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    Soft Shades of Nude Color and Their Delicately Neutral Aesthetics

    Hailey Savona Published: July 8, 2024 14 min read

    Discover the Calm, Soothing Tones of Various Shades of Nude and How to Use Them

    Nude is a conundrum of a word, one often whispered both in dressing rooms and at makeup counters by women across the world. Here, we will be talking about nude the color palette, one that is made up some exciting and beautiful shades like none you have ever seen before.

    In recent years, the shades of nude color have seen a massive rise in popularity and for one simple reason – nude evokes a sense of understated elegance and delicate neutrality that even most pastels lack. But when we talk about nude, most people confuse pastels and nudes together, when in fact they are quite distinct color groups.

    Nudes have an earthy feel to them; with a somewhat yellow-brown tinge to those colors that represents the nude skin of people. And with the world of nude going far beyond a single shade, it offers a captivating spectrum of soft colors, each with its own personality and the power to create amazing aesthetics.

    The question is – which of them should you use in your applications, and how to use them properly.

    Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of nude colors and learn how a professional graphic design agency would use them to maximize their visual appeal. We will explore the psychology behind these hues and introduce you to a range of popular nude shades that add sophistication and style to your design projects.

    Let’s begin.

    Psychology of Shades of Nude Color – How Do They Affect Us?

    HEX #E3BC9A RGB 227, 188, 154 CMYK 0, 17, 32, 11
    Nude Brown
    HEX #bc9e82 RGB 188, 158, 130 CMYK 0, 16, 31, 26
    Pink Nude
    HEX #ddc0b4 RGB 221, 192, 180 CMYK 0, 13, 19, 13
    Dark Nude
    HEX #ccb3a3 RGB 204, 179, 163 CMYK 0, 12, 20, 20
    Light Nude
    HEX #e6ddd8 RGB 230, 221, 216 CMYK 0, 4, 6, 10
    HEX #EADDCA RGB 234, 221, 202 CMYK 0, 5, 13, 8
    Almond Milk
    HEX #F3E5AB RGB 243, 229, 171 CMYK 5, 5, 34, 0
    HEX #F5F5DC RGB 245, 245, 220 CMYK 2, 2, 15, 4
    HEX #FE828C RGB 254, 130, 140 CMYK 0, 49, 45, 0
    HEX #F0DC82 RGB 240, 220, 130 CMYK 6, 8, 55, 0
    Caffe Latte
    HEX #A67B5B RGB 166,123,91 CMYK 23, 43, 62, 16
    HEX #C19A6B RGB 193, 154, 107 CMYK 18, 31, 63, 24
    Chai Tea
    HEX #BD8D46 RGB 189,141,70 CMYK 27, 47, 85, 9
    HEX #F7E7CE RGB 247, 231, 206 CMYK 2, 6, 16, 0
    Choco Chips
    HEX #3F2A2B RGB 63,42,43 CMYK 0, 33, 32, 75
    HEX #D2691E RGB 210, 105, 30 CMYK 0, 50, 86, 18
    Cinnamon Roll
    HEX #8A4B08 RGB 138,75,8 CMYK 27, 58, 100, 22
    HEX #FF7F50 RGB 255, 127, 80 CMYK 0, 50, 69, 0
    Cotton Candy
    HEX #FCA2CC RGB 252, 162, 204 CMYK 0, 36, 19, 1
    Dusty Rose
    HEX #DCAE96 RGB 220, 174, 150 CMYK 0, 21, 32, 14
    Espresso Shot
    HEX #4B3832 RGB 75, 56, 50 CMYK 0, 25, 33, 71
    HEX #E5AA70 RGB 229, 170, 112 CMYK 8, 28, 56, 0
    Frosted Toffee
    HEX #DFD4C7 RGB 223, 212, 199 CMYK 0, 5, 11, 13
    HEX #B06500 RGB 176, 101, 0 CMYK 18, 52, 100, 31
    Golden Waffle
    HEX #F7B71D RGB 247,183,29 CMYK 0, 26, 98, 3
    HEX #8E7618 RGB 142, 118, 24 CMYK 0, 17, 83, 44
    HEX #FFFFF0 RGB 255, 255, 240 CMYK 0, 0, 6, 0
    HEX #C3B091 RGB 195, 176, 145 CMYK 18, 28, 45, 24
    HEX #bdab98 RGB 189, 171, 152 CMYK 0, 10, 20, 26
    Meringue Rosette
    HEX #F8E0E7 RGB 248, 224 231 CMYK 0, 10, 7, 3
    HEX #bea493 RGB 190, 164, 147 CMYK 0, 14, 23, 25
    Nude Beige
    HEX #cab9a7 RGB 202, 185, 167 CMYK 0, 8, 17, 21
    Nut Pudding
    HEX #97694F RGB 151,105,79 CMYK 20, 47, 63, 15
    HEX #E0DCC8 RGB 224, 220, 200 CMYK 0, 2, 11, 12
    HEX #FFE5B4 RGB 255, 229, 180 CMYK 0, 10, 29, 0
    Pecan Pie
    HEX #E1C699 RGB 225, 198 153 CMYK 0, 12, 32, 12
    Pink Marshmallow
    HEX #FFC5C5 RGB 255, 197 197 CMYK 0, 23, 23, 0
    Roasted Cocoa
    HEX #6F4E37 RGB 111,78,55 CMYK 40, 56, 83, 48
    HEX #65000b RGB 101, 0, 11 CMYK 0, 100, 89, 60

