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    8 Alluring Travel Website Ideas to Get You to Book a Trip Now

    logopoppin Published: December 18, 2023 12 min read
    travel website design ideas

    Discover What Lies Behind an Amazing Travel Website Design to Start Your Own Site

    Nearly every one of have visited a travel website at one time or another in our lives. For some of us, it may have been an enjoyable experience, with intuitive interactions and easily available information. For others unfortunately, it may have been a frustrating experience.

    With that in mind, we can safely say that not all travel websites are made the same. So what is about the good ones that make them so successful? What are these amazing travel website ideas that ensure that the resultant design is going to be popular?

    We all know that no business today can survive without an engaging and effective business website helping them. So, we understand that travel and tourism companies too will need a website portraying their services for potential consumers.

    Therefore, let’s dive in and discover the elements that make up a well-designed and expertly planned travel website. Moreover, we will also take a look at some amazing travel websites designed by professional web design services providers, and see how they use those elements in actual situations.

    Travel Website Ideas – Getting Started on Building a Successful Travel Website

    Context Travel website

    When we talk about building a travel website, it requires a long but necessary process that needs to be completed before embarking on the actual design part of the project. This process allows you to come up with the business requirements for the website, ensuring that the resultant website will be well suited to the business and its potential consumers, like this one for Context Travel.

    Overall, the entire process of creating a travel website consists of:

    • Evaluating the tourism industry

    The first step is to carefully evaluate and assess the market. This is especially important if you are a new travel business. It allows you assess the needs of your potential consumers, as well as the gaps in your competitors’ websites. The result would be that you will come up with website requirements that would be leverage those gaps and needs to come up with a successful website plan.

    • Creating a base plan for your website

    Once you have evaluated the industry and the competition, you will have an in-depth idea of what your consumers’ desire. Using that, you will need to come up with a base plan for your website, which would map out the layout of the website, as well as address the things that need to be added to make it stand out from the competition.

    • Work on developing the required content and copy

    Once you have that plan, then its time to work on creating your website’s content and copy. This would include all forms of written content on your website, such as package descriptions, page content, and even video testimonials if you desire. Moreover, you will also work on the converting copy of your website, such as you CTAs.

    • Plan how consumers could book pre-planned tours, or how could they book custom tours

    As a travel website, you would have some sort of pre-planned packages that consumers can buy as is. However, some consumers may want to tweak or add to those packages, or even desire to create an entirely new custom travel package. So, you need to plan how consumers can book your pre-planned tours, and how can they create custom tours, if applicable.

    • Use a web development technology that allows for easy addition and updating of content, and makes website easy to manage

    As a travel company, you will often need to update and add content to your website, whether its to update the information about existing packages, or to add or remove one from your site. Therefore, you need to opt for a web development technology like WordPress that would allow you to easily make the changes required without the help of a full-time web developer. 

    • Ensure that your travel website design is aesthetically pleasing and intuitive

    While functionality is important, visuals are what make a website successful. Considering that visual aesthetics are important in the travel business, you need to ensure that your website doesn’t just work well, but also looks good.

    • Focus on the navigation

    It doesn’t matter how beautiful or well-functioning a website is, if consumers find it difficult to navigate intuitively. The inability to quickly find the desired information can quickly spell the demise of a website. Therefore, you need to focus on the consumer journeys to plan your navigation, making it as easy and simple as possible.

    • Plan the placement of your calls-to-action carefully

    Finally, all of these efforts will be wasted if your website is unable to convert visitors into active leads. To do that, you need to have calls-to-action places intuitively across your website, in places where a visitor might be more likely to book a travel. Therefore, you need to spend time planning out the placement of your CTAs.

    What Elements Does Your Travel Website Design Need to Incorporate?

    Travel Oregon website

    Now that you know the process to creating a successful travel website design, you might be thinking that you are ready to start building your own travel site. However, you need to know a few important things before embarking on this project – the various travel website ideas and elements that you need to incorporate into your design.

    Now, the elements we are going to discuss have been carefully curated as to include those that are necessary to your travel site’s success. Without them, your website will seem as if it’s incomplete, and will fail to deliver the results you desire.

    Let’s take a look at these elements, and see how they help our travel websites succeed, like the one above:

    • Payment Module

    A payment module integration is critical if you want to ensure that your travel website is a success. That is because it will complete the consumers’ journey when they are converted into buying a travel package. Moreover, it would simplify the confirmation of actual sales made, improving business productivity.

    • Mobile-Responsive Web Design

    Most consumers today browse the web via smartphones, with very few opting to use a computer as their primary device. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website is responsive and compatible with mobile screens, so that consumers have an easy time booking a trip, no matter the device they use.

    • Analytics and Marketing Tools Integration

    Analytics tools nowadays are a must-have for any business website. It allows you to track and measure various performance metrics, and generate relevant insights accordingly. Similarly, you need to integrate various marketing tools to streamline your marketing efforts, for overall increased ROI.

    • Addition of a Blog Section

    A blog section is a great marketing tool, as it increases your site’s visibility, draws in more consumers, and increases the time visitors spend on your website. For travel websites, blogs can be a great way to promote certain trips, as well as offer a great opportunity for affiliate marketing.

