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    Top 100+ Woodworking Business Names for The Aspiring Artisan

    logopoppin Published: January 23, 2024 15 min read

    Discover Your Ideal Woodworking Company Names to Give Your Brand New Life

    Artisanal items are all the rage nowadays. Many skilled woodworkers work as independent contractors, running their own businesses, due to the potential for booming business growth. Others are usually found attached to an established carpentry business, learning the tricks of the trade. For either type of woodworking business, it can be a challenge to come up with woodworking business names that represent their brands’ aesthetic perfectly.

    Many of the popular woodworking specialists are known for some creative twist or quirk that is seen as their signature. Some want their brand to be all about vintage-style craftsmanship. Others might pride themselves on exclusively using high-quality seasoned wood from a particular region of the world. This can make the naming process both a challenge, as well as somewhat easier, depending on the one doing the naming.

    For an amateur, this will be a problem, as they will either ignore that specialty entirely, or focus solely on it. A professional branding services provider on the other hand, will take into account everything that makes up the brand, and compile it all to come up with wood business names that represent that aesthetic.

    However, even if you hire a professional, you need to have an idea of what the naming process entails. Let’s take a look at 70+ woodworking company names to inspire your creativity, and see what you come up with for your potential woodworking business.  

    Let’s have a look, shall we?

    Amazing Woodworking Business Names to Inspire Your Brand’s New Identity

    carpenter sawing wood

    Before we get on with anything else, let’s stoke your creative juices. We will start with a few names for carpentry and woodworking businesses from different niches, to give you an idea of what your resultant name would sound like. A few of these have already been claimed by companies for their own. However, they can still help you develop a few names for woodworking business that are sure to be a hit. Let’s begin.

    Artistic Woodworking Names for the Bespoke Artisans

    The first woodworking niche we are going to target is for bespoke artisans, who are skilled in turning people’s visions into wooden masterpieces. These woodworking business names are designed to speak to people who have the means, and an eye for truly bespoke artisanal items. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

    1. Distinction by Design
    2. Elite Woodworking
    3. Finecraft
    4. Cabinets to Go
    5. Cutting Edge Components
    6. Grimes Wood Floors
    7. Housefish
    8. Good Woodworks
    9. Living Tree Restorations
    10. Woody Deep Root Designs
    11. ArtisanCraft Woodworks
    12. HollywoodWood Carvings
    13. CraftMaster Carpentry
    14. ArtisticEdge Woodworks
    15. HollywoodArtisan Carpentry
    16. MasterCraft Carvings

    Traditional Wood Business Names for the Everyday Woodworker

    This next woodworking niche is the complete opposite of the previous one. These woodworking businesses still make items on order. However, while the previous ones were truly bespoke, these woodworking company names represent a traditional, simple style of woodworking and carpentry business.

    1. Absolute Closets and Cabinetry
    2. Elegant Designs
    3. Architecture Woodworking
    4. Autumn Woodworking Inc.
    5. A Piece of Wood
    6. City Trees Furniture
    7. Build Pro Woodworks
    8. Coastal Woodworks & Display
    9. All Finish Wood Repair
    10. Golden State Lumber
    11. HollywoodHandcrafted Woodworks
    12. ArtisanalCrafter Carpentry
    13. WoodCraftsman Carpentry
    14. AdornedEdge Woodworks
    15. ArtisticCarpentry Creations
    16. CraftedElegance Carpentry
    17. Artisanal Woodworks

    Carpentry-Themed Woodworking Names for the Aspiring Carpentry Business

    Most people do not know the difference between woodworking and carpentry, and the reason simply is that there is a very fine line between the two. Woodworking involves carpentry, as well as other elements like carving, shaping, treating, and more. classic carpentry businesses often produce large pieces of furniture, as well as other largescale applications of wood, such as paneling, framing and roofing, and more.

    Let’s take a look at some carpentry oriented names for woodworking businesses.

    1. Arizona Custom Furniture
    2. Allied Cabinet Corp
    3. Champagne Carpentry
    4. Economy Lumber Company
    5. Globe Custom Woodworks
    6. Magic Touch Interior
    7. JM Specialty Wood
    8. Metro Hardwoods
    9. Cow Hollow Woodworks
    10. Wolfe Woodworking
    11. ArtisanCrafted Carpentry
    12. MasterfulEdge Woodworks
    13. Touch Craftsman Woodworks
    14. ArtisanalTouch Carpentry
    15. CraftedPerfection Carpentry
    16. Estate Royal Woodworks

    Unique Woodwork Names for Those Who Desire Something Different

    Most names for woodworking businesses and carpentry companies revolve around the same few elements. That is because the consumers prefer that style of naming, as it makes it easier to associate those businesses with their respective industry and niche. However, there are ways to stand out without disassociating your business from that perception. The woodworking names below are testament to that.

