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    7 Yoga Book Cover Design Ideas to Bring Out Your Spirituality

    logopoppin Published: February 7, 2024 11 min read
    yoga book cover ideas

    Discover How to Incorporate Proven Yoga Book Cover Ideas into Your Design

    Different genres of books have specific styles that are followed in their cover art. From children books with fun animations to dark adult fantasies with sinister cover art, there are a lot of styles that book readers are familiar with. And as each of these design styles represent a genre or niche, its no wonder that having the right cover art is important to a book’s success.

    Coming to the spirituality and self-improvement genre, there are a lot of different niches and flavors used out there. For example, confidence-building books are designed with imagery of powerful men to further the message, while your yoga book cover design ideas often have pictures of people doing various yoga poses.

    But let’s say that you have a yoga book that needs suitable cover art. How will you come up with something that embodies the book’s message, while being interesting enough to attract readers into picking it up?

    Let’s dive in and take a look at some amazing yoga book cover ideas, and discover how and why cover art created by professional eBook design services leaves a lasting impact on its viewers.

    The Essence Embodied and Represented By Yoga Books

    The Woman’s Book of Yoga & Health book cover

    Let’s begin by talking about the type of imagery that exemplifies the yoga book genre. Yoga is a spiritual pathway to enlightenment found in the teachings of Hinduism. As such, much of the imagery surrounding this genre features symbolic and direct connections to Hinduism.

    For example, the classic lotus is something featured quite prominently within the yoga circles, due to its affinity and significance in Hinduism. Similarly, the typography also mimics the style of Sanskrit script, with its sharp, curving edges and varying weights to establish a connection between the roots of yoga and the book.

    With all that, most yoga book cover design ideas are centered in either showing the lotus form in some way, or having someone performing a highly technical yoga pose. The purpose of this type of cover art is to showcase the calm spirituality combined with the physical benefits of yoga. As such, whenever you design a new yoga book cover, the trick is to look for unique imagery that is able to embody that essence in its design.

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    7 Yoga Book Cover Design Ideas That Will Raise Your Spirituality

    So, now that you know the vibe that good yoga book cover design ideas are going for, you can find the right imagery for your cover art. But finding the right imagery isn’t the end of that process. The next step is to identify how to use that imagery effectively within your design.

    But how will you identify that? An effective way to do that is to look at existing yoga book covers, and understand how their cover art helps them promote the book’s message. So, to help you discover that, we have compiled a list of some amazing yoga books with diverse cover art, helping you identify the right visual tricks needed to make your book cover a success.

    Yoga Life: Habits, Poses, and Breathwork to Channel Joy Amidst the Chaos

    Yoga Life book cover

    The first book on our list is Brett Larkin’s Yoga Life: Habits, Poses, and Breathwork. This book is designed for people who are too busy to care about their spiritual and physical health. Brett Larkin, an award-winning yoga instructor, created this guide to teach these people how to fit in small yoga sessions that run no more than 20 minutes in length.

    When it comes to the cover of this book, it features the most iconic accessory associated with yoga in the western world today – the yoga mat. Surrounding it, are various articles of daily life, from key bunches and cell phones, to pet leashes and children’s crayons. Designed to depict the hectic life of people today, from stay-at-home parents to working people, this cover art is meant to speak to its target audience at a deeper level. And that is what makes it such a great yoga book cover.

    Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self

    Eastern Body, Western Mind cover art

    Eastern Body, Western Mind is an amazing book that combines the eastern philosophy of chakra and natural energy, with the psychological concepts of the west. The book explores how the western people can use these eastern concepts to open themselves up, in order to find out their true self through self-discovery.

    Lending to its concept, the design features a watercolor-style image of a lotus flower, and a pair of lotus buds, making it one of the best art book cover ideas for the yoga genre. This design has a dual meaning behind it. First, the lotus is a flower sacred to Hinduism, and consequently, yoga. Secondly, the three stages of budding in a lotus flower symbolizes growth that comes through letting your chakras flow as they should.

    Inside the Yoga Sutras: A Comprehensive Sourcebook for the Study and Practice of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

    Inside the Yoga Sutras book cover

    This book, Inside the Yoga Sutras: A Comprehensive Sourcebook for the Study and Practice of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, is a modern interpretation of the classic yoga theory and practice. Patanjali, also called the father of yoga, is considered the premier authority on the various yoga sutras. As such, his teachings are the ultimate guide towards achieving enlightenment through yoga.

    However, due to the disparate nature of those teachings, as well as the amount of detail they go into, makes it difficult to know it all by heart. Therefore, this book is considered a great resource, with commentary on each sutra, elaborate cross-referencing for authenticity, a sutra-based index, a dictionary, instruction guide, glossary, and even a study guide.

