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    Top 4 Website Redesign Ideas to Give Your Website a New Life

    logopoppin Published: December 26, 2023 11 min read
    Website Redesign Ideas

    Discover the How and Why of Website Redesign and Discover How to Deal With It

    In this rapidly evolving digital world of today, brands too need to be fluid to adapt their design elements according to the changing consumer needs. Gone are the days when a website could retain its design for years on end, with virtually no change, and still perform well with consumers.

    Today, website redesigns are a part of your brand strategy. There are different reasons for a company to revamp its website, and based on their goal, can utilize various website redesign ideas to tweak their web pages accordingly. The key however, is to ensure that your redesign would add value to your brand. For example, if your site lacks traffic or conversions due to a lackluster targeting strategy, then no amount of web redesign would help your site improve its performance.

    So, the question is, how can you plan your website redesign strategy? And how can you ensure that this process is worth the effort and cost of hiring a professional web design company, in order to improve your brand performance.

    Let’s dive in and take a look at the need and process of redesigning your website, and discover how it can be beneficial to your business.

    What is Website Redesign?

    Common web design issues and mistakes

    As evidenced by the name itself, website redesign refers to the process of revamping or recreating the design of your website to improve one or more elements like performance, appearance, and function. Now, generally, a site redesign usually consists of the entire website being revamped, based on common web design principles. However, sometimes, the redesign may be limited to a few pages only.

    The table above displays some of the most common web design issues that warrant a revamp. These mistakes are often encountered over the entire website, which means that if these are among the issues you are trying to resolve, then you need to revamp more than just your design.

    In any case, we can say that the reason for a website redesign is to improve the user experience, or UX. Now, in order to improve the UX of a website, you can perform several activities depending on your website’s shortcomings, including:

    • Optimizing your design for better visibility on mobile devices
    • Revamping your website’s content for a fresher look
    • Removing unnecessary design elements to clean up your web pages
    • Optimizing your landing pages for better performance and responsiveness
    • In case your website has an eCommerce store attached, giving it an overhaul is also great

    As we mentioned earlier, the number of activities involved in your website redesign project can vary from project to project. And the scope of work defined in your website redesign project would depend on your brand’s requirements.

    However, not all website redesigns are conducted to resolve an error or issue. Sometime, events like a company rebrand, a new range of products or services, or the opening of a physical location, may warrant the redesigning of a company’s website.

    In the end, no matter the reason, the range of redesign project needs to planned well in advance, so that you know and remember the changes that need to be made to pursue company goals.

    Website Redesign Ideas – Why Do Brands Need Them In the First Place?

    Changing your website design

    So far we have established that website redesigns can be planned and executed for a number of reasons, including popular web design trends at that time. We have also discussed the various website redesign ideas that can help you improve our site’s UX, and thus attract more leads.

    Earlier, we mentioned a few reasons why a brand undertakes redesign of its website. The question is, how can a brand achieve different goals by using various sets of website redesign ideas? Let’s take a look at the topic in greater detail. 

    Business Rebranding

    Sometimes, a business rebrands itself, which requires a change in visuals. That rebrand may involve a changing company direction, a merger, some new product launch, or something more. In such cases, an extensive revamp may be required for the website, ranging from its design, all the way to the content and calls-to-action.

    In such cases, the entire look of the website needs to change. That means design elements like color combinations and scheme, fonts and typography, and even the design philosophy may change along with the functionality of the website. What you want to do is to ensure that the entire look and feel of the website suits your current brand identity.

    Now, it doesn’t matter if the website revamp is the result of a sudden rebrand, or the slow evolution of a brand. In either case, you have a website that doesn’t suit brand aesthetics, and you need to redesign your website to complement your new business brand.

    Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Devices

    Sometimes, as far as the brand is considered, there may be nothing wrong with your website. However, there may be some more subtle reasons for your brand to invest in a website revamp. It may be that while your website performs perfectly on desktops and laptops, it may have problems loading correctly on mobile devices.

    Often, when web designers fail to factor in mobile users, they end up with web layouts that have a hard time adapting to mobile phone screens. Now, you might think that having a great website whose only shortcoming is that it isn’t viewable properly on mobile may not be a big deal. However, considering that as of 2022, more than half of all global web traffic was from mobile devices, your website could be failing to attract a large portion of your potential market.

    So, if your brand website is not optimized for mobile users, then you definitely need to use some website redesign ideas to improve that.

