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    How Supreme Logo Emerged As a Top Fashion Symbol

    logopoppin Published: July 8, 2022 13 min read

    The Rise of Supreme Logo as a Fashion Icon in Today’s World

    Supreme is one of those brands that has established itself as a leading clothing giant all over the US. Designed with simplicity, the iconic Supreme logo doesn’t need any introduction, rightly because it has got a following in millions.

    In the US, the brand is now globally known as a premier manufacturer of streetwear clothing. Their perfection in the manufacturing of everyday clothing makes them a definite choice for all the youngsters. From t-shirts to hoodies and more, Supreme offers a plethora of options in casual clothing, ideally according to the latest outfitting requirements.

    Now, the logo for the company might seem a tad simple for such an iconic brand. However, any expert artist providing their logo design services knows that simpler designs tend to perform better than overly complicated or intricate symbols.

    Supreme Logo History

    supreme logo original design

    With a vision to innovate streetwear clothing, the Supreme logo history goes back to the early days of 1994. It was founded by James Jebbia in New York with a simple aim of selling cost-effective tees. Initially, it was never intended to become a brand on its own, as James founded it with a perspective of something else. He had planned to launch a store where people can find clothing products from the other renowned brands at wholesale prices.

    So, what took Supreme brand identity here? Well, here’s the thing.

    Fortunately, the only stock of the store’s original t-shirt created with a simplistic Supreme logo design became highly popular among the people. This did wonders for the newly launched store and allowed it to gain attention from the masses in New York.

    At a glance, Supreme became a brand on its own and started to expand in other cities of the US as well. The decently created Supreme logo design developed into the company’s face and was an instant hit with the youngsters, quickly becoming one of the most popular fashion brand logos in the country. This upward trajectory then took the brand to the global level. The demand for t-shirts, hoodies, and other products with Supreme logos started to boost gradually. It allowed the brand to grow at international level, and take the sales of the company to the new heights.

    Inspiration of Logo

    The story behind the rise of the Supreme symbol or logo is quite audacious. When James planned to launch his only stock of t-shirts, he was accompanied by his friend in the design of the Supreme logo. Choosing from among the various types of logos available, they decided to go with a simple wordmark design.

    The t-shirts for the brand were initially manufactured in three styles. The first covered a famous skater’s image, the second covered a picture of a musician, and the third had a simple Supreme logo design.

    Well, you must be thinking about which one got the best shot in the market? Here’s your answer.

    As soon as the orders started to come in, James realized that his specific stock of logo-designed t-shirts was getting more attention from the masses in the community. It outsold all other products in his store, becoming a huge demand and Supreme symbol of the brand in a very little time.

    Therefore, to bring more solidity to its design, he took direct inspiration from the famous conceptual artist of New York named Barbara Kruger. The Supreme symbol that we know today was explicitly designed according to her related artwork, having the same red and white boxed color theme.

    Though its similarities with Barbara’s artwork were quite obvious, Supreme took advantage of this iconic minimalist logo to better its growing branding because of no significant copyright issues.

    Competing Against the Clothing Giants

    As defined above, it is never easy to make a name for your brand while competing against the likes of established brands. However, Supreme clothing has changed the odds by manufacturing a quality apparel line for both men and women. They focused on the specific domain of streetwear clothing. They produced a flawless range of daily usage outfits according to that.

    They perfectly innovated the conventional clothing market in style.

    Established in 1994, Supreme apparel took giant strides to beat brands like Gildan, Champion, Hanes, etc. Their rise in the last two decades is quite exemplary. They are continuously marching towards newer heights with the passage of each year. Starting from a single store in New York, Supreme has a footprint all over the world.

    Yes, you heard it right.

    From the Americas to Europe, Supreme clothing has got stores in almost every region, making it the most demanded brand around. That shows how fast they have grown up in the last few years, precisely by becoming a top name in the casual outfitting market.

    USP of the Supreme Brand Identity

    To achieve sustainable success in the market, every business must build a USP according to the nature of their targeted audience. Being an intelligent, proactive clothing brand, Supreme worked on its USP at a significantly earlier stage.

    How? Here’s the answer.

    The company precisely focused on innovating the casual wear market with a range of quality outfits. From men to women, Supreme apparel introduced a variety of clothing for everyone. The comfortability of their apparel is one of the core reasons why they are recommended heavily by customers. They are not just a brand that falsely claims to produce quality outfits; they mean it.

    Supreme has risen to the top of business charts using that particular USP in the last two decades. It has indeed remained the secret to their success and a pathway they have found dominance in the world.

    Design Elements of Supreme Logo

    The design elements of Supreme logos are carefully picked according to the strong sense of brand imitation. It has helped the company to represent a bold Supreme brand identity, allowing customers to notice the logo at first glance.

    The boxed representation of the brand looks unique only because of the selection of the right Supreme logo font and color. Despite looking simple, it brings a catchy factor to the logo, allowing everyone to take a good note of it. However, it is a direct imitation of an earlier published artwork. Still, it suits perfectly the bold image of the brand.

    Supreme Logo Font

    supreme logo alternate color theme

    The Supreme logo font is Futura Heavy Oblique. It is explicitly picked to support the overall representation of the boxed logo, giving the brand name a perfect look. Some people have often recommended that its masculine font size could have been more significant in the logo. But, looking at the representation of the brand, the current size as well as their choice in logo fonts suits well with the boxed alignment, requiring no change whatsoever.