    First, let’s start by studying the psychological impact of nude shades on us, and what does it depict, according to color theory. The neutral nature inherent to shades of nude color isn’t just about aesthetics; it carries a distinct personality that defines the very essence of this color palette. Essentially, here are some of the various emotions and aesthetics that nude evoke.

    • A feeling of elegance and sophistication
    • A sense of calm and tranquil peace
    • A homely warmth and relaxed comfort
    • The essence of earthly charm and nature’s beauty

    Let’s take a look at them in a little detail.

    Sophistication and Elegance

    Shades of nude color with subtle pink or brown undertones, like pink nude and nude brown, exude a sense of sophistication and elegance that goes equally well in design as well as fashion. Imagine a nude brown dress paired with a cream shirt for a formal event, radiating timeless style and effortless grace. Think of a pink nude blouse tucked into a slate pencil skirt, creating a polished and professional look for the office.

    Calmness and Tranquility

    Lighter shades of nude color like vanilla custard and almond milk evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility. Earthy browns are often used to add a sense of emotional grounding, as per commonly known color meanings, which help promote a sense of peace and calm.

    Imagine a cottage bedroom painted in a soft vanilla custard shade, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere perfect for sleep. Think of a living room adorned with almond milk colored throw pillows, adding a touch of peace and inviting relaxation.

    Warmth and Comfort

    Shades of nude color hints of shades of yellow color or orange, like cookie dough and chai tea, evoke a sense of warmth and comfort, like a hot piece of pie or a mug of steaming tea. Imagine a chai tea colored scarf wrapped around your neck on a chilly fall day, adding a touch of coziness to your ensemble. How about a living room with a plush cookie dough colored rug, inviting relaxation and conversation.

    Natural Beauty and Earthy Elegance

    Shades of nude colors that overlap with shades of beige color or tan, like nude beige and nut pudding, evoke a sense of natural beauty and earthy elegance. Imagine a nut pudding colored table runner over a lightwood table, adding a touch of rustic charm to a dining table set for a family. Picture a nude beige colored handbag that complements a variety of outfits, adding a touch of understated elegance and allure.

    14 Amazing Shades of Nude to Give Your Color Palettes a New Life

    HEX #b7410e RGB 183, 65, 14 CMYK 0, 64, 92, 28
    HEX #fa8072 RGB 250, 128, 114 CMYK 0, 49, 54, 2
    Salted Caramel
    HEX #FFB347 RGB 255,179,71 CMYK 0, 34, 72, 0
    HEX #C2B280 RGB 194, 178, 128 CMYK 18, 25, 51, 24
    HEX #704214 RGB 112, 66, 20 CMYK 35, 58, 98, 47
    Spiced Cappuccino
    HEX #8C6338 RGB 140,99,56 CMYK 46, 64, 87, 33
    HEX #888c8d RGB 136, 140, 141 CMYK 4, 0, 0, 45
    HEX #D2B48C RGB 210, 180, 140 CMYK 13, 28, 50, 18
    HEX #483C32 RGB 72, 60, 50 CMYK 0, 17, 31, 72
    HEX #CD5700 RGB 205, 87, 0 CMYK 0, 58, 100, 20
    HEX #E2725B RGB 226, 114, 91 CMYK 0, 50, 60, 11
    Toffee Peach
    HEX #FFCBA4 RGB 255, 203, 164 CMYK 0, 20, 36, 0
    Vanilla Custard
    HEX #F3D9A9 RGB 243, 217, 169 CMYK 5, 12, 38, 0
    Warm Praline
    HEX #D4AF37 RGB 212,175,55 CMYK 0, 18, 74, 17
    HEX #F5DEB3 RGB 245, 222, 179 CMYK 6, 8, 31, 0
    Wildflower Honey
    HEX #FFE699 RGB 255, 230, 153 CMYK 0, 10, 40, 0

    Now that we have taken a look at the various psychological aesthetics that these shades of nude color can embody, you might be wondering what hues of the nude palette would suit your needs.  Well, with the variety of hues it offers, it can be a bit confusing to find the right colors to work with in your color combinations.