    When it comes to the design of the book cover, it features an abstract illustration of a fully open lotus flower. The color combinations of the book cover is a deep purple, with the pencil-thin outline of the flower going through a gradient towards the outside, which gradually darkens into the same purple as the book cover. Overall, this is a very beautiful book cover design idea, which adds to the mystique of the design.

    The Secret Power of Yoga: A Woman’s Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras

    The Secret Power of Yoga cover art

    Most people know yoga or its physical health-boosting properties. However, if done properly, the emotional as well as spiritual benefits of yoga are even greater. But, most people fail to understand that. In this book, The Secret Power of Yoga: A Woman’s Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras, the author Nischala Joy Devi offers a deeply personal interpretation of the Patanjali’s Sutras.

    Taking on the sutras’ principles, the book offers a new perspective, which also draws from feminine intuition and their innate sixth sense. Moreover, it captures the essence of each sutra in a way that makes it easily applicable to our lives.

    When it comes to the design of the cover, the background is done in a deep purple that slowly lightens as it gets to towards the central design element of the cover art – an open lotus flower. The bright pink of the flower offers a sharp, yet pleasing contrast to the design, and also represents the element of femininity. Moreover, the color purple is also embodied by the final chakra of energy, called the chakra of enlightenment, which means that the association of color meanings has importance in yoga.

    A Woman’s Book of Yoga

    A Woman’s Book of Yoga book cover

    People today are highly interested in yoga as a therapeutic form of exercise. However, there is a lot of misinformation floating around which causes confusion among people, both practitioners and new comers to yoga. This book, A Woman’s Book of Yoga, offers a unique perspective as to the benefits yoga offers to its female practitioners, taking inspiration from Yogi Bhajan’s version of kundalini yoga.

    When it comes to the cover art, the design represents two women meditating in various yoga poses, superimposed over each other to mimic the lotus design common in yoga circles. Overall, this book cover has a mystical aura to it that lends well to its subject.

    Anatomy for Vinyasa Flow Standing Poses

    Anatomy for Vinyasa Flow Standing Poses cover art

    Most casual practitioners of yoga either view it as purely physical exercise, or think of it as something that helps in spiritual enlightenment. However, the truth is that if we study yoga under a confluence of western science and Vinyasa flow, we learn that it is the path to spiritual freedom through the process of reinforcing and revitalizing the body.

    In this book, called Anatomy of Vinyasa Flow and Standing Poses, we take a look at using Vinyasa and Hatha yoga to open up our body, unblocking our chakras, and revitalizing our bodies. And it does so by providing a connection between the biomechanical, energy, and physiological aspects of yoga and its impact on our body.

    Taking inspiration from its name, the design of the book cover shows a anatomically detailed illustration of a body doing a Vinyasa pose.     Done in sepia tones, the purpose of this design is to showcase how muscles interact when following Vinyasa or standing poses. Overall, the clever design of the cover makes it one of our top picks for best yoga book cover design ideas on this list.

    Year of Yoga: Rituals for Every Day and Every Season

    Year of Yoga book cover art

    In today’s hectic world, scheduling regular yoga sessions can be a problem, especially through the changing seasons. To counter that, the Year of Yoga: Rituals for every Day and Every Season aims to provide a holistic approach to adding small, manageable 10-minute yoga sequences, affirmations, and meditations.

    Designed to add a calming element to an otherwise chaotic life, the design of the book cover shows the author performing a yoga pose under the shade of a tree, in a well-wooded park. The importance of giving yourself the time to destress and unwind is what’s visible here in this book cover, making it one of the more expressive yoga book cover ideas you will witness.


    Overall, we can say that yoga book cover design ideas come in various forms and styles. However, its up to you to identify which style would suit your yoga book. That is because as we discussed above, different styles are used to portray a range of different vibes, which can be an important tool in portraying the desired message. Therefore, its important that you evaluate your book, to ensure that you choose the right style for it.


    How do you come up with an interesting book cover design?
    There are multiple ways to come up with your desired book cover.
    – You can use colors as a medium to provide an intriguing background
    – Bold font choice can be another great way to make your book cover stand out
    – Play with various styles of compositions to make your cover art pop
    – Add imagery to your design to make it stand out
    – Use color theory to play with readers emotions
    What are the four things any good book cover needs to do?
    A good book cover needs to convey the following elements:
    – Give the reader an idea of what the book entails
    – Should clearly embody and portray the genre of the book
    – Give some sort of sign of your protagonist and/or antagonist
    – Portray the desired thematic tone of the book through its design

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