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Video Animation Service

We Represent Your Brand Story With Custom Animation Services

Every brand has a story they want to tell their consumers. It could be the catalyst that shoots you to the front of your competition. Our services enable companies to create unique animations to represent their message.

Logo Poppin creates a variety of custom animated videos that capture the essence of what you want to tell your consumers. Be it a whiteboard animation, an explainer video, or a 2D animated video, our expert animators create animations for maximum impact and memorability.

Our Expertise

Range Of Animated Videos We Produce

At Logo Poppin, we offer a variety of custom animations designed to keep your brand ahead of your competition.

Stunning Explainer Visuals

These animated videos quickly and efficiently explain abstract concepts in a way that helps viewers retain the information delivered. Text alone makes it hard to retain audience attention. The addition of animation turns it into an entertaining and instructional medium which makes it easy to consume difficult content. Our original explainer videos are proven to make your complex information easy to grasp with relatable characters and prominent typography.


Illustrations That Assist Your Tale

An intuitive combination of art and narrative, whiteboard animation videos use rough illustrations, characters, and text to create visual story. Quick-drawn images and text serve as visual cues for the message in this animation style. Whiteboard animations work great for educational videos, guides, and even for linear narratives. Tell the audience your story with our personalized animated whiteboard videos that capture the viewers’ attention.


Animate Your
Boring Graphics

Motion graphics are a great way to make static graphics dynamic through movement. Predominantly, this style relies on text, basic shapes and other static graphics to create an appealing animation. The purpose of motion graphics is to transform simple graphic elements through motion to make them more engaging. Now you too can make your simple graphics pop with Logo Poppin’s motion animations to make them more interesting for your viewers.


Give Your Text
Some Style

Typography animation, or kinetic typography is the technique to make your text more dynamic through movement. One of the older animation techniques, this has been around for decades and has been used by animators since the 1960s. Used to give an artistic flair to ads and movie intros, typography animation has proven itself as an evergreen animation style. Our expert animators create eye-catching typographic animations that capture your viewer’s attention.


Video Animation Methodology

How Does Our Video Animation Process Work

Our data-driven 5-step animation process helps us create animations ranging in complexity
from basic animations to elaborate explainer and whiteboard videos.



The first step of our animating process begins with us understanding your brand and its animation requirement. This helps us develop an efficient project plan.

Next, our animators create a storyboard, develop a script, and define the scenes and the sequence for the animated video. This steps guides animators working on the project.






Video-Animation Stage

Following the script and the sequences, our animators create the required animations and record voiceovers to join them into an attractive animated video for you.

The finished video animations are sent to you for approval. Any changes you specify are made to that video until you are completely satisfied with your animations.






Video Animation Delivery

The finalized version of the animated video is delivered to you. You can then use the animations we created to spread your brand message to your audience.

Our Video Animation Portfolio Highlighting Latest Projects

From simple 2D animations to complex explainer videos, our animators are
expert at creating beautiful animations.

Stats That Speak For the Quality Of Our Video Animations

The animation teams at Logo Poppin are made up of animators with years of experience creating
a wide variety of animations for clients from around the globe.


Videos created


Videos download


Videos in Library


Countries Worldwide

Why Brands Choose Logo Poppin’s
Animation Services

Our expert animators create animations that effectively convey your message to your viewers.
This is what our clients expect from a leading animated video production company.
Smooth Process

Smooth Process

We are a team who honor our commitments. Our work processes are designed to help us deliver our best work consistently, on time, every time.

Result-Focused Work

Result-Focused Work

Our expert animators create content that delivers results. That is why they take their time to know and understand your business, the idea and the audience to create animation masterpieces.

Top-Quality Work

Top-Quality Work

We believe that your involvement is key to designing a great animation for your brand. This collaborative approach to animation helps us deliver high quality content every time.

100% Original

100% Original

At Logo Poppin, we believe that uniqueness helps an animation become memorable. That is why our animators strive to deliver completely original content to you every time.


Words Of Happiness From Our Valued Customers

Have a look at what our clients have to say about our video animation production services

Industry’s Top-Rated Video Animation Services

A Video Animation Company Surpassing All Competition

Logo Poppin is not an ordinary digital services provider. As a 5-star rated animation agency on Clutch, we understand the impact of delivering services that help brands reach the next level through artistic innovation and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s have a look at some of the questions people ask from our video animation production teams.

To make an animated video, you need to first create a script. The next step is to create a storyboard of your script. After that, you need to choose the style of animation you want for your video, and generate the animations accordingly. Finally, you can add a suitable audio track to the background, or add a narration track that suits your video script.

It is the process of combining the different animated elements, design props, background vocals and narrative audio into a cohesive whole, forming a great animated video.

The five main types of video animations include logo animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics and stop-motion animation.

Explainer videos are animated videos used to explain a product or a topic to viewers, using a mix of animation, audio and text to make the topic easier to grasp and retain. It is great for tutorials, demos, and educational purposes.

Whiteboard animations are a style of animated video which uses quick drawn illustrations and text to simulate a topic being discussed using a symbolic whiteboard. It is a great tool to punctuate a linear narrative, and can be used to guide viewers towards the important parts of the story.


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