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    Top Sports Car Logos from Daily Drivers to Exotic Track Monsters

    logopoppin Published: March 26, 2024 28 min read

    Discover the Logos of the Best Sports Car Brands Gracing Our Favorite Automobiles

    Cars today are more than just a vehicle to take someone from point A to B. For many, they are a source of joy and excitement. From purpose-built track cars to tourers and sports cars, there are many options to choose from for an automobile aficionado.

    But what are some of the most popular sports car logos? What brands and their symbols are associated with performance automobiles over simple family cars? For example, no one would ever associate Mercedes-Benz with family minivans and the like. On the other hand, their brand logo would be better associated with performance and luxury cars.

    That is how a well-designed logo that portrays your brand’s core values. This is also why it is a good idea to consult a professional logo design agency when looking to create logos for your sports car brands, so that they can help you capture all that is necessary to capture the right market.

    How do you think the Chrysler logo became such an iconic symbol of the power of American automotive industry? Or Toyota became such an important name in both consumer and performance Japanese car marquees? Let’s dive in and discover the top sports car brands and their logos, and see how they rose to fame.

    What is a Sports Car? The Distinction between Supercars, Luxury and Sports Car Brands

    Before we begin with the list of sports cars brands and the brand symbols they sport, we need to clear the air about the difference between supercars, sports cars, and luxury cars. Now, for those who know, this might be an unnecessary detail, but the fact of the matter is that people are often confused between them. And this confusion causes the lines between these categories to get muddled.

    Before we get to the finer distinction, one important thing to note is that while all three of these variations are focused on power, there are finer details that make these categories distinct. Let’s take a look at what they are.

    Porsche – A Time-Proven Sports Car Brand

    Porsche 911

    Let’s start out with the sports car category. Sports cars are performance cars that are designed to be quick and agile, yet reasonable enough to be able to be driven daily if needed. These sports cars are designed to give people a purer driving experience with power and handling to match, without losing the convenience of their daily-driver. Imagine the Porsche logo. It is both associated with performance through the 911, as well as convenience through the Cayman and Taycan.

    Think of Toyota’s GT86, or Nissan’s GT-R. Both of them are cars that are designed to give people the thrill of having a powerful and nimble machine under them, while still giving them the ability to drive the car daily without worrying about convenience or usability. These cars are developed for comfort while on the road with additional power on tap should the driver need it.

    Pagani – A Famed Supercar Manufacturer

    Pagani Huayra

    Supercars are an advanced form of sports car that, for the most part, are designed to give people as close of a racing experience possible from a road-legal car. These sports car brands offer options that are designed from the ground-up to be more racing-oriented, with special materials used for construction that are not found in other cars. Some examples of these brands includes options from Lykan, Pagani, Koenigsegg, and more.

    Moreover, as the primary focus in on performance and experience of a racing machine, there is a loss of driving convenience, as there is often a lack of storage space and other such amenities. This makes driving the car casually, for the most part, impossible.

    Rolls Royce – An Automobile Marquee Synonymous with Luxury

    Rolls-Royce Cullinen

    Luxury cars are another form of cars that are designed to be powerful, but have a primary focus of comfort and luxury at its core. These cars are designed to be ultra-luxurious and comfortable, in order to give a premium riding experience like no other.

    Often, the powerful engines and suspensions used here are not for high-revving and greater top speeds.  The purpose is to give a smoother and more consistent ride and power delivery to a car that would be much heavier than its less luxuriant peers would. Ultra-luxury car manufacturers today include Rolls Royce, Lagonda, and Maybach.

    Luxury Sports Car Brands – Sports Car Logos of Popular Brands from Luxury Segment

    While we looked at luxury cars as a separate category from sports cars, a few sports car brands have managed to find the right balance between sport performance and luxury. This has resulted in a new sub-class of automobiles – the luxury sports cars.

    These cars are the epitome of luxury automobile. However, they have managed to merge that feeling of luxury and comfort with the thrill of a powerful engine and nimble handling, making for a truly unique experience.

    So , let’s take a look at a few of these sports car logos, and see what companies are known for producing luxury sports cars.

    De Tomaso – A Lesser Known Luxury and Sports Car Brand That bought us the Pantera

    De Tomaso logo

    Chances are that many of us might not be familiar with this brand of automobile. Unless you are a fan of the Fast&Furious movie series, then you may have seen one of their cars during the train heist in Fast 5. However, this Italian automaker has made some truly iconic sports cars that are no less luxurious than those by the likes of Ferrari are.

