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    General policy

    The privacy policy published here will tell you how our company uses personal information. Please read the privacy policy stated here before using this site or submitting any personal or confidential information.

    If you proceed to use this site, this implies that you have accepted these privacy policy guidelines. However, the privacy policy may undergo changes in the future, but you will be kept updated, and these will only be applicable if you opt to continue with us.

    We recommend reviewing the privacy policy features whenever you visit the site or choose to enter any agreement with us. We want you to be particular about how our website uses the information you provide to us.

    Please note that the privacy policy published here only applies to this website. Do not expect any other website to follow the same privacy policy. Each website has its privacy policy outlined. If you are entering into dealing with another website, make sure you read its privacy policy first.

    Which information is collected

    Our website collects identifiable information when you visit our website, such as names, email addresses, postal addresses, etc. However, these aspects of information are only collected if they are submitted voluntarily by you.

    We collect the information you provide to us only to fulfill the request you have forwarded. It will not be used for any other purpose unless you approve of using the information in another manner.

    Furthermore, no credit card / Paypal / or any other payment information should ever be provided to our employees. The payment information is to be entered by you on the official payment page / link provided by the Sales person. Please note that LogoPoppin stores no personal information.


    Our website uses cookies and tracking technology. However, its usage depends on the features offered. Cookies and tracking technology are utilized for collecting information related to matters such as operating systems and browser types. It may also be used to track users’ numbers or understand how the traffic uses the website.

    Cookies also play an important role in customizing the website for visitors. However, it must be clarified that personal information is not collected through cookies or any other available tracking technology.

    Cookies may get attached to personally identifiable information in case you had provided it earlier. Information collected by aggregate cookie and other means of tracking information may be shared with other parties.

    Policy regarding the distribution of information

    Our website may share information with investigative bodies such as government agencies or other bodies helping us in fraud prevention or when a matter is under investigation.

    Please note that your information will never be provided or sold to a third party for marketing purposes.

    Data security

    Our website always keeps your personally identifiable information secure. The only people who have access to this information are agents, employees, and other relevant people who have agreed beforehand to keep all such information confidential. You also have the option to opt-out of future mailings in case you want to. This means all emails and newsletters will not be mailed to you if you make such a request.