    1. Backpocket Woodworks
    2. BBQ Wood
    3. Cabinet Clinic
    4. Cabinet King
    5. Finishes on Call
    6. Labois Woodworking
    7. Derbyshire Woodworks
    8. Craftsmen in Wood
    9. Oak Brothers
    10. Want My Wood Carpentry
    11. WoodWhisper Artistry Studios
    12. HollywoodHewn Creations
    13. CraftedSplinter Studios
    14. ArtisanalChisel Craftworks
    15. HollywoodTimber Artistry Collective
    16. Crafted Grain Studios
    17. ArtisticSawdust Atelier

    Stylish and Chic Woodworking Business Names for the Upscale Woodworking Boutique

    Upscale customers prefer to frequent a higher class of woodworking businesses. But how do these businesses position themselves as upscale? One way to do that is to use a name that targets the desired aesthetic of the consumers. These woodworking company names sound something like the following:

    1. Ironwood Custom Finishing
    2. Merritt Woodwork
    3. Bluegrass Furniture
    4. Ameriwood
    5. Artcraft Wood Products
    6. Earth Elements Woodworks
    7. Cove’s End Woodworking
    8. Harbor Millworks
    9. Nest Building
    10. New England Woodworks
    11. TimberCraft Artistry
    12. HollywoodWoodwork MasterCraft
    13. CraftedLumber Artistry
    14. ArtisanalJoinery Creations
    15. HollywoodWoodcraft Masterpieces
    16. MasterfulTimberwork Artistry
    17. ArtisticWoodworking Creations
    18. HollywoodJoinery MasterCraft
    19. CraftedLumbercraft Artistry
    20. ArtisanalJoinery Masterpieces

    Vintage-Style Woodworking Company Names for the Classic Aesthetic

    Nothing beats the charm of vintage style of artisanship. The rough hewn exteriors and designs have a charm of their own, that makes it a great choice for consumers looking for woodworking with some character. These businesses are usually named something like:

    1. Driftwood Carpentry Services
    2. Old World Cabinetry
    3. RestoFab
    4. Carver’s Den
    5. Woodstock International
    6. Renaissance Woodworks
    7. Village Woodworker
    8. Acorn Woodworks
    9. Art of Wood Designs
    10. Matchless Builds Woodworking Services

    Catchy Names for Woodworking Businesses for the More Mainstream Woodworker

    No matter your niche, a catchy business name is going to be your friend. And that stands true for the woodworking industry as well. Some catchy and attractive woodworking names include:

    1. Accents Woodwork
    2. Best Cabinets Carpentry Services
    3. Brown Lumber
    4. Big Sky Woodworking
    5. Good View Lumber
    6. Homestretch Carpentry
    7. The Lumber Shed
    8. Superior Hardwoods
    9. World Timbers Corporate
    10. Distressed Customs Woodworking

    Crafting the Perfect Woodworking Business Names for a Strong Brand Impact

    woodworker carving a piece of wood to write his woodworking business names

    Now that you have a list of popular woodworking business names, the next step is to develop your own perfect name for your carpentry and woodworking company.

    Now, there are multiple ways to do that. Many websites online offer an automatic, AI-based naming tool that uses your business needs to develop ideal names. More often than not, these names are pretty generic or fail to have the desired impact.

    To help you find that perfect name, we have devised a process to help you choose the ideal title to call your business. Let’s look at what it entails.

    The First Step – What Do You Want Your Brand Identity to Be?

    When naming your business, any business decides how you want it to be perceived by your prospective customers. You want to identify your brand personality. For the woodworking business, many carpenters try to differentiate themselves based on various factors. Some might want to be known for their sustainable practices. Others might want their business to be all about crafting unique, bespoke pieces for their clients.

    Your business name should be easy to remember and recall, and it should have relevance to your target market. The name of your business needs to convey a sense of expectation that you want your customers to feel when they think of you.

    You need to ensure that you are aware of t target demographic, what appeals to them, and what you want your customers to think of when they hear your brand’s name? This will help you find the proper woodworking business names for your company.

    Next – What Are Some Great Woodworking Names That Suit Your Desired Identity?

    Thinking up proper woodworking business names can be done in a variety of ways. This is the part where your creativity can shine. Listed below are a few techniques, which can help you get that creativity flowing and inspire the best possible names for your woodworking business. Let’s find out what they are.

    • List a few critical keywords that you want to be used within your business name.
    • Next, you need to visualize what kind of business you want yours to be. Then, think up words and ideas that embody or represent that vision to discover the best woodworking-related business name for your company.
    • Next, list a few adjectives that you feel describe your business or its offerings. This will help inspire the right names for your business, as you will know which aspect of your business.
    • Research various branding strategies to find proper names that match your brand archetype. Understanding the concept of branding will help you create a firm business name for your woodworking company.

    These are just a few of the techniques businesses use to come up with appropriate names. Some people might go simple and use their names for the company, while others may ask their friends and loved ones for ideas. In short, use whatever technique that works best for you to come up with good naming ideas.