    For those who are aware of the brand and its offerings over the years, they know that the cars that have sported the De Tomaso sports car logo are automobiles that are a true joy to ride. Unmatched comfort, with a powerful engine and a fine-tuned suspension, all mated to a unique and exquisite car body, make for an experience second to none.

    De Tomaso P72

    Some of the most popular cars by the De Tomaso brand include the Pantera, Mangusta, and the retro-styled sports car introduced in 2019, the P72, adding De Tomaso to a list of top sports car brands. 

    Ferrari – The Quintessential Italian Luxury Sports Car Brand

    Ferrari logo

    Ferrari is often the first name that comes to mind when people talk about luxury and top-tier performance in a car. That is because over the years, the company has produced some of the iconic examples of cars that are a true pleasure to drive, in terms of luxury interiors and amenities, and a car that is both powerful and fun to handle.

    From examples like the 599 GTB and the modern Ferrari Purosangue to the classics like the Ferrari F40 and the Enzo, the interiors for Ferrari cars offer either ultra-luxurious comfort, or Spartan performance.  

    Ferrari 250 GTO

    Over the years, the company with its prancing Ferrari logo has produced some great sports cars like the LaFerrari, F40, F50, Enzo, and many more. And with a true racing spirit at the heart of the company, it is a small wonder.

    Mercedes-Maybach – German Car Marquee Known for Its Powerful Luxury Options

    Maybach logo

    Again, Maybach is another company many casual sports car fans may not be familiar with. However, a German brand, it creates some of the world’s best luxury cars. However, due to its collaboration with Mercedes, the company also focuses on performance to go along with that luxury.

    Today, many dignitaries and celebrities use Maybach’s cars across the world, choosing from the brand’s ultra-luxurious sedans and limousines, to the first of its kind SUV produced by the company. With the brand mostly creating the top trip levels for Mercedes S-Class vehicles, it’s a given that there is no compromise on the quality of the products used for its luxury builds.

    Mercedes-Maybach S680

    You will see celebrities like Jay-Z forgo the comfort and relaxation that goes with riding in a chauffeured Mercedes-Maybach car. Instead, they prefer to drive their own, with Jay-Z owning and using his rare Maybach Exelero from time to time. That is because these cars, while designed to be ultra-luxurious, also offer an emphasis on the driving experience, which is why we consider it among the top sports car brands in the world today.

    Cadillac – The American Marquee Known for Powerful, Large, and Luxurious Cars

    Cadillac logo

    When it comes to sports car logos that are truly iconic among the masses, the Cadillac logo is one that is quite famous in the American market. Known for its large and stately cars, with fender flares and other stylistic elements mated to a powerful engine, Cadillac has a reputation for luxury and power combined.

    Over the years, since the early 1900s, the company has produced a number of luxury and high-performance cars, and even a battle tank at one point. Despite that, Cadillac is the first name when someone wants to find true luxury American car brands.

    Cadillac CT6

    Today, some of the best and most widely known sports luxury cars by the band include the Eldorado and the DeVille. Both cars are styled for luxury for their respective eras, with large-block V8s and tuned suspension making them a true pleasure to drive.

    Italian Sports Car Logos – Famous Sports Car Logos from Italy’s Exotic Car Brands

    Many of us associate the Italian car companies with exotics or super cars. However, many different Italian automakers are manufacturing sports cars for the masses. Unlike brands that focus on supercars or ultra-luxury vehicles, these brands are designed for the common man, giving them a taste of great performance without affecting their daily-driving capabilities.

    Let’s look at a few of the top Italian brands that are known for their sports cars and other performance options. .

    Fiat – The Great Italian Automobile Conglomerate Making the New Fiat 124 Sports Car

    Fiat logo

    Fiat is an Italian automaker brand that is one of the largest producers of automobiles in the world. Under the guise of FCA, or the Fiat-Chrysler Association, the brand owns and manages many different car brands, some independently while others as part of the group.

    However, Fiat’s sports cars are some of the most underrated cars of their time, with many of them tuned and enhanced by aftermarket modifiers and manufacturers like Abarth. This makes the humblest of sports car logos in Europe sported on higher-performance variants of their normal, road-going cars.

    Fiat-Abarth 124 Spider

    The Abarth-tuned versions of cars like the Fiat 500 or the 124 Spider are some of the most fun sports cars you can drive today. While not extremely powerful, Abarth’s magic make it a joy to handle and let loose, whether it’s on the track or for your regular grocery run.

