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15 Spa Logo Designs to Inspire Creativity in Your Branding

15 Spa Logo Designs That Inspire

If you are planning to open up a spa center, you need to first think about its branding essentials. Many times people do not pay attention towards the importance of a spa logo. It is something that shows the identity of your business and why it is different from others. A good spa logo can help you to grab the attention of people and increase traffic towards the business.

Considering the growth of digital channels, it has now become more important to focus closely on the attributes of your branding. That is because the internet can help you to reach thousands of customers at once. It can boost your business recognition by effective marketing on different platforms. But to do that, you need to have a strong logo to represent the business identity.

To create professional looking logos, you can take help from any logo design agency that has got the appropriate knowledge. These agencies can assist you in building creative logos, so that your brand can look unique.

Meanwhile, you can also design these logos yourself by looking at different examples. This article has enlisted various types of spa logo designs that look highly creative. Let’s first understand the importance of these logos from the marketing perspective.

We all know how much every fitness center cares for its branding. It allows their fitness business names to get recognition in the market, especially when they are new in it. It acts like their source of identification among the group of different competitors.

Same goes in the case of spa centers. They too want to solidify their branding to get recognition in the industry. The growth of digital channels has indeed motivated them to build logos uniquely. It is the first thing that comes into notice whenever a user searches about them on the internet. Therefore, its quality is termed very important, as people generally build positive perception after looking at it.



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2. Best Spa Logos Ideas to Take Design Inspiration

Many spa business owners often look confused due to the designing of logos. Due to the little knowledge, they do not come towards a singular point that can finalize a stunning logo.

For those people who want to know how to design a logo for a spa center, these examples will work perfectly. Let’s take a look at them in detail below.

Female silhouette logo

It is definitely a nice idea to include a female silhouette in your spa logo design. It creates a direct relevance with your brand, allowing people to understand the main business theme.

The colors in this type of logo should be chosen according to your branding requirements. Many people choose the evergreen combination of pink and white while designing these logos. But, surely you can bring some sort of variance in that by picking your own colors.

2.2 Camellia

Camellia spa logo

It is a known fact that wordmarks are highly preferred when it comes to designing simple looking logos. They do not offer any kind of complexity, yet look highly adorable among all. Especially for spa centers, these wordmarks are highly recommended no matter what style or color you are using.

This logo is also an illustration of a wordmark styled logo. It looks decent and neat, showcasing the immaculate perfection of wordmark logos.

Women face in negative space

You can also design a stunning logo by using a woman’s face in a negative space. This is quite a unique concept that will make your logo highly creative among others. The colors for this type of logo depends on your choice. You can either use the traditional pink color, or could also go for blue, red, etc. for creating much striking presence.

2.4 Salt & Sweat

Salt and sweat spa logo

If you are looking for a logo that can engage young people towards your spa center, take a look at this logo. Though it is a wordmark, but it looks very decent with a traditional combination of pink and white colors. The concept of this wordmark is based around salt therapy that primarily provides relief from anxiety, cold, stress and other problems.

You can alter the wordmark style of this logo as per your requirements. Similarly, you can also change the colors and make the background transparent depending on your branding.

2.5 The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

The spa at mandarin logo

If you want to know how to depict a perfect description of a spa center, this is the exact logo for that. It showcases a simple but complete illustration of a spa center. It is a very famous logo associated with the name of a popular spa hotel in New York named Mandarin Oriental.

Pina spa logo

We all know that lotus flower is often associated with the field of spa, hence it could be used with one of its logos. The below given example is a perfect illustration of that. It is designed with a simple looking lotus flower along with a traditional wordmark. You can also use any fitness slogan with this logo to make it more impactful in looks.

2.7 Lifehouse Spa & Hotel

Lifehouse spa logo

Lifehouse is a famous spa located in Essex, United Kingdom. It is popular due to the smoothing massages and stress free environment. This logo is also a clear demonstration of this fact. It is designed neat and clean, defining the true theme of the spa center.

2.8 Lotus Flowers with Massage Stones