    Our branding experts create the perfect visual identity that suits your brand.


    Third – Whittle Down Your Choices by Selecting a Preferred Naming Strategy

    As mentioned above, there are various strategies when it comes to finding suitable woodworking business names. The ideal solution is to find the best solution that works for you. Have a look at some of the most common naming strategies employed by various businesses.

    Using your Locality Within Your Business Name

    Using the name of your city or your general area is a great way to attach your business to the fabric of the community. It lets the locals know about your business and portrays your roots as one of their very own.

    That increases the likelihood that they will choose you over a competitor from out of town. Moreover, it allows you to use various nicknames, like “The Big Apple” for New York City, for your business name. Woodworking businesses who use such titles include:

    • Dallas Wooden Gems
    • Spokane Woodworks
    • Poughkeepsie Woodworks Association

    Using Emotions and Sentiments in Your Business Name

    Psychology is quite common in branding. It allows businesses to connect to the people, and it also allows the people to relate to the company. This two-fold effect works excellent in ensuring that companies choose you over your competition.

    Certain words and images tend to elicit specific emotions. They can make people remember certain personal experiences or memories. That is quite effective in business if used correctly. Nostalgia can be a strong motivator for business, helping you gain valuable and loyal consumers.

    A few examples of these types of woodworking business names include:

    • Wistful Woodworking
    • Thrush Nest Creations
    • Outback Woodcarvings

    Wordplay Can Be Used to Make Your Brand Name Memorable

    Your perfect business name does not need to be boring or serious. You can play around with words to make the perfect name that makes it easier for people to remember your business.

    A great way to do that is to use puns or alliterations to make the name sound appealing. That will make the name catchy, and people will be more likely to remember it.

    Examples include:

    • Whittled Down Works
    • Arborful Woodworking
    • Wooden Willows

    Using a Single-Word Name for Better Recognition

    Many famous brands have shown us the power that a single-word name has in branding. Foremost among them is that it makes it easier for a consumer to remember that name. Moreover, it can be a great way to create an iconic brand.

    From company brands like Nike and Adidas to personal brands like Cher and Madonna, single-name brand names are truly iconic.

    Examples of woodworking businesses who such a naming convention include:

    • Sapplings
    • StumpedWorks
    • ArborArtists

    Using Someone’s Name to Give a Sense of Personality

    Finally, using your own name or a loved one’s name is by far the most straightforward of these naming techniques.

    Your name can connect your business to your brand, like a famous independent carpenter deciding to open their shop and naming it after themselves. Or, it could be a way to honor someone or pay homage to a personality.

    Woodworking businesses who use such names include:

    • Amelia’s Carvings
    • Woodcrafted by Shelby
    • Pa’s Woodworking

    Finally – Select the Name That Meets Your Criteria the Closest

    Finally, once you have shortlisted a few suitable woodworking business names, the next step is to visualize your business with each name. The name that suits your business vision the best is the one you need to choose.

    Look up your local business registry to find out if that name is available. Once you know that it is available, the next step is to register it for your business area. This will help ensure that your ideal business name is not taken by another business operating in the same place.

    Done With Choosing Your Woodworking Business Names? What Next?

    woodworking shop table

    Once you’ve chosen and registered your perfect woodworking business name, the next step is to secure its relevant domain name. Today, a website is essential if a business is to succeed. A few other ways to ensure that you succeed include:

    Select a Preferred Business Model

    Ensuring that your business is appropriately structured as an LLC, a corporation, or even a sole proprietorship, will help you reduce your liability and maximize your revenue.

    Designing a Suitable Logo

    A logo is a visual identifier for a business and is as essential as a name is for a company. It will help increase your brand awareness and provide a visual cue for people to remember your name. You can hire a professional logo design service to create a suitable logo for your brand.

    Launching a Website

    A website is essential for a brand’s success in the 21st century. It does not need to be elegant and could even be in the form of a portfolio site that showcases your products and gives out your contact information. This will help your business tap a section of the market that you would not access manually.

    Maintain a Strong Social Media Presence

    Social media, too, is essential today for potential consumers to know about your brand. Keeping your social media handles active on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will help your business increase.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I come up with a catchy business name?
    You can either use a little wordplay like using puns or alliterations, or you might even consider using a single-word name to make it catchier and more memorable.
    Is woodworking business profitable?
    It depends on your business practices. If you market your company well, and provide a high level of service to your clients, then it is a very profitable business.
    Is it hard to start a woodworking business?
    No it is not. If you are skilled in your craft, and are skilled in running a business, you can easily start a successful woodworking company.
    How should I name my small business?
    You can name your business after your locality, you can use a little wordplay, or even name it after yourself.

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    Finding the right woodworking business names is not that difficult if you know how to do it. If you follow the guidelines listed above, you will find your brand the perfect name in no time.

    Are you looking for a professional branding service to help your woodworking business make its mark? Logo Poppin can help you increase your brand awareness and reach previously untapped customer segments.

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