    Maserati – The Classic Italian Car Makers with a Trident Heralding their Arrival

    Maserati logo

    Ah, Maserati. The Italian brand that is known for making some of the sleekest sports cars you can buy, heralded by the trident sports car logo at the front of the car. With the brand being owned by De Tomaso for nearly two decades since 1975, the company came up with some truly great cars.

    Iconic options like the Quattroporte III and the Biturbo, which saw the company slowly become more successful over the years, were introduced during this era. And some of the earlier options had many designs seeing similarity with De Tomaso cars.

    Maserati MC20

    Today, the Maserati brand is one of the most iconic Italian sports car brands, with the trident being one of the most popular and easy to remember car brand logos among the different Italian marquees.

    Alfa Romeo – Italy’s Oldest Automobile Marquee that Spawned the Ferrari Brand

    Alfa Romeo logo

    Alfa Romeo might not be as big a brand today as one of those it spawned during the mid-1900s. However, this Italian brand is a great automaker in its own rights, with a rich automotive racing history that rivals many different marquees.

    Starting out in the early 1900s in the Italian automotive racing scene, the company gained massive success in the early events like the Targa Florio. With some truly great results, the company cemented its place as leader of the pack.

    Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

    However, today, its early offshoot – Ferrari, often overshadows it. Formed by Alfa Romeo works team owner Enzo Ferrari, he broke off from the brand to form his own company, becoming the most successful GP constructor in the world, beating Alfa Romeo to the crown. Despite that, the historic Alfa Romeo car logo is one that is still featured on popular cars like the Giullia.

    Lancia – Automotive Geniuses that Dominated Rally Racing with a RWD Car

    Lancia logo

    Lancia is another Italian car brand that is now overshadowed by other sports car brands, with the logo for Lancia being one that can rarely be recognized by a large number of people today. Like its fellow Italian brands, Lancia too has a rich history of car racing. However, while Ferrari and Alfa Romeo saw success in grand prix racing, Lancia is known for rally prowess.

    At the height of the 80s, car companies like Audi, BMW, Toyota, and more were looking for ways to improve handling in the grueling and rigorous rally stages. With these companies using 4-wheel drive cars as the norm, the world saw Lancia conquer stage after stage with its rear-wheel drive configuration and an engine more powerful than the competition,

    This made the car, and its parent company, a legend in the eyes of rally fans across the globe, giving the car a cult status.

    Lancia 037 Stradale

    Today, the company is managed by Stellantis group, which also owns brands like Fiat, Chrysler, and Alfa Romeo. However, despite new management and its rich history, the only car sold by the company today is the Ypsilon, a 5-door electric supermini that is still highly popular in Italy today.

    Sports Car Logos with Wings – Unique Sports Car Logos and Symbols with Winged Designs

    Like sports car logos that feature an animal within their designs, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, there are other symbols that are commonly used by car manufacturers to portray certain messages to the consumers. One such popular symbol, is a pair of wings.

    Designed to depict freedom and transcendence, this is a common symbol found in car brand logos from around the world. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular car logos with wings today.

    Mazda – Makers of the Iconic Rotary Twins RX-7 & RX-8

    Mazda logo

    Mazda is a Japanese car brand known for a few major firsts – building arguably the most popular rotary engine for automobiles, and becoming the first Japanese manufacturer to win the Le Mans 24-hour race. Over its lifetime, the Mazda brand has been about reliability, a trait that helped them win the 1991 Le Mans endurance race despite being overshadowed in power by European and Japanese rivals alike. This freedom from the norms is perfectly embodied by the swept wings of the logo, which also make up the initial for the brand’s name.

    So remarkable was this feat, that it remained the only Japanese team to win the even until the 2018 Le Mans endurance race, which was won by Toyota. And it was that same dedication to power from small engines that were reliable, that saw Mazda release arguably its most famous car ever – the RX-7.

    Mazda RX-7 FD

    One of the most popular options for tuners across the globe, due to its superb handling and power-to-weight ratio, the RX-7, its less powerful sibling the MX-5, and its successor the RX-8, are all considered essential part of the global tuner scene, all sporting the iconic Mazda logo with wings on their front. And although you wouldn’t traditionally add it to the sports car brands, its popular sporty options would have you reconsidering that choice constantly.

    Bentley Logo – Britain’s Iconic Luxury Sports Brand

    Bentley logo

    Bentley is the quintessential British car brand, with one of the most memorable sports car logos of all time. The badge with the company initials, flanked by white spread wings to each side, make for a striking sports car logo, one that makes its mark instantly.

