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    Spotify Logo: The Popular Global Symbol of Music Streaming

    logopoppin Published: August 10, 2022 12 min read

    Take a Look How the Famous Spotify Logo Evolved Through the Years

    Everyone knows about the online music streaming services of Spotify. It is the most famous mobile app used by the people to listen to different kinds of music. From Asia Pacific to Americas, Spotify is popular among the millennials as well as adults. The unique Spotify logo has indeed become a global symbol of online music streaming. During the last few years, the app has seen a record growth in users’ subscriptions. It perfectly describes the rising popularity of app in the world, as how much famous it has become among the people.

    Considering the logo Spotify has certainly picked up a very unique design to showcase its identity. Basically, it is an abstract logo that is created to illustrate simplicity. Unlike other symbols, the app logo doesn’t have any kind of complicated design. This makes it easy to remember and recognize for everyone. Though the logo has seen various changes during the last few years, but it did prove to be worthy in terms of rebranding the state of the music platform.

    In this article, we will take a look into the evolution of Spotify logo. We will discuss how the logo was first created and why it was changed to different versions during the last few years. Let’s first start understanding the roots of Spotify, as that will help us to know about the core theme of the company.

    The Rise of Spotify

    Spotify logo

    Spotify came to the scene when there were no online music apps available in the market. This makes the application pioneering in every means. It could be said that Spotify started the trend of online music streaming, which literally became more popular with the arrival of other apps later. This makes Spotify the leading platform to introduce this trend in the world. People got attracted towards this idea, and hence the app started to grow rapidly.

    Today, Spotify is still leading the online music streaming world by wide margins. It has millions of subscribers from different regions, ranging from Asia to Europe and more others. The famous green logo of Spotify has now become a symbol of quality music streaming. People trust on this emblem due to its historical evolution in the market. It signifies a signal of quality music comprising of different genres and artists from around the world.

    The rebranding of Spotify also helped it to stay relevant in the market. It didn’t remain static by sticking to just one logo. Instead, the company preferred to get professional logo design services to create a new logo that can perfectly rebrand its identity. It has certainly paid off by providing them solid footprint in the Gen Z market which is also growing very rapidly with each passing day. Let’s take a look at the evolution of Spotify and its famous brand logo in detail below.

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    History of Spotify Logo

    The history of Spotify goes back to the era of mid 2000s when there were no online music apps available in the world. We all have witnessed that era, hence it would be easy for us to remember a bit of it. Spotify became the pioneer in the world by introducing a vibrant concept of online music streaming. Its branding strategy at the start was quite simple, yet it managed to get people’s attention by offering quality services. Here’s a brief look how Spotify came into the market with a simplistic green branding style.

    Spotify Logo – 2008

    Spotify logo 2008

    The first logo of Spotify was introduced in 2008. It was similar to the logos of other companies that have started their operations in the same era i.e. mid 2000s. The usage of a minimalist logo design was quite evident in the emblem. It ensured to make the logo style as simple as possible, so that people can easily relate with it. The logo was just comprised of a wordmark with no additional shape present in the design. This was primarily done to keep the logo simple and allow users to directly focus on the app name.

    The color combination used in the logo was light green, signaling a theme of nature. This color set the tone for everything, enabling its other branding elements to also follow the same suit. Many people argued that the company should have gone for the black color instead of choosing green. The answer for that claim was simple, that is to bring uniqueness as well as simplicity in the design. This was the core reason why green color was smartly picked at the start, enabling the company branding to subtle right from the beginning.

    Spotify Logo – 2013

    Spotify logo got a huge overhaul in 2013. The longstanding call to add black in the logo was answered by recreating the wordmark with the stated color. This doesn’t mean that green was totally extracted from the design. A new shape with a signal like design is added in the logo using the green color to keep the main branding intact. This created a unique combination of black and green in the logo, offering a modest overall look of the emblem.

    This redesign of Spotify logo got a huge appreciation in the market. It was more modern and vibrant as compared to the emblem that was introduced in 2008. Though it kept the main brand identity still intact, but also focused on bringing advancement in half of the design. The addition of new shape along with the wordmark hit the right branding target for the company. Many people started to recognize this shape more than the wordmark, as it started to quickly become a popular symbol for online music streaming.

    Spotify Logo – 2015

    Spotify logo

    Spotify again saw a rebranding in 2015 with a minimal color change. This time, the logo was fully painted with the green color, ensuring to bring the actual theme to the forefront. The big difference in this version was the shade selection of the green. The company didn’t opted for the same old gradient, instead it went for a new vibrant green color that looked more catchy to the eye. It could be compared with a light neon green color as the overall shading style looked a bit similar to it.