    Supreme Logo Color

    The two-tone color of the Supreme logo makes it look highly catchy and attractive. It suits best for the boxed alignment, allowing the full brand name to get a compact representation. Earlier, it was only used with a combination of red and white. In contrast, now, a new rendition has also been introduced in the Supreme logo black.

    Now, you must be thinking about why they have introduced the two types? Here’s the thing.

    Generally, the red and white color combination is primarily used for brand representation. But, in some Supreme logos, the company is also preferring the usage of other options. That gives the company an excellent opportunity to use them creatively as per the color of the t-shirt or hoodie. Many brands like Nike, Adidas, and others are doing the same to offer good visual creativity.

    The popularity of Supreme Logo

    celebrities wearing supreme clothing

    Supreme has always enjoyed relentless popularity in the competitive market of clothing. It has grown up gradually over the years, rightly because of various reasons.

    The first one is that Supreme has become highly popular among celebrities. Over the years, we have seen many known names like Justin Bieber, Michael Jordan, and others wearing stylish hoodies and tees with custom Supreme logos in public. That has allowed celebrities to continue endorsing the brand, and its magnificent branding elements in the market.

    Secondly, the apparel company has also organized various events to promote its different Supreme logos in the market. From trade shows to free giveaways, there are numerous examples of how Supreme has seized the opportunity to get huge customer recognition in the market. That has allowed their brand to grow swiftly and steadily.

    Collaboration with Other Brands

    supreme and jordan air partnership hoodies

    As the popularity of Supreme logos started to grow, it gained attention from the other established brands in the market. That gave them a perfect chance to collaborate with them and introduce their products to a much wider audience.

    Supreme took advantage of this growing popularity in an intelligent manner. They formed a collaboration with many brands in the circuit, showing their diversity in terms of marketing. It is also one of the significant reasons why Supreme made its footprint quickly all over the world.

    This smart move gave them massive results in boosting their brand and its recognition among the customers.

    To date, they have collaborated with some of the highly renowned clothing giants globally, such as North Face, Nike, Adidas, and more others. The partnership they have formed has thrilled fashion enthusiasts all over the globe and has also opened up a new type of alliance between the known brands.

    The famous Supreme logo design of Louis Vuitton hoodie is one of the core examples of this partnership. It shows the perfect collaboration between the two renowned brands, offering a great view of how different companies can work together to produce a single masterpiece for customers.

    Supreme Logo Infringement Case

    The resemblance with the artwork of Barbara Kruger created a bit of controversy for the owners of Supreme. Though there weren’t any copyright problems that came in their way still, people around the world quickly noted the canny resemblance between them.

    Indeed, it was always on the cards.

    But, this was not just the problem Supreme encountered while trying to establish themselves in the market. Their famous copyright claim against ‘Supreme Bitch’ became headlines in 2013 when Jebbia claimed that Leah McSweeney unlawfully used his Supreme brand logo and name for startup business gains.

    This controversy dragged both parties to the court, as Jebbia sued Supreme Bitch for a hefty amount of $10 million. Meanwhile, this case also brought Barbara into the limelight, and she termed both of the owners as ‘uncool jokers.’ Despite copying her artwork, she didn’t sue any of them. She claimed that it still represents the hard work for society and will always remain associated with her.

    After having numerous face-to-face sessions in court, the case finally settled down between the two parties. The court allowed Leah McSweeney to use the word Supreme Bitch for her brand representation but strictly instructed her to use any other design to avoid misunderstanding the original Supreme brand logo.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why are Supreme logo hoodies so expensive?
    The outfits manufactured by Supreme are pretty expensive. The usage of top-quality material and rarity in the market makes them a bit pricey compared to others. Yet, they are trendy among the people and are demanded heavily by everyone.
    2. Did Supreme steal their logo?
    The Supreme logo is a direct imitation of Barbara Kruger’s artwork. Still, it cannot be termed that they have stolen any logo because of no copyright claims. It still represents their unique identity and branding in the market.
    3. What is the font of the Supreme logo?
    The font of the Supreme logo is Futura Heavy Oblique. It looks simple but bold in style, presenting a compact image of the brand.
    4. Who currently owns Supreme?
    VF Corporation recently acquired supreme at a staggering deal of $2.1 billion. This shows how big the net worth of the Supreme logo has risen in the last few years, making it a premier clothing brand.
    5. What is Supreme Oreos?
    Popular due to its collaborations, Supreme has recently teamed up with Oreo to launch an exclusive range of branded Oreo cookies. These biscuits are entirely red and have the iconic Supreme logo written on them, making them unique.

    Final Note

    Making a name in the competitive market of streetwear fashion is certainly not easy, especially in countries like the United States. That is why it is important for brands to know how to trademark a logo or name before they begin.

    The rise of Supreme apparel as a premier fashion brand demonstrates the dominance of streetwear clothing in the US market. Supreme has perfectly ruled this particular section through the years, showing tremendous signs of growth worldwide.

    Today, it has become a reputable name in the market and a trusted source of buying quality casual outfits. The brand’s popularity is seeing an unprecedented rise from the day it was founded, especially in the American market. In short, the Supreme brand logo has achieved an unbeatable edge in the market, taking its brand identity to the top of the business charts every day.

    If you too are looking for expert logo design services to create an iconic symbol for your brand, then Logo Poppin is the answer to your search. Our professional designers will design and develop a truly unique and attractive logo that would embody your brand identity perfectly.

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