    Bentley Limited Edition Continental GT Pike’s Peak Edition

    The company is mostly known for its luxurious sports cars, like the Bentayga and Mulsanne, with the top cars also featuring the iconic Bentley logo called the “Flying B”. However, the Continental GT is the true epitome of a luxurious sports car that emphasizes on power as much as luxury.

    Mini – From Mr. Bean’s Famed Green Hatchback to the Compact Powerhouses of Today

    Mini logo

    Mini is another British car brand that features wings in its design. Unlike Bentley however, these are not traditional wings, but rather design flares that mimic the shape and design of wings. The company has a rich history of manufacturing fun family cars and sports options.

    Its most famous sporty option however, would be the Mini Cooper. This sporty compact has spawned many variants, with tuning and modification companies trying to take this fun car and making it more awesome, adding to the prestige of this sports car logo.

    Mini Cooper JCW Edition

    Cars by Mini have featured on television is many different forms, such as the getaway cars for the protagonists in the “The Italian Job”, both the original and the remake. Moreover, the car also features in the iconic “Mr. Bean”, serving as the car of choice for the titular character.

    Aston Martin – James Bond’s Automobile Company of Choice

    Aston Martin logo

    Aston Martin is arguably as British as sports car brands can get. Known for its luxury performance cars, the marquee has been the stalwart companion for many a British institution. From providing fleet cars for the royal family, to being the car manufacturer of choice for James Bond, the Aston Martin Company is known for its great automotive options.

    The logo for the company features a simplified yet classic pair of wings, spread out behind the wordmark, and making for a striking distinction in design. This makes it one of the most iconic British car logos, and even one of the top sports car logos in the world.

    Aston Martin Valkyrie

    And when the logo is featured on iconic cars like the Vanquish, Vantage, and more, the logo stands out and pays testament to the heritage of this British sport car company.

    Famous Sports Car Logos and Symbols – Iconic Sports Car Logos and Symbols Known Wide

    When we talk about sports car logos and companies, there are a few that are arguably more famous and well known than others. These companies have made a strong impact with their automotive options, becoming household names in the industry.

    Let’s take a look at some of these famous sports car logos, and see why they are so famous.

    Lamborghini – The Italian Sports Car Company Inspired by Fighting Bulls

    Lamborghini logo

    Lamborghini is another sports car company that have transcended its Italian origins and made its mark globally. The company with a bucking bull as its sports car logo was formed under peculiar circumstances, when the owner of the company was fed up with Ferrari’s low reliability and restrictive car servicing rules.

    Inspired by the powerful bulls bred for bullfighting, Ferrucio Lamborghini decided to adopt them as his symbol. And not only that, to keep with the theme, he also adopted a policy to name his cars after famous bulls. All except for a few options like the Lamborghini Muira, which was named after Ferrucio’s friend and bull breeder Don Muira.

    Lamborghini Diablo

    With the aggressive yet sleek styling of the company’s cars, it’s no wonder that Lamborghini is associated with explosive power in a sleek package, and a stance like no other.

    Lexus – Makers of the Tri-Exhaust LFA Which Challenged Bigger Brands

    Lexus logo

    Lexus is an automobile brand that started out as purely a luxury marquee by Toyota, to rival Honda’s Acura and Nissan’s Infiniti. Over the years, the company has revealed many beautiful cars, ranging from sporty coupes to executive sedans and SUVs, all sporting the stylish Lexus sports car logo.

    The cars they produced were originally designed for luxury to compete with the German marquees. However, as brands like Mercedes and Audi moved towards sports coupes and sedans, so did Lexus. Their first foray into the sports category was with the Lexus IS F, a sportier version of the base IS model with a V8 instead of the standard V6 engine. However, in 2009, the company released the LFA, a high performance car that put Lexus on the supercar map.

    Lexus LFA

    Despite its success among sports car brands, customers looking for a Lexus prefer the brand for its luxury and comfort rather than pure sports performance.

    Acura – The Japanese Brand that bought us the NSX as Japan’s First True Supercar

    Acura logo

    Like Lexus, Acura is another Japanese marquee that was developed by a Japanese brand to feature its luxury cars, and primarily in the US. However, Acura was the first of these sports car brands to be launched in the US market, as a sub-brand for Honda.

    Over the years, while Lexus has been more oriented towards the luxury sector, Acura as a division has focused on producing both luxury cars like the MDX, as well as sports cars like the Integra and NSX. This has helped the company move technologies and resources between the two projects, making for an overall great car no matter what you choose.