    Optimizing for Search Engines

    You have all heard of SEO nowadays, even if many of you do not know what it stands for. SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the process of optimizing your website’s design and content, so that it performs better with search engine queries.

    Now, most of the time, SEO optimization is related to the revamping of your web copy and content. However, sometimes, that also requires a change in the design of your site too. That is because without proper visibility and structuring of content on your webpage, people will have a hard time finding what they are looking for, and will opt to visit another website.

    The reason SEO optimization is so important, is because it allows the discovery of your website by a larger set of consumers, meaning that it helps drive traffic to your site. Moreover, it brings in visitors that are actually looking for what you’re offering.

    If you didn’t address SEO needs in your original design, then optimizing for search engines can be considered a strong argument to advocate for a website redesign.

    Performance and Responsiveness Revamps

    Sometimes, in our drive to make our website a visual masterpiece, we end up with a web design that is somewhat lacking in the performance or responsiveness department. It might take too long to load all the elements on the page, or dynamic elements might stutter or struggle especially on less robust network connectivity.

    This is one element that nearly every website owner struggles with, finding the right balance between performance and aesthetics. And with performance a core tenet that drives the success of a website, you may have to sacrifice some of your design elements. However, there are techniques that can help you optimize your website performance without losing its aesthetic essence.

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    Four Website Redesign Ideas to Help You Revitalize Your Websites

    Now that you know why businesses may opt for a website redesign, and the benefits of such an endeavor, you are now almost ready to revamp your own website. However, there is one thing you still need to know to ensure that your site redesign is a success, and that is knowing some important website redesign ideas.

    So, what are some of these ideas that dictate whether your website revamp is worth the effort? Let’s take a look.

    Start With a Mobile-First Design Strategy

    Responsive website mockup

    This is the most important website redesign idea to implement nowadays. If your current site is not optimized perfectly for mobile devices, it might be a good idea revamp the design. As the majority of web traffic today is via mobile devices, its far more important that your website works as well, if not better, on mobile devices than it does on desktops.

    So important is optimizing your website design for mobile that most new websites are adhering to a mobile-first design ideology, where the primary focus of the design elements is on mobile screens. A happy side effect of optimizing your website for mobile screens is that highly likely that your website would display as desired on nearly any kind of device, desktop or mobile.

    Plan out Your Calls-to-Action Carefully

    Call-to-action example

    If your problem is the number of visitors your website is able to convert, then what you need to do is optimize your calls-to-action on your website. An effective call-to-action is one that is strategically placed along the user journey, naturally at a place where a lead may be expected to convert.

    Calls-to-action placed randomly around the website design are next to useless. That is because the visitors would not yet be prepared to convert by the time they reach a CTA, so the opportunity would likely be wasted by the time a lead is prepared to convert.

    Therefore, your website redesign should consider creating and implementing a smart call-to-action plan that would help you convert more leads, thus improving the ratio of visitors versus conversions.

    Make Your Design Visually Captivating

    Visually appealing website

    While performance of your website is an important factor in the success of your website, it isn’t the only one. Above all else, your website should be visually appealing and captivating. If your website does not have the visual appeal necessary to attract and retain its visitors, then no matter how good it performs, you will fail to convert any leads.

    There are numerous ways to make your website look good. From choosing the right color combinations, to ensuring that your content uses the right fonts and typography, there are many elements that can add value to your design. You can strategically structure your content in a way that influences the visitor into reading on, interspersed with images and other media. However, you need to find that sweet spot that balances the performance and visual aesthetics perfectly.

    Ensure Your Design Showcases the Desired Content

    Minimalist website with the right content on page

    It is a rare website that can get away with little to no content on it. Most website designs have some form of content on it, most commonly in the form of text. However, you can also add in images, video, and audio.

    There are numerous reasons to add the right content to your websites. For one, your website’s purpose is to give your visitors the information they require, which is only possible using some form of content. Moreover, that content is also necessary for search engine optimization and related purposes. That is why you need to factor in the content structure of your webpages as well when creating your website redesign plans.


    To sum it up, there are many benefits to consult website redesign ideas when undertaking a revamp project. Not only would they ensure that your redesign project is a success, they would also help you identify any other shortcomings in your design that might have slipped your mind.

    Now, we understand that it can be difficult to identify whether your website needs a redesign or not. However, if you follow this web design guide, then chances are you would be able to relate to one or more reasons that herald a website redesign, and be able to use the ideas listed above to help you with it.

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