    However, do not worry, that is what we are here for. Join us as we explore some of the most amazing shades of nude and the unique aesthetics they create.



    Nude is the quintessential shade of this color family that offers a neutral foundation for any outfit or design project. A beautiful mix of brown and pink, with a little yellow thrown in, nude is a magical hue that easily works as a statement or a neutral backdrop, useful for fashion to interior design color palettes.

    Imagine a nude button-down shirt that pairs effortlessly with a variety of colors and patterns, creating a versatile staple for any summer wardrobe. Think about the nude walls in a sculpture art gallery, allowing the artwork to take center stage effortlessly.

    Nude Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The nude hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #E3BC9A

    RGB: rgb(227,188,154)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,17,32,11)

    Pink Nude

    Pink nude

    Pink nude is a soft and feminine shade with a stronger hint of shades of pink color that evokes a sense of romance and delicate beauty. This is more akin to the blushed skin of a sleeping baby, and is a shade that is hard to ignore and forget.

    Imagine a pink nude dresses for bridesmaids at a summer wedding, radiating elegance and a touch of sweetness without overshadowing the bride. How about a pink nude scarf paired with a beige winter coat, adding a touch of femininity to an otherwise neutral outfit choice.

    Pink Nude Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The pink nude hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #DDC0B4

    RGB: rgb(221,192,180)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,13,19,13)

    Nude Brown

    Nude brown

    Nude brown is one of the more sophisticated shades of nude color. With a hint of brown, it gives a sense of warmth and understated elegance found in many of the beige-tinted shades of brown color. Imagine a nude brown leather jacket adding a touch of timeless style to a casual outfit. Picture nude brown furniture in a living room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for gatherings.

    Nude Brown Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The nude brown hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #BC9E82

    RGB: rgb(188,158,130)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,16,31,26)

    Vanilla Custard

    Vanilla custard

    Vanilla custard is one of the light and creamy shades of nudes that evokes a sense of purity and calmness. This light toned color is quite similar to fawn from colors that start with F, albeit with a pinker hue rather than gray of the fawn.

    Imagine a nursery painted in a soft vanilla custard shade, creating a serene and welcoming environment for a newborn baby. Picture a vanilla custard colored slip dress for a summer evening, radiating effortless style and a touch of innocence.

    Vanilla Custard Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The vanilla custard hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #F3D9A9

    RGB: rgb(243,217,169)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,11,30,5)

    Almond Milk

     Almond milk

    Almond milk is a soft and ethereal shade of nude from colors that start with A with a hint of gray that evokes a sense of peace and tranquility. It beautifully melds the soft warmth of pale brown with the cooling aesthetic of light gray, resulting in a unique aesthetic.

    Imagine an almond milk throw blanket draped over a dark velvet sofa, creating a calming and inviting pop of lightness in a living room. Picture an almond milk colored blouse paired with dark-wash jeans, creating a relaxed yet sophisticated outfit for a casual brunch.

    Almond Milk Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The almond milk hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #F3E5AB

    RGB: rgb(243,229,171)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,6,30,5)



    Blush is one of the most delicate and romantic shades of nude color from colors that start with B with a distinct hint of pink that evokes a sense of femininity and youthful charm. This color has such a clear pink tone that you would be remiss not to add it to yourcolor palettes, with a hue that is both soft and vivid at the same time.

    Imagine a blush colored dress for a spring picnic, trimmed and accented in yellows and blues, radiating elegance and a touch of playfulness. Picture a blush colored scarf adding a pop of color and femininity to a neutral-toned outfit.

    Blush Nude Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The blush nude hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #FE828C

    RGB: rgb(254,130,140)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,49,45,0)

    Chai tea

    Chai tea

    Chai tea is a warm and inviting shade of nude from shades of tan color, with a hint of spiciness that evokes a sense of sharpness, comfort, and togetherness. The color is meant to represent a cup of freshly brewed tea with just a dash of milk added to it, resulting a beautiful brown colored beverage.

    Imagine a chai tea colored throw pillow trimmed in metallic bronze on a living room sofa, adding a touch of warmth and inviting relaxation. How about a chai tea colored sweater for a chilly autumn day, radiating warmth and cozy vibes.

    Chai Tea Nude Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The chai tea nude hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #BD8D46

    RGB: rgb(189,141,70)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,25,63,26)

    Cookie Dough

    Cookie dough

    Cookie dough is a playful and charming shade of nude color with hints of brown covered with shades of white color that evokes a sense of fun and youthful energy. Imagine a cookie dough colored t-shirt paired with denim shorts, creating a casual and fun outfit for a summer day. Picture a cookie dough colored accent wall in a child’s playroom, stimulating creativity and a sense of adventure.

