramatic and immersive atmosphere for movie nights. Picture a deep sea green velvet armchair in a wood paneled living room, inviting relaxation and a splash of cool by the fireplace.

    Deep Sea Green Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The deep sea green teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #255456

    RGB: rgb(37,84,86)

    CMYK: cmyk(57,2,0,66)



    Aquamarine is one of the lightest and most refreshing shades of teal color that evokes the calming colors of shallow tropical waters, such as those found near the coral reefs of Maldives or Madagascar.

    Imagine an aquamarine bathroom at a beach house with bone white fixtures and beach-themed decor, creating a spa-like retreat that feels light and airy. How about an aquamarine dress paired with accessories in light, pale shades of pink colorfor a summer wedding, radiating a sense of elegance and understated beauty.

    Aquamarine Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The aquamarine teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #7FFFD4

    RGB: rgb(127,255,212)

    CMYK: cmyk(50,0,17,0)

    Cadet Blue

    Cadet Blue

    Cadet blue is a sophisticated and muted shade of teal with a hint of green, exuding a sense of solidity and reliability. Imagine a cadet blue suit for a job interview, conveying a sense of professionalism and focus. How about a cadet blue accent wall in a home office, offering a sense of calming and mental stability while working on projects, taking and combining the color meanings for both its primary parent colors.

    Cadet Blue Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The cadet blue teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #5F9EA0

    RGB: rgb(95,158,160)

    CMYK: cmyk(41,1,0,37)

    Caribbean Green

    Caribbean Green

    This vibrant and energetic shade evokes the lush landscapes and turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Imagine some Caribbean green accents to a luxurious dress in deep shades of purple color, offering an intense yet pleasurable pop of brightness to the design. Picture a Caribbean green throw blanket adding a pop of color and vibrancy to a neutral living room, perfect for movie nights or casual gatherings.

    Caribbean Green Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The Caribbean green teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #00CC99

    RGB: rgb(0,204,153)

    CMYK: cmyk(100,0,25,20)

    Bright Teal

    Alt: Bright Teal

    Bright teal is an eye-catching shade with a dominant turquoise base from colors that start with B that injects a burst of energy and optimism into any space. Imagine a bright teal accent wall in a home office, promoting a sense of alertness and focus while working on creative projects. Picture a set of bright teal throw pillows on a plain white bedspread, adding a playful touch to a minimalist living room, sparking conversation and creating a dynamic atmosphere.

    Bright Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The bright teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #01F9C6

    RGB: rgb(1,249,198)

    CMYK: cmyk(100,0,20,2)

    Crystal Teal

    Crystal Teal

    This dazzling and luminous shade shimmers with a touch of blue and green, creating a sense of sophisticated glamour. Imagine a crystal teal dress for a special occasion, radiating elegance and captivating attention. Picture crystal teal accents in a bathroom done in bright shades of white color, like a shimmering soap dish or a set of decorative towels, adding a touch of luxury and vibrancy to the space.

    Crystal Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The crystal teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #00637C

    RGB: rgb(0,99,124)

    CMYK: cmyk(100,20,0,51)

    Deep Jungle Green

    Deep Jungle Green

    Deep jungle green is a rich and sophisticated color from colors that start with D, with a hint of teal evokes the verdant depths of a forest. Imagine a deep jungle green accent wall in a library, creating a calming and focused atmosphere for reading and reflection. Picture an ebony armchair upholstered in deep jungle green plush velvet, inviting relaxation and conversation in a living room with a touch of natural elegance.

    Deep Jungle Green Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The deep jungle green teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #004B49

    RGB: rgb(0,75,73)

    CMYK: cmyk(100,0,3,71)

    Dusty Teal

    Dusty Teal

    Dusty teal is a muted and sophisticated shade with a hint of gray, or a slight addition of some earthy shades of beige color, that exudes a sense of earthy harmony and timeless elegance. The shade is designed to look as if there is a fine layer of dust over something colored teal, making the shade a bit muted.

    Imagine light dusty teal walls in a dining room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for family meals and gatherings. Picture a dusty teal throw rug grounding a living room with a mix of textures and patterns, adding a touch of understated elegance.

    Dusty Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The dusty teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #4C9085

    RGB: rgb(76,144,133)

    CMYK: cmyk(47,0,8,44)

    Empress Teal

    Empress Teal

    This deep and majestic shade embodies luxury and sophistication, just like carmine from shades of red color, and it pairs really well with some light or fiery colors that pop off it. Imagine an Empress teal velvet sofa anchoring a living room, creating a statement piece that exudes grandeur and invites relaxation. How about an Empress teal evening gown for a formal event, radiating timeless elegance and captivating attention.

    Empress Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The empress teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #10605A

    RGB: rgb(16,96,90)

    CMYK: cmyk(83,0,6,62)



    This classic and refreshing shade evokes the vibrant hues of tropical waters and gemstones, and works really well with a variety of shades of gold color. Imagine a turquoise kitchen backsplash adding a touch of coastal charm and vibrancy to the space, or a turquoise necklace and earrings set, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to an outfit.

    Turquoise Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The turquoise teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #40E0D0

    RGB: rgb(64,224,208)

    CMYK: cmyk(71,0,7,12)

    Persian Green

    Persian Green

    This rich and mysterious shade with a hint of teal evokes the vibrant colors of Persian rugs and textiles, and works really well with dark shades of orange color like burnt orange or terracotta. Imagine a Persian green accent wall in a study, creating a grounded and focused atmosphere for work that sparks creativity and inspiration. Alternatively, how about a Persian green throw pillow adding a touch of culture and sophistication to a living room.

    Persian Green Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #00A693

    RGB: rgb(0,166,147)

    CMYK: cmyk(100,0,11,35)



    This vibrant and energetic shade with a hint of blue leans towards the green spectrum, evoking the lush greens of nature, and thus works well with woody shades of brown color. Imagine a viridian accent wall in a home gym, promoting a sense of motivation and connection to the natural world during workouts. Picture a viridian office chair that adds a touch of vibrancy and inspires creativity while working on projects.

    Viridian Teal Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The viridian teal hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #40826D

    RGB: rgb(64,130,109)

    CMYK: cmyk(51,0,16,49)


    Is plain teal darker than turquoise?
    Yes, plain teal is darker and cooler than turquoise, while turquoise is brighter and more vibrant in shade.
    What color is closest to plain teal?
    Aqua and deep sea green are two shades that are quite close to plain teal in color.
    Is teal a feminine color?
    No, teal is mostly considered a masculine color, due to its affinity to blue.


    Teal’s versatility goes far beyond a simple blend of blue and green. The shades of teal color offer a spectrum of possibilities, from the calm serenity of deep sea green to the invigorating energy of Caribbean green. Each shade evokes a unique feeling and aesthetic unmatched by another color.

    By understanding the psychology behind these hues, you can harness the power of teal to create the perfect mood and atmosphere in your home decor, fashion choices, or even design projects. So next time you encounter the beauty of teal, remember its depth and versatility.

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