    The new wordmark of the logo was also changed in a bit of solid style. The company decided to use a new masculine font for the typography to make it look more vibrant than ever. It certainly gave a huge boost to the overall look of the logo. The neon styled green color coupled with a solid font style gave the logo a compact appearance. This theme was further transferred into other elements in order to bring great singularity in the overall branding. Not just logo, but business cards and posters of Spotify also copied the same green theme, offering a stunning appeal to the branding.

    The Spotify Color Controversy

    The new logo design of Spotify initially went into trouble due to the rebranding of colors. Some people argued that the company should have sticked with the last version, as it included a color combination of black and green. These perception was not among the entire audience, but it did pick a note at the international level. This created a bit of controversy at the start, as people tried to pressure Spotify to change their new logo.

    Fortunately, Spotify didn’t get into much pressure as they were quite optimistic in their approach. They remained firm with their plans and it precisely paid off for them. Slowly but steadily, people started to realize the concept behind the creation of a monotone Spotify logo. They understood why company decided to go with a single green color. It was basically an idea to bring simplicity in the logo by picking just one color. The selection of neon green was therefore preferred to make the logo aesthetic, so that it can get everyone’s attention at the first glance.

    Why Spotify Logo Design is Tilted?

    If you will look at the Spotify logo closely, you will notice that the three bars inside its circular shape are a bit tilted. This looks weird to everyone, until they find some reasons behind that. It is said that Spotify has opted for this tilted design to showcase forwardness in the style. It relates to the fact that the music industry is also going forward, hence the logo elements of Spotify should also include a style that can portray that.

    Besides that, there is allegedly one another concept behind this approach. Some people close to this matter claim that the crooked design is specifically chosen to show a little imperfection in the style. This helps to bring a unique aesthetic style in the logo that perfectly makes it standout from others in the market.

    The Meaning of Spotify Logo

    Many of us do not understand the meaning of Spotify logo. It is really difficult to comprehend because of the aesthetic style. Yet, some people try to give its inside shape a name of Wi-Fi or even sound waves. These perceptions also change according to the thinking possibilities of people. So, these type of meanings or stories will always keep coming until there isn’t anything official from the company.

    There is also a theory that company has added three curvy lines inside the circle to show a forward looking approach. The usage of circle is however quite common and many companies use to create their logos aesthetically. The Spotify logo has used the circular design along with three inside curvy lines perfectly. They know how to build an engaging design that can get people’s attention, precisely at the first glance.

    People Also Ask

    1. Why is Spotify app so popular?
    Spotify is quite popular in the world due to its efficient online music streaming services. People from different regions prefer Spotify to listen to their favorite songs, round the clock every day. They can find their favorite songs and albums on Spotify easily, that too with a very minimum monthly subscription.
    2. When was Spotify first introduced in the market?
    Spotify was introduced in the market in 2008. Back at that time, there were no such music apps available in the market. So, it could be said that Spotify was the first one to set a new trend into the online music streaming world.
    3. What is the meaning of Spotify logo?
    There is no official meaning of a Spotify logo as it consists of an aesthetic design. However, some people relate it with different names, such as soundwaves, upward signaling lines, and more others.
    4. What was the original logo of Spotify?
    The original logo of Spotify was very simple. It only had a wordmark when the app was introduced newly in the market. This was basically a very subtle logo that was created to show simplicity in the design.
    5. Why is the Spotify logo crooked?
    Spotify logo is often termed a bit crooked. The company has opted for this approach to showcase a human centric nature of the brand. Meanwhile, some experts also say that this crooked design is meant to showcase a forward-moving approach of the music streaming company.


    That concludes our entire article in which we have discussed about Spotify logo in detail. It is undoubtedly one of the leading online music streaming apps in the world. From youngsters to adults, Spotify offers songs from all genres for all the people. This is the one of the major reason why its hugely famous in the world. The music enthusiasts generally prefer Spotify to listen to their favorite music. It offers a complete loaded stack of songs library where you can find your favorite music artists easily.

    The logo of Spotify is also very popular due to its enthralling look. They usage of neon green color has made the log more vibrant than ever. This article has discussed how this color was selected and what controversy it created at the start of the release. However, now, the green neon color looks totally fine, offering a great subtle overall styling presence of the Spotify logo.

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