    Acura Integra Type-R USDM Spec

    However, for the past few years, with the company shrinking the number of options being offered, the company is leaning towards more luxury products than sports cars in general. But with a logo that looks surprisingly like Honda’s, and a performance-oriented design aesthetic, the Acura logo will always be associated with sports car logos among those familiar with its early work.

    Ford Mustang – The American Sports Car That Spawned Over a Dozen Aftermarket Variants

    The Ford Mustang is a group of cars developed by the Ford Motor Company. These cars were the first of their kind, and started the pony car vogue. The Ford Mustang logo and line was inspired by the wild mustangs found in the American prairie, and produced some of the most iconic vehicles in the past few decades.

    So popular and attractive were these cars that even today, many of the models are considered classics. Moreover, the Ford Mustang today is one of those few cars that has official modified variants developed by independent tuning and aftermarket performance companies.

    Ford Mustang “Eleanor” Variant

    Like the Corvette by Chevrolet, this car too needed a personalized badge besides the basic Ford logo to set it apart from other offerings by the company. Today, the symbol of a galloping mustang mid-stride is one of the most iconic and recognizable sports car logos of all time, even in countries where these cars weren’t available.

    Saleen – The Makers of the Famed Saleen S7 and the Modern Saleen 1 Sports car

    Saleen logo

    Saleen is an aftermarket modification company from the United States that offers retuned and boosted variants of cars from other manufacturers like Dodge. However, the company has also ventured into creating new cars from scratch. And oh, what cars they are!

    The first custom car developed by Saleen was the Saleen S7. Sleek, aerodynamic, and fast like few others, the car was an instant hit. The best part was that you could get the car modified any way that you desired. However, the car was discontinued after a few years.

    Saleen S7

    Today, Saleen-tuned cars can be ones wearing the Chevrolet logo, a Dodge badge, or any variety of sports car logos. In recent news however, the company is working on a new car, called the Saleen 1. And it is meant to be a spiritual successor to the S7. Anyway, with an abstract sports car logo like the one used by Saleen, it makes for a great brand symbol, complimenting the car’s unique styling and amenities.

    Japanese Sports Car Logos and Names – Popular Sports Car Logos for Tuner Favorites

    Japan is known for some of the best sports car brands in the last few decades. From Nissan’s Skyline GT-R, to Mazda’s RX-7, Subaru Impreza, and many more, these aren’t your average sports cars and brands. In fact, they made their mark in the market, both domestically and internationally through elements like reliability, nimbleness, and modern amenities that the US auto industry sorely lacked at the time.

    Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the top Japanese sports car logos.

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    Nissan – From Drift Twins 350z & 370z to the Monstrous Skyline and GT-R

    Nissan logo

    Nissan is one of the top Japanese commuter and sports car brands, both in conventional vehicles as well as 4-wheel options. One of the most popular options from the company, and one which got us to add it to this list of sports car logos, is the Skyline GT-R series, now simply known as the GT-R.

    Spanning multiple generations, and making the Nissan name iconic throughout the 90s and early 2000s during the peak tuner scene in the US, this car and its company is iconic among consumers today. From Japan to the US, the Nissan car brand has been one of the top in terms of creating iconic and timeless cars, whether it is the Skyline, Fairlady, or another car.

    Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

    Incidentally, the Nissan GT-R, which succeeded the Skyline in the late 2000s, was among the fastest non-exotic cars to break the Nürburgring record. Even today, many of the models of the GT-R are quite faster and more nimble than cars twice their price.

    Mitsubishi – The Powerful Contenders That are the 3000GT, Lancer Evo, & Eclipse

    Mitsubishi logo

    Mitsubishi Corporation is a Japanese company with a long history of developing vehicles with unmatched performance, whether its on land, water, or in the skies. Over the years, the company has developed everything from aircrafts and their engines, to outboard motors, and some of the most iconic Japanese cars to hit the rally scene.

    Like Nissan, Mazda, Honda, and other sports car brands focusing on motorsports, Mitsubishi was one of the two Japanese brands that spent it all on rallying with cars like the Galant and Lancer Evo. Subaru, the other company interested in rallying, had a car named Impreza, which was later phased out in favor of the WRX.

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI

    Over the years, Mitsubishi has worked hard to be one of the top companies in that game. And today, the Lancer Evo is considered one of the top names in rallying and other racing options where 4-wheel drive and nimble handling is required.