    Cookie Dough Nude Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The cookie dough nude hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #CDB79E

    RGB: rgb(205,183,158)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,11,23,20)



    Hazel is one of the best earthy and sophisticated shades of nude color with a hint of green like metallic bronze green from shades of green color, which evokes a sense of understated natural elegance. It is a beautiful shade that exemplifies both the beauty of nude shades, and their versatility.

    Imagine a hazel colored blazer paired with khaki pants, creating a polished and professional look for the office. Picture a hazel colored table runner adding a touch of rustic charm to a dining table set for a dinner party.

    Hazel Nude Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The hazel nude hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #8E7618

    RGB: rgb(142,118,24)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,17,83,44)



    Mocha is a rich and comforting shade with a hint of brown mixed in light shades of gray color that evokes a sense of cool aesthetic and luxury. Imagine a mocha colored cashmere sweater trimmed in cream, radiating warmth and sophisticated style. Picture a mocha colored accent wall in a home office, creating a calm and focused atmosphere for work.

    Mocha Nude Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The mocha nude hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #BEA493

    RGB: rgb(190,164,147)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,14,23,25)

    Nude Beige

    Nude beige

    Nude beige is a versatile shade of nude color that offers a subtle blend of warmth and neutrality, with a distinct undertone in pale shades of purple color, with just a hint of gray added. A beautiful shade, it looks quite similar to the mocha color, albeit one with a somewhat lighter saturation.

    Imagine nude beige colored walls in a living room with a little stonework accenting it, creating a clean and inviting space that allows for a variety of décor styles. Think of a nude beige handbag that complements a variety of outfits, from lights to darks, adding a touch of elegance without going overboard.

    Nude Beige Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The nude beige hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #CAB9A7

    RGB: rgb(202,185,167)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,8,17,21)

    Nut Pudding

    Nut pudding

    Nut pudding is one of the richest earthy shades of nude color with a distinct overtone of chocolate brown from colors that start with C, which evokes a sense of rustic charm and natural beauty. A great shade to work with, it is designed to look like a nut-based pudding with some cocoa added to it, giving it its signature charm and hue.

    Imagine a nut pudding colored throw rug on a wooden floor, adding a touch of depth and texture to a living room. Think of nut pudding colored upholstery in velvet on a brass recliner, creating a cozy and inviting reading nook.

    Nut Pudding Nude Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The nut pudding nude hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #97694F

    RGB: rgb(151,105,79)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,30,48,41)

    Salted Caramel

    Salted caramel

    Salted caramel is one of the warmest and most sophisticated shades of nude color with hints of shades of gold color that evokes a sense of luxury and indulgence. A beautiful shade that is meant to be reminiscent of fresh salted caramel prepared carefully, it added a beautiful vibe to all of its applications.

    Imagine a salted caramel colored dress for a special occasion, trimmed in pale pink and white, radiating elegance and a touch of decadent abandon. Think of a salted caramel colored shirt that goes equally well with slacks or jeans, turning from formal to casual and back in an instant.

    Salted Caramel Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The salted caramel hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #FFB347

    RGB: rgb(255,179,71)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,30,72,0)

    Toffee Peach

    Toffee peach

    Toffee peach is a playful and vibrant shade of nude with hints of pale and pinkish shades of orange color that evokes a sense of fun and youthful energy. It is similar to the color peach from the orange family, albeit with a more yellow tone to it depicting the toffee.

    Imagine a toffee peach colored sundress for a summer day, radiating warmth and a touch of playfulness. How about a toffee peach colored throw pillow adding a pop of color and cheerfulness to a neutral-toned bedroom.

    Toffee Peach Nude Hex, RGB, and CMYK Codes

    The toffee peach nude hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are as follows.

    Hex: #FFCBA4

    RGB: rgb(255,203,164)

    CMYK: cmyk(0,20,36,0)


    What makes a color considered as part of the nude palette?
    To be considered among the shades of nude color, it needs to mix some sort of pink, peach, or ochre tone into a new shade. That means that a mix of pink, orange, and brown families is what results in nude shades.
    Are shades of nude color considered pastels?
    Yes, some shades of nude color can be considered among the paste color family, to their muted shades.


    The versatility and timeless appeal of different shades of nude color are undeniable. They offer a calming foundation for bolder colors, yet can stand alone with an elegant charm, resulting in a color family that serves us well in grounding us emotionally.

    By understanding the psychology behind these shades and exploring the vast palette of nude colors available, you can create a world of effortless style in everything, from your wardrobe to home décor. So next time you reach for a muted or pastel option, remember the spectrum of possibilities nude colors offer and embrace the benefits they provide in design.

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