    • Testimonials Section

    There is no better way of converting a consumer and building trust, then to show them the successful reviews of previous consumers. People tend to trust reviews from fellow consumers more than the business itself. Therefore, adding a testimonial section is a great idea.

    • Social Media Integration

    Nowadays, its difficult for businesses to succeed in the market, if they do not focus on interacting with their consumers socially. That is especially true for travel companies, where social media can play a powerful role in converting and retaining consumers. Moreover, social media also serves as a rich source of user-generated content, which can be a powerful marketing tool.

    • An Impactful Media Gallery

    While visuals are important for websites from all business categories, a few industries like travel and tourism can benefit from it more. Ensure that your website has as easily accessible media gallery that is able to handle both image and video content.

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    8 Amazing Travel Website Ideas That Will Leave You Raring for a Trip

    So, now that you know the elements that are needed to create the perfect travel website design, as well as the process to do so, you are now ready to begin with your website design project. However, before you do that, let’s take a moment to see how some of the top travel website ideas are used by various types of websites in the tourism industry.

    Live Africa

    Live Africa website

    The first website on our list is for Live Africa. As the name suggests, it is an African travel and tourism website that offers the lure of a thrilling savannah adventure to attract consumers. The design of the website perfectly blends modern aesthetics with the vibe of the African wilderness, which makes for an interesting browsing experience.

    The typography, interactive elements, and even the color combinations are some of the most visually stunning elements we have seen on a travel website. And not because they are somehow unique, but because they manage to capture the essence of the travel website’s host region so perfectly.

    Visit Australia

    Visit Australia website

    Next, we have Visit Australia. Similar in theme to the previous website, this national travel website promotes tourism in the great land of the Oz. With the hero of the page dedicated to a beautiful picture of Ayer’s Rock, the website is designed to be intuitive and attractive.

    The navigation is easy to use, and allows the visitor to see the beautiful landscapes of Australia. The typography is immaculate, that makes the title of the website quite prominent. Overall, everything from the color scheme to the design of the site is well planned and executed.

    Toucan Tours

    Toucan Tours website

    Toucan Café and Tours is a travel company based out of Medellin, Mexico. What sets it apart is that it isnt just a travel company, but also a café booking platform. With a Mexican background, the theme of the website is quite colorful.

    The hero of the homepage features a title image that shows a wall colored in multi-colored graffiti. Paired with that, is a large, sans-serif font colored white, that allows it show properly while hovering over that image. The rest of the page’s content is arranged on a white and light grey background, with the font colors in various shades of light and dark gray.


    Cookie Sound website

    Cookiesound is an interesting travel website. Rather than being a website that allows people to manage their bookings for travel, it is a kind of travel journal kept by a mother-daughter duo. The website vividly captures their trips through various geographical regions and cultures, with a design and tone that makes it difficult to stop reading.

    The design features an interesting hero section, where the top-rated articles are featured as an overlay over the background. The visitors can scroll through the articles, or they can scroll down to read about the duo, or experience the accounts of their various travels. Overall, while an unorthodox entry on this list, it is a great one to follow for those looking to create a similar travel website.

    Visit Brasil

    Visit Brasil website

    Like the websites for Australia’s and Africa’s tourism, the tourism website for Brazil, at first glance, is visually stunning. However, a deeper look shows that the website perfectly showcases the rich and vibrant heritage of Brazil, and its amazing culture.

    The overall design of the website is quite intuitive, with finding the desired information made as easy as possible. Scrolling down, you will find guides to various destinations across the country, grouped by regions, and with important tourist spots highlighted for easier trip planning. Overall, this is a great travel website design to emulate.


    Agoda website

    Agoda is a popular travel website, used by many people to plan their trips, from booking flights to accommodations. The layout of the website is quite intuitive, with the hero having a comprehensive search form, which allows you to look up a variety of things, including flights, hotels, activities, and more.

    The overall theme of the website rests in balancing functionality with great visuals. From the easily accessible search function, to the exquisite background featuring a wonderful aerial beach view, it entrances the visitor since the first glance. Overall, it’s a great website to emulate, especially if you have the business need and the budget for it.


    Thrillophilia website

    Thrillophilia is another one of amazing travel website ideas that opts for something similar to what Agoda offers. However, rather than having their search option become the hero of their page, they have opted for a simpler search bar across a stunning background.

    What is amazing about this website is that it stands true to its name, positioning its content into making consumers believe that the trip being booked is an adventure in their lives. Promoting itself as something thrilling, is what makes Thrillophilia so successful as a travel website.


    Rome2Rio website

    Rome2Rio is an interesting entry on this list. Rather than just a booking site, it serves as a travel search engine, guiding consumers about how to travel from one place to another easily. While the design of the website follows minimalist web design principles, the functionality is top notch.

    Moreover, the blend of simplicity in design, combined with the intuitive layout and usage make this an amazing travel website design to try out.


    To sum it up, there are many travel website ideas that can help you build a successful travel site. All you need to do is assess your target market, and discover the expectations and needs of your prospective consumers. Once you do that, you can easily take the next step and follow the travel web design guide above, and create an amazing travel website design that is destined for success.

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