    Toyota – The Iconic Supra and the Rebirth of the Legendary Eight-Six

    Toyota logo

    Toyota is one of the most popular Japanese car brands in the word nowadays, with a rich history of developing sports cars like the Supra and the MR2. One of the oldest Japanese car brands to be operating globally, the car company has one of the most iconic car logos of all time, and one that would be a great addition to any list of top sports car logos.

    Toyota Supra Mk IV

    The Toyota logo is one that has stumped many people regarding what the design portrays. Some believe that it is an abstract design that just happens to look like Toyota’s initials. Others however, contend that the design spells out the entire name of the brand, based on abstract visual technique.

    Honda – From the S2000 to the Civic Type-R

    Honda logo

    Honda is one brand that needs little to no introduction, whether its for cars, or motorbikes. Started by engineering visionary Soichiro Honda, it quickly made its way to the top of the industry, turning the Honda logo and name into a global phenomenon.

    In terms of considering the Honda sports car logo for a place on this list, there can be no doubt that Honda deserves it. The company has always pushed the envelope when it comes to performance, as evidenced by the fact that they are the longest lasting Japanese automaker in Formula One, often considered the pinnacle of motorsports.

    Honda Civic Type-R

    Today, cars like the Honda S2000, Civic Type-R, and the NSX are considered some of the most iconic sports car brands to come out of Japan.

    British Sports Car Logos and Names – Vintage Sports Car Logos and Symbols from British Classics

    The British automotive industry is a rich one, going back to the earliest days of automotive engineering. And while the majority of British sports car brands are focused on producing basic consumer cars, there are a few that have made their way onto our sports car logos list.

    Let’s take a look at some of the top British car companies that have produced some great sports cars.

    Lotus – The Iconic British Sports Car Company Envisioned by the Great Colin Chapman

    Lotus logo

    Lotus was the company envisioned by one of Formula 1’s greatest designers, Colin Chapman. Originally developed for automotive racing, the Lotus brand soon transitioned into producing cars for the general masses, with the Lotus sports car logo heralding an innovative automobile every time.

    Lotus Exige

    The company was known for using unconventional materials like fiberglass to make car shells, which saved weight, making the cars lighter, quicker, and more responsive. Today, offerings like the Lotus Elise has served as the base for cars like the Tesla Roadster and the Hennessey Venom GT, proving its worth as a worthy sports car.

    Jaguar – The Sports Car Company that Bought Us the Iconic XJ220

    Jaguar logo

    Jaguar is the quintessential British car company, producing some of the most iconic yet underrated cars of its time. The Jaguar logo featured a sleek jaguar pouncing onto something, and those same smooth lines and angles can be found on Jaguar cars today. It is that same profile often found in the sleek yet powerfully coiled strength found in Jaguar’s amazing sports car logo.

    Jaguar XJ220

    One of the most iconic examples of the company’s relative obscurity, is the fact that Jaguar’s very own supercar, the XJ220, is relatively unknown among the masses that know of the McLaren F1 and the Ferrari F40.

    McLaren – The Makers of the First F1 Car Made for the Road

    McLaren logo

    Another great British sports car marquee, McLaren is well known among fans of performance automotive. It is considered the first among sports car brands to bring the technologies from Formula One, the pinnacle of motor racing, and adapt them into road-legal vehicles. Having extensive experience, and winning experience at that, in Formula One, the automotive division under Gordon Murray built a sports car.

    1996 McLaren F1 Chassis No 63

    And what a sports car it was. Built in 1992, the car holds the record for the fastest naturally aspirated car ever built, only beat by ultra-fast supercars like the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron via forced induction. And more than three decades later, the car’s success has spawned a number of amazing McLaren cars, but nothing that eclipses the F1.


    To sum it up, the majority of sports car logos that we associate with our favorite sporty coupes and sedans, are often those representing the same companies that produce your average consumer cars. However, the development of those few sports cars, and the excitement they generate among the consumers is all it takes for consumers to associate the brand, and top-tier performance.

    That is how brands like Subaru and Honda have made their mark, and established themselves as high performance sports car brands as well as consumer car manufacturers. And that is also why the Rivian logo is considered a top electric car company today.

    People Also Ask (FAQs)

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    Some of the fastest sports car today include the Nissan GT-R, depending on the version and model of car used.
    2- What are some of the greatest sports cars?
    Some of the greatest sports cars include:
    -Porsche 911
    -Alpine A110
    -Toyota GR Supra
    -McLaren 720S
    -